Is Dogetrix Legit or a Scam? (Full Review + Rating)

Dogetrix Rating

Dogetrix gave easy money while it lasted. Unfortunately, many of its big investors pulled out their money and the company behind is therefore no longer able to pay and you will therefore not get paid so you should NOT join.

If you are looking for ways to get Dogecoin easily, there’s a site called Dogetrix that claims you can earn Dogecoin for free just by clicking a button.

But before you sign up, there are a few details you need to know first.

First and foremost, you need to know, is Dogetrix legit or just a scam?

This is very important to know as what the website claims to offer sounds a bit too good to be true. However, I have been paid by it myself as I will explain more about below.

But is this a good and safe site to join? This is what this Dogetrix review will help you find out. It will help you decide if Dogetrix is a site worth joining or not if you want to earn Dogecoin for free.

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Important Dogetrix Update – Do NOT invest!

Dogetrix has, unfortunately, stopped paying so you should no longer join or invest.

From what I have been able to find out, some of the big investors suddenly started pulling out their profits, and therefore the company behind could no longer afford to pay people.

Therefore, you should NOT join Dogetrix and if you have any money invested there it, unfortunately, looks like they are lost.

Also, be aware that there are now many scammers trying to take advantage of this situation. You will, for example, see many fake Dogetrix Telegram groups claiming they can help you to get your money back from Dogetrix if you just invest in another platform.

Do not fall for these fake claims. These people are not involved with Dogetrix and can not help you get your money back but will instead take more money from you.

I have also made a video you can check out below, where I give more info about how the situation has developed and what you need to be aware of:

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What is Dogetrix and what does it offer?

Dogetrix is a relatively new cryptocurrency staking platform that deals with Dogecoin exclusively. If you are not familiar with crypto staking, it’s a method you can do to lock in a part of your cryptocurrency (Dogecoin in Dogetrix’s case) to support a blockchain. By doing so, it will help confirm transactions done in the blockchain.

In return, you will earn a percentage of the crypto placed in the staking as a form of reward. It’s basically a passive way of earning.

Now, to fully understand how you can earn Dogecoin from Dogetrix, we have to take a closer look at the earning opportunities it offers.

Option 1 – Staking  

One of the main ways to earn from Dogetrix is through what they call staking. When you become a member, you will automatically be able to participate in their staking even if you haven’t earned any cryptocurrency.

dogetrix staking
Choose the staking level you want to participate in to start earning.

The way their staking works is, you have to select the level of staking you want to participate in. For new members, you can only go for the level 1 staking as that is completely free to use and you can still earn.

Dogetrix has been gracious enough to give this level for free for early adopters for life (meaning the people who join early on).

There’s a way to increase your level right away so you can start at the higher levels of staking right away (I will discuss later exactly how to do this but it will involve spending money).

But when you start your staking, you will immediately know the rate of Dogecoins you will earn. In the photo shown above, the level 1 staking will allow you to earn 1 mDoge (the smallest unit of Dogecoin) per minute.

Aside from that, you will also know how long the staking period will last. Again, for the level 1 staking, the staking period will last a lifetime. So, you can just continue collecting mDoge.

For the higher levels, the staking period will be limited (usually 1 month). Once you have started the staking, all you have to do is collect your earnings.

collecting your earnings on dogetrix
You will have to collect your staking interest regularly to maximize your earnings.

This is the important part of how to earn from Dogetrix. When you start the staking, make sure to collect your earnings when the amount of interest accumulated has not reached 100% capacity (refer to photo above).

If it reaches full capacity, you will stop earning unless you collect it. So, you will essentially be losing money if you let it reach 100%. That’s why you need to make sure to collect your staking interest regularly. Keep in mind that there is a minimum of 20 minutes waiting period before you can collect staking interest once you have collected.

For level 1 staking, your staking interest will reach its full capacity in 1 hour. So, you’ll have to keep collecting your interest every hour. But for higher staking levels, the capacity will be increased so you don’t have to collect every hour – at the level I am at right now while writing this review, I have to just collect every 12 hours which makes it a lot more convenient.

It can take a bit of getting used to at the beginning, but when you get used to it, you will know the exact timing of when you can collect your staking interest.

That’s why I would advise you to just make sure to check how often you need to collect to get all the possible earnings and just make it a habit to do that – it only takes a few seconds every time.

Also, when you collect your staking interest, don’t be alarmed when it doesn’t show up in your Dogetrix account balance. It usually takes 60 minutes for the blockchain to fully process your collection. However, in my experience, it usually does show up in your account balance right away.

Another thing you have to keep in mind is, you don’t have to open the website in order for your staking interest to accumulate. So, you can just log in when it’s time to collect and close it again until the next collection.

Option 2 – Referral program

Another way you can earn from Dogetrix is through their referral program. If you’ve been a member of online rewards sites before, then this will be a very familiar opportunity for you.

All you have to do is invite other people by sharing your referral link with them. When they sign up to Dogetrix using your referral link, they will become your referral.

Now, for you to earn from your referrals, they can participate in any staking level. Once they do that, you will then earn 10% of whatever staking interest they collect. It’s a nice way to earn additional mDoge. But you have to make sure the people you invite are really interested in this platform. Otherwise, you really won’t earn anything.

Option 3 – Gambling games

Lastly, you can also play their gambling games to earn more mDoge. During the writing of this review, the site has two games you can play. One is the Coin Toss game and the other is the 3-card Monte.

But I have been told that the will soon ad several more games.

dogetrix gambling games
You can play their gambling games to have a chance at increasing your mDoge.

The idea is really simple. Choose a game you want to play. For example, if you choose to play the coin toss game, you will have to bet a certain amount of mDoge, then you have to choose the result. If you chose the winning result, you will receive your winnings. If you didn’t, the amount you bet will be deducted from your account.

This is the fastest way to increase your mDoge, but it is also the fastest way to lose your earnings. I do have to warn you though that it can get quite addicting and if you are not careful, you can lose everything you’ve earned. So, you have to be careful when playing their games.

How do you get paid?

Before we talk about how you can get paid, let me clear up something about Dogetrix first. By the sound of it, their offer sounds too good to be true since they are basically giving out free Doge. So, it’s kind of hard to imagine how they are able to make money from this business model.

However, I have been in contact with them about this several times, and they explained that all the free Doge they give away is out of their own pocket. They said that this is a marketing strategy and the sustainability of the whole project depends mostly on a gambling business model (hence the gaming options mentioned above).

And by taking into consideration the amount wagered daily and more games coming soon, they assure they can definitely continue paying their members. That’s their explanation about how they can afford to pay all their members.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about how you can withdraw all the Dogecoins you’ve earned on Dogetrix. Like with all cryptocurrencies out there, you will first need to have a crypto wallet before you can withdraw your earnings from Dogetrix.

dogetrix payout
To withdraw your earnings, you have to earn at least 15 Doge.

If you’ve got this covered, then you can withdraw your earnings to any crypto wallet once you’ve earned 15 Dogecoins. That means you have to earn at least 15,000 mDoge in order to withdraw your earnings.

When you withdraw your earnings, there will be a fee of 1 Dogecoin per withdrawal. So, don’t expect to receive the full amount of your earnings when you withdraw it. This is the only payout method they offer and the site doesn’t have any way of converting your earnings directly to cash.

You will have to use a cryptocurrency trading platform to do that. If you are looking for sites that will allow you to earn cash, I would instead suggest you check out the top sites that pay via PayPal.

Once you have requested a payout, you will usually receive the Doge into your Doge wallet after just a few minutes, in my experience.

That is both the case for me the times where I have received payment and also what I have heard from others.

You can see payment proof and exactly how to withdraw step-by-step in the video earlier in this review.

And just to make it clear – you can also get paid even if you just use the free membership level. This is something I have been asked many times, so just wanted to make that clear.

How much money can you make?

In terms of the actual amount in real-world money you can earn from Dogetrix, it will actually depend on the exchange rate of Dogecoin. So, it’s hard to put an exact figure really.

That is, in general, the case with cryptocurrencies – they will go up and down in value but overall the hope is, of course, that in the long run, it will go up which also means that what you earn now might be worth a lot more sometime in the future (I can, however, not guarantee this).

As for the amount of Doge you can earn, it will mostly depend on the level of staking you will participate in.

staking levels of dogetrix
The higher staking levels will yield more staking interest and will require fewer collection times.

Dogetrix has 25 staking levels you can participate in. In order to participate in a higher staking level, you will have to invest a certain amount of Doge to the site. For example, to join the staking level 2, you will need to transfer 43.2 Doge to the site.

You will be able to earn back this amount and more if you regularly collect your staking interest. In fact, for all levels, you will be able to double your Doge in a month if you collect as often as you can.

After the staking period, you can then choose to transfer the same amount for the same staking level or move up (if you have enough Doge).

If you don’t want to spend any money buying Doge, the best way to move up the staking ladder is to first work on level 1 until you’ve earned enough Doge. If you claim all the free Doge you can, you will have earned enough to move to the next level in 30 days. Once you’ve earned enough Doge for the next staking level, you can just choose that and you will be able to join it.

It can take some time to reach the higher levels, but it will be worth it, in my opinion, because your earnings will be maximized. And for the higher levels, you can earn really good money – in fact, the highest level will allow you to earn 6000 Doge per hour which is worth a lot of money. However, that would also require a very high investment.

And in general, of course, the risk will be higher when you move up levels as you will be staking a higher amount. Especially if you choose to put in your own money.

And just to make it clear – if you decide to invest, it will be at your own risk. I am not a financial advisor, and I cannot guarantee how it will go for you.

With any investment like this, I would always suggest you only invest what you can potentially afford to lose to be on the safe side – that is my approach anyway.

Overall, I would say the earning potential of this site is pretty good. You can earn a significant amount without much effort. You just have to be a bit patient with the lower levels because you will have to regularly collect your staking interest in order to maximize your earnings.

Can you use it on mobile?

Dogetrix doesn’t have a mobile app you can download, but you will be able to access their website from a mobile device using a mobile web browser. However, their site isn’t fully optimized for mobile use. So, you will have to zoom in to read some of the content.

But you can still collect your staking interest with relative ease if you are using your mobile device. That’s what really matters, in my opinion.

I do this myself regularly because I can then just spend 2 seconds once in a while to collect the earnings on my phone so I am sure to collect as often as I can.

So, to answer the question above, yes you can easily use the site on your mobile device.

Who can join Dogetrix?

The good thing about Dogetrix is, it doesn’t care where your location is because it is available globally. As long as you have an internet connection, you will be able to register to this site.

There can, of course, be some local restriction in your country when it comes to cryptocurrencies in general, but this is something you would have to check yourself in your specific country.

registration form of dogetrix
To register as a member, you just have to fill out their sign-up form.

The registration process is also very easy. You just have to fill out their registration form and submit it. Once you’ve done that, you will be logged in to their site immediately. You don’t even have to confirm your registration like you normally would with other sites.

Plus, you will receive 1 Doge just for signing up, which is a decent sign-up bonus, in my opinion. This can help you reach the payout threshold a bit quicker.

Can you get support?

If you have any questions about the site, you can check out their FAQ page first. It discusses some of the basic topics you need to know about the site.

But if you can’t find the answers you are looking for, you can just submit a support ticket on their Help page. Just fill out the necessary fields and their support team will get back to you usually within 24 hours. And based on my experience, they do make sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

Also, they have a Telegram group where you can get help if you need it.

That’s why I would say they have a good support system in place since they offer a convenient way for you to get in touch with their support team and they actually reply as soon as they can.

Final Verdict

Dogetrix is a crypto staking platform that will allow you to earn Doge. It has a couple of good features to offer, but it also has some limitations you need to consider.

Let me finish this review by summarizing its pros and cons so you’ll see an overview of what the site has to offer. Then you can decide if you should join this site or not.



  • Offers a free and easy way to earn Doge
  • Their support team replies to inquiries relatively quickly
  • You can earn very good money at higher levels


  • If you participate in their free staking, you will have to keep collecting your free Doge every hour if you want to maximize your earnings
  • Higher staking levels can be risky as you will have to invest some money

If you are looking to earn free Dogecoin, then Dogetrix is one of the best options I have found for this. You just have to be a bit patient at the beginning because you will have to collect your earnings every hour if you want to maximize your earnings.

It’s not really the requirement, but it’s the best way to earn the most amount of mDoge. Then, you can simply work your way up their staking ladder as soon as you’ve earned the required amount of Dogecoin to join.

It takes some patience, but you will be able to earn a decent amount in the long run. You can also speed up the earning process by going directly to the higher staking levels if you invest a bit of money.

You will be able to double your money in 30 days as well as long as you don’t forget to regularly collect your staking interest. Just remember that any investment will be at your own risk, and I cannot guarantee how it will go for you or how long the site will continue to work.

Now, if you are more interested in earning actual cash and not a cryptocurrency, I would recommend you check out the top survey and GPT sites in your country instead. The sites on this list all have good earning potential and offer cash rewards.

How to join Dogetrix?

As mentioned at the beginning of this review, Dogetrix is not able to pay and therefore you should no longer join.

I would suggest you instead check out the best free ways to earn Bitcoin here.

If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with Dogetrix yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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