is cointiply a scam review headerIf you want to earn Bitcoins by taking surveys, offers, and other small online tasks, then maybe you have heard about Cointiply.

But is Cointiply a scam, or is it really a great way to get free Bitcoins?

I have joined and tested the site thoroughly myself, and in this Cointiply review I will give you an inside look and show you exactly what you can expect.

I will also show you how to use the site and how to decide if it is even worth it for you to join.

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What is Cointiply and what does the site offer?

Cointiply is a fairly new site as it has only existed since February 2018.

It is, first of all, known as a Bitcoin faucet (more about what this is later), but you can actually earn in quite a lot of different ways on the site.

Let me reveal that when I first came to the site I was a bit confused. It has many options and therefore it can be a bit difficult to find your way around in the beginning and figure out exactly what opportunities it has.

It does however not take too long to learn to navigate on it. But to save you the time of having to spend too much time to figure out what it offers, let’s here go over the earning methods, so you can easily see if it will be for you or not.

Option 1 – Paid surveys:

I in general think paid surveys is a great way to earn some extra money online as it is easy, and you can have your opinion heard on important topics at the same time.

Cointiply offers quite a lot of survey opportunities. You will however not spot them right away after you log in, as they are not located in a survey section.

You can find them in the section called “offer walls”. Here you will find several walls that have many surveys and some of the walls also only have surveys.

You can, for example, take Say So Rewards surveys and find quite a lot of these surveys here.

cointiply survey examples

Examples of surveys you can take on Cointiply.

This is just one example of surveys you can find here. Cointiply has a cooperation with many survey providers, and you will, therefore, find a very big amount.

However, since it is third-party providers, you will definitely not qualify for all the surveys, and sometimes you also have to put in your details again for the different walls.

At first, this can be a bit annoying, but with a little patience, you can find a lot of survey opportunities here. The pay is average for the time spent compared to other survey sites.

Option 2 – Offer walls:

I have already mentioned Cointiply has a lot of offer walls. You can not only find surveys on these.

If you know about paid offers on offer walls, you will know that it is a way to earn in many different ways.

It can, for example, be by downloading apps, signing up for free trials, signing up for contests, and more.

You can find some really good offers here that can boost your earnings. But always make sure to read the conditions, before taking any of these offers, as not all of them are worth it. So you need to know exactly what you agree to.

In my experience, the rewards for the paid offers on Cointiply are on the lower end, and on the highest paying get-paid-to sites, you can often find the same offers but for a higher reward.

But Cointiply has A LOT of offers gathered at one place, and if you like the other options it has, it can be a good place to take them, as long as you make sure to take the right offers (this means to read the condition for each offer before taking them).

Option 3 – Bitcoin faucet:

This is the earning option Cointiply is the most known for.

It is a faucet, which means you can earn rewards in the form of a satoshi, which is a hundredth of a millionth BTC, by completing a small task.

On Cointiply it is to fill out a captcha and then roll and get a number. The number decides the size of your reward.

cointiply faucet rewards

The reward table for the faucet option.

This is free to participate in and you can roll once per hour. It only takes a few seconds, and if you are lucky you can win up to 100,000 points in one roll.

But in most cases, the reward will, of course, be a lot smaller, but you will always get a reward.

It is very easy, so if you are on the platform, it will only take you a few seconds to roll.

You can increase the size of your reward by being active on the platform. On the image above you can see, there is something called a Cointiplier.

This tells how big rewards you will get. The standard is 1.5, but you can increase this up to 2, if you are a loyal user.

There is no exact explanation about what you need to do to increase it, other than it can increase if you are actively using many of the different earning methods the site offers.

If you are only using the faucet, the Cointiplier will likely decrease instead. So it pays to use some of the other options as well even if you prefer just using the faucet.

Option 4 – Watch videos:

Cointiply also has a whole video section where you can choose videos within many different topics and get paid to watch these.

You can also have them running on a different screen, so in that sense, you do not have to watch them.

Be aware that the rewards for these videos are very low, and it is therefore not one of the earning methods I in general use much on reward sites, as there are ways to earn faster.

However, sometimes there can be some interesting videos, and then it is nice to get paid while being entertained.

Option 5 – Multiply your coins:

You can find a section called “Multiplier”.

This is a way to bet your coins and get the chance to win a bigger amount. But you of course also risk losing the ones you bet.

You simply choose the amount you want to bet, and then you can choose a field on the screen, and see if you are lucky.

cointiply multiplier

You can bet your coins in the multiplier and win good rewards if you are lucky.

If you choose a field on the screen with a win, you will in the first round have the coins you bet multiplied by 1.4 – that means if you bet 10 coins you will get 14 coins.

You can then choose to take that winning or continue. If you continue, the multiplier in the next round will be 2.1, meaning you will potentially win 21 coins, if you bet 10 coins.

The multiplier for the third level is 3, for level 4 it is 4.4, level 5 is 6.5, level 6 is 9.4, and that is the highest level I have managed to get to at the time of writing this review.

You can take the winning at any time, but if you gamble and continue, you can potentially also end up multiplying your coins quite a lot. But if you gamble too much and do not stop in time, you of course also risk losing what you bet.

I find this game quite fun, and it is also kind of addictive:-)

If you participate in this, you will also automatically participate in a weekly contest.

There is a leaderboard with a list of the people that have bet the most on the multiplier. The 10 people that have bet the most within the given week get as prize between 100,000 – 1,000,000 coins.

So it can be some nice extra money if you are lucky or a big gambler.

Option 6 – Mining game (no longer exists):

Cointiply used to have its own mining game.

In the middle of December 2018, this game was however closed down, as it was not sustainable and it was too expensive for them to run this game.

The reason I am still mentioning it here is because I have seen some people still looking for information about this and being confused about what happened since the game was suddenly closed.

There is a long explanation on Cointiply that explains all the details. Below you can see a short snippet of this statement:

mining game closure notification

The short version of why the mining game was closed.

If you have played the mining game, you should receive a private message explaining more on the platform, and you should be paid based on how much you have played the game.

Get-paid-to sites regularly change the offers they have and that is just a part of using sites like this. Luckily the site still has many other options and according to the site itself, it is also planning to expand with more options in the future. However, the mining game was apparently not sustainable and has therefore been closed down.

Option 7 – Online games:

In addition to the mining game, you can find a lot of different games you can play in your browser on Cointiply.

You cannot at first see this option in the main menu. You find it by going into the “more” tab, and here you then click on “browser games”.

You will earn 35 points when you have played long enough for your activity bar to fill up – there is however not much information about how long this will take.

In general, it is not a high reward, so if your main goal is to earn on Cointiply, some of the other methods are more effective. But you can find games in almost any genre, so if you like playing online games, why not get paid a little to do it?

Option 8 – Click on ads:

You can also find a section with PTC ads on Cointiply. This means you get paid a small amount to click an ad and watch it for a set amount of seconds.

If you go directly through the PTC tab in the main menu, you will not find too many options, but there are a few.

example of cointiply ptc ad

Example of one of the PTC ads you can find on Cointiply.

You can, however, find more PTC ads on the offer walls. There are some of these that also have this option.

Especially the offer walls called ClixWall and PTC Wall as these two are focused on this kind of opportunities.

It is very easy to participate in the PTC option, BUT you have to be aware that the rewards are in general very small, so it will take A LOT of clicks to make any real money.

For that reason, it is not an option I myself use very often. But if you decide to join, it does not take long to do, so it can still be worth checking out, so you can see for yourself if this option is for you or not.

Option 9 – Automatic miner:

You can earn by using your computer’s power to mine automatically. You can find this option in the “more” tab in the menu, and it is called “CPU miner”.

cointiply automatic miner

You do not have to do much to earn with the CPU miner.

The Cointiply miner just needs to be open to mine and earn you coins. The coins mined will automatically be added to your account once per hour.

This is also not a way to earn huge amounts of money fast, but you also do not have to do anything. You just need to let the miner run in an open window.

Depending on your computer and internet connection, it might slow down your computer. If this happens, you can turn down the speed of the miner or just stop using this option.

Option 10 – Cointiply loyalty bonus:

If you are logging into Cointiply every day, you can earn a loyalty bonus. To get this you just need to do something on the site.

The more days in a row you do this, the higher the bonus you will get. You will earn 1% per day in a row you log in. So if you are actively using the site, you can earn up to 100% bonus per day.

A nice way to boost your earnings, if you like what else the platform has to offer.

==>Click to visit Cointiply<==

Below you can see a full tutorial of Cointiply to get an inisde look and see exactly how to use and find the options described above:

Is the Cointiply premium membership worth it?

It is free to join and use Cointiply, but it also has a premium membership you can get.

I usually do not like platforms like this that have a premium option, but the one on Cointiply is not too bad.

The platform itself of course also needs to make money. A big part of this comes through ads – if they did not have this, we could not earn on it. You can, however, decide to upgrade which will stop a big part of the ads.

It will, in general, give you the following advantages to upgrade:

  • No popup advertisements
  • No hover / slide in advertisements
  • Skip up to 2 days without having your loyalty bonus reset
  • Early access to new features
  • Random daily coin rewards for premium users
  • Random boost on completed offer wall earnings
  • Premium support

What I like about this option is that they are not trying hard to push you into getting it, and the platform works fine without an upgrade.

Also, if you decide to upgrade, you do not need to take out your credit card, as you can only upgrade if you have enough coins in your account.

cointiply premium membership options

The Cointiply premium membership options.

You have two premium membership options. You can pay monthly for 17,000 coins ($1,7) or yearly for 170,000 coins ($17).

So it is not a big amount. If it will then be worth it, depends a lot on your preferences. If you use the platform a lot and would like fewer ads, a chance to miss a few days without the loyalty bonus is reset, and some extra bonus chances, then it might be worth it.

But it is NOT necessary to upgrade to earn on Cointiply, and you can easily use it without a premium membership.

How do you get paid?

When you are active on Cointiply, you earn coins. You can see in your account how many coins you have, how much they are worth in dollars, and how much they are currently worth in Bitcoin.

100 Cointiply coins are worth $0.01. This means 10,000 coins are worth $1.

At first, this can make it a bit confusing to figure out exactly what you, for example, earn to take a survey or offer. But once you get used to it, it is quick to figure out how much an activity is worth in dollars.

You can get these coins paid out in a few different ways:

  • Withdraw to your FaucetHub account when you have at least 35,000 coins ($3.50)
  • Withdraw directly to your DOGE wallet when you have at least 50,000 coins ($5)
  • Withdraw directly to your Bitcoin wallet when you have at least 100,000 coins ($10)

So the payout threshold depends on the reward you prefer.

If you withdraw to your Bitcoin wallet, the payments are processed once per week. If you withdraw to FaucetHub or DOGE, you will usually get your money in 24-72 hours.

These are at the moment the only payout methods Cointiply offers. If you instead, for example, prefer getting paid through PayPal, you can check out this list of legit PayPal sites where you can earn by taking surveys, offers, play games, and more.

How much money can you make?

As you can see, Cointiply has quite a lot of different ways to earn.

But how much money can you then earn?

It really depends on how much time you are willing to put in. It has enough opportunities for you to spend a lot of time on the platform every day.

Many of the earning methods will not give huge rewards but can give a little extra. But if you combine the different earning methods and log in often to get the daily bonus, you can earn some nice extra cash.

However, you should not join, if your goal is to become rich easily or make a fast full-time income. This is not the kind of money you can earn here.

But with the right approach and expectations, it does have a decent amount of opportunities to earn some extra money, if you like getting paid in Bitcoin.

Can you use it on mobile?

mobile with cointiply websiteYou can use Cointiply on a mobile, which in my opinion is a big advantage, as it makes it possible to earn a bit whenever it fits you, and you can use the roll option to earn your free points when you are on the go.

Cointiply does not have an app, but the website is fully optimized for mobile devices and work very nicely on mobile. It is easy to navigate on even small screens.

Some of the surveys or offers might not be fully optimized, as they are offered through third-party providers, so in some cases, you have to zoom in and out a bit if you use these options.

But overall Cointiply gives a good experience on mobile.

Who can join Cointiply?

You can join Cointiply no matter where you live.

Some of the opportunities might be limited in certain countries like for example surveys and offers. The amount of these depends a lot on your country.

But many of the other earning options are the same in all countries. So overall Cointiply gives several ways to earn all over the world.

Can you get support?

Cointiply has a support function where you can submit a ticket.

I had problems entering this from the “contact us” button on the website. But I then instead saw that it is possible to submit a ticket if you go to the FAQ section.

I have however not needed to contact the support yet, so I cannot say how fast they respond, but it is good to know that you can send a message.

If it does not work for you through the contact & support option, just try to go to the FAQ section and at the top there is a “submit ticket” option.

Final verdict – legit or scam?

Cointiply without a doubt offers a lot of ways to earn.

From my experience, and from testing the site, it seems legit and offers some decent opportunities. It is still a very new site, so we shall see in the future, but for now I have a good impression of it.

And from the feedback I have heard from other users, many others also have good experiences.

But let’s sum up the pros and cons, so you can get a better overview before deciding if it is the right option for you or not.


  • Free to join
  • Has many earning methods
  • Some earning methods are passive
  • Available to all countries
  • Low payout threshold


  • Some earning methods have low rewards
  • Can be a bit confusing to use at first

Overall, I have a good impression of Cointiply. It offers many ways to earn, and you can join from all countries.

If you like getting paid in Bitcoin and do it with the right expectations, it is, in my opinion, a site worth considering. If you would like other payout methods instead, you can check out the top paying get-paid-to sites that offer many other payout methods.

How to join Cointiply?

It is very easy to join Cointiply. You just click the button below and you will be taken straight to the sign-up page. It only takes a few seconds to sign up.

Once you have signed up, make sure to confirm your email, as this will give you a joining bonus of 100 points and verify your account. And then you can start earning right away.

If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with Cointiply yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

  • Money/time ratio
  • Frequency
  • Usability


Cointiply offers a lot of ways to earn. Also some creative and fun ways I have not seen on other sites. At first it can take a bit of patience to figure out how to use the site, but if you take this time, it can give some good opportunities to earn some extra cash and get them in Bitcoin.

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