is keep rewarding legit review headerKeep Rewarding is a site that claims it gives you more than those big reward sites.

I decided to put the platform to the test and joined to see exactly what it offers.

So is Keep Rewarding legit or a scam to stay away from?

Well, let me reveal right away that it is legit, BUT as you can see from the headline, I think there are some good reasons to think twice before joining.

I will share all the details with you in this Keep Rewarding review, so you can easily see and judge for yourself if it is the right site for you or not.

What is Keep Rewarding and what does the site offer? was started in 2012 and is an online rewards portal – also often called a GPT site (get-paid-to).

According to the site itself, the people starting it were tired of seeing honest people being treated badly and taken advantage of by GPT Sites. Not giving members fair reward amounts for the time and effort they were putting in.

After reading this, I immediately had high expectations to Keep Rewarding, but I have also joined enough survey and GPT sites to know that you should not only trust what the sites say about themselves.

So I decided to put the site to the test and joined to see exactly what it offers and if it really lives up to its mission statement.

After joining, I saw that they have quite a lot of ways to earn. Below I will go over the earning opportunities you can find there so you can see if it is interesting for you.

Option 1 – Paid surveys

As most other GPT sites, Keep Rewarding offers you to take paid surveys as a way to earn.

The surveys are offered through third-party providers on what Keep Rewarding calls a survey wall.

This means you will see a list of different survey providers. When you then click your chosen option, you will see a wall/list of the surveys that provider offers.

keep rewarding survey walls

The survey walls on Keep Rewarding.

Because Keep Rewarding works with quite a few different providers, you can find a decent amount of surveys here.

Just be aware that when you take surveys this way, it can often take patience to find the surveys you qualify for.

The rewards for the surveys you take on Keep Rewarding are average compared to other sites. I have seen sites that give lower rewards for the same surveys, but I have also seen sites that give higher rewards.

Be aware that the option Keep Rewarding offers called “live surveys” is only open to people living in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

If you live in one of these countries, you can register for these surveys.

If you try to register for these surveys but do not live in one of these countries, it will be seen as fraud and your account will permanently be blocked.

Option 2 – Micro-tasks through Figure Eight

Keep Rewarding has a section that offers you to do small online tasks through Figure Eight.

These are micro-jobs that do not take long. However, in the beginning, the rewards will also be very low.

figure eight tasks on keep rewarding

Examples of micro-tasks offered.

With some patience, these jobs can be worth taking. As you do more, you will earn trust and you will start getting higher paying tasks.

Keep Rewarding also has a contest where the top 5 earners on Figure Eight tasks every week will get a small bonus (from 25-300 points).

In my opinion, if you like taking Figure Eight tasks, a platform like ClixSense is a better place to do this.

It gives around the same rewards for the tasks themselves, but it has bigger prizes for its weekly contest as you can win up to $50 here, and it also gives a bonus of $5 every time you have earned $50 by doing tasks.

So the tasks can be worth doing, but you should definitely consider doing them on ClixSense instead.

Option 3 – Paid offers (including videos)

You can get access to quite a lot of offer walls on Keep Rewarding. Here you can find all kinds of offers like signing up for free trials, downloading apps, watching videos, and more.

keep rewarding offer walls

There are many offer walls. It is, however, difficult to navigate and get an overview.

As you can see in the image above, there are A LOT of these walls on Keep Rewarding.

The problem is just that they are all mixed together. The offer walls are mixed with the survey options, and all the other options as well.

This is a general problem on Keep Rewarding, in my opinion. The usability is very poor and it is not easy to navigate and find easy access and not easy to get an overview.

You can find some good offers here, but it is not as easy to get an overview as on many other sites. Personally, I, therefore, prefer using the top GPT sites for paid offers instead.

Option 4 – Click ads

You can find a PTC (paid-to-click) section on Keep Rewarding, where you can get paid to click some ads and visit the website it sends you to.

ptc on keep rewarding

The PTC options give very low rewards.

If you have visited here on before, you will know that I, in general, am not too crazy about this option.

It is very easy to do and does not take long, but it gives extremely low rewards. As you can see in the image above, you will get around 0.001 points per ad.

This means you would have to click around 1,000 ads to earn just $1. Not really worth it if you ask me.

Option 5 – Free Contests

Keep Rewarding has several free contests it offers you to participate in. You will automatically participate in most of them just by being an active member.

They call it contests but most of them are really just bonuses if you have a certain activity. But there are also contests, like for example the weekly Figure Eight contest I mentioned earlier.

keep rewarding contests

Some of the “contests” you can find on Keep Rewarding.

As you can see in the image above, most of the “contests” are a way to keep you being more active by giving a small bonus if you have a certain activity in a day.

You will, for example, get 5 points bonus, if you earn 100 points in a day.

It is not huge rewards you will get like this, but if you are actively using the platform, any little bonus is, of course, nice.

But it is not really a way to make big money.

Option 6 – Keep Rewarding promo codes

It is possible to get promo codes from Keep Rewarding and get some free points like this.

You can find them on their social media channels at times, in emails, or sometimes you have to figure them out yourself according to the site itself – not really sure what that means though:-)

First of all, these promo codes will give you very few points, so it is not something worth chasing around for, in my opinion.

Secondly, when I received my first promo code, I could not figure out where to use it on the website.

I have used hundreds of GPT and surveys sites and usually, it is very easy to find where to use your promo codes.

That was not the case on Keep Rewarding as I had to look for quite some time before I finally found it.

keep rewarding promo code

The promo code option is not easy to find.

It is located in the main menu under “rewards”. Here there is a submenu called “promo codes”.

Again, this was another example for me that the platform is just not as user-friendly as many other sites and can be quite confusing to use.

But anyway, if you find promo codes, you now know where to redeem them.

How do you get paid?

Even though Keep Rewarding is a bit confusing to use, it is possible to earn there. But you, of course, also need to know how you can then get your money out.

When you earn on Keep Rewarding, you earn points. These points can then be redeemed for cash through PayPal or gift cards to, for example, Amazon.

1 point is approximately worth 1 cent. But here it gets a bit confusing again.

The exact value depends on the reward you get and the country you live in. if you want $1 in PayPal cash, it costs 110 points. But if you want $5, it is 500 points.

And in the UK £1 PayPal reward costs 160 points.

So it is a bit difficult to figure out the exact value of the points you earn on Keep Rewarding but in general 1 point will be around 1 cent.

However, if you like getting paid in cash, there are so many great PayPal survey and GPT sites that offer better opportunities, so I would clearly recommend you to check out some of these sites instead.

How much money can you make?

One of the first things I noticed when I visited Keep Rewarding was the big claim they have on their front page saying that they give higher rewards than the big rewards portals.

earning claim on keep rewarding

Keep Rewarding itself claims to be one of the highest paying sites – I would have to disagree with this.

This is a big claim, and after having tested Keep Rewarding I must say that I do not quite agree with this claim.

It does give decent rewards and also in many cases almost the same rewards as some of the big sites.

But from looking at the statement above and from the mission statement of the company I mentioned earlier, I expected more.

To me, it seems mostly like marketing statements.

Yes, you can earn some extra money on Keep Rewarding, but it is quite confusing to use, and in my experience, there are many sites that overall give a lot better opportunities and at the same time are easier to use.

Can you use it on mobile?

mobile with keep rewarding websiteYou can use Keep Rewarding on mobile as the website is kind of optimized for mobile.

This makes it possible to use on the go, but it does not give a super great mobile experience.

The usability on desktop is, in my opinion, not very good and it definitely does not get better on smaller screens – on the contrary.

So if you like earning on the go, Keep Rewarding is definitely not one of the best options.

Who can join Keep Rewarding?

One thing that is great about Keep Rewarding is that everyone can join as it is open to all countries. You just have to be at least 13 years old.

The amount of opportunities will, however, vary from country to country.

So you can join no matter where you are from, but I think you should, first of all, check out the best sites in your country, and then you can consider Keep Rewarding after if you still need more sites to join.

But in most countries, there will be sites that give overall better opportunities.

Can you get support?

How good support you can get tells a lot about a reward site.

On Keep Rewarding you can get help in a couple of ways. You can submit a support ticket on the website, or you can write them on their Facebook page.

From what I can see on the Facebook page, the support is quite responsive and quickly gets back to people.

This is great and it is good to know that you can expect fast support if you decide to join.

Final verdict

Keep Rewarding is legit, but as I already mentioned at the beginning of this review, I still think there are reasons to think twice about joining.

Below I will sum up the pros and cons of the site to help you get a better overview before deciding for yourself. The cons are also the 3 reasons I think you should think twice before joining.


  • Free to join
  • Open to all countries
  • Low payout threshold


  • Poor usability
  • Not well mobile optimized
  • Promises too much

It is possible to earn a bit of extra cash on Keep Rewarding and it has good payout options. But I honestly think the cons and the reasons you should think twice are a lot bigger than the pros.

The platform is honestly one of the most confusing I have used and I am, in general not impressed with what it offers. Especially not when you consider it claims to pay more than the big reward sites.

I really disagree with this and when looking at the possibilities you have on many other sites, there are so many sites that give better value for your time spent, in my opinion.

Therefore, I would recommend you to check out the best sites in your country instead as you can find many that are easier to use and at the same time give better earning opportunities.


If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with Keep Rewarding yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.


Keep Rewarding
  • Money/time ratio
  • Frequency
  • Usability


Keep Rewarding itself claims to be one of the highest paying GPT sites but I am honestly not impressed with what it offers.

Yes, it is legit but the usability is very low, and I do not at all think it can live up to its own claims. These are some of the reasons I think you should think twice before joining and instead consider joining some of the many other sites with better opportunities.

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