is points2shop a scamPoints2shop is an online reward portal, where you first of all can earn points or cash to shop for. But is Points2shop a scam or a legit site worth joining?

In this Points2shop review, I will share my experiences with you after having tested the site thoroughly. You will find out what the site has to offer, how much money you can make, how you use the site, and most importantly – if it is worth joining or a waste of time.

What is Points2shop and what opportunities does it offer?

Points2shop is a site where you can earn points and cash by doing a number of different tasks online. According to the portal itself, it now has more than 10 million users, and it has around 250,000 followers on Facebook. The followers on Facebook does not say a lot however, as the Facebook page has very little to do with what the site is actually offering. It is mostly just posts of funny videos and pictures, so many of the followers might just follow because they like this entertaining content.

Compared to other online reward portals and survey sites, it is a bit different as it is focused on giving you points to shop for free on Amazon, but I will get more into the reward methods later in this article. It is also different in the way that it is one of the most confusing and least user-friendly survey sites I have tested. That does not necessarily mean that it does not have good opportunities, but that you should expect to spend some time figuring out to navigate and how to use the site, if you decide to join.

The ways you can earn points or cash are:

Points2shop offers a decent amount of different survey opportunities. Depending on where you live, there might be several opportunities a day, or only a couple or in some cases none. Surveys are one of the main ways to earn on Points2shop. The surveys here pay ok in relation to the time spent compared to other survey sites, but is not in the top.

There are quite a lot of different offer that you can take on Points2shop. They are offered by different providers/portals. This means that you can see a list of different offers, and then take them through a third party provider, and then get paid in your Points2shop account. The offers include extra surveys, signing up for websites, downloading apps, watching videos etc.

points2shop offers

Some of the offers you can take on Points2shop.

Refer people:
You can earn extra rewards by inviting other people to join the site. You will in general get paid 15% of what you referrals make, but if your referrals are not very active, this percentage might be lower. There is a number of other different rules and percentages regarding the referral program. As with everything on Points2shop, it is a bit confusing and complicated. So instead of boring you with all the details here, you can read the full details about the referral program on the portal itself, if this is an opportunity that you are interested in.

You can play games to either win extra points or just play for fun. You can play against other members, and will be paired with other people that have the same level of game experience as yourself to make the competition more fair. Some games cost some points to participate in, but the higher the entrance fee for participating is, the higher the reward will also be, if you win. If you like playing online games and are good at it, this can be a great way to increase your earnings.

There are different monthly contests that you automatically participate in, if you are an active member. You can for example win extra rewards, if you are in the top 10 survey takers in a month etc. Usually the prize for a first place is $15 down to $1 for 10th place.

Below you can see an official video from Points2shop, to see how the site is describing itself:

How do you get paid?

Whenever you take a survey, take an offer or do anything else on Points2shop, you will earn either points or cash. You can see what you will earn before taking an offer or survey.

The cash can be paid out through PayPal, or you can convert your cash into points. You can use your points to buy any product on Amazon. On Points2shop, you can browse through all the product categories on Amazon, and select the ones you would like to spend your points on. So if you like shopping on Amazon, Points2shop can be a way to earn some points, so you can do this for free. Depending on which products you buy, the shipping will be free. It is important to know that you can only have Amazon products shipped, if you live in the US, Canada or the UK. So if you, like me, do not live in one of these countries, you cannot use your points for this. You can instead use them for a virtual visa card, or donate your points to charities.

As a US member, you can also use points to get Amazon Gift Cards. This is only available for the US at the moment.

It is important to know that cash can be converted into points you can use for shopping, but points cannot be converted into cash. So depending on what your preferences are, you have to be aware of this when deciding to go for offers that give points or cash as reward.

How much money can you make?

This depends on a number of different things. It depends very much on where in the world you live, as different countries will have different opportunities. And it also depends on how much time you are willing to spend on Points2shop.

In general, you will be able to make some extra money on the side, but it will not make you rich or a full-time income.

Compared to other survey sites that I have tested and reviewed, Points2shop give a decent amount of opportunities. It can however take quite a while longer to make money than on some of my top rated survey sites, as it is very confusing and can be overwhelming. I have a lot of experience with survey sites, and have spent a lot of time on Points2shop, and it is by far the most confusing site I have used. So to figure out how to use the site, how the reward system work, or for the matter how any aspect of Points2shop work, is a hassle. So if you decide to join, be prepared to spend some time getting to know the platform, and be prepared to spent a lot more time doing this than you would on other sites.

There is however a way that can make Poinst2shop a bit easier to use. That is to use the official mobile app.

points2shop app

Using the Points2shop app can make the site easier to use.

Can you use it on your mobile?

Yes you can download the Points2shop app, and as a member, you will also earn a reward of $0.10 by downloading it.

The main reason downloading the app can be a good idea is of course that you can then easily use Points2shop on the go. But another reason is that it makes the portal a little more user-friendly. There are fewer distractions and less confusions in the app, so it is less overwhelming. For an app, it is however not very nice or very user-friendly, but compared to using the site itself, it can make it a bit easier, but also limits the possibilities and overview.

Membership levels

There are 8 different membership levels at Points2shop. You start as a new member and by verifying your account, you get to bronze level. After that comes silver, gold, platinum, elite, diamond and legend.

The levels will give you different bonuses and advantages. To upgrade to a new level, you have to live up to different demands. Some criteria are the earnings you have, number of offers, activity level, number of referrals etc. There are many demands and details about the membership levels, and you can see the full details on the website, if you decide to become a member.

Can you get support?

Points2shop does have a support function that you can contact. I have had to contact it myself, when I first signed up regarding a sign up error. I did get a reply, but it took around 4-5 days. Good to get a reply, but fast support is important for the credibility of any service. From what I can see, other people are saying, the support is in general slow. Not an issue if you are patient, but now you know that you might have to wait a bit for an answer:-)

Which countries can sign up and who can participate?

You can sign up no matter where in the world you live. But there are big differences in the number of surveys and offers available depending on where you live. There are most opportunities in English-speaking countries, but other countries will have opportunities as well.

Remember that you can only use your points for Amazon products, if you live in the US, Canada or the UK, as they are only shipped to these countries.

You have to be 18 years old to sign up, or you can sign up when you are 13 years old, if you have parents’ consent.


Let’ sum up the pros and cons of Points2shop to give you an overview:

pros thumbPros:

  • You can sign up from any country.
  • Many daily possibilities.
  • Great rewards (Amazon and PayPal).
  • Has support.

cons thumbCons:

  • Very confusing site.
  • Unnecessarily complicated to use.
  • Only ships Amazon products to the US, Canada & the UK.
  • Slow support service.
  • The Facebook page only posts irrelevant videos and pictures.

Overall, Points2shop can have some good earning possibilities and is definitely not a scam. But it is one of the least user-friendly and most confusing sites, I have tested. Other than that, the use of the points you make is limited, if you do not live in the US, Canada & the UK. Personally, I also think that it is a minus that they have a Facebook page that never posts anything relevant to using offers or surveys, but only funny videos and pictures. I understand it is a way to get people to like the page and share, but as a user of the page, it just becomes irrelevant and makes the platform seem unprofessional in my opinion.

Because of these reasons, there are many other sites that I would rather recommend, if you would like to make money on surveys and offers. That does not mean Points2shop does not have opportunities. But in my opinion, there are many other sites that makes it easier to earn money and at the same are a lot more enjoyable to use.

If you have any questions, comments or have any experiences with Points2shop yourself, feel free to leave a comment below.


  • Money/time ratio
  • Frequency
  • Usability


Points2shop can give you some nice extra earnings. But it is NOT very user-friendly, it is limited how you can use your points, if you do not live in certain countries, and is in general a bit confusing. For these reasons, it is not one of my top recommendations.

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