Need a Substitute for PayPal? 4 Easy Alternatives

need a substitute for paypal

If you need to receive or send money online or need to use an online payment platform, you have probably heard about PayPal.

But for some people, PayPal is not a good option and luckily there are alternatives.

This article will help you find a substitute for PayPal, and will give you 4 legit alternatives, you can start using for free.

Why consider an alternative to PayPal?

When it comes to receiving, sending or paying with an online platform, there is no doubt that PayPal is still the biggest player and a name most people have heard of.

I myself use it to receive money from survey sites that offer PayPal as a payout method, but also to receive money in other ways or to pay for different services or products online.

But I have found out that PayPal is not always the best option and sometimes it is also not possible to use, and therefore I have looked into alternatives and found some other great platforms.

In some countries, PayPal is not available, and here you need to have an alternative, if you want to use online payment platforms.

In other cases, the platform or service you are using might not use PayPal, but only offer other ways to receive and send money, and then it is also necessary to know which alternatives that are good.

Personally, I do live in a country where PayPal is available, and I often use it. But I am also using some services that do not cooperate with PayPal.

For example one of my favorite survey sites ySense, where I cannot get paid through PayPal. But luckily I have found out that there are several other great online payment platforms, and I will now go over some of these, so you can see if any of them might be a good solution for you.

What alternatives are there?

The below platforms are all great alternatives. Which one is the best depends on your needs, where you live, and what services you use online. Below, you can find an overview of each of them to get a good idea, and then you can click to read the full review of the platforms you want to know more details about.

Payoneer payout option

Payoneer is one of my personal favorite alternatives to PayPal, and one I am regularly using myself.

It is available in over 200 different countries and in 150 different currencies. You can use it for a number of different platforms and services. For example to receive money from certain survey sites, if you are renting out through airbnb, as a freelancer on fiverr or Upwork, to get money if you are an Amazon Associate, and many more services.

You can get the money in your Payoneer account out in a number of different ways like withdrawing to your local bank account, ordering a prepaid MasterCard, make payments to merchants and more. In general, Payoneer has some reasonable fees compared to other platforms.

Furthermore, Payoneer offers a great joining bonus of $25, if you join through an invitation link. If you would like to join Payoneer and get the $25 bonus, you can find such a link in the full review through the link below.

==>Click to read full Payoneer review<==

Skrill payment option

Skrill is another good alternative. It is available in around 200 countries, and you can use it for a number of different service.

Several paid survey sites are using it as a payout method, it is a very popular platform to use for betting and gambling sites, forex sites, gaming sites, and you can also use it for Skype and E-bay.

It has some great options to get the money out of your Skrill account, if this is what you wish. You can withdraw money to your local bank account, you can withdraw to your visa card, or you can order a prepaid MasterCard.

The fees are in many cases not very high, but it depends on how you wish to use it. For example it will be quite expensive to withdraw a small amount to your local bank account as there is a set fee of around €5. But if you are withdrawing a big amount, this fee will not be higher and will therefore be a very cheap option. To get a full overview of the fees, you can check the full review below.

==>Click to read full Skrill review<==

Payza payment option

Payza is an increasingly popular payment platform, and in 2017 it won the Online Payment Method Award.

It is available in around 190 countries and in more than 25 currencies. I have noticed that more and more online reward portals are using it is a payout method, but you can also use it for online shopping, for sending and receiving money online in general, and many other purposes.

You can withdraw the money by bank transfer to your local bank account, by bank wire, exchange into Bitcoins or order a prepaid Payza card. What the fees vary a lot depending on the country you live in.

So whether it is a good solution for you depends a lot on where you live, and which Payza services you wish to use. For example, is it very cheap to withdraw money to your local bank account if you live in the US, but quite expensive if you live in Europe. You can read more about Payza’s functionalities and fees in the full review below.

paytoo payment option

PayToo is available in many countries. What you can use it for depends on the country you live in. For example, can it be used for paying bills in 12 countries, to top-up your phone in around 100 countries, and to send and receive money in more than 150 countries. In the US, you can also use it to receive your salary.

You can withdraw the money by transferring to your local bank account, withdraw to a virtual Visa Card or by ordering a prepaid MasterCard. The fees for the services depends on the specific service and where you live. There can be big differences. For example, does it cost $4 to withdraw money to your local bank account, if you live in the US, but $8 for an international bank account. If you do not have a US bank account, and want to withdraw to your local bank account, PayToo is the most expensive platform to use on this list. But for other purposes or in certain countries, it can be a good option. You can read more about PayToo through the link below.


As you can see, there are plenty of alternatives to PayPal, if you need to find a substitute. The above is not a full list, but the sites that I have tested and researched and found to be good options. Which one is the best depends on your needs and also a lot on the country you live in, as the fees can vary a lot.

Personally, I really like Payoneer as an option for my needs, as the fees for what I use it for and for where I live are very reasonable, and also because it gives a great joining bonus. But for you, it might be different, and it can especially be a good idea to read the specifics about the fees for your specific country before joining any of the platforms. But also remember that they are all free to join, and there are no fees until you use certain services, so there is no risk in signing up to check it out.

If you have any experiences with any of the platforms yourself or have any questions or comments, feel free to leave a comment below.

6 thoughts on “Need a Substitute for PayPal? 4 Easy Alternatives”

  1. Great article Mikael. I myself have tried multiple survey sites as well. I’ve tried SwagBucks, minds pay and a bunch others. Very time consuming to sat the least. A lot use PayPal for payment, but I’ve never heard of payoneer though. So thanks for that information. Keep doing what your doing.

    • Thanks for your comment Travis. 

      I like using PayPal as well for the sites where it is an option. But for some people PayPal is not available, and some sotes also do not offer it, and that is why I have looked into these other options to know which one to choose as an alternative. 

      All the best,

  2. I found this post very interesting as I have been using paypal for quite some time now and I think it is great for my needs, but it’s good to get some information on alternatives out there.

    It sounds like payoneer is a good alternative to use for certain transactions, and with a bonus for signing up I think it is worth a trial run at least.

    Thanks for the great insight into alternatives,


    • Thanks for your comment Dave. 

      I also really like Payoneer as an alternative. I use PayPal very often and like it, but there are also some platforms and services online that I am using where PayPal is not an option, and then it is great that there are good alternatives. 

      All the best,

  3. Wow I didn’t know this. I use paypal to receive payment for my wholesale business, but I don’t like all the fees they take out. Do you know if these other ones have the same amount of fees? Also I never heard of Clixsense and just signed up! Thanks for that! Curious to see how this will work!

    • Glad you found the info useful Vandana.

      About the fees – all the platforms take fees. The exact fees depend a lot on what you are using the platform for and in what country you live in. In the reviews of the individual platforms (you can find links to above), you can find more info about the fees to get a better idea about which one suits your needs the best.

      All the best;


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