tellwut surveys reviewTellwut is an online survey site that is in general quite interesting, and I find it has some potential. But there are also some aspects that are very important to know before joining.

That is why I in this Tellwut review will not only tell you what you can potentially get out of joining, but also give you an important warning about Tellwut surveys that is necessary to know before joining, so you do not end up wasting your time.

What is Tellwut and what does the site offer?

Tellwut is a market research company based in Toronto, Canada. The name Tellwut might seem a bit strange, but it is short for “Tell us what you think”. So kind of a clever name once you know what it means. You can join as a member and make money by telling your opinion.

Tellwut started in 2010 and according to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Tellwut is a reliable company as it has a rating of A+. This means that it is a reliable company and is known to pay out and keep its promises to its customers. It does however not necessarily mean that it will be worth for you to join, but I will expand on this later, as it is first important to know what the site has to offer.

You can use Tellwut for the following:

Answer surveys from other members:
Answering surveys from other Tellwut members is an easy way to make a bit of money. All members can create surveys and they are always very short, and will usually take you less than a couple of minutes to answer. Some of them are quite interesting and contains funny or interesting pictures or small videos. Others are a bit more boring, but at least they are then very short and fast to do:-) The surveys are more like small polls and can be about anything. It can be opinions about a particular ad or mascot, about a certain beauty trend, about lifestyle, favorite food etc. As there are many different members, there will also be many different kinds of polls created by them. But you can always yourself decide whether you want to participate or go to the next one.

tellwut internal surveys

An example of a short Tellwut survey created by another member.

These small short polls or surveys are available often, so you can in most cases do several of them a day. They are very short, and will therefore also not give you a very high reward, but I will go into the reward details later. If you scroll to the bottom of the survey, you will be able to see how many points you earn, before you decude to take the survey.

Create surveys yourself:
As well as you can answer other members surveys, you can also create short surveys yourself. You will also get paid a little, if you create a survey that is approved.

You can be very creative when it comes to the questions you want to ask in a survey, and you can also include small videos or pictures. There are however some limits. If the content is inappropriate or offense, it will not be approved, and you will thereby also not get paid for creating that survey. Other reasons for not having your surveys approved is that the question has been asked before, or it is very similar to a question asked before. I think it is great that there is an approval process, as I can imagine how it would be many of the same questions that would be posted all the time, and it is definitely more interesting to participate when there is some variety in the questions.

Below you can see a short video from Tellwut describing how you create surveys yourself:

You are only allowed to create 2 surveys a week. If you create more, they will not be approved, so it will then be a waste of time.

Answer external surveys:
The external surveys are the surveys that are not created by Tellwut or Tellwut members. It comes from for example companies or organizations. These surveys can be a bit longer, but the longer it is, the higher the reward will also be. You find them by clicking the “available surveys” in the menu once you are logged in, or you will have them emailed to you.

It is the earning method on Tellwut that makes the most money, but it is also limited how many you will be offered.

Interact with other members:
interact with other membersOne thing that makes Tellwut different from many other survey sites is that it is just as much a social media or community as it is a survey site. It emphasizes on community and a big part of what you can do there is therefore to create your own surveys or answer other members’ surveys. Every time you have answered a survey from other member, you can also see the statistics about how many percentages answered what right away.

Below all the member surveys, there are discussion going on, and you can comment and reply. This community aspect can be nice and interesting, but it can also be very time consuming. But it depends on why you have joined Tellwut. If you like being social and participating in the small surveys and discussion it is great, but if your main goal is to make a bit of extra money, this aspect can be very distracting, and take up your time.

Refer friends:
Many paid survey sites have an option to refer friends and get an extra reward for this. I think this is a great opportunity to make a bit of extra money. Some of the top paying survey sites have really good rewards when somebody you have invited joins. Tellwut does have the option to get paid an extra reward, when you invite friends, but it is a very low reward. It is in fact the lowest reward for a referral program I have ever seen, and it almost does not make sense to even use it. You will get 25 points when somebody joins through your invitation – it is equivalent of around 6 cents. So almost a ridiculously low reward, and not at all a way to make money on Tellwut.

How do you get paid?

When you do an activity on Tellwut, you will get paid in points. The points can then be exchanged into a number of different rewards. You can get gift cards to for example Amazon, Target, Starbucks, movies, or get a prepaid Visa Card with the rewards. There is no option to get paid directly in cash to PayPal, so if you prefer getting paid through PayPal for surveys, this is not a site for you.

When a survey site uses points, it can be a bit confusing to figure out exactly how much you earn doing a survey. But you just have to figure it out once, and then it will be easier to see, if an activity is worth for you to do. I have calculated how much points are worth, so it will be easy for you to see right away. On Tellwut, you can request a reward when you have earned 4000 points. This is equivalent of $10. That means that 100 points are worth $0.25. You for example get around 200 points as a joining bonus, which will then be worth 50 cents. This makes it easy to see, if you find it worth your time and what activities are worth it for you.

How much money can you make on Tellwut?

how much money on tellwutHow much money you can make, is of course an important question before joining any survey site. In general, the rewards you get on Tellwut are not the biggest. They are:

  • Create account and add info (up to): 250 points
  • Refer a friend: 25 points
  • Answer a Tellwut survey: 5-15 points
  • Create an approved survey: 10-10 points
  • Answer an external survey: 25-2000 points

As you can see, it takes patience to make any real money on Tellwut. It is definitely the external surveys that has the biggest potential, but also the ones that you get the least access to. So in general you can make a bit of extra money on Tellwut, but not a lot, and not as much as you can on many other survey sites. And before you start making money, it is also very important to make sure that you belong to the countries that can actually also request rewards. Because you can join and start earning even though you might not be able to withdraw your earnings. I will go into details about this in the “who can join” section below.

How easy is Tellwut to use?

User-friendliness is nice on survey sites. Often the more options they have, the more time it takes to figure out how to use the site. But once you have figured it out, it will be easy to navigate. Tellwut does not have very many options to earn, but it is still not very user-friendly. The design is a bit consing, and it takes some time to find out how to navigate and how to find the different options. One of the things that make the site a bit confusing is the ads that are at the top and at the sidebar. And it is not very clear how you find certain options and how to get started. But it is not a huge problem. If you have a bit of patience, you will quickly figure out how to navigate in the site.

The options that are on the site are themselves pretty easy to use. And it can also be fun, if you like the social aspect of the site.

Can you use Tellwut on you mobile phone?

Yes you can use Tellwut on your mobile phone and earn on the go. There is no app, but you can sign in to the website through your browser. It is fairly easy to use on the mobile and has the same options as if you use it on a computer. One thing I do not like about using a phone for Tellwut is that there are pop-up ads that takes up a lot of space on the screen, and makes it more difficult to navigate and use the site.

Who can join & warning before you do!

tellwut warningThis is a very important point about Tellwut, and something that can save you from wasting your time.

The thing is that you can sign up from anywhere in the world as long as you are 18 years or older. And you can actually also participate in many of the options on Tellwut no matter where you are from. The only thing you will not get many of, if you are not from the US or Canada, is the external surveys.

So you might sign up and start earning. But be aware that Tellwut does NOT pay out to all countries. This is very important to know and something that is not very clear on the site. So you can end up joining and spending time on earning, only to find out you live in a country where you cannot get paid. The only countries that Tellwut pays out to are the US and Canada. So if you do not live in one of these countries, there is no point in joining unless you do not care about getting paid.

It is the only survey site I have seen where you can join and participate, but not necessarily get paid, and something I think is very strange and something worth warning about. It is not very clear on the site, and if you are not aware, you might just waste your time.

Can you get support?

Tellwut does have support. But you need to know where to contact them, which is not necessarily very obvious – or at least it was not to me. I have been in contact with the support to ask some questions about my account.

When you are logged in, there is no clear support button. So I went to the inbox, where you can send and receive messages. There I could choose to send to Tellwut, and I send them some questions. I did not hear anything, and 1 month later I tried again, only to get the same result – no answer. I did not want to just give up, and therefore did some more research and found out they have a support email address. When I wrote this, I got a reply within a day. So the support does work, but you need to know where to contact them. I have also checked their Facebook page, where they are pretty active, but there was no option to send a private message, but only to comment on posts.

When I got the email reply, they explained that the message system that I had used is not for support, but only to send messages to other members. To me it is strange that the message system then has the option to send a message to Tellwut, when it is then not send to Tellwut. This again shows a little about the lack of user-friendliness of the site.

So if you do need support, you need to write to

Conclusion – Tellwut might be worth it

Tellwut has some potentials, but in my opinion also some huge minuses. Let’s sum up the pros and cons.


  • Fun and social to use
  • Opportunities every day
  • Trustworthy company


  • You can earn, but not necessarily get paid
  • Not very user-friendly
  • Low rewards compared to other survey sites

I think Tellwut has potential. Mostly if you just see it as kind of a social media that is fun to use, and then make a bit of money at the same time.

But remember that you can only get paid, if you live in the US or Canada. To me one of the biggest minuses about Tellwut is that you can join and earn, but that it is not very clear that you might not be able to get paid. So remember this, and if you are not from one of these countries, do not waste your time.

Even if you live in the US or Canada, and if you are interested in getting as many earning opportunities as possible, there are survey sites that gives more opportunities and higher rewards than Tellwut.

If you have any questions or any experiences with Tellwut yourself, feel free to leave a comment below.


  • Money/time ratio
  • Frequency
  • Usability


Tellwut has some potential and it can be worth considering joining. But only consider joining if you are interested in the social aspect of it and not too much focused on making as much as possible on surveys. And be sure that Tellwut pays out to your country, so you do not end up wasting your time earning, only to find out you cannot get your rewards.

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