Is Toluna Influencers Legit or Waste of Time? (2021 Review)

Toluna Influencers Rating

If you want to get paid for your opinion, Toluna Influencers is a great choice. It has many surveys and also has an app. You can get paid in cash or gift cards and can join from 60+ countries.

Toluna Influencers is a survey site that claims you can have your voice heard and get paid at the same time by joining.

But is Toluna legit or a scam you should stay away from?

I have been a member of Toluna for several years by now, and if have tested it thoroughly. And let me just reveal right away that it is legit and I have been paid by it many times myself.

However, this does not mean it necessarily is the right option for you.

So if you want to know what the site is about, if it can make you money, and if it is worth your time, keep reading.

In this 2021 Toluna Influencers review, I will give you an inside look, show all the details, and show exactly what you can expect so you can judge for yourself if it is the right option for you or not.

What is Toluna Influencers, and what does the site offer?

This survey panel used to just simply be called Toluna. In 2018 it, however, changed its name, so now the official name is Toluna Influencers. However, the website address is still just

You might hear either name used, and many people still just call it Toluna – both names are however referring to the same survey site.

It is, first of all, a survey site, where you can get paid to take online surveys, and it has existed for many years.

In addition to paid surveys, the site offers a number of other ways you can earn money a bit extra but the online surveys is the main earning method.

Below I will go over all the ways you can earn as a member of Toluna Influencers so you know exactly what to expect.

Let me just reveal right away that it is a legit and safe survey site and I have been paid by it many times myself as I will show you proof of later in this review.

This does, however, not mean it will necessarily be the right option for you. Therefore, I will go over everything you need to know in the review below so you can see and judge for yourself.

Option 1 – Toluna surveys:

Surveys are the main way to make money on Toluna. There is a good amount of surveys, and mostly you will have access to at least 5-10 a week, but sometimes also more than that.

Toluna survey center
Toluna Influencers offers a good amount of surveys.

If you do not qualify for a survey (which in my experience does not happen as often on Toluna Influencers as on some other survey sites), you will still get 200 points for having attempted the survey in most cases.

It is a good idea to log in to the site regularly and check, if there are any available surveys for you, as you, in general, will not receive emails when there are new ones.

You will once in a while receive an email when there is a new survey, but most often it is then an extra survey that you cannot necessarily see on the platform. If you receive one of these email invitations, it is best to take the survey as soon as possible as surveys like this often fill up quickly, and often only a limited number of survey takers is needed.

But mostly you will not get email invitations when there are new Toluna surveys available. So to get the most out of the site, it is good to log in regularly.

The surveys on Toluna do in general pay pretty well in relation to the time spent compared to other survey sites. However, how well they pay in relation to your time varies quite a bit from country to country.

But you can always see before starting a survey how much you will get, and how long it will approximately take, and then decide whether you want to take the survey or not.

Also, when you first join, you can fill out some small profile surveys. They will give you some nice rewards from the beginning, and at the same time it will help you being matched to more surveys, so these are definitely a great idea to fill out, and a good way to earn right away.

Just be aware that you will not qualify for all surveys and I know this can be frustrating and it is one of the complaints I have heard about Toluna. But it will happen on all survey sites and also on Toluna.

But having filled out your profile will make it more likely to qualify for the surveys you are offered so definitely a good idea to start by filling those out as soon as you join.

Option 2 – Sponsored polls:

Sponsored polls are polls about a certain topic that you can get 15 points to answer. They are also called quick polls.

Once you log in, you can see if there are any available in the recommended section and in the news stream. You can spot them from the rest of the content by looking for where it says “vote”.

toluna sponsored content
Keep an eye out for the “Vote” polls to earn some quick extra points.

These quick polls give very small rewards, but also only takes about 10 seconds to do, and they can even be quite interesting to participate in, as you can also see a statistic about other members’ answers once you have answered.

Sometimes you will find several of these available and otehr times it will be hard ot find any.

One thing I have found is that it often seems like more of these quick polls are available throuhg the mobile app (more about this later), so if you like the polls, this can be worth checking out.

Option 3 – Content creation:

Toluna is not only a survey site but is also trying to be a community, where members can create content and interact. The way you can do this by creating or participating in what is called polls, topic discussions, or battles.

Polls are just short polls, and topics or small discussions where people can express their opinion and interact about a certain topic chosen by the creator.

Battles are where you can make a little battle between two choices to get peoples’ opinion between two things. It could, for example, be beer vs. wine, Superman vs. Batman, apples vs. oranges, etc.

toluna influenceres topic
You can earn by creating your own content on Toluna.

You can earn up to 1000 points for each piece of content you create. This will be rewarded manually as the Toluna team want to encourage engaging quality content.

So if you are good at creating interesting content, this can be a great way to earn some extra points.

Option 4 – Contests:

Toluna Influencers offers a number of different contests. The biggest one is the quarterly sweepstake. This is a contest you can enter by buying tickets for it with the points you make from doing surveys.

The winning prizes are in general pretty big, and can, for example, be a new TV, phone etc. Of course, the chance to win in a sweepstake like this is not huge, and whether it is something you want to use your points for, or if you want to get your rewards paid out, is a matter of personal preferences.

Be aware that to be able to participate in these sweepstakes, you have to have a profile image, and be what is called an active member. An active member just means that you have had to participate in or create a poll or topic discussion within the past 3 months.

There are also other kinds of contests on the site, and these can make you extra money and will not cost you anything to participate in.

It can, for example, be a contest to post a photo about a certain topic where a winner is selected, a quick quiz, or other kinds of contests. They can run for a few days or up to a month and can give you some nice extra cash in your account.

Toluna contests
Examples of contests at Toluna

Once you have logged in, you can see the newest announcements, and see if there are currently any new contests.

They will also be announced and explained further on the official blog of Toluna for your specific country, that you can find a link to at the bottom of their website.

The exact amount of contests depends on the country you live in – some have daily contests, some weekly, and some monthly.

Option 5 – Daily game (Toluna Wheel and more)

There is a daily game on Toluna Influencers called the Toluna Fortune Wheel.

Here you get a daily chance to win some extra points by spinning the wheel.

toluna wheel of fortune
The Toluna wheel gives you a daily chance to win free points.

It only takes a few seconds to do, so if you are on the platform, it is worth just trying your luck.

I do not know statistically how great your chances are of winning, but I can say that it definitely is not impossible to win. I know that as I have won rewards there myself:-)

toluna wheel of fortune win
Proof that you can actually win on the daily wheel – I have won points there myself.

Not huge rewards you will get, but some extra free point by just spinning a wheel is still not bad.

In addition to the Toluna Wheel, there are also other small games you can play at times. The exact availibility of these games depends on the country you live in.

Some of the games will reward you with points if you win and others will just be for fun. But they are all free to participate in.

Option 6 – The Toluna Blog:

Toluna has an official blog that can be quite interesting to follow if you are a member of the site. You can find a link to it a the bottom of their website.

It is not as such a way to earn, but it is updated with news often, and this is where you can also see new contests, previous winners, new additions to the platform etc. and see more details about all these things.

So it can still be a good idea to check out the blog once in a while to keep updated about what is happening on the platform.

There is a blog for each country where Toluna is available, so you will only get information on the blog that is relevant and available to you, and in your local language.

Option 7 – Mobile surveys:

As a member of Toluna, you can register your phone number on the site. The advantage of doing this is that you can then opt-in to receive special mobile surveys via SMS.

toluna influencers mobile surveys
You can register your phone number to get access to special mobile surveys.

You should not expect a huge number of extra surveys like this, but there are at times surveys that will be sent via SMS that are not available on the platform.

You can opt-out at any time, and Toluna is a trustworthy and reliable company so you should not worry about if they will misuse your number.

So if you want as many earning options as possible, it can be worth considering registering your mobile number. But you will also get plenty of surveys without registering your phone number.

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How does Toluna pay you?

The earning opportunities on a survey site is not the only important thing. It is also very important how you will get paid.

On Toluna Influencers, you will earn points for every survey you do. These points can be exchanged into cash for your PayPal account, different vouchers, products, or entries into Toluna’s monthly cash lottery.

The exact gift cards and products you can get will depend on the country you live in.

In some countries you can now also get paid in Bitcoin but so far this is only in very few countries this is available.

Toluna Payment Methods
Examples of rewards you can exchange your Toluna points for.

As you are earning points and not cash, it can be a bit confusing to figure out exactly how much you get for participating in a survey.

But once you have calculated it once, you will know for the future what the points correspond to in your currency. I have calculated that in dollars, $1 is approximately 3000 points.

This can vary depending on your country and your currency, so it is a good idea to calculate for yourself as well.

Most surveys will give you between 2000-6000 points. Once you have done a survey, you will not be able to see the points on your account right away. You can usually see them the day after, as the result and participation needs to be confirmed before you get your points.

How many points you need to get a payout depends on the country you live in. But usually it will be around $7-$10 which is a fairly low payout threshold, and it will not take too long to reach with the amount of surveys you can find on Toluna.

After you have requested a payout, it can take 2-8 weeks before you get the reward depending on your chosen reward. If you choose a product that needs to be shipped, it will, of course, take longer than cash through PayPal.

Personally, I have been paid by the platform many times and below you can see some of my Toluna payout proof from inside my account.

toluna payout proof
Some of my Toluna payouts through PayPal.

So it is definitely possible to get paid through Toluna – like with any other survey sites, you just need to do it with the right expectations and know it will not make you rich.

Be aware that the points you earn on Toluna Influencers can expire.

16 months after you have earned points, they will expire and disappear from your account if you have not used them.

16 months is a pretty long time, and most people will probably also want to cash out as soon as they can. But in case you like to gather as many as possible before cashing out, just remember to not wait too long.

How much money can you make?

It is fairly easy to make enough for a payout or a reward on Toluna. But how quickly you can do it, of course, depends on how often you do surveys, the country you live in, and if you use some of the other ways to earn points on the site.

From where I live, I have calculated that usually, you will spend around 10-15 min for a survey that gives you 4000 points. That is definitely ok for a survey site. And at the same time, the surveys are often about interesting topics where it is great to have your opinion heard.

You can also create content on Toluna yourself and can get extra points for this. If you manage to make content that will get you a reward, it can be a pretty fast way to make a bit extra, as the polls and questions you can create take very little time to do.

But you will not know before you do it if you will get rewarded. It will give you between 100-1000 points – so if you do use this option, be sure to create something that is interesting for people to participate in.

You can also make extra points by inviting friends to join Toluna Influencers. Once you are logged in, you can see some buttons under your username, where you can share a link with your friends through social media or email. You will however only get 500 points (around 15 cents) for each friend that joins, so this is not a way to make very many points.

Overall, Toluna Influencers can definitely make you some nice extra money on the side to pay for some bills, treat yourself with some extra luxury, or treat someone you care about.

Just remember, like with any other survey site, you should not calculate an hourly pay, and then see if it is worth joining.

Doing surveys will not give you a full-time income online or make you rich – that also goes for Toluna. But it can be a great and easy way to earn some nice extra money and at the same time have your opinion heard.

How to use Toluna Influencers?

To give an idea about how to find your way around Toluna and how to use the site, I have made the short guided video tour below.

I will show you exactly how to navigate and how to use Toluna so you can easily get started if you decide to join after reading this review:

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Can you take Toluna surveys on mobile?

If you like to make a bit of money on the go, it is great to join survey sites with a mobile app or that at least are mobile-friendly.

Toluna is one of the sites that has an app, and you can download the Toluna app for Android or iPhone.

toluna app
The Toluna app gives easy access to earning on the go.

It is fairly easy to use, but if you want to use it, I would recommend to first sign up on the website and get familiar with the options here, and then start using the app.

In my opinion, the website still gives the best overview and experience, but the app is great and easy to use, and can be a great addition and a quick way to check up on the options on the site during the day.

Can you get support?

How good support a company has, often tells a lot about that company.

If you should need any help or technical support, I know from personal experience that Toluna’s support is quick at getting back to you. That tells a lot about the trustworthiness of a site.

However, this will be different from country to country as they have different support staff in each country that can help you out in your local language. So it might be different in your country. And from the feedback I have heard from visitors on my website from some countries, it can be quite slow in certain places.

If you have more general questions, Toluna Influencers also has a FAQ section that is pretty thorough and gives answers for a lot of questions. So that is a good place to start and the fastest way to get help.

You are, of course, also very welcome to leave a comment for me below this review if you want any tips.

I can give you a lot of tips as a user, but in some cases, you might need some support from the official site, and then it is good to know that this is possible.

Who can join Toluna Influencers?

Toluna Influencers is available in more than 60 countries, and in the national language in most cases as well. The Toluna app and the blog are also available in most languages. This makes it a very user-friendly site.

The rewards and the amount of points in relation to time can vary from country to country.

I really like that Toluna has specific sites for so many countries. Contrary to many other paid survey sites that mostly have opportunities for English-speaking countries, Toluna has for a lot more countries.

toluna influencers countries
Toluna Influencers has survey panels all over the world in the local language.

You can of course find good opportunities on Toluna Influencers in the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK, but also really good opportunities in countries like India, Singapore, Malaysia, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Japan, New Zealand, Russia, UAE, South Africa, Hong Kong, China, and in many more countries.

I cannot list all the countries it is available here but just wanted to give you an idea about how many different parts of the world it is available in. This is one of the big advantages of Toluna, and it is not only available in many countries, but also offer a good amount of surveys in most countries.

In most countries, you can sign up when you are 14 years or older, but this can also vary from country to country depending on the local laws.

Be aware that if you are under 18 years old, any rewards might have to be paid out to a guardian or parent – again this depends on your specific country, but on Toluna’s website for your country you can find the exact rules for your country.

Just be aware that you will not be able to do surveys if you are in another country than where you signed up, so you cannot do surveys while traveling.

Final verdict – legit and worth it?

Toluna Influencers is definitely legit – I know this as I have been paid by it many times myself.

This does however not mean it will be the right site for you. So let’s finish this review by summing up the pros and cons, so you can get a better overview before deciding to join or not:



  • Good amount of available surveys
  • Easy to use
  • Pays through PayPal
  • Available in many countries and in the local language
  • Great app that makes it easy to earn from anywhere


  • A bit slow to pay out in some countries
  • Support is a bit slow in some countries

Overall I really like Toluna Influencers, and it has many good opportunities and it can definitely be a way to earn some extra cash or rewards.

It is, however, a bit slow to pay out in some countries, once you reached the payout threshold. But if you start using Toluna regularly, you will also start being able to request payments regularly. And then you will often get the money into your account, and then you will not notice the wait anyway.

So overall, Toluna is a good and reliable paid survey site, it has many opportunities, is easy to use, and it is definitely legit and safe, and I have benefited a lot from being a member myself. So definitely one of the survey panels I recommend joining.

How do you join Toluna Influencers?

It is very easy to sign up for Toluna Influencers. You can just click the link below, choose your country, and that will take you to the site, where you have to fill out some basic registration info (takes less than 1 minute).

Once you have signed up, you will receive an email confirmation. Be sure to open this and click the link in the email to confirm your account. Once this is done, you can start doing surveys.

If you have any experiences with Toluna Influencers yourself, feel free to share your experiences below. It would be great to have other Toluna reviews from other users below this review as well and hear about your experiences in your specific country.

If you have any comments or questions, also feel free to leave a comment below, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

89 thoughts on “Is Toluna Influencers Legit or Waste of Time? (2021 Review)”

  1. Unable to register with Toluna. Got message: Sorry your account could not be created.
    I was using this site till 2015 during which period I had accumulated 9800 point. for personal reasons I had to discontinue. Now they are not allowing me to join.

  2. Upon registration I received a notification: “Sorry, your account could not be created” Probably, Russia will not be accepted

    • Toluna has a specific panel for Russia so they definitely accept members from there.

      But are you using VPN or any kind of other IP manipulation software? Because then that will be detected and you will not be able to sign up.

      • Success, dear Mikael! They allowed me to enter the site. This is the fifth GTP site on which I was able to register, although there were dozens of registrations on similar sites. Another would be to find a couple of sites. But in general, I did not earn a penny: there are no reviews available on ysense for a week, offers require investment, and tasks are suitable for a phone, but not a laptop.
        On swagbucks, I was able to accumulate only 51 points: again, surveys are not suitable for me, buying goods requires investment, the only task is not paid, I could only install a chrome extension in Google. The i-say has only 45 points and there is not a single survey for work, the people of my country there complain that they get little and rarely there. In surveytime, there is also no suitable survey within the last 24 hours and no data on the referral program can be found. Well, let’s see how toluna will please. I counted on these sites, but I’m afraid it’s all a waste of time. By the way, at PTC there are no such problems when registering and working, but earnings are either insignificant or time-consuming. I’m sad

        • Great to hear you managed to join Toluna.

          In general, there will not always be surveys available every day on survey sites. So it can take some patience to find the ones you qualify depending on your country and profile.

          Also, just be aware that these sites are meant as a way to make a bit extra on the side and will not be a way to make a living online. If that is what you are after, there are other options you need to go for instead.

          And yes, you are right that PTC sites allow more or less everyone to join without any restrictions. But I have yet not found a PTC site that is actually worth the time.

  3. Hello Mikael , it’s been a while . My experience as a Toluna user from Brazil since 2016 is reasonably good . I have withdrawn several times , there was even a bonus from consumer insight program which was unfortunately descontinued . . . but there is a frustration factor too : There are times when I’ve just completed a survey , it ends in “error” . Then , contacting Brazilian support they warn that users must take note of the code of the survey . Exactly , instead of the site automatically registering when we open a survey , we are responsible for being possible to track them as a precaution if for whatever reason they don’t end well . That is not a difficult thing to do , when I start a survey which is sent by e-mail , e-mails bring the codes , but if I start it from their site , I must get some kind of special skill to take sight and note of a code which shows before them .

    Their replies are short and evasive about that , and I have wasted time on some surveys which they failed to credit me in spite of having completed them .

    I wonder if it works just like that world wide . By the way , I wish you could help me , I’m thinking about trying to get in touch with their central support , and if needed , even report the Brazilian branch . I don’t know how to contact Toluna directly , I suppose the site is originally from France , right ?

    Anyways , I consider the survey code issue such an absurd , I haven’t been a member of no panels that work the same way . If Toluna really works like that all over the world , I’ll contact them and request it to change and I hope more users do the same along with me . Thanks for reading , I hope I made myself understood in spite of my broken English .

    • Thanks for sharing your experiences about this.

      I have not experienced those issues myself and have not heard of anyone else having those issues in other countries either. So not sure if it is just the Brazilian panel. But definitely sounds frustrating.

      On the Toluna website, you can find a link to their corporate website at the bottom of the website. Maybe you can here find a way to contact their headquarters if you decide to do so.

      Let me know how it goes.

  4. I used the correct username and password but I could not login. I tried to change my password and did not receive the link in my email. I tried contacting the helpdesk, no reply. I have a 20 dollar processing reward and 30000 points in my account yet to redeem. What is going on? What should I do? Am I really going to waste all that time for nothing. I feel cheated and scammed and I do not deserve this. Pls help me toluna, contact me on how I can get my account back and get my payout. Hi Mikael. Do you know the issue?

    • I have not experienced anything like that. How long has it been since you contacted their support? because often it can take some days before they reply. Hope they will reply soon as you need their help to solve this. Let me know how it goes.

    • The exact same thing happened to me. I wasn’t able to sign in and emailed them. They replied stating my account was closed when I inquired further they couldn’t say why. They did reopen my account but the very next day it was closed again and further attempts to resolve the issue were ignored. I was never able to get paid out.

      • Sorry to hear that Bronte – are you from the US? Because I have heard several bad experiences about the support in the US but good experiences in many other countries. Unfortunately, it seems it does not quite have the same standard in all countries.

        • I am located in the US. I wanted to know why my account was closed but the reply only stated “your account may have been closed due to your VPN”. I explained I didn’t have or use a VPN my account was reopened but no one could explain why it was closed. I tried cashing out it didn’t work soon after my account was closed again. I wanted an answers and an explanation so I sent multiple emails all were ignored. I’d been a member for over a year no issues at all then I was able to cash out and the next day they closed my account. Coincidence? I can’t say but it seems to convenient.

          • Thanks for sharing this. I have heard several bad experiences with US Toluna and their support. I have personally been in contact with Toluna in many different countries because I have this website and the one that was the hardest to communicate with was US.
            These types of stories like you tell are also one of the reasons Toluna is no longer in the top 10 of my recommended sites for the US.
            But it is still a great option in many other countries.
            There are luckily many other great options in the US.

  5. Toluna is awful (at least in the U.S.). I deleted my account after a few days. They will have you spend 10-20 minutes filling out a very detailed survey and THEN say you didn’t qualify or the survey is “full.” It should not take more than a couple minutes to screen someone out of a survey. They are collecting your data for free. When I inquired about this issue, they audaciously suggested that I am to blame when it happens because either I was cheating or I wasn’t focused on the survey. I have never experienced this on any of the other legitimate survey sites I use.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience about this. There can be quite big differences from country to country. In Europe, I have had really good experiences with it and qualify a lot more for surveys there than I do on most other sites.

      But thanks for taking the time to share. Hope you have found some other sites that suit you better instead then. There are a lot of really great options in the US.

  6. Company is a waste of time! At least 2 e-mails per day saying I have a survey waiting. Open the link. And it says, “can’t find your survey”. I reported that to the company. I received a reply stating my account was fixed. Very next e-mail link? Can’t find your survey. Wasted a lot of time with this company. Don’t bother.

    • To use PayPal, you just need to create a free PayPal account. It is not the same as PayTM.

      In India, Toluna pays out through PayPal as well as gift cards to, for example, Big Bazaar, Flipkart, and more, depending on your preferences.

      Hope this helps.

      • You just need to go to PayPal and create a free account. You can then connect that account to your bank account and that way get money from PayPal into your bank account.

  7. Just a warning that and have been down for at least two months, despite sill receiving survey invites nearly every day. At the end of every survey or screenout it’s always the “It’s not you, it’s us” error message, the sites are unreachable, emails go unanswered and there is no other way to contact them. I have been a loyal toluna member for more than 12 years and this is disgusting treatment of members.

  8. Hi Mikael, I am glad to read your post on your personal experience with Toluna to be largely positive. I was initially also feeling positive about Toluna, until my recent experience in trying to redeem my points. I submitted a request to partially redeem my reward in 2nd half of April, however it was pretty slow so I contacted the support desk. They replied (very promptly) that the delivery times may vary depending on the local postal system, and ask me to give them one more week.

    Today, I received an envelope from Toluna, however the postal advice stamped on the envelope says that I am supposed to pay the postage! Is that the norm with Toluna where we are expected to pay for postage?! This is unacceptable to me. I haven’t opened the envelope, because I do not wish to accept anything from Toluna, until we can get this satisfactorily resolved. Have you encountered this before and what would you do about it if encounter such a situation?

    • Hi Dexiang,

      No, I have not experienced anything like this. I have only been paid electronically as I have chosen to get my rewards through PayPal. It takes a while to get them but have not had any problems. In general, I mostly choose electronic payment from survey sites.

      If I were you, I would contact their support again to make sure what is going on.

      Hope this helps.


  9. Toluna has been the worst experience I have ever had. I have never seen any products to be reviewed. I signed up for the Consumer Insight Program then they closed my account saying I had a vpn I only had the programs vpn. I got them to reopen my account and then they closed it again. They never made me aware that it was closed I emailed them bc I couldn’t sign in. So they send this vague, condescending email with no reason why your account was closed. I emailed them asking specifically why my account was closed. They couldn’t tell me. They reopened my account again and present day I just tried to sign in and I can’t. So I will assume they
    Closed my account again and I will not email I will erase them from my world. I spent a lot of time and energy on Toluna and my account was perfectly fine until I was close to being paid out. I read all these reviews about survey Sites and all of them claimed Toluna was great. I totally disagree after my points accumulated the higher they got the less surveys I got until I got none at all ever. Yet I stuck with it I got the 15 points and I waited to get my consumer insight points but they closed my account a day before I would have got them. I emailed they opened it but never gave me my points. I am not a person who writes reviews or complains. I want that to be clear I am sure this may not happen to everyone but I have realized after more research that it happens a lot. I gave up I only need a few more points to cash out and I was done with them, but I never got to because once again my
    Account was closed. I didn’t use it a ton, I didn’t go on other countries, I didn’t do anything at all different from the 1st day I signed up. So anyone who is thinking about survey sites I just want them to know this bc I wish I had known. I spent time on there I could have been spending on a legit site. This is the 1st time I have ever written a comment on any site ever bc I don’t do that. Toluna’s e-mail reply, once you email them asking why you can’t sign in, is insulting, vague and tells you that you are dishonest and cannot stay a member because that would cause the integrity of the community to be negatively impacted-these are their words. It’s infuriating to just not be able to sign, ask
    For help and receive such an insulting vague reply. At some point I probably will post somewhere the entire email as it’s used every time the same email exact wording. Obviously if I had done anything wrong I wouldn’t be writing this ironically Toluna all 3 times could not tell me at all anything I had done wrong what’s so ever. So anyone who doesn’t or can’t sign you are not missing anything except hassle.

    • I am very sorry to hear about your poor experience with Toluna.

      But thank you very much for taking the time to share it all with the rest of us. Can I ask you which country you live in? Because from what I have heard the support is quite different from country to country and would be nice to know where this happened.


      • I live in the US. Part of the email response had a bunch of different things listed that you could have done wrong. When I emailed I asked them to tell me but they couldn’t. The only thing they said was it was probably a VPN but I don’t have one. The entire time I was a member I’ve used the site by the same mobile phone no changes. One thing listed is as follows “Another example would be that your account is associated with the United States, but our system detected multiple and repeated attempts to access surveys from outside the US“, this made no sense to me because I’ve only tried to do surveys they email me. I have read many people are having this same problem. Well because after it happened the 3rd time I knew what to research. It sucks too because I was an honest member and I enjoyed it. If they didn’t do this closing accounts near payouts I would recommend them to anyone because they have a nice set up and lots to do.

        • Thanks for the extra info.

          It is very strange and must be frustrating. I have heard some other people having some problems in the US as well. But myself and others I have talked to that are using Toluna in other countries have not had problems. But definitely frustrating not to be able to get a proper answer.

          I will take this into consideration when I update my reviews so I appreciate you sharing.


  10. Hi, wanted to find out if Toluna is available in Zambia or Zimbabwe, I travel a fair amount between these two countries. If it is available can still log in even if I am in either country.

    • Thanks I’m glad the other countries aren’t having any issues. It’s a shame that here it’s pointless to even sign up because you will never know when they will randomly close your account. It’s a good review and much of it is true here also just it’s risky. Thanks!

  11. I have a bad experience with them. I live in Netherlands and I have many prblems with them. 1st I have reached more than 130000 points but can not redeem them. the redeem knop in the site does not working. I tried hard to participate in the game toluna memory but I played only once and till now it says you have already participated however It is supposed to be played everyday. in my paypal details my email address can not be saved. this is despite of having many other issues. I contacted them many times to the degree I have no interest to write anymore. Nothing is solved they even answer very late. It is true that the surveys are widely available but when you get closer to the redeem ammount you hardly get a survey and at the end you are not qualified. As you get the enough points to redeem them there will be many obstacles and I didn’t face them in other survey websites. I could easily get paid by other websites such as lifepoints, Time bucks and Euroclix. I am really disappointed with Toluna Netherlands and do not know what to do to gain my right.

    • Sorry to hear about your problems Vian.

      Does not sounds fair that the support is not trying to help you with it. My suggestion would be to maybe try to write them through their Facebook page as well – sometimes different people manage that so maybe the support for Netherlands on FB is more helpful. Or if that does not help maybe try to write the main Toluna office internationally. As far as I know, they have different support in different languages so maybe it is just really poor support in the Netherlands and maybe it could help to make the main office aware of this.

      Anyway, thanks for sharing your experiences here.

      And also glad to hear you had good experiences with LifePoints, Timebucks, and Euroclix.


      • Finally I could solve the redeeming problem. Today I downloaded Toluna app and through the app I could redeem the points. This is by accident came to my mind. I hope that others get benefit from my experience.

        • That is great to hear Vian.

          Thanks for the update. It is very good to know if somebody else should end up in the same situation.


    • Hi Asiimwe,

      You just click the join button on the page above, choose your country, and then you will be taken to the sign-up page.


    • Hi Alex,

      There is not always surveys available. So just check again later or next day. New surveys are regularly posted. Right here around New Year there are, however, less than usual, so you might have to be a bit more patient to find them.

      Hope this helps and let me know how it goes.


      • Hi Ralph,

        Thanks for sharing your opinion.

        On more or less all survey sites there will always be surveys you do not qualify for. In my experience, I actually qualify very often on Toluna and have few screenouts compared to other sites. But this can, of course, vary depending on the country.

        Anyway, I know Toluna is not a fraud. I know it can be frustrating to not qualify for surveys but that does not mean it is a fraud. I have been paid by them many times myself and know many that also have so I know they are legit and actually pay. If it is worth the time or not is then a matter of personal preferences. Paid surveys are in general a great way to earn some extra cash and have your opinion heard at the same time, but it should not be done if the goal is to make huge bucks or replace a full-time income.

        It is important to do paid surveys with the right expectations and also because it can be a great way to help shape the future with feedback – that is why I always try to make it clear what to expect.

        But thank you very much for sharing your experiences and taking the time to leave a comment here. I appreciate it.


        • I stick to my analysis, Toluna asks question that are product specific in too much detail beyond what is necessary to determine the application of a survey. Of course demographic questions may be necessary, but Toluna goes way beyond demographics an qualifying a survey p0erson before cutting off the survey, and after having obtained useful survey information.

          Plus, Toluna does no provide survey information to identify the survey if there is a complaint once it has been started. If Toluna really cared about either quality of surveyors interests, they could easily program the information to identify the survey once it was started. Clearly Toluna want to give themselves and out to cut off a survey after obtaining useful statistically significant information, rather than correct a survey problem. This is ripe for a class action lawsuit, I am sure many people have been illegally used to obtain useful information without compensation or a reasonable opportunity to correct the survey.

          Fraud is the wrongful deception intended to obtain something form someone without performing their reciprocal obligations.

          Frustration does not make fraud ok. Your comments support a form of conspiracy with Toluna to conceal how they fail to compensate people after obtaining useful survey information, even if a survey is incomplete.

          Shame on you if you fail to acknowledge your ignorance or collusion or non-collusive protective comments of Togunas’ bad conduct in the situation

          Toluna is a fraud is many instances.

          I will not argue this , you can disagree, I worked ten years of the California attorney general prosecuting fraud cases.

          You have a first amendment right to disagree with my factual observation. \\\

          • Thank you very much for the additional info Ralph.

            I always appreciate when people share their own experiences and opinions on my website so people can also see other opinions and experiences. And I appreciate you taking the time to give such thorough info.

            What I do not appreciate is, however, to be accused of conspiracy and do not think that is fair just because I have a different experience. I am not disagreeing with your observations as they are yours and I cannot know how they are. But they are not the same as mine and I am sharing my experiences.

            I put a lot of work into writing thorough reviews that give people as much in-depth info as possible. That is also why I encourage people to share their own experiences as well to give even more detailed info to my visitors.

            And I have actually received rewards from Toluna many times for taking surveys myself and I have not experienced the type of screen-outs you are mentioning. Maybe it is just different from country to country and I live in Europe. And overall I have taken thousands of online surveys from different companies and I am writing from this experience on this website.

            All my reviews are written from my experience and I insist on keeping my site independent and not have the content controlled by companies. I have a few times experienced companies trying to get me to write specific things about their panel but I have always declined because I hate all the manipulated info that is online and want to keep my site free from this.

            I am happy to have you share this info on my site, and if I really did work for them, I could just delete any negative comments. But I think it is important to get as many details as possible and therefore allow people to share their experiences even if they are very different from mine.

            All I ask is that we keep a proper tone and do not accuse each other of things.

            Anyway, thank you for sharing your opinions and for taking the time to expand on your experiences.

  12. When I first came online to earn some extra cash, many years ago now, paid survey options were the first port of call fr most newbies – including me. I earned half decent money doing them, but there we awful downsides to them that drove me up the wall…

    I was wondering if this Toluna opportunity managed to sidestep one of the most common survey downsides – the unreasonable screening out?

    Basically, does Toluna kick you out of the survey for demographic reasons AFTER you have already answered 10 or so questions?

    It used to drive me up the wall – the survey provider gets 10 free answers and then you get nothing…wasting several minutes in the process!!!

    • Hi Chris,

      In my experience the qualification percentage on Toluna is higher than on many other sites. You will still not qualify for every survey, but you will find out quickly if you qualify or not. And in most cases you will even get a few points, if you do not qualify. 


  13. I joined Toluna today from India. It pays lows and hence the bad rating, but most sites mention that the number of surveys are more. Lets see..

    • Hope you will like Toluna and find a good amount of surveys there Rohit. Feel free to come back and keep me updated about how it goes. Would be great to know.


    • Hi Myrtle,

      What kind of error message do you get? Maybe I can give you answer, if I know this.

      It is also possible for you to write Toluna’s support directly depending on the kind of error you get.


      • The moment I click the survey, it says “You have accessed this page in error. Please feel free to take another survey or participate in polls and discussions to earn bonus points.”

        • If it keeps saying this, it does sound a bit strange. Could sound like maybe there is an issue with your IP or something like that. I would suggest you to contact the Toluna support and have them take a look at your account, so you can find out what is going on.

          And feel free to keep me updated how it works out. Would be great to know.


  14. Hi. I am Dhairaz from Malaysia. I ‘ve joined Toluna and answer a few surveys. I also joined clixsense from your email. My question is can I answer the survey (I think from Toluna) in clixsense. Tq

    • Hi Dhairaz,

      Not sure I completely understand your question. Do you mean if you can take some of the same surveys Toluna offers through ClixSense? I have not myself seen any of Toluna’s surveys offered through ClixSense, but maybe you have seen some?


  15. Hi Mikael,
    Thanks for useful inbformation. I want to register but can’t find Kazakhstan on the kist of countries. Does it mean not available for Kazakhstan?

    • Hi Sandu,

      Yes it your country is not on the list, Toluna is not available there. But you can try some of the sites that allow members from all countries like for example ClixSense

      All the best,

  16. Hi, I signed up to Toluna UK a few months ago; I don’t get points when I attempt but don’t qualify for a survey; I just get entries to the quarterly sweepstake.

    On the plus side, when I have claimed rewards (which I have done a few times now), they usually actually come within 2-4 weeks; I haven’t yet had to wait the full 8 weeks!

    • Thanks for your feedback Su. Interesting to hear that you get entries into the sweepstake when not qualifying. Have you kept an eye on your account after having not qualified for a survey? Because it is not something that it says after you do not qaulify. I have just noticed that usually around a couple of hundreds points go into my account when I do not qualify.

      But very great to hear that you only have to wait 2-4 weeks to receive your rewards. Maybe Toluna is slowly improving on this and will start to make it faster. That would be great:-)

      All the best,

  17. Hello Mikael, thank you so much for your honest review on Toluna! We really appreciate you taking the time to clearly lay out your thoughts on our company. If you ever have any questions or further feedback please feel free to contact us directly.

    • Thanks for stopping by and looking at my review and feedback. Great that you are willing to look at the feedback you are getting online.


  18. Hi!
    In this day and age, it’s too easy to get caught up in online scams. Some are so elaborate that you can’t tell they’re a scam until it’s too late.

    I had never heard of Toluna until now, but that’s the reason that I’m glad sites like yours exist! Keep on keeping people safe out there!

  19. Thank you for your very honest review. I’m always skeptical of survey sites because I feel like it’s not a worthwhile way to make money online, especially when there are a lot of misleading marketing on how much money you could make filling out surveys.

    Like you said, these places are good for making a little extra cash, but you won’t be able to live off of it. Most people want the straight bottom line for these places–how much can I make in an hour?

    I like that this site is user-friendly and has extra features like content creation. It’s on my short list for recommendable survey sites.

    • Thanks for you comment Maxwell.

      It is very difficult to give a straigth answer to how much you can make in an hour. There are so many variables to that. But if you are aiming for a high hourly pay, surveys will not give you that. You should not do it, if this is your goal. But it can give some nice extra money on the side, and there are also other reasons to do surveys. So if you start surveys with those expectations, it will be great, but if you start doing it to make a high hourly salary, you will be dissapointed.

      Hope this helps a bit, even though I cannot give a more straight answer than that.


  20. I just found out about Toluna from your article, and it looks interesting. You have reviewed it objectively, the advantages and the disadvantages. Thank you for sharing. This is a useful and informative post for people new to making money online. What is the best survey website to get income in your opinion?

    • Thanks for your comment.

      Which survey sites are the best depends where in the world you live. On my top 10 list, you can get an overview of the best sites and see which countries they are available in.

      Just please remember that surveys can be great to earn a bit of extra cash, but do not expect to be able to make a living from it. Then you will just be dissapointed.


  21. Hi, I have signed up with Toluna before to do online surveys. Personally, I think some of the survey entry requirements are a bit targeted, as I continuously got rejected for few surveys. For some of the long surveys (1.5hr) that I did, the session will be terminated if I left it for more than 30min to do something else. I know that I have no one to be blamed. If I can have more time to do Toluna,I believe it is a good way to gain some knowledge while earning some good rewards

    • Thanks for your comment.

      It is true that you wll not qualify for all the Toluna surveys. Sometimes they are looking for a specific audience, which is the case for all survey sites. I do however find that I in general qualify more often on Toluna than on some other sites.

      Interesting that you have done surveys that are so long. I have never tried surveys that are 1.5 hours long on Toluna or on any other site. I think the longest that I have ever been offered is maximum 40 minutes. But personally I prefer the ones that are maximum 15 minutes which luckily are the majority.


  22. Hi what an impressive looking website you have here, i particularly like the star rating system you have in place,Makes it easier for sorting through the surveys.Toluna uk is now in my bookmark bar, and I am certainly going to be giving them a go! I am part of another online survey site but they email me all the time!

    • Glad to hear you like my site and find it useful Stuart.

      Yes some survey sites sends a lot of emails. It can be nice if it is because they are sending emails about available surveys which it often is, but a few are also sending emails for other reasons. But almost all of the legit sites have an option to choose how often you want emails.

      Hope you enjoy Toluna UK if you decide to enjoy. And feel free to give me an update how you like the site. Would be great to hear.


  23. I like the fact that even if you fail the screen surveys, you still get rewarded some points. Other survey sites, do not give you anything for all that precious time that you spent.

    Toluna is a different survey site than from what I normally see. I like the contest part and that one can engage in a community environment.

    Though I must admit that waiting for 8 weeks to get paid is a bummer. Nevertheless, it is free to join.

    I will be giving it a go. Sounds like fun.

    Thanks a lot



    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts Roopesh.

      Yes it is definitely a plus that you get some points even if you end up not qualifying for a survey.

      Enjoy it, and let me know if you get any questions, and also feel free to update me on how you find Toluna.


  24. Hi Mikael,

    Just checking out your web site. I had no idea one could make money from doing surveys! With your wonderful organization of your posts, I found it easy to check out all of the different companies that you recommend. I am saving this to my favorites and will be checking it out more later when I have more time.


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