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PayToo can be used for a number of different purposes. Personally, I have heard about it because it used to be one of the payout methods offered by ClixSense, which is one of my favorite survey sites, but it can be used for many other sites and services as well.

But what is a PayToo account, what can it be more precisely be used for, and is it a safe method to use to send and receive money online? In this article I will tell you all the details, so you can decide whether it is a service that fits your needs.

What is PayToo?

PayToo is a brand of PayToo Corp. and was founded in 1999. It has it headquarters in Florida in the US, but its services are available in a long range of countries.

It can be used in 12 countries to pay bills, to top-up your phone in over 100 countries, and to receive and send money in over 150 countries. Below, I will go into more details about the different purposes you can use a PayToo account for.

Here you can see PayToo’s own video describing what the platform is about:

What can you use PayToo for?

PayToo is first of all an e-wallet or mobile wallet, that you can use to handle your finances in different ways:

Receive money from online platforms:
If you are having some kind of income from an online platform, PayToo might be an option to receive this money. Personally, I first heard about it because one of my favorite survey sites ClixSense used to offer it as a payout method. This can be a great and easy way to receive your money depending on your needs and the country you live in.

Receive salary:
If you live in the US, you can enroll into the direct deposit payroll service. This means that you can use PayToo to receive your salary. So if you are considering getting rid of your normal bank, this might be an option. Be aware that this service is only available in the US. As I am not from the US, I have not been able to test this further or see the details about this option, so if it is an option you find interesting, you can read all the details by visiting the website through the link further down in the article.

Transfer money to other PayToo users:
If you have friends or family members or anyone else you need to send or receive money from, and they also have a PayToo account, you can easily use your account for this. Be aware that this feature requires that you have upgraded your account to at least level 1 (read more about the levels below).

Top up cell phones:
PayToo offers you to use your account to top up cell phones in around 100 different countries. The exact countries can be seen once you are logged in to your account, as it is a bit too much for me to mention all the countries here:-) This service can be used no matter what account level you have.

Pay bills:
You can use PayToo to pay bills in 12 countries. I have had a very good look around the site, but have however not been able to find out exactly inwhat 12 countries it is, you can use this service. When I am logged in, it is not an option available in my dashboard, but that might very well be because it is not available in the country I live in. But if you are interested in using PayToo to pay bills, I suggest that you contact PayToo directly to clarify, if it is an option where you live.

withdraw money from paytooHow can you withdraw money from your account?

If you are using PayToo to receive money, it is also important to know how you can then get the money out from the PayToo account and use it, in case you do not just want to use it to transfer to other people or top up your phone. There are a number of different ways you can get your money out:

Withdraw to your bank account:
If you have a regular bank account, you can choose to get your money paid out to that. Personally, I find it very useful to have this option, and I prefer platforms where it is possible for me to get the money to my regular bank account also, but that is of course a matter of personal preferences. But the option is there on PayToo. There will be some fees for this that you can read more about below. To withdraw money to your bank account, you have to have upgraded to at least level 1.

Withdraw to virtual MasterCard:
A virtual card is similar to a normal debit card. It is however not a physical card, but a card with your funds on that can be used for online shopping, paying bills online or over the phone where you have can pay by giving card information, without having to use a physical card. You order this with a specific amount on, and you can not load more money on the card after you order it, transfer it to somebody else or get a refund. But you can order a new card, if you would like to use this option several times. You can use this option no matter your account level.

Prepaid MasterCard:
PayToo offers the opportunity to order a prepaid MasterCard. You will get this card physically and can use it as a normal MasterCard, but only with the funds you have loaded on the card. You can reload new funds on it through PayToo. This option is only available, if you have upgraded your account to at least level 1.

==>Click here to visit PayToo’s website<==

PayToo levels

I have a few times mentioned that PayToo have different account levels, and that some of the features described above is only available to certain levels. So let’s now look at what the levels are.

There are 3 levels: unverified, level 1 and level 2.

When you join, you will automatically have an unverified account. You can still use PayToo for several purposes, but there are some features (like for example withdrawing to your bank account) that you cannot do with an unverified account.

You can freely upgrade to level 1, which will give you access to more features, as your account is now verified, and you have proved who you are. You can upgrade by providing a bit of information about yourself and uploading a copy of yur passport or driver’s license. This is very normal for platforms that deal with money transfers to verify your account and identity.

The difference between level 1 and level 2 are only the limits of the amounts you are able to receive, send or use for different purposes. For example if you wish to withdraw money to your bank account, the maximum amount in one transaction with a level 1 account is $1000 but $2500 with a level 2 account (see example below). It cost $2 to upgrade to level 2.

account levels example

Example of the account level limits when withdrawing to own bank account

What are the fees?

It is of course important what fees that are related to using any online payment platform. Many of the platforms offer similar services but with few smaller differences, and then often there can be quite a big difference in the fees. So let’s look at the fees for using PayToo. Be aware that these fees might be subject to change, so it is always a good idea to check directly at PayToo’s website to see if they have made any changes.

Receiving payments:

  • From another PayToo user – free
  • From an online platform or service (like for example ClixSense) – the individual platforms often charge a fee that varies depending on the platform, so you have to check the specific platforms you are a member of to get the exact fees.

Making payments:
If you want to pay a friend or family member that is also a PayToo user, it is free. It is also free to use your account to pay a merchant or top up your phone.

If you are using it to pay bills, the different provider might have different fees, so you have to check with them individually.

Withdrawing to your bank account:
The fees for this depends on where you live:

  • Withdraw to US bank account – $4
  • Withdraw to international bank account – $8

Virtual MasterCard:
It costs $2 to create a virtual MasterCard + 3% per transaction.

Prepaid MasterCard:

  • Monthly administrative fee – $2.95
  • ATM withdrawal in the US – $3.00
  • ATM withdrawal in other countries – $3.50
  • Card replacement (in case you lost your card and need a new one) – $10
  • Inactive fees (90 days of inactivity) – $5

paytoo supportCan you get support?

Being able to get customer support is important for any service. On PayToo it looks like it easy to get support. I have not myself been in need for the support, so do not know how the support actually works.

I have however heard some people having bad experiences with the support and not getting answers when having issues. You can see comments about this from members that have experienced this kind of issues in the comment section below.

It is not great hearing bad experiences about support, as it is important. But as mentioned, I cannot say from own experience have the support works, as I have not been in need of the support myself. But before transferring money to your PayToo account, it could be an idea to try to reach out to the support with some initial questions to check how quickly you will get an answer.


Whether PayToo is a good option for you to use or not depends on a number of things. First of all where you live and what you want to use the platform for. If you live in the US, it might be a good option, as the fees are lower here. Personally, I like the option of being able to withdraw to my regular bank account, which PayToo luckily offers. However, I have heard some people having issues about using this option.

I do also not live in the US, and the fee for withdrawing to an international account is too expensive compared to certain other platforms like for example Payoneer. Also some of the other platforms are more well-known and therefore it is also possible to use them for more purposes and services.

But if you live in a country where the fees are not too high, if you are mostly interested in some of the features that has a low fee, and the options offered fits your needs, then PayToo might be worth considering.

How do you sign up?

It is easy to sign up. You need a phone number from the country you live in. When you register, you will receive a code on your phone to finish the registration. Then you have to fill out name, address, and a few other things.

It takes around 2 minutes in total.

sign up for paytoo account


If you have any questions or any experiences with PayToo yourself, you would like to share, feel free to leave a comment below.

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