Blidz App Review – Worth It? (A Detailed Look)

Blidz Rating

Blidz is not really worth your time. Its earning opportunities don’t pay that well, and it takes quite a long time before you will receive the products you bought from them.

Blidz is an app that claims you can earn money through the deals it offers. It sounds like a great way to earn money. However, before you sign up, I urge you to read this Blidz app review because it will give you a detailed look at what Blidz truly offers.

That way, you’ll know exactly what to expect from it before you even join. Then, you can properly gauge if it is truly worth it or not.

So, let’s dive in, shall we?

What is Blidz, and what does it offer?

Blidz is an online rewards platform that will let you earn from the deals it offers. It also has other earning opportunities you can earn from. And yes, it is legit since you can really earn from it.

However, the fact that it is legit doesn’t always mean it is worth it. To figure out if it is worth your time, you must first understand how Blidz works. The only way to do that is to check out the earning opportunities it offers so you will have an idea of how well you can earn from it and how much time and effort you must invest in it.

So, here’s how to earn from Blidz.

Option 1 – Playing Games

One way to earn from Blidz is by playing the games it features. For this opportunity, you’ll need to use its mobile app (more on this later). When you log in to the app, you’ll see all the games you can play to earn rewards.

playing games on blidz
You can earn rewards by playing mobile games.

To start earning, you must install the featured game first. To do so, just click on the game you want to play, and it will take you to the app store. After installing the app, you must go back to the Blidz app. Then, you will see the game you installed listed under the Games section.

Just click it to open the game. Now, to earn rewards, you must complete the tasks Blidz has listed. For every task you complete, you’ll earn a certain amount. You can only earn a set amount per day from playing a specific game.

So, if you hit the maximum reward, I suggest you move on to the next game featured to maximize your earnings from this opportunity. There are not a lot of games featured. Plus, you won’t earn a lot from this opportunity.

Option 2 – Missions

Another way to earn rewards is by completing missions. For this opportunity, all you have to do is be an active member of Blidz.

Most missions you can complete will involve doing something on the platform. This can be playing games, checking in, watching videos, and more. There are not a lot of missions available, and they don’t offer very high rewards.

It doesn’t really take a lot of effort to earn from this opportunity, but it’s still not a great way to earn because of the low rewards it offers. Just consider this as a bonus for being an active member of the platform.

Option 3 – Watching Videos

You can also earn small rewards by watching videos. This opportunity is available on both the web-based platform and the mobile app. To earn, just go to the Watch section of Blidz, and it will immediately start playing a video.

You’ll earn a very small amount (usually around $0.01 to $0.02) after a few seconds of opening a video. You’ll keep earning rewards until the video ends. When that happens, just go back to the main dashboard and hit the Watch link again to load another video.

From what I observed when testing this opportunity, there is only a set number of videos you can earn from. So, you won’t be able to earn a lot from this opportunity.

Option 4 – Deals

Technically speaking, you won’t earn money from this opportunity, but you can find products you can buy at a discounted price from it.

blidz deals
You can purchase various items at a discounted price from Blidz.

This is actually the main purpose of Blidz – to present you with deals that you might like. If you find a deal you are interested in, just click it and complete the purchase.

The one thing you need to know about this opportunity is that it can take a while before you will receive the item you bought. There are a lot of members complaining about the shipping time of the products they bought because it usually takes more than a month for them to receive what they bought.

A month is quite a long time to wait to receive what you bought, in my opinion. This is why I would say the shipping process of Blidz is a bit atrocious, in my opinion. But then again, that’s to be expected because they aren’t exactly Amazon-like in terms of capacity and stature.

Option 5 – Referral Program

Lastly, you can earn additional rewards from its referral program. The premise of this opportunity is to invite people to join Blidz by sharing your invite link with them. Then, when they click the link and sign up as a member of Blidz, they will become your referral.

referral program of blidz
You can invite people to join Blidz and earn rewards when they meet all the requirements.

However, for you to earn rewards from your referrals, they must meet certain requirements. And as you can see in the photo above, it’s quite hard to earn from this opportunity because you must convince your referral to go for the Blidz+ 3-day free trial.

But if they somehow agree to sign up for the Blidz+ trial, then you’ll earn a $25 reward. It’s quite a generous reward, in my opinion, but as I’ve mentioned above, it’s quite hard to actually meet that requirement.

What makes this hard, in my opinion, is that Blidz is really not something I would recommend to my friends (more on this later). So, you’ll find it hard to provide reasons why your referral should go for the free trial. As a result, you might never earn from this opportunity.

Plus, there’s also the possibility that your referral will forget to cancel the free trial after three days, and as a result, they’ll be charged for something they don’t want (unless, of course, they want to upgrade). This is why Blidz's referral program is not very enticing, in my opinion.

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How do you get paid?

All of the earning opportunities Blidz offers will reward you a certain amount. It will then be credited to your Blidz account balance.

Then, when you’ve earned at least $10, you’ll be able to withdraw your earnings via PayPal. You can also use your earnings to buy products from the deals it offers.

Overall, I would say the payment system of Blidz is relatively simple. I like the fact that it offers a convenient payment method like PayPal. If you are interested in more sites that use a convenient payment method, I suggest you also check out the top sites that pay via PayPal.

How much money can you make?

The thing with Blidz is that even though it’s easy to earn from it, its earning opportunities don’t really pay that well. So, it will take quite a long time before you can hit the threshold to withdraw your earnings.

It does offer ways for you to boost your earnings through its Blidz+ program, but it’s hardly worth it, in my opinion. Even with its boost, it will still take quite a while before you can reach the threshold to withdraw your earnings.

The only real value Blidz offers, in my opinion, is if you find products that you want to buy because they do offer competitive prices. But if your goal is to earn extra cash, then you will be disappointed with this platform because it has a very low earning potential, in my opinion.

Can you use it on mobile?

Blidz has a mobile app you can and must download (if you are interested in earning from it). The app is available to both Android and iOS users, so you should not encounter any issues installing it.

blidz app
The app will work with both Android and iOS devices.

As explained earlier, some earning opportunities are only available through the app. So, you must install it if you want to maximize your earnings from it.

As for the app, it is relatively easy to use, so you should be able to navigate it easily. You also won’t encounter any annoying pop-up ads while using it. That’s why I would say the overall user experience it provides is generally pleasant.

Who can join Blidz?

The site doesn’t say exactly which countries it is available in, but from what I can see, it is available in many countries. The best way to figure out if it is available in your country is to search for the app on the app store. If it appears among the results and you can install it, then that means it is available in your country.

how to join blidz
You can use your Facebook account or email address to join Blidz.

To sign up, you can register through the web-based platform or through the app. You have the option to sign up using your Facebook account or your email address. What I did find strange when testing Blidz was that it didn’t ask me to set up a password when I signed up using an email address.

Normally, sites and apps will ask you to provide a password when registering. This makes me a bit uneasy because it shows that you won’t be able to secure your account. Anyone who knows your email address will be able to use it to sign up as a member.

That’s just a huge red flag for me, in my opinion. I personally prefer sites and apps that will allow me to secure my account.

Can you get support?

Another issue I found while testing Blidz was that it doesn’t do a good job of explaining the ins and outs of the platform. If it’s your first time joining an online rewards platform, you’ll have to spend some time figuring out what to do.

Plus, it also doesn’t have a FAQ or Help page you can check out if you have questions about your account or the platform, in general, so you’ll have to contact support instead. To do so, just click the Contact Us link at the bottom of the site.

It will take you to the Contact page where you can fill out the form to submit your inquiry. It also shows all the contact details you can use to get in touch with their support team.

Overall, while it does offer convenient ways for you to contact support, it would still have been better if Blidz had at least provided an FAQ or Help page you can check out if you have any questions or issues with the platform. That way, there’ll be fewer instances of having to contact support.

Final Verdict

Blidz is an online rewards platform that will let you earn rewards by playing games and participating in other earning opportunities it offers. It has a couple of decent features, but it has certain drawbacks you need to know.

To help you decide, here’s a summary of its pros and cons so you can get a clear overview of what it offers.



  • Offers payment via PayPal


  • Offers very low rewards
  • Won’t let you set up a password for your account
  • Doesn’t have a Help or FAQ page

In my opinion, Blidz is not worth your time. Its earning opportunities don’t pay that well, and it takes quite a long time before you will receive the products you bought from them, so there’s hardly enough reason to join, in my opinion.

That’s why if you are looking to earn extra cash, I suggest you check out the top survey and GPT sites in your country instead. The apps and sites on this list all have good earning potential, so you should be able to earn a decent amount in no time.

Plus, you can definitely find a site or app you can join regardless of where you live.

If you have any comments, questions, or experience with Blidz, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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