Reviews of Paid Surveys

If you are interested in getting paid from surveys, you have maybe realized that there are thousands of sites that offer paid surveys.

reviews of paid surveys
It can be difficult to know which paid survey sites to chose.

The quality of the sites and the money making opportunities do however vary greatly. It can be frustrating to test them to find which ones are legit and which ones are a waste of time, and it is difficult to find honest and in-depth reviews of paid surveys.

That is where come in – I got curious about the opportunity to make money on paid surveys, and started joining and testing sites in the beginning of 2016.

Since then, I have tested A LOT of sites, and have found both great and not so great sites, and have unfortunately also found some that are outright scams.

When I first started, it was difficult for me to find any good information about which survey sites to join. Most review sites where either overly positive to sell me the idea to make money themselves, or overly negative to sell me another kind of online service to join.

So I decided to make this website with in-depth and balanced reviews of online survey sites and everything else that is worth knowing about surveys. I will do my best to help you get a better overview, and getting started quickly without having to test all the sites yourself.

How I make my reviews

I have tested and researched all the survey sites before making a review. I have however not tested all the sites I am reviewing, as some of them are clearly outright scams, and I do not want to give my money to scammers (yes there are scam sites that try to charge you for doing surveys – do never join a site that does this).

So that is why I am also doing reviews of these scam sites, as I will happily help to expose them, so they do not earn money, and help you to avoid wasting your time and money on these sites, and instead find the survey sites that are worth joining.

I will continuously make new reviews and update the existing reviews, if I realize new aspects, pluses or minuses with any of the sites, or if any of the sites introduce new opportunities.

When doing the reviews, I will look at how easy it is to get started on the site, how much money is it possible to make, how much time does it take, how user friendly is it, are there any joining bonuses, how do they pay out, and more. I am trying to give as many details as possible and give both pros and cons, so you can see all the aspects and use this to decide which sites are the right for you.

You might have experiences with some of the sites I have reviewed, and if you have any comments, different experiences or things to add, please feel free to leave a comment somewhere on this website – I would love to hear your opinion as well.

Do you know a survey site you want me to review?

I am continuously testing new sites, and will update this website with new reviews and advice frequently. But I am sure that there are many sites, I am not aware of. If you know a page, you would like me to review, please leave a comment below, and I will look into it asap. It is always great to learn about new sites:-)

Alphabetic list of survey site reviews

Below, you can find an alphabetic list of all the reviews I have done, so you can easily find info if you are looking for reviews and details about a specific site. You can also choose to only see a list of the top survey sites in your country, and get access to the reviews of these that way if you just want to know the best sites to join.



























79 thoughts on “Reviews of Paid Surveys”

  1. Most of the sites you recommended go to to pick up surveys. However, for the last few days I find that there is a problem with this site. After the initial screening questionnaire, when I am led to the main survey I get a message “Unfortunately we do not have any more surveys”. I can understand this if it happens twice or thrice, but this has been happening for the last one week. Each day I try for at least a minimum of twenty surveys and each time the same result comes. This way I’m losing out on several surveys though I am eligible for them. How do we resolve this?

    • I recommend many sites that offer other surveys than Samplicio.

      As for why you suddenly have a very hard time qualifying, I do not know. It might just be because they right now are looking for answers from people with a different profile than you. Or there might be an error with your account. You can try contacting the platform you are taking them through and ask if they can see any error.

      In the meantime, I would recommend you then just use sites that offer different surveys. If you let me know which country you live in, I will be happy to suggest some good options.

      • Thank you Mikael,
        I’m from Chennai in India.
        I have already subscribed to quite a few sites, viz, Univox, DollarClix, Yuno, You Gov, X-cel Online Surveys, View Fruit, Poll Pronto,
        Most of PollPronto’s, Yuno’s surveys are from I have raised a ticket with both of them, but they are yet to reply. tell you that they pay $1. This is very rare. Yes, I have recd $!, but mostly they ask you to accept $0.5. Here again, very few surveys get assigned to me. I don’t know why. I presume age plays a crucial factor (I’m 65). What they don’t realise is, higher the age, greater the experience and maturity. We will be able to give more sensible and honest responses to surveys.
        Another problem I observed: slowing down of my system; delay in sites opening. Some survey sites asked me to clear cache and cookies. When you clear the cookies, the sites will not be able to monitor my activities. Could that also be a problem for not getting regular surveys?
        I’ve given you a lot of material to chew upon. I appreciate your willingness to help.
        Thanks for all your efforts.

        • age definitely also plays a part when it comes to how many surveys you can qualify for.

          As for the clearing of cookies, I do think this would affect. I have never experienced that. Also, how many surveys that are in general available varies a lot depending on the time of the year.

  2. Good day Mike,

    Trust you are well.

    Can you please do a review on Enlighten Panel .com i noticed it is not on the list of your survey review.


  3. its a one of trusted site to earn money in online ..its amazing and extraordinary site to easily earn money…i loved it ….i had a income daily for complete survey and several quizzes..thank you paidera

    • Paidera is terrible – most people are just saying it is great because it forces them to promote it to get their money out. But most people have big problems getting their money and it is one of the most ineffective sites. You can read my full Paidera review here to see why it is NOT a site I recommend.

  4. I forgot to add, seems like they were on another site i did survey for, and then all of a sudden i started receiving emails from them for sureys, and states that i will get credit thru the survey site that i originally did them thru, but i checked like 3 sites because i could not quite remember, and i have no credits at all from doing them.

  5. In prizerebel site, they are asking for complete address details. Can it be given as became member. Also please advise me how to take surveys

    • I have used PrizeRebel for years and know it is legit so if they ask for info to verify your account I would not worry.

      You can check out my full PrizeRebel review to see exactly how to use it to take surveys. In the review, there also is a video tutorial that shows how everything works.

      Hope this helps.

  6. mikael, can you check out intellizoom for me when you can, or if you already have some info , pass it to me, not in your reviews at this time i see. ty

    • I do not yet have any info about that panel. But will write it on the list of panels to check out soon. Thanks for all your suggestions and feedback Darlene – I really appreciate it.

      • Thank you for the review . I am going to give them a try, but I notice they say, IF APPROVED….I wonder if they do not approve everything you complete. Well, I will give them a try and see what the outcome is and I will let you know how it works out for me. Thanks again for all your help.

        • That is the risk of test sites like this. They can, in theory, not approve a project and then it will be wasted time. I guess that is why they also have the practice project we need to complete first to make sure we know how it works to have the best chances of completing the tasks successfully.

          Let me know how it goes.

          • Just wanted to tell you, been doing surveys for intellizoom, although you wont get approved for them all, they do pay if you do complete, takes a little over a week.


  8. Hi mikael, Have you heard anything good or bad about IntelliZoom panel? Fill me in if so. You have to download their software I do know that, but would like your opinion.

    • It is actually already on the list of sites I need to write about Glenda:-)

      But can just quickly tell you that it is not really a survey site. It just recommends actual survey sites so you cannot take surveys on that site itself. Also, some of the sites I just quickly saw it recommends are very poor and some I would stay away from.

      So even though I have not written a full review of My Digital Survey, I can already tell you now that it is NOT a site I recommend.

      Hope this helps,


  9. Hi mikael, its me again, how you doing? okay i have another site that was recommended to me and it is not in your review list SendEarnings….are you aware of them? Okay well if not, maybe you would check them out and pass on the info? Okay have a nice day and thank you for all your hard work that you do and share with all of around the globe.

    • Thanks Darlene,

      I have heard about SendEarnings but not written about it yet. As far as I am aware, it is the same company that is behind InboxDollars and the sites look very much the same. So not sure if it makes sense to use both of those two sites. But cannot say for sure as I have not tested it yet. But will try to do a review about it at some point.


  10. Would love to see a review on, when you have a chance!! Thanks for your great work – really appreciate it!

    • Thanks for the suggestion. I will write it on the list of sites to test and write a review about.


  11. Mikael, have you heard of a site called Permission Research? It is a site that is being shown in an offer at Inbox Dollars. Inbox is calling it “a prestigious online market research community”, with surveys and has over 2 million members worldwide! 🙂 WOW! I always check on your site to see if any sites I want to join are listed but have not seen this one listed. I hope you will do a review on it if you have not already. Thanks. Jim.

    • Thanks for the trust and for checking here for reviews so often Jim. I am very glad to hear that.

      I have not tested Permission Research yet so I cannot say for sure. Just took a quick look and it looks like it is a legit site but it also looks like it has quite limited earning opportunities. It is another of the sites where you more or less have to install a software on your computer to be able to use it from what I can see.

      But as mentioned, I have not tested it yet so cannot say too much about it. But I will write it on my list of sites to look more into and write a full review about it.


  12. commenting on mysurvey and gtm, they are merged with Lifepoints so the points would of been combined no matter which site you logged onto if you had acct in both sites. i did get email that gtm will soon be not available anymore. If you click on mysurvey and you cannot get into site, just put in email and request password change , its what i had to do. Same password is for Mysurvey, GTM, and Lifepoints.

  13. My surveys site
    Been with them over 5 years, however they have turned into a mixture of incompetent technology and a scam – stealing data from the user.

    They are either “down for maintenance or another such comment” 45% of the time, or
    They take your answers then throw you off right at the end with no reward – too many times, despite HONEST answers, to be a coincidence. 45% of the time.

    Doesn’t leave much time for completing surveys successfully does it?

    • Thanks for sharing your experiences Andrew.

      It seems that MySurveys in some countries at the moment is about to merge with another platform. Maybe this is the reason for the downtime and problems you are having with the platform at the moment.

      I will keep the reviews here on my site updated when I hear news about what is going on and which countries will be affected.


  14. Hi Mikael,

    Would like to share my experience with GlobalTestMarket. Signed up with them. Completed several surveys. Then problems started when I tried to login into my account to find out how to redeem the lifepoints earned. Surprise! After keying in my email and password, I was repeatedly promptly with a ’email or password is invalid’ and after several tries was totally lock out for ‘too many trys’. So, i email their helpdesk, and was ignored until the third message, i received this request in my inbox:

    Panel Support (GlobalTestMarket)
    18 Jan, 16:33 GMT
    Dear Panel Member,

    We have been unable to locate an account for you with the email address you have contacted us.
    For security purposes, please provide the following information so can verify your account and update any information needed.
    1. Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)
    2. Email Address
    3. Title (Mr., Mrs., Ms.)
    4. First Name
    5. Last Name
    6. Country
    7. Language
    8. Home Address 1
    9. Home Address 2 (if applicable)
    10. State/Province
    11. City
    12. Zip/Postal Code
    13. Home Phone

    Can somebody enlighten me why if they have been unable to locate my account, how come they have continued to sent me new surveys since? Even now when I have yet to return this request?



    • Thanks for sharing your experience Jack. It does sound strange.

      If the request was sent by GTM, I would send the info to them to see if they can restore your access even though it is strange you even lost it. I, however, know it is a legit site since I have been paid by it several times myself.

      I have also heard that GTM is right now in the process of relaunching itself under a new name and platform in the US. If you live here, this might be a part of why the platform is acting up?

      Anyways, hope you will soon get access to your points and again thanks for sharing with the rest of us. Feel free to keep us updated.


      • I have a questioin, now that Global test market, and my survey, merged and are Lifepoints now, The way i see it is, you either use GTM or Mysurvey cause they are combined….no sence in using both? Am I correct on this? Im still mad becuase mysurvey owes me like 1900 points withi is over 15usd, and say they are gonna send and do not, I have send NUMEROUS email mikael….can yuo help with this?

        • Hi Darlene,

          GTM and MySurvey still have separate sites in some countries. But GTM will soon close down in all countries. Not sure if MySurvey will keep having panels in certain countries. As for the US where you live, you are right that it does not make sense to use both of them.

          Really frustrating you keep not getting the payout from MySurvey. Unfortunately, I do not have any contacts there I can contact and see what is going on, so cannot really help much. My only suggestion is to just keep writing them until they pay you.

  15. Please review Instar Wallet. It provides opportunities for its users to earn cryptocurrency for participating in daily surveys.

    • Hi there, do you know anything about liquid opinions survey site? I’ve been with them since 2015 and never had a problem until now. I hit my target and requested a payout from them 3 weeks ago, it says 3 working days but still nothing after 3 weeks. I’ve sent multiple emails but never had a response from them. When you search them online there are some negative comments about them an SD people not receiving their earnings but there all dated a year ago. Please help me.

      • Sorry to hear that Lee. I have not heard about Liquid Opinions before so I cannot say anything, unfortunately. But will write it on the list of sites to look into.

        Please keep me updated if you hear back from them or not.


  16. Does anyone know this company my digital survey and the survey companies do this kind of thing offer your that kind of a check and also offer you credit cards with 500 to $1,000 on them somebody? help me out please

    • Hi again John,

      I am not sure what you say My Digital Survey has offered you? You definitely can earn money by taking surveys, and some survey companies also pay to you on prepaid cards.

      But if you never signed up for it and if you have not yet taken any surveys through them, something is off. I have received emails from scam survey companies myself saying that I just made $500 by just clicking in an email. That is NOT true, since I knew I had never taken a survey through them.

      There are many legit survey companies, but unfortunately also many scams.

      If you can tell me a bit more in details what you have experienced I will be happy to share my opinion about it.


      • Just saying digital reflections is a company that you put a box and connect to your computer that they send you, and they pay you for monitoring your searches, etc. Not sure if that is what your referring to but I use them personally. Not sure if that helps you any, put they are legit, I have been paid by them.

  17. I was online the other day and my digital survey sent me a check. A couple of checks actually – one of them was $1000000 and said they called my number – how viable is this company my digital survey and do they do checks like that?

    • Hi John,

      This sounds a bit suspicious. I do not know the company but how big a check did they write to you? And did you ever sign up for them and take any surveys through them?

      As far as I can see it is not an actual survey site but it seems to be just promoting other survey sites.

      But the questions I asked above are important to consider before knowing if it is real or not.


      • Since this comment was first made, I have written a review of My Digital Survey and it is definitely not a site that pays. It is just a survey aggregator so they do not pay out so definitely was a scam check. Hope John sees this and can update us about how everything went?

  18. Hi Mikael, Your blog was extremely useful. Besides surveys & your blog page, do you do any other work online to earn money? Do you have any pages for how to get started with a blog page? All I could find are your survey reviews? If so please let me know as I really enjoy your blogs or websites.

  19. Hello Mikael,
    I’m a minor and I want to know if I can take surveys too without any problems? Which ones do you advise me to start with, and you’re using too? (Sorry for my beginner English)
    Thank you

    • Hi Elena,

      It depends how old you are? I have made a list of the best sites for teens. Some of them are available as long as you are at least 13 years old. You can check out the list of the best sites for teens here.

      I am also planning to update the list soon, so it will also soon include more opportunities, but it already now has some great sites on it.

      Hope this helps and let me know, if you have any other questions.


      • Wow thank you so much!
        Yes I watched the list and I think it’s able to do that but first I think l should see with country’s legislation (especially with banks)
        Thank you so much

        • You are welcome Elena. Yes, a good idea to check with the local legislation. But should not be a problem to for example get gift cards. But better to check for your specific country. Just be aware that you have to be 18 to get a PayPal account, so this is not a possible payout method before you turn 18 as far as I know. But there are also many other great rewards on most sites.

          Good luck with it and let me know, if you get any questions.


          • Thank you for replying so quickly! I did’nt know we couldn’t have a PayPal account under 18 so it’s good to know.
            Thank you so much and I read more about your blog and I very like it so please continue.

          • Thank you for your feedback Elena. I appreciate it and glad to hear you like my blog. I will definitely continue:-)


  20. Hi Mikael could you review iOpenUSA. I have been doing surveys with them for 3 years and so far no problems. Payments through Amazon and PayPal always come in time when you reach 12.50 usd,its only for USA .thanks

    • Hi Ludwig,

      Thank you for the suggestion. I will write it on the list of survey sites I need to test and write reviews about.


  21. Hello Mikael,

    Please do a review on this I am getting too many mails requesting me to complete my registration which I actually tried and failed. Meanwhile I read somewhere on Google+ that is was scam.

    • Hi Milar,

      Thank you very much for your suggestion. Think it is good that you did not manage to sign up for that site. I have also heard not so great things about it. If they keep sending emails, there should be an option in the bottom of the mail to unsubscribe. If not, you can also block them, so you will no longer receive emails from them.

      It is however not a survey site, but a site about online business training. On, I only write about survey releated sites, and therefore a review of Padlockincome will not fit here. But if I at some point make a website about all online money making posibilities, I will definitely do some more research about that site, and do a review.



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