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SurveyCents Rating

SurveyCents does not offer you to earn on the actual site. In addition to this, it makes a lot of exaggerated claims and uses clickbait to get you to open the many emails it sends.

SurveyCents claims to be a great place to find paid surveys and other online earning opportunities.

But is SurveyCents a scam or really a legit way to find ways to make money?

I have tested the site myself, and let me reveal right away that I am NOT impressed with what it offers. In fact, you need to know exactly what you get before you join not to risk wasting your time.

In this SurveyCents review, I will give you all the details so you can easily find out if it will be for you or not.

What is SurveyCents and what does the site offer?

At first sight, it might not be completely clear what SurveyCents offers.

It looks like it might be a survey site you can join and then start earning right away by getting access to several money-making options.

surveycents earning opportunities
The earning opportunities you will supposedly have on SurveyCents.

This is, however, not the case.

If you read closer, it says the website considers itself as the “JackPot” for paid surveys and other earning opportunities, and that it takes pride in providing the best opportunities for its members.

If you read even closer, you can see that what it really offers is email invitations.

email invitation statement
By taking a closer look, you can see what you will really get.

So what does this actually mean?

This means that you will NOT as such get access to earning opportunities on SurveyCents. Instead, you will get email invitations for ways to earn.

According to the site itself, these will be the best opportunities.

After having seen what happens after you join, I strongly disagree with this. But let me just tell you a bit more about what happens after joining, and then you can judge for yourself.

What happens after you join?

The whole joining process of SurveyCents is a bit strange compared to regular survey sites, where you usually just sign up and then get access to a members area.

On SurveyCents you are basically just giving your email to start receiving email invitations to offers the site promotes.

This is all you get.

What is even more strange is that you do not really get any confirmation or anything when you try to sign up in the website, so you do not really know what is going on.

That is what happened to me anyways.

However, a big red flag for me was how I heard of SurveyCents in the first place. It was not actually by signing up on the site.

I just suddenly started receiving email invitations from the site without having ever signed up for it.

I have no idea how they got my email address, and I know I had not yet visited their site before I started receiving invitations. So all this is a bit confusing and a red flag in my opinion.

But let’s then look at the email invitations you will get, to see if they at least give you great opportunities. Here are a few examples of emails I have received:

surveycents email examples
Examples of emails I have received from SurveyCents.

I usually receive several emails like this every day. Most of them are, as you can see, with some kind of clickbait title that says I have just earned a lot of money.

So let’s take a closer look at what is inside one of the many emails I have received.

surveycents email example
The inside of one of the MANY emails I have received.

This particular email says that I have received a check of $420 just for being a member. This is just a silly claim – of course, I would not get a check of that size just to be a member.

When clicking the link it just took me to a survey router where I could take a normal survey if I qualified for it.

It was NOT a survey for $420, and I did of course NOT get a check for $420.

This is simply a way to get you to click and then hope you will take the survey or offer they send you to, as I am assuming they get paid commissions to send people to different offers.

Unfortunately, most of the emails I have received are clickbait like this and contains some kind of big promise that in my experience is not true.

And this is basically what you get for being a member.

I did however in one of the emails find a link to some survey panels SurveyCents recommends.

recommended survey sites on survey cents
Some of the survey sites SurveyCents recommends.

The image above shows 3 of the 6 recommended sites. As you can see, not all of them are even survey sites, even though the headline of the page said “paid surveys”.

One of the offers is for example for free baby samples. This can, of course, be nice but it is not exactly what they say they will provide.

Anyways, one thing that concerned me about the survey sites SurveyCents recommends is the quality of the sites.

They say they take pride in recommending the best opportunities, and this is just not the case in my opinion.

The first site on the list is for example Panel PayDay.

This is a site I have previously reviewed, and it is, in my opinion, another site that just sends you emails and just recommends the sites it gets paid to promote and does not focus on quality.

The list also recommends Green Panthera which is a site I have been paid by several times myself, so I know this is an actual survey site.

However, it claims that Green Panthera (second on the list above) is a way to bank $100 per day. This is just NOT true. It is a site where you can earn a bit extra, but this is another VERY exaggerated claim.

And that it recommends a site like Panel PayDay is, in my opinion, a clear sign that the recommendations it gives are not based on quality but on what they get paid to promote.

When you combine this with the emails they send, it becomes quite clear what SurveyCents really offers, which in my opinion is very low quality and a lot of exaggerated claims just to get you to click their promotional links.

How do you get paid?

I just want to make it very clear that you will not actually get paid by SurveyCents.

It is not a site where you can earn – it just sends you email invitations to other sites.

Some of the sites you get email invitations to are sites that can be worth joining, but some of them are definitely not in my experience.

And even though you regularly receive emails saying you have several hundred dollars waiting for you, this is not the case. It is just a way to get you to click the email and the links in the email.

On regular survey sites, you can however, for example, get paid through PayPal, in check, get Amazon gift cards, and more, so survey sites are in general a real way to earn.

You will just NOT earn on SurveyCents itself, and it is important you are aware of this.

How much money can you make?

Even though you every day will receive several emails saying you can earn hundreds of dollars after signing up for SurveyCents, you will not actually earn anything on the site itself.

I know I have already mentioned this several times, but since it might not be clear how it really works, if you are not used to taking paid surveys, I just want to make it very clear how SurveyCents works, so you know exactly what you are getting into if you decide to join.

You will NOT earn on SurveyCents itself!

If we are talking about how much you can earn on paid surveys in general, it is difficult to say. It depends a lot on the sites you join, and the time you put in.

Paid surveys are a great and easy way to earn some extra cash if you join the top paying sites. You do, however, just need to know that it will not make you rich or a full-time income.

But if you are looking for some extra money on the site, it is one of the easiest and safest ways to do this online.

Who can join?

If you are still interested in joining SurveyCents, you can join no matter where you live.

There are, however, so many great paid survey sites, so you will, in my opinion, find a lot of better sites in all countries. You can, for example, check out the best sites in your country here.

All the sites on the list through the link above are sites where you will actually earn on the sites themselves, and they are of course all free to join.

Final verdict – legit or scam?

I think it is pretty clear from this review that I am not a big fan of SurveyCents.

This does however not mean it is a scam. I am in general not interested in claiming a site is a scam. I just want to present my findings, and then you can use this info to judge for yourself.

So let’s finish by summing up the pros and cons so you can get a better overview before making your decision.



  • Free to join
  • Some sites it promotes are worth it


  • Not clear what you will get
  • Uses clickbait and exaggerated claims in the emails
  • All you get is email invitations for other sites
  • Some sites that it promotes are a big waste of time

Overall, I think the quality of what SurveyCents offers is very low. The annoying clickbait titles for the emails with exaggerated claims as well as some of the really poor sites it offers is to me a deal-breaker.

I really do not see any reason to join SurveyCents, and it is a site I myself will stay away from in the future.

If you would like to earn money by taking surveys, there are so many great sites where you can actually earn on the sites themselves, so why waste time on a site that does not focus on quality?

A great start is to check out the top paying sites in your country if you want to earn the most by taking paid surveys. All these sites will, in my experience, be a better use of time and will give you actual earning opportunities.

If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with SurveyCents yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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