best paid survey sites for brazil headerWant to earn some extra cash online from Brazil?

Then paid surveys can be a great, free, and easy way to do this.

However, even though this is a real way to earn, there are many poor survey sites and there are also outright scams.

To get the most out of it, it is important you join the best sites.

To make it easy for you to get started, I have, therefore, put together a list of the 13 best paid survey sites for Brazil in 2019. 

All are free to join and you can get started right away.

If you do not live in Brazil, you can instead check out my list of the best survey sites in other countries.

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How are the opportunities for paid surveys in Brazil?

Paid surveys are a real way to earn some extra cash online, and it is one of the easiest ways to start as it is free and you can start earning right away.

However, not all countries have the same opportunities. So how are the opportunities then in Brazil?

Well, there are actually pretty good.

Since Brazil is one of the big countries with more than 200 million people living here, it is a big market, and there are therefore many companies interested in getting information from consumers here to improve their products and services.

This means they are willing to pay for this information and that is good news for you, as you can then get paid for sharing your opinion and giving feedback.

So if you live in Brazil and would like to earn so extra money by taking online surveys, you have quite good opportunities as long as you join the best and legit sites that actually pay (I will show you a list of these later).

Tip to earn the most

To get the most out of paid surveys in Brazil, there are a few things you can do.

First of all, it is a good idea to join several sites. Different sites offer different surveys and opportunities, and therefore you will get more earning chances by joining more sites.

If you have never taken paid surveys before, I would suggest joining 5-7 sites – then you will have time to get to know the opportunities on each and still not get too overwhelmed. Then you can always join more sites later when you get used to how it works.

Another way to boost your earnings is to be aware that many of the sites on the list below also offer other ways to earn than only paid surveys.

The sites that offer several earning methods are called get-paid-to sites (GPT) and you can often also earn by taking offers, doing micro-tasks, watching videos, playing games, downloading apps, and more.

So make sure to also use some of these methods on the sites that offer them.

However, one thing that is important to succeed with survey and GPT sites is also to do it with the right expectations.

So you need to know that it will not make you rich and it will not make you a full-time income online. It can make you some nice extra money on the side in Brazil, but you just need to go into it with the right expectations.

13 best Brazilian paid survey sites

The list below is not a complete list of all the survey and GPT sites available in Brazil. It is instead a list focused on quality and only with sites that actually pay.

The list is regularly updated, so make sure to bookmark this page, and come back and check for new opportunities once in a while.

#1 – Instar Wallet

instar wallet logo betaPayout methods: Cryptocurrency
Payout threshold:
 No threshold
More information:
 Read full InstarWallet review

Short summary:
InstarWallet is a very interesting survey site for Brazil. It does not offer a huge amount of surveys but the ones it offers are easy to take and usually about interesting topics.

It is still a very new platform and it is constantly being developed with new options. However, one thing you need to know about InstarWallet is that you earn cryptocurrency when you take surveys. So it is only a relevant site for you if you are interested in this. If you prefer cash, you should join some of the other sites on this list instead.

The reason InstarWallet is high on the list even though it is not the site with the most surveys in Brazil is that it is actively looking for more Brazilian members. So it is planning to introduce more and more options for you.

#2 – ClixSense

clixsense logoPayout methods: Payoneer, Skrill, Tango Card
Payout threshold: $10
More information: Read full ClixSense review

Short summary:
ClixSense is a really good paid survey site. It is available worldwide and has a good amount of paid surveys in Brazil. You can also earn by taking micro-tasks through Figure Eight, get a daily activity bonus, or take paid offers.

Overall a site with a lot of options. Just be aware that you will not qualify for all the surveys, so when you first join, it can take a bit of time to figure out what types of surveys you most often qualify for.

The payout methods on ClixSense are good and fast. You can get your earnings out in cash once you have earned $10 and can get paid through Payoneer, Skrill, or Tango Card.

#3 – PrizeRebel

prizerebel logoPayout methods: PayPal, big selection of gift cards
Payout threshold: $5
More information: Read full PrizeRebel review

Short summary:
PrizeRebel is a GPT site with many ways to earn. Once you get used to navigating on the site, you can, for example, earn by taking surveys, watching videos, taking offers, doing micro-tasks, and you get more advantages the more active you are.

Overall, one of the most user-friendly GPT sites for Brazil.

A great thing about PrizeRebel is the low payout threshold as you can get paid already when you have earned $5 which should not take long. You can get paid through PayPal or choose from different gift cards.

#4 – PointClub

pointclub logoPayout methods: PayPal, gift cards
Payout threshold: $25
More information: Read full PointClub review

Short summary:
PointClub is a very user-friendly survey site and has some good surveys with decent rewards – especially if you log in regularly as you then get higher and higher rewards.

It is definitely not the survey site with the most opportunities in Brazil, but because it is so easy to use it can still be worth signing up for as an extra site. But you should make sure to also sign up for other sites to get enough opportunities.

The payout threshold is a little high as you need $25 to cash out, but you get a $5 joining bonus which is a great start. You can get paid in cash through PayPal or choose between many gift cards.

#5 – Surveytime

surveytime logoPayout methods: PayPal
Payout threshold: No threshold
More information: Read full Surveytime review

Short summary:
Surveytime is one of the easiest and most simple survey sites you can join in Brazil. It is almost so simple it is confusing at first:-)

You just have to take a survey profiler in the sign-up process and will then you will get access to a list of available surveys that is regularly updated. Every survey you take will give you $1 no matter how long it is.

After you have completed a survey, you will right away get the money transferred into your PayPal account. So it is one of the fastest paying survey sites in Brazil.

#6 – Toluna Influencers Brazil

toluna influencers logoPayout methods: PayPal, gift cards, products
Payout threshold: $10
More information: Read full Toluna review

Short summary:
Toluna Influencers has survey panels in many countries in the local language and it also has a Brazilian survey panel.

It is easy to use and gives a good amount of paid surveys. You also have the chance to earn a bit extra by participating in contests and creating content other members can interact with, but the main way to earn is by taking surveys.

The payout threshold is around $10 depending on your chose reward. So the threshold is not too high but the payout processing can be quite slow.

#7 – Surveyeah Brazil

surveyeah logoPayout methods: PayPal, Amazon gift cards
Payout threshold: $10
More information: Read full Surveyeah review

Short summary:
Surveyeah is another survey panel with a specific site just for Brazil. It is very easy to use – you just sign up and then you wait to receive survey invitations via email.

It is definitely not a site you should join as the only site, as it has quite a limited number of surveys. But as an extra site, it can definitely be worth it, as you just wait for the occasional invitation and you do not have to spend time checking the site itself.

You can get paid either through PayPal or get Amazon gift cards. The threshold for PayPal is $10 and $20 for Amazon gift cards.

#8 – Rewards1

rewards1 logoPayout methods: PayPal, gift cards
Payout threshold: $5
More information: Read full Rewards1 review

Short summary:
Rewards1 is a fairly unknown GPT site but it actually has some quite good options. It is just not so easy to find your way around at first, but with a little patience, you will find several ways to earn in Brazil.

You can take paid surveys, watch videos, take offers, play games, participate in live chat and forum discussions, and more.

You can get your earnings out already when you have earned $5. There are many payout options as, for example, PayPal, gift cards, game codes, and more. There even is a custom option where you can request a gift card for any online vendor of your choice.

#9 –

onlinepanel logoPayout methods: PayPal
Payout threshold: $10
More information: Read full Online Panel NET review

Short summary:
Online Panel NET is available worldwide and has several options in Brazil.

You can take surveys, take offers, download apps, take Figure Eight micro-tasks, and more. Not all the options are good, but with some patience, you can find some decent ways of earning here.

The only payout option is PayPal, and you automatically get your money paid out every month once you have earned a minimum of $10 that month.

#10 – LifePoints Panel Brazil

lifepoints panel logoPayout methods: PayPal, gift cards, products
Payout threshold: $10
More information: Read full LifePoints Panel review

Short summary:
LifePoints is a newer survey site and it has its own panel for Brazil. It was created in 2019 after a merger of the two survey sites MyPoints and GlobalTestMarket.

It has had some technical glitches at the beginning but overall it is very easy to use. It is another panel where you do not have to log in to check for available surveys as they will send you an invite when there are new ones available. And it quite regularly has new surveys.

You can get your money out once you have earned around $10 (depending on your chosen reward), and you can get paid through PayPal, gift cards, or products.

#11 – WowApp

wowapp logoPayout methods: PayPal, bank transfer, mobile credit, charity donations
Payout threshold: No threshold
More information: Read full WowApp review

Short summary:
WowApp is different than many other GPT sites. Even though it is called an app, you can also use it on desktop, but it also has an app that gives easy access to its options on mobile and tablet.

In Brazil, you can earn by taking surveys, reading news, calling and chatting, playing games, taking offers, and more. So it has some unusual options among the opportunities. Also, you can get cash back when shopping in a big number of Brazilian online shops through WowApp.

There is not as such a payout threshold but your earnings are on hold for some time before you can get them out. You can get paid through PayPal, bank transfer, mobile credit, and more.

#12 – Ebuno Survey Panel

ebuno logoPayout methods: PayPal
Payout threshold: $10
More information: Read full Ebuno review

Short summary:
Ebuno is the newest survey site on this list so the full potential of it is still unknown. But it has a decent amount of paid surveys in Brazil, but until the site is fully developed you might need a bit of patience.

You will receive invitations for surveys once in a while but it is also a good idea to check on the site itself as you do not get invites sent for all of them.

You can get paid in cash through PayPal and get your money out once you have earned $10.

#13 – TimeBucks

timebucks logoPayout methods: PayPal, Bitcoin
Payout threshold: $10
More information: Read full Timebucks review

Short summary:
Timebucks is great in the sense that you can always find a way to earn on the site in Brazil as it is a GPT site with many options and also some unusual ones.

The reason it is not higher on the list is that it can take quite a bit of patience as many of the earning options have quite low rewards. You can, for example, take surveys, win free money, watch content, get paid to follow on social media, and more. And TimeBucks introduces new options quite regularly.

You can get paid through PayPal and it will happen automatically once you have earned $10. Or you can get paid in Bitcoin.


That was a list of some great survey and GPT sites if you live in Brazil. Remember that to get the most chances of earning, it is a good idea to join several sites.

Also, the list is regularly updated so make sure to come back and check for new opportunities once in a while.


If you have any comments, questions, or know of a great survey site in Brazil, you think belongs on the list, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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