10 Best Paid Survey Sites for Mexico (Free & Legit)

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One of the best ways to earn extra cash online is to join a survey site. This is because you will be able to earn extra money for simply answering surveys. It’s a very convenient way of earning, in my opinion.

Now, that begs the question, which survey site should you join if you live in Mexico? It’s important to know which sites you should join to maximize your time and ensure you do not waste your time.

Fortunately, there are a lot of survey and even Get-Paid-To (GPT) sites you can join if you live in Mexico and want to earn extra cash. So, it becomes of utmost importance to determine which sites will be worth joining.

This guide on the best paid survey sites for Mexico will introduce you to the sites that are worth joining, so you won’t have to try them out one by one.

Now, if you do not live in Mexico, I would recommend you check out my list of the best survey sites in other countries instead.

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How are the opportunities for paid surveys in Mexico?

As explained above, there are plenty of survey and GPT sites you can join to earn some extra money online if you live in Mexico. So, you won’t actually have any problems finding sites you can join.

The sites I will be including in this guide are survey and GPT sites. GPT sites, in particular, give you more opportunities to earn, which is a good thing because you have a better chance of earning extra money on a regular basis.

All the sites I will be listing down all have good earning potential. To put it simply, you can earn a decent amount from them.

And best of all, they are all free to join, so you don’t have to worry about any membership or sign-up fee.

How to earn the most?

When you join an online rewards site with good earning potential, you don’t have to invest a lot of time to earn a decent amount. But it also needs to be easy to use so you do not waste time. That way you will be able to join multiple sites and have time for all of them.

And that, in my opinion, is the best way to maximize your earnings. If it’s your first time joining sites like these, I would recommend you join around 5 to 7 sites since most sites offer different earning opportunities.

Doing so will allow you to earn the most without being too overwhelmed by the work you need to do. Once you get used to the workload, you can always join more to earn more.

Just make sure to temper your expectations and remember, the money you will earn from these sites will not be comparable to what you can earn from a full-time job. So, don’t go thinking you can quit your day job and just answer surveys full-time.

That being said, joining sites like these is one of the best ways to earn a bit of cash on the side online if you want to get started quickly and for free.

10 top survey sites for Mexico

The sites I will be listing down are not all the sites you can join if you live in Mexico. Instead, these are the quality sites that will actually be worth your time.

I will regularly be updating this list so make sure to bookmark this page and check back from time to time for new opportunities.

#1 – Toluna Influencers

toluna influencers logo

Payout methods: PayPal, gift cards
Payout threshold:  $5
More information: Read full Toluna Influencers review

Short summary:
Toluna Influencers is a survey site that has a specific survey panel for Mexico. So, if you want surveys in Spanish, this is definitely a good site to join.

What makes this site a good option is you will be able to earn conveniently since they have an app so you don’t need a computer to answer surveys (which is their main earning opportunity).

It does offer other ways to earn like joining free contests where you can win nice prizes. It also has one unique feature where you can create content for other members to interact with.

Plus, it has a low payout threshold ($5 for gift cards, $10 for PayPal). So, withdrawing your earnings will be quite easy and convenient since you can do so through PayPal or gift cards. Just be a bit patient because it can take quite some time for your payout to be processed.

Join Toluna Influencers

#2 – Surveytime

surveytime logo

Payout methods: PayPal
Payout threshold:  No threshold
More information: Read full Surveytime review

Short summary:
Surveytime is probably the fastest paying survey site you can join in Mexico. And as you can see above, the most notable thing about this survey site is that it does not have a payout threshold but you will just get paid instantly after each survey.

Every survey you complete on Surveytime is worth $1 regardless of how long it will take to complete.

Plus, it pays via PayPal, which is very convenient, in my opinion. Sometimes it can take some patience to find the surveys you qualify for but overall, Surveytime is one of the good options simply because of the convenience it offers.

Join Surveytime

#3 – TimeBucks

timebucks logo

Payout methods: Bank transfer, Bitcoin, AirTM, Neteller, Skrill, Payeer
Payout threshold:  $10
More information: Read full TimeBucks review

Short summary:
TimeBucks is a good GPT site to join if you hang around social media platforms a lot. It is one of a few sites where you can earn from using TikTok. Aside from that, you can also earn by answering surveys, watching online slideshows, watching videos, taking paid offers, and even getting free cash once per hour.

The great thing about Timebucks is that you can always find a way to earn here and it has more different options than most other GPT sites. Some tasks do not have high rewards but if you choose your tasks wisely it is a great site to join.

And since it has a relatively low payout threshold ($10), you can withdraw your earnings quickly and conveniently through the various payment options they offer.

Join TimeBucks

#4 – Mobrog Mexico

mobrog logo

Payout methods: PayPal, Skrill
Payout threshold:  $6.25
More information: Read full Mobrog review

Short summary:
Just like some of the survey sites on this list, Mobrog also has a specific panel for Mexicans. So, you will receive surveys meant specifically for the region you are in. It’s a pretty straightforward survey site. You can earn by answering surveys.

You just need to be a bit more patient since the qualifying rate for their surveys is quite low. However, they do have a low payout threshold of $6.25, so it won’t take long to withdraw what you will earn.

And speaking of withdrawing your earnings, you have the option to withdraw it via PayPal or Skrill. It can be a viable option since there are plenty of available surveys to answer.

Join Mobrog Mexico

#5 – PrizeRebel

prizerebel logo

Payout methods: PayPal, gift cards
Payout threshold:  $5
More information: Read full PrizeRebel review

Short summary:
PrizeRebel is a GPT site you should join if you are looking to earn consistently. This is because PrizeRebel offers plenty of earning opportunities in Mexico. This almost guarantees you will be able to earn every day.

Since it is a GPT site, you will be able to earn by answering surveys, completing short tasks, inviting friends, joining contests, watching videos and a lot more. Plus, it has a very low threshold of $5. So, you will be able to withdraw your earnings quickly and easily too since they can pay via PayPal.

You also have the option to redeem gift cards instead. And the good thing is, it has a wide variety of gift cards to choose from for your rewards. All in all, PrizeRebel is one of the most reliable and popular sites you can earn extra cash because of its good earning potential and availability of earning opportunities.

Join PrizeRebel

#6 – LifePoints Panel

lifepoints panel logo

Payout methods: PayPal, gift cards
Payout threshold:  $15
More information: Read full LifePoints Panel review

Short summary:
LifePoints Panel, as the name suggests, is another good survey site to join if you live in Mexico. You can earn by answering surveys or participating in free contests. It has a slightly higher payout threshold of $15, but you won’t have a hard time reaching it since the surveys are quite frequent.

Their payment system is a bit confusing though because you can’t exactly tell how much the points you earn are worth. Although, they do offer a convenient way for you to withdraw your earnings (PayPal). You also have the option to convert your points into gift cards, which have a lower threshold.

All in all, the good earning potential and convenient payment method it offers are what makes this site a good option.

Join LifePoints Panel

#7 – MobileXpression

MobileXpression panel logo

Payout methods: gift cards
Payout threshold:  $5
More information: Read full MobileXpression review

Short summary:
MobileXpression offers a very easy way for you to earn. If you are looking for a mobile-only platform, this can certainly be a viable option. You earn by simply using the app and answering surveys from time to time.

It offers a passive form of income once you install the app, which is nice because you don’t actually have to do anything apart from installing it. It will actually collect data about your online and other activities on your mobile device, but it won’t collect any sensitive information. So you don’t have to worry.

The good thing about this app is, you can earn consistently every week. The downside is, you won’t be able to earn real money from it. You can, however, earn various gift cards. So, if that’s alright with you, then this is an app you must download.

Join MobileXpression

#8 – OpinionWorld / Opiniolandia

opinionworld logo

Payout methods: Gift cards
Payout threshold:  $5
More information: Read full OpinionWorld review

Short summary:
OpinionWorld (the international name) has a specific survey site for residents of Mexico. The name here is Opiniolandia. It doesn’t have many earning opportunities, but as you can see, its payout threshold is really what makes it an appealing option.

You only need to earn $5 to withdraw your earnings as gift cards. This is a very doable threshold even if you can only earn by answering surveys. You do have the chance to join prize draws, which can be a nice bonus if you ever get lucky.

Overall, the fact that this site is very user-friendly and it has a low payout threshold makes it a decent extra site to join if you are looking for sites you can earn extra cash from.

Join OpinionWorld

#9 – SurveyPago

Surveypago Logo Web

Payout methods: PayPal, GCodes, gift cards
Payout threshold:  $10 for gift cards and GCodes, $12.50 for PayPal
More information: Read full SurveyPago review

Short summary:
SurveyPago is a survey site powered by Cint AB, one of the most popular market research companies today. It only offers one earning opportunity, which is paid surveys. It has a relatively low payout threshold of $10 if you want to redeem gift cards and GCodes.

You also have the option to withdraw your earnings via PayPal, but you will have to earn at least $12.50 to do so. It doesn’t have as many surveys as the other survey sites on this list, so you will need to be a bit more patient with it.

But overall, I would say this site can be a decent secondary site to join mainly because of the convenient payment option it offers. Plus, it is also a very user-friendly site.

Join SurveyPago

#10 – Univox Community

univox logo

Payout methods: PayPal, Virtual MasterCard, gift cards
Payout threshold:  $10
More information: Read full Univox review

Short summary:
Another good survey site you can join is called Univox Community. It is a simple survey site where you can earn by answering paid surveys. It has a decent number of surveys available regularly, so you are guaranteed to earn consistently.

It is also easy to get used to because it has a very user-friendly website. Plus, it also has an app you can download. Its payment system is a bit more unique than most survey sites because it has membership levels.

That means, the more active you are on the site, the higher your membership level will be, and the more benefits you get. One of the benefits will be that after a while you will get a lower payout threshold so you can take your earnings out already when you have earned $10 (it is $25 when you first join).

Speaking of payout, you have the choice of what rewards to redeem. You can choose to withdraw it via cash through PayPal or prepaid MasterCard. Or, you can also just exchange it for gift cards. Plus, you will also get a $2 bonus when you register. So, it’s a nice head start to get you going.

Join Univox Community

So there you go. These are the 10 best paid survey sites you can join if you live in Mexico. They are all free to join, so it won’t cost you a dime to sign up.

And as I’ve explained earlier, I recommend you join around 5 to 7 sites to maximize your earnings.

But if you are already used to the workload of online rewards site, you can even join all 10 sites listed.

I will keep updating this page if I find new sites you can join, so make sure to bookmark this page and check back on it from time to time.


If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with GPT or survey sites in Mexico, or sites you think belong on this list, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.


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  1. Hi, about Surveytime. Is it safe after an completed survey if they’re asking me for my email (paypal) and then my phone number just to verify my paypal account? I did provide my phone number but after that they sent me a code that I needed to introduce to verify also my phone number. To be honest I feel a little suspicious and I didn’t enter the code.
    P.S. Sorry for my poor english.

  2. Hi. I am having a difficult time being an American citizen in Mexico. Either the surveys (not just the ones listed here) are given to me in Spanish, though I choose English, but also I am disqualified sometimes because my IP doesn’t match my home country address. Do you have any advice?

    • Usually the surveys will be in the language of the country you are located in and there is not really anything to do about that. But you can use an extension for your browser that automatically translates.

      As for your IP not matching your home country, it is an issue as most sites are very strict with this as they experience a lot of fraud from people trying to fake their home address or IP. So that one is difficult but the only thing you can do is to reach out to the support of the platforms you want to use and ask them how to deal with this for their particular platform.

      In case you have a hard time finding survey sites that will allow this, then there are many other free ways to make some extra money online where the location does not matter. Just let me know if you want some idea for this.


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