Reviews of PTC Sites

If you are interested in making some extra cash online for free, you have probably heard about PTC sites (Paid-to-Click).

In short, they are platforms you can join for free and earn by doing different micro-tasks online. But an important aspect of them for you to earn will always be to click ads – that is why they are known as PTC sites. This is where they, for example, vary from GPT sites, where you can earn without clicking ads.

If you want more details about what PTC sites are and what they typically offer, you can check out my full PTC guide here.

One thing is sure – the quality of the sites and the money-making opportunities do vary greatly from site to site. It can be frustrating to test them to find which ones are legit and which ones are a waste of time, and it is difficult to find honest and in-depth reviews of PTC sites.

The truth is that many people are just trying to get you to join the sites as your referral to earn themselves and therefore leave out a lot of important details. 

That is where come in – I have tested hundreds of PTC sites and similar sites over the last few years and have found both great and not so great sites, and have unfortunately also found some that are outright scams.

If you want details about a specific platform, you can go through the alphabetical list below where I have listed all the PTC sites I have tested so far. I am testing new platforms all the time, so it will regularly be updated.

You are also welcome to leave a comment below the list if you know a PTC site you would like me to review that is not yet on the list.

Overview of alphabetic list:





















12 thoughts on “Reviews of PTC Sites”

  1. Hey, nice list there! But do think ptc may be some ethical issues? I found this on honeygain’s blog

    “We must note there’s also a bit of
    an ethical issue here: by clicking the ads, you boost the numbers for a certain website that can then use them as an argument to charge advertisers more. However, the advertiser isn’t aware of the fact that these visitors and clicks are not likely to translate to potential clients – which means they’re in danger of overpaying and receiving very little actual gain.”


    Sooo what do you think about it?

    • As with many things, it can be used in an ethical or an unethical way. You can also say that about Honeygain’s own service.

      However, I would rarely recommend an advertiser to use PTC sites as a way to get traffic as it has many disadvantages and most advertisers that use PTC sites will just end up wasting their money.


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