Is HeedYou Really Worth Joining? (Full Review)

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HeedYou is a PTC site that pays you for clicking ads and completing offers. It has a low payout threshold and is available globally. But the rewards are just to low to really make it worth it.

HeedYou is a Paid-To-Click (PTC) site that claims to reward you for clicking ads and completing offers. If you are new to PTC sites, they are basically sites that will allow you to earn extra cash for little effort.

Of course, there are plenty of sites that offer this kind of opportunity. So, it’s important that you first verify its authenticity. So, let me just address this concern to save time. Yes, HeedYou is a legit PTC site.

But this doesn’t necessarily mean this PTC site offers an efficient way of earning money. And as you may already know, efficiency in earning is all about earning potential.

This HeedYou review will tell you what you need to know and exactly what you get so you can figure out if this PTC site offers a good way for you to earn extra cash or not.

What is HeedYou and what does it offer?

HeedYou, as explained above, is a PTC site that offers to reward you for clicking on ads and completing offers.

If you are new to PTC sites, let me shortly explain what it does. Basically, what makes a PTC site a PTC site is that it allows you to earn by simply clicking on ad offers (hence the name).

Yes, it is a relatively effortless way of earning. However, in order to fully get a clear picture of how well you can earn from this site, we need to take a closer look at how you can earn from it.

So, here are the earning opportunities HeedYou offers.

Option 1 – Paid Ads

You will, of course, be able to earn from HeedYou by clicking on paid ads offers.

Let me just tell you though, the rewards you will get from this earning opportunity won’t be high. So, in order to earn a significant amount, you will literally have to click on hundreds of paid ads.

heedyou ads
HeedYou will allow you to earn a small amount by simply clicking and viewing ads.

That’s why you shouldn’t expect to earn a lot from it. When you click on a paid ad, it will open up a new window that will display the ad. You will then have to watch the advertiser’s website for 5 seconds.

When the timer finishes, you need to click on the upside-down picture. You need to make sure you click on the right image because you have only 3 tries before you are locked out from the advertisement and you won’t get the reward.

And you need to make sure you do not leave the window or put it in the background while viewing the ad. Otherwise, the timer won’t run. So, even though it requires little to no effort, it isn’t really the best use of your time, in my opinion.

Think about it, each ad offers to pay you $0.05. So, in order to earn $5, you will need to view 100 ads. Compared to many other PTC sites this reward per ad is actually pretty high.

But it can still be a bit tedious and boring, in my opinion. So, you will need plenty of patience if you wish to earn a significant amount from this earning opportunity.

And even if you wanted to click hundreds of ads, you can not really find that many inside HeedYou but more about the full earning potential later.

Option 2 – Bonus Ads

Surfing bonus ads isn’t technically an earning opportunity per se. That’s because doing so will only give you the chance of winning prizes.

heedyou bonus ads
If you click and view a bonus ad, you will be automatically entered into their weekly contest to win prizes.

So, it’s more like joining a contest rather than an earning opportunity.

By clicking on a bonus ad, you will automatically be entered into their contest where the prizes are mostly geared towards you being able to put up your own ad on the site.

The process of viewing a bonus ad is a lot like the ordinary paid ads. The only difference is, you just have to click the Next button on the active window to view the next ad instead of going back to the original page.

The contest is held every week and the winners will be announced presumably via email since there isn’t any page on their dashboard for posting the weekly winners.

Option 3 – Paid Offers

The other way you can earn from this site is by completing paid offers. HeedYou will give you access to various offerwalls when you log in to the member dashboard.

heedyou paid offers
You can also add to your earnings by doing small tasks.

Paid offers are what you would normally see on Get-Paid-To (GPT) sites. These are basically small tasks you can do to earn rewards.

Most of the tasks/offers will ask you to play a game, answer a quiz, register to a site, watch videos, download apps and even answer surveys.

When you click on an offer, it will display the instructions you will need to follow the complete the offer.

It is important that you follow the instructions down to the letter to earn the reward. Once you complete the offer, you will receive the reward. It’s that simple.

However, many of the exact same offerwalls are offered on many other sites as well and with better rewards, in my experience.

So even though the offers can be a great way to earn a bit extra, HeedYou is not necessarily the best place to take them.

How do you get paid?

Now let’s talk about how you will get paid on this site. For every ad that you click, you will earn a certain amount (usually $0.05). This amount will be credited to your account balance.

For paid offers, it’s a bit different though. Every offer you complete will earn you a certain number of coins. The coins will then be converted into a certain amount which will be called your Offer Balance.

You can then transfer the amount you’ve earned on your Offer Balance to your account balance. To do so, you will need to earn at least $5 in your offer balance. Every 10 coins you earn is equal to 1 cent. So, you will need 5000 points to transfer what you’ve earned from paid offers to your account balance.

heedyou payment
You can withdraw your earnings via PayPal or Payeer once you’ve earned $5.

In essence, your account balance is the real amount you’ve earned that you can withdraw. HeedYou offers two ways you can withdraw your earnings. You can either withdraw it via PayPal or via Payeer. But in order to do so, you will have to earn at least $5 in your account balance.

If you choose to withdraw it via PayPal, it will be subject to a 2% withdrawal fee. So, keep that in mind before withdrawing. If you choose to withdraw it via Skrill, there will be a $0.60 fixed fee.

You are also given the option to transfer your earnings in your account balance to your purchase balance. You can use your purchase balance to purchase ads or get a premium membership.

Their payment system is a bit complicated, in my opinion, but the good thing is it does have a relatively low payout threshold. This means you will be able to quickly withdraw your earnings.

If you are interested in more sites with a low payout threshold, I suggest you check out the fastest paying sites as well.

How much money can you make?

The amount of money you can make from this PTC site isn’t really that great. That’s because it doesn’t really pay you that well. In order to earn a significant amount, you will have to click on a lot of ads and complete a lot of offers.

That will take time. So, in terms of earning efficiency, HeedYou isn’t really that great compared to survey sites and even GPT sites. To fully understand the difference between a PTC, GPT and survey site, I suggest you check out this guide on the difference of a GPT, PTC and a survey site.

So, in a sense, the low payout threshold they offer is relatively ineffective because you still need a lot of time to reach it due to the fact that they don’t pay that well.

And if you only want to click ads, you need to be aware that the number of available ads is quite limited so even if you click all the ads you have access to, it will take a long time to reach the payout threshold.

So overall you should not expect to be able to earn a lot from HeedYou.

Can you use it on mobile?

heedyou mobile site

HeedYou doesn’t have a mobile app you can download and install on your mobile device. But, you will be able to access their site and work on it by using a mobile web browser.

The mobile version of their site is optimized for mobile use so you will be able to read the content with ease. However, I don’t really recommend you use a mobile device when viewing ads.

That’s because it can get a bit tiresome since viewing ads will ask you to open a lot of mobile web browser tabs. That can become a bit inconvenient in the long run, in my opinion. Therefore, it is recommended that you use a desktop or laptop if you decide to become a member of this PTC site.

I only recommend using a mobile device when you want to participate in a paid offer that will ask you to download a mobile app.

Who can join HeedYou?

The one positive thing I can say about HeedYou is, it is fairly easy to become a member of this site. That’s because it is available globally. So, you can register as a member regardless of where you live.

heedyou registration
To join the site, all you have to do is fill out the registration form and confirm your sign-up.

To become a member, you simply have to fill out their registration form. Once you are done with that, you have to check your email and click the confirmation link they will send you. Once you’ve done that, you can then log in to the site and start earning.

They do mention on their site that you can become a premium member by purchasing their premium subscription. However, they don’t really have a page explaining what you will get out of this premium membership.

This, in my opinion, is really just a poor way of enticing people to become a premium member. You don’t exactly know what you will be getting out of it. But in my experience, premium membership on a PTC site usually entails more access to paid ads and offers.

So, you can expect to get that when you become a premium member, plus other benefits.

Can you get support?

The problem with HeedYou’s website is, it isn’t exactly very transparent on what it offers for its members.

The information provided on their website is mostly geared towards getting customers to advertise with them.

So, if you are a potential member, you won’t really get a clear picture of what it has to offer unless you sign up and try the site out for yourself. Their site doesn’t even have an FAQ page that discusses the most common topics about the site.

That, in my opinion, shows that they are really more interested in getting advertisers rather than earning members.

heedyou contact form
If you need to contact their support team, you can use the contact form on their website.

Now, if you have an inquiry or if you want to clarify something, you can use the contact form provided on their website to send your message for their support team. They also have a Forum you can join to get tips and more information about the site.

That, at least, kind of offsets the absence of an FAQ page, which you will typically find on other PTC, GPT and survey sites.

But overall, I can say that they do provide a decent option for you to get support. It’s just that, they could stand to benefit more if they were more transparent about what they have to offer for their members.

Final Verdict

HeedYou is a legit PTC site that does pay you for clicking ads and completing offers. It has fairly good qualities to offer but some glaring drawbacks as well.

Let me end this review with a summary of its pros and cons to help you decide if you should become a member of this site or not.



  • Low payout threshold
  • Offers payment via PayPal
  • Available globally


  • Low rewards
  • Slightly complicated payment process
  • Few earning opportunities

When you first look at the qualities of HeedYou, everything points to it being a good site to earn extra cash from. It has a low payout threshold, it offers a convenient payment method and it is available globally.

However, all of that is offset by the fact that you simply can’t earn a significant amount from this site without having to invest a lot of time. That’s because they don’t really pay that well and the number of available earning options is also very limited. So, earning efficiency is thrown out the window.

But, HeedYou can still serve as a secondary site to earn from as long as you don’t expect to earn a lot from it. If you prefer to earn efficiently though, I recommend you check out the top survey and GPT sites in your country instead.

The sites on this list will all allow you to earn efficiently because they pay relatively well. Plus, you will be able to find a site that you can join regardless of where you live.

If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with HeedYou yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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