Reviews of GPT Sites

If you are interested in making some extra cash online for free, you have probably heard about GPT sites (Get-Paid-To).

They are platforms you can join for free and earn by doing different micro-tasks online.

You can, for example, earn by taking surveys, watch videos, click ads, sign up for free trials, do social media tasks, data entry, download apps, play games, and more. What characterizes them is that they always has quite a lot of different way to earn.

The quality of the sites and the money making opportunities do, however, vary greatly. It can be frustrating to test them to find which ones are legit and which ones are a waste of time, and it is difficult to find honest and in-depth reviews of GPT sites.

That is where come in – I have tested hundreds of GPT sites over the last few years and have found both great and not so great sites, and have unfortunately also found some that are outright scams.

If you just want to see the best options, you can right away check out the list of best GPT sites here

If you instead want details about a specific platform, you can go through the alphabetical list below where I have listed all the GPT sites I have tested so far. I am testing new platforms every week, so it will regularly be updated. 

You are also welcome to leave a comment below the list if you know a GPT site you would like me to review that is not yet on the list. 



























36 thoughts on “Reviews of GPT Sites”

    • It is not hard at all. But in some countries there are few available sites so if you have a hard time joining sites, it is likely because of the country you live in.

      • Hi Mikael, I’m in Canada and I use Mistplay. However, it takes me a week of playing games, a few hours a day just to get a 10 dollar Walmart giftcard. I’ve gotten three 10 dollar ones so far which was appreciated but, are there any game playing sites that even pay 5 bucks a day? or are they all slow going like Mistplay? I tried justplay out and it took me a couple weeks to earn 17.00, but then I noticed after the cash out, the coin earnings became far lower to the point that I got mad and deleted the app. I also noticed that sites like cashyy and fun games use alot of the same games as Mistplay, and they conflict with each other and I dont get credited from both sites when I play the same game on either site. In fact, my point rewards earning lower on Mistplay if I don’t install game on their site since they didn’t get credit for my install. I still get rewarded, just at a far slower rate. I finally deleted everyone except Mistplay. I’m just frustrated that I cant earn a little more since I live on a low disability pension. Survey sites are pointless since most say I’m not qualified for the survey and I get maybe 1 survey a month that I can actually do. I have no clue how to do a blog or even what I would say and my YouTube channel has no niche but I do have almost 900 subs. They were only interested in 1 video I think. Anyway, I’m clueless and would truly appreciate some guidance or help as to what sites actually pay about 5 bucks a day? If that’s even possible. Thanks in advance.

  1. Hey Brother.

    Extreme long list, thanks to long long hours of hard work ! Lovely compilation. But really would appreciate if you can make preference list also, like most liked to least liked.

    Once again. thanks and god luck

    • I have many lists like that. They are divided into the best options depending on your country, the payment method you prefer, etc. You can take a look around my site to find these, or you can let me know what you are looking for and I can share some links.

  2. Hi
    I have spend at least 2 hours of my time in your website, and honestly there is no survey or gpt site to accept my country.
    The reason I wrote this comment for you:
    I was in one of your pages name “Find the best survey & gpt sites for your country” and I even couldn’t find my country there LOL. Iran is end of the world and the most ignored country in the Galaxy.
    Thank You for your amazing website


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