pointsprizes reviewPointsPrizes is a GPT (get-paid-to) site, where you can seemingly earn money in a lot of different ways.

But is PointsPrizes legit or a scam platform to stay away from?

After testing it, I have found that it has some potential, but I have however also noticed certain aspects that can be problematic, if you want to use the site for a while.

In this PointsPrizes review I will share all the details with you, so you can see what the potentials of this platform are, but also what the potential dangers are, before you decide to join or not.

What is PointsPrizes and what does the site offer?

PointsPrizes was started is 2016, so it is a fairly new GPT site compared to many others. It has its headquarters in France, but it has opportunities for many countries (more about this later).

The ways you can earn money on PointsPrizes are:

Paid surveys:
Paid surveys is in my opinion a great way to make some extra money on the side, and PointsPrizes offers a decent amount of these.

It gives you access to several survey routers, where you are able to take surveys from third party providers.

The amount of surveys that are available to you depends a lot on the country you live in. In my experience there are however in general not as many surveys as on many other similar sites, and they often do also not pay quite as well as they do on the top survey sites.

There are however still surveys that are worth taking on PointsPrizes, and it can be a good way to earn some money there.

Paid offers:
PointsPrizes has many offer walls, where you can find paid offers. They are divided into the top offers and the regular offer walls.

It is all kinds of offers – you can fro example earn a reward by signing up for contests, getting free trials for products/services, downloading apps, and some of the offer walls also has paid surveys.

Some of these offers can give really good rewards, but make sure to check the conditions before you join. I have noticed that especially the top offers are often contests, where you can win a really cool prize – but be aware that often you have to give your phone number for this, which can lead to a lot of sales calls.

So make sure you look into the conditions of each offer before taking any.

PointsPrizes coupon codes:
You are supposed to be able to find PointsPrizes coupon codes around the web and on the social media channels of PointsPrizes. With these codes you can get free points.

It does however not seem like they are posted very often on the social media channels, so do not expect too much from this. I was however able to do some more research and found a couple of codes that worked for me – by writing “DELTA100”, I got 100 points, and by writing “PLASMA25” I got 25 points. So you can try these out, and see if they still work.

In the coupon section of PointsPrizes you will also see that you can unlock coupons and get some free points.

pointsprizes coupon codes

You can find bonus coupon codes on PointsPrizes – but you have to work to get them.

You just have to be aware that you have to work for these points. To unlock the code, you have to choose and take an offer from the pop-up that show, when you try to unlock the coupon.

The coupon codes can give your account a little boost, but it is not something that really makes a difference in the long run. So it is nice to use them to get a little extra points, but do not spend too much time chasing them.

Watch videos:
You can also earn by watching small videos on PointsPrizes. This is however only available on mobile devices through the app.

You will not earn very high rewards for watching them, so in my opinion they are only worth watching, if they are about a topic, you want to watch a video about anyway.

Refer other people:
You can earn commissions by inviting other people to join PointsPrizes. You get a link you can share, and if people join through this link, PointsPrizes will pay you a commission of 10% of everything they make (it will not make their rewards smaller).

PointsPrizes has advice on the platform about how you can share this link and start earning this way. The advice make it sound very easy, but be aware that it is not as easy as it sounds, and many of the advice will not give you many results.
One of the advice is for example to share your link in Facebook groups – the problem about this is that most groups will ban you for spamming them with a link like this, and the ones that do not are usually overflooded with similar links, so nobody can be bothered to really follow these groups anymore.

It is definitely possible to make money by referring other people, but just be aware that it might not be as easy as the advice and “training” on PointsPrizes make it sound.

Gaming offers:
If you like playing computer games, you can earn a bit by signing up for certain games through PointsPrizes. All the gaming offers I have seen has it as a requirement that you have to play and make progress in the game for 3 days to get the reward.

gaming offers on pointsprizes

Some of the gaming offers you can find on PointsPrizes.

The rewards for this vary a lot from game to game, but you can see what the reward will be before you sign up. I do however find it a bit strange that all it says in the conditions is that you have to make progress for 3 days – it does not say how much progress you need to make, so very difficult to know exactly what you need to do to get the rewards for the gaming offers.

In general the gaming offers can be a fun way to make some extra money, but you should not play the game for the sole purpose of getting the rewards, as it will not be worth it. But if you like playing the games anyway, why not also get paid a bit to do it.

Daily Poll:
Every day there is a short poll you can do on PointsPrizes. You will only earn 5 points, but it will also not take you long to do. So if you are using the platform anyway, the daily poll can be a way to make a tiny bit of extra money.


Below I have created a video tutorial of PointsPrizes, so you can get an inside look and see for yourself what it has to offer, and how to use the earning opportunities there, if you decide to join:

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How do you get paid?

Every time you take a survey, an offer or anything else on PointsPrizes, you get paid in points. These points can then be exchanged into a number of different prizes like for example PayPal, Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, a variety of online games, and more.

Personally, I like sites that pay through PayPal, so I am happy to see this is a payout option on PointsPrizes. And there are some pretty good other rewards as well, in case you are not such a big fan of PayPal.

However, I do not really like the point system on PointsPrizes, as it is not easy to see exactly how much you earn. Most other sites that use a point system have made it quite simple, so that a point for example equals 1 cent. Then it is easy and fast to see what you get, before you take a survey or an offer.

On PointsPrizes 1 point is in most cases worth around $0.0066. The exact value can however vary depending on the reward you choose, which makes it even more confusing. But in general it means that you need 3,000 points to get a reward of $20.

$20 is also the payout threshold, as this is the minimum amount you need, before you can get a reward. A bit too high payout threshold in my opinion, but still an acceptable threshold.

How much money can you make?

As you can see, PointsPrizes has quite a lot of different ways to earn. It also means that there are some decent chances of earning some extra pocket money.

I do however not think the rewards are as good as on many other similar sites, and some of the terms and conditions are not very clear, so it not the best place to earn extra money in my opinion.

You can definitely make some extra money, but do not expect it to make you anything close to a full-time or part-time income.

Can you use it on mobile?

PointsPrizes is very easy to use on your mobile devices, because it has its own app. You can download it both on Google Play and the AppStore.

Using the app can be an easy way to make some money once in a while during the day. And if you like earning by watching videos on PointsPrizes, you have to have the app. They are only available in the app. The rest of the offers are more or less the same whether you use the app or a desktop.

Who can join PointsPrizes?

who can join pointsprizesYou can join PointsPrizes no matter where in the world you live. The amount of available surveys and offers do however vary depending on the country you live in. So even if you can join from your country, there is no guarantee that you will have good opportunities.

PointsPrizes mentions on the website that the most opportunities are for people living in more wealthy countries like for example the US, as most companies are willing to pay people to take surveys and offers in these countries.

A very unusual thing about PointsPrizes is that it does not have any age restriction, so you do not have to be a certain age to join. Be aware that certain payout methods like for example PayPal does however have an age restriction of 18 years.

Can you get support?

If you should need support, it looks like there are plenty of ways to get in contact with PointsPrizes’ support staff.

You can for example send them an email, ask through live chat on the website, or send a direct message on Facebook or Twitter.

I have not had the need to contact the support myself, so I cannot confirm how quickly you can expect an answer. But from looking at the activity on for example the Facebook page, it looks like you can expect a fairly quick answer.

How do you join (and what to be careful of)?

It is very easy to join PointsPrizes – actually too easy in my opinion.

You just have to give your email, and then you will get access to the platform. You have to confirm your email by clicking a link in your inbox. I did not receive this email at first, but once you are logged in, you can request to have it resend under the account settings, in case you also do not receive it.

My concern is however that you do not need to create a password – I have never before found a survey and GPT site where this is the case. When you come back to the site, all you have to do is to put in your email, and then you will get access.

It does not seem very safe to me, as anyone with your email would then be able to access your account. PointsPrizes explain in their FAQ section why they do not use passwords – it is because it is a hassle to have to memorize another password, and sites can easily be hacked anyways. They do also not wish to hold any sensitive data.

This is of course in a way convenient and easy, but personally I would definitely still prefer, if I could choose a password. That is of course a matter of personal preferences, and then it is up to you to decide what the right option is for you.

Final thoughts

PointsPrizes definitely seems like a legit site to make some extra money, and it is an actual company registered with an address in France. But let’s sum up the pros and cons, so you can get better overview, before deciding whether you want to join or not.


  • Good payout options
  • Many different ways to earn
  • Good support options


  • Confusing point system
  • Certain terms and conditions for offers are not clear
  • Some rewards are lower than on similar sites
  • You cannot create a password for your account

PointsPrizes has both several pros and cons. A lot of it comes down to personal preferences. I think it is a site that has some potential, and you can definitely make some extra pocket money on the platform.

Compared to other similar sites, I am however not impressed. If you have to prioritize your time and only join the sites with the most and best opportunities, I would therefore instead recommend you to check out my list of the best paying survey sites.


If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with PointsPrizes yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.


  • Money/time ratio
  • Frequency
  • Usability


PointsPrizes can make you some extra money, but it will not give you as good opportunities as many similar sites. It is not very user-friendly as some of the conditions for the offers you can take are not very clear, and the point system is a bit confusing. If you can live with the cons, it might still be a site worth joining for you.

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