Givling Review – Worth It or Not? (Full Details + Rating)

Givling Rating

If you are not paying off a student or mortgage loan, then you don’t have any reason to use this app, in my opinion. The major downside of this app is, there’s no guarantee you will earn anything.

Are you a college student who loves playing trivia games? If so, there’s an app called Givling that claims to help pay off your student loan by playing their trivia games.

It sounds like a perfect deal, right? Well, before you download this app, there are a few things you need to know first. And the most important thing you need to confirm before you download this app is if it is legit or just another scam to stay away from?

Let me address this concern right away so we can move on to discussing other aspects of the app. Yes, it is indeed a legit app that will really reward you for playing their trivia games. Now, the big question is, is it worth it or not?

The answer to that question remains to be seen. We first have to take a closer look at everything the app has to offer so you know exactly what it offers and can decide if this app is a good fit for you or not. So, let’s go ahead and get this review started, shall we?

What is Givling and what does it offer?

At its core, Givling is a Get-Paid-To (GPT) app that will reward you for playing trivia games. It is a very straightforward app but it has a twist and later on, I will explain what this twist is. In the meantime, here’s a short video explaining what this app does.

For you to understand how this app works, we first have to take a closer look at the earning opportunities it offers. This will also give you a snapshot of how well you can earn from it. So, here’s how to earn from Givling.

Option 1 – Trivia game

The thing that makes Givling a unique app is that you will be playing their trivia game with two other members. So, that means it will be a team of 3 versus another team of 3. It’s a unique mechanic because it will allow you to play the trivia game with other members of Givling.

Here’s a video tutorial showing you how it works.

As shown in the video, when you enter the play queue, you will be paired with two other members. You independently answer general-purpose trivia statements (True or False) within a 10-second time limit. Every question you answer correctly will earn you a certain number of points. The game is over after three incorrect answers or if there are no more questions available (whichever comes first).

When answering the questions, you will notice that there are some points already on the board. These points are actually from your two anonymous teammates that have recently completed their games. Your score plus theirs equals your team score.

At the end of the week, whoever has the highest score wins the prize. The game starts and ends every Wednesday at 3:00 pm Mountain time. So, keep that in mind. You will see your trivia rank for the week on the Home Screen under the countdown clock.

If you're on one of the top teams when the countdown clock hits zero, you'll be awarded Givling Queue Points or a trivia funding award. You will see the trivia funding award displayed on the home page. It will usually be a certain amount in US dollars (around $100 or more).

There is also a daily prize in cash you can win every day. And later on, I will explain what you can do with it.

Now, after you finish playing a game, you will be prompted to interact with a video ad. Just watch the video ad and once it is done, you will be prompted with the number of Givling Queue Points you’ve earned from playing the game. This will be the points related to their reward system which I will talk about later.

Every day, you can play the trivia game for free twice. If you want to play more, you will have to buy Givling coins and use them for additional trivia plays. This is how Givling earns and manages to reward you (well, apart from sponsorships, merchandise sales, and ads).

Option 2 – Video ads

You can also earn additional Givling Queue Points by watching their video ads. Every day, you can watch 3 video ads and for every ad you watch, you will earn 2 Givling Queue Points. It’s not much but it is an additional source of points.

watching video ads on givling
You can watch video ads to earn more Givling Queue Points.

However, you can only watch one video ad per hour. So, you can’t watch the 3 videos in succession. You have to watch them at least an hour apart. Otherwise, you won’t earn the reward. I personally found this a bit annoying because I had to keep logging back into the app after a few hours just to watch one video.

So, if you want to maximize the Givling Queue Points you earn, you have to make sure you don’t forget to watch all three videos for the day.

Option 3 – Referral program

You can earn more Givling Queue Points through their referral program. The idea is pretty simple. You invite people to join the app by emailing your invite code or by sending an SMS message with your code in it.

referral program of givling
You can invite other people to join the app to earn more Queue Points.

Once the person you’ve invited registers to the app, they will become your referral. You will then receive 5 Givling Queue Points and 1 Givling coin. You can use the coin to buy more entries for playing their trivia game.

The rewards you will get from their referral program is not that great but it can help you earn more Givling Queue Points since you can play more trivia games.

Option 4 – Buying merchandise

Giving has a marketplace where you can buy various merchandise like shirts, jackets, electronic devices, and more. This isn’t exactly an earning opportunity but I’ve decided to include it on this list because when you buy merchandise from them, you will earn Givling Queue Points.

givling marketplace
You can buy specific products from their marketplace to earn more Queue Points.

The Givling Queue Points you can earn will depend on the price of the merchandise you bought. The more expensive the merch, the more points you will receive. It’s that simple.

However, I would only recommend you buy products from their marketplace if you really like them or if you really need them. Buying a product just to earn Givling Queue Points is really just counterproductive, in my opinion.

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How do you get paid?

Givling doesn’t work like other online rewards apps you might have encountered. Let me just tell you right now, you won’t be able to earn cash from it like you normally would with other apps where you can withdraw your earnings via PayPal or convert them to gift cards.

Givling doesn’t offer that option. Instead, as you can see, the most important form of currency they offer is Givling Queue Points.

You see, the reward system of Givling is quite unique. The Givling Queue Points you’ve earned will be used to enter yourself into any of their 4 rewards queue.

funding queues of givling
There are different funding queues you can join to have a chance at getting your student or mortgage loan paid.

Givling works like a lottery. It has four queues (the photo only shows three – the one that’s not displayed is called 50k Free $50K Queue) you can join to have a chance of winning funding from them. Queues are the way Givling figures out who gets funded and when.

The recipient of the funding is the player with the most Queue Points at the moment Givling has raised the amount for the funding. That player will then receive the funding but not in cash. Instead, Givling will use it to pay a portion of that member’s student or mortgage loan.

So, every funding cycle, there will be four winners (one for each queue). The money you can win is pretty significant, but the downside is, it doesn’t go into your pocket. It is used to pay off your loan. The maximum amount paid will be $50,000 for student loans and $25,000 for mortgage loans.

Every queue also has its own mechanics and it is shown on their FAQ page. You can just check it out for the exact requirements and steps you need to do to get placed into that queue.

Now, as for the cash prizes you’ve won from their trivia games (daily and weekly), you can use it to buy Givling coins or merchandise. Or you can have Givling use that amount to pay your student or mortgage loan. But you can’t withdraw that cash prize. That’s the downside.

Overall, their reward system is a bit complicated and can take some getting used to. I personally don’t prefer this kind of reward system since you can’t take out your earnings but if you have a student loan it can potentially be a nice way to get some of it paid off.

However, if you are looking to earn cash, I would recommend you check out the top sites that pay via PayPal instead.

How much money can you make?

As explained above, there’s no guarantee you will earn money from Givling. It is more of a lottery, in my opinion. That’s why I would say the earning potential of this app is very low. You will have to be very good at trivia games in order to earn from this app.

If that isn’t your thing, I suggest you stay away from this app and find some other app or website to earn from. I would only recommend you join this app if you are really into trivia games and you have student or mortgage loans you need help to pay off.

Can you use it on a desktop?

Givling is a mobile-only platform. So, you will really need a mobile app to work on it.

givling app
The app is available for download on the iOS app store. If you are an Android user, you will have to install it manually.

As for their app, it is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can find the download link on their website. However, if you are an Android user, you will have to install their app manually. If you don’t know how to do that, I suggest you read up on how to install apps manually.

If you are an iOS user, you can find it on their iOS app store. The app is very user-friendly, so you won’t have a hard time getting used to how it works. Aside from the video ads you have to watch, you won’t encounter any pop-up ads inside this app, which is a good thing. Because it can get pretty annoying to keep closing pop-up ads.

Who can join Givling?

Givling is only available in the US. So, if you live somewhere else, then this app is not for you. You also have to be at least 18 years of age to join.

To register, you have to first download the app and install it on your device. Then, you just have to go through the registration process, which is pretty straightforward. Once you are done with the sign-up, you just have to confirm your registration and you can now log in to the app and start playing.

Can you get support?

If you have any questions about the app or your account, you can first refer to their FAQ page. It discusses most of the important topics you need to know. Their FAQ page can be accessed through their website or app.

If you can’t find the answers you are looking for, you can send them an email at

Overall, I would say they have a decent support system in place for their members. Their FAQ page is pretty comprehensive and their site does a good job of explaining what the app is all about. They also provide a convenient way for you to get in touch with their support team.

Final Verdict

Givling is a GPT app that will allow you to earn rewards you can use to help pay off your student or mortgage loan. It certainly has a couple of interesting features but it also has some limitations you need to be aware of.

Let me finish this review by summarizing its pros and cons so you can get an overview of what the app has to offer. Then, you can decide if this is really an app you should use or not.



  • Offers a fun and interesting way to earn rewards
  • Their app is user-friendly
  • Can potentially help you pay off loans


  • Limited earning opportunities offered
  • Limited payment options offered
  • You are not guaranteed to earn from it

The bottom line is, if you are not paying off a student or mortgage loan, then you don’t have any business using this app, in my opinion. The major downside of this app is, there’s no guarantee you will earn anything.

And if ever you get lucky enough to win, you still won’t be able to withdraw your earnings. It can only be used to pay off your student or mortgage loan. It’s really a niche app in my opinion, and I would only recommend you join this app if you are really good at trivia games. Otherwise, you are better off joining other apps or sites that offer a guaranteed way of earning.

For a list of those sites and apps, I would recommend you check out the top survey and GPT sites in your country. The sites and apps on this list all have good earning potential and offer guaranteed ways for you to earn.

Plus, you will definitely find a site or app you can join regardless of where you live.

If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with Givling yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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