Music Xray Review – Worth Your Time? (Not For Everyone)

Music Xray Rating

Music Xray is a legit site where you potentially can earn. However, if you are there simply to earn a few extra bucks, you will be disappointed. The earning potential is very low.

Music Xray is a site that promises to pay you for listening to songs. Yes, you read that right.

All you have to do is supposedly to listen to songs and you get to earn a few extra bucks. It also offers other opportunities, which I will talk about later.

But is Music Xray legit, or is it a scam to stay away from?

Let me just answer this right away so we can talk about the other important things about this site. Yes, it is a legit site that does pay you for listening to songs from artists.

Is it worth your time, though? This Music Xray review will answer that question and more. This article will examine all the details about what the site has to offer so you can see exactly what to expect and decide if you should join or not.

So let's get this party started.

Important Update!

Since I first published this review, Music Xray has made some BIG changes.

It is no longer possible to earn by listening to music (the Fan Digest / Fan Match feature). The other aspects of Music Xray are still the same, so if you are interested in these, the review below will still be relevant.

But if you are mainly looking for a way to earn some extra cash online, then you should check out the best Get-Paid-To sites in your country here instead.

What is Music Xray, and what does it offer?

Music Xray is unlike any other Get-Paid-To or survey site that you've encountered. As stated, instead of completing offers or answering surveys, you will earn by listening to songs from artists instead.

However, earning from this site doesn't stop there. There are other opportunities this site offers.

If you are an independent music artist, this site can be useful for you. Here's a video explaining how you can benefit from this site:

But, in order to be able to understand the full potential of this site as an earning opportunity, we have to examine how you can earn from it.

So, here's how you can earn money from Music Xray.

Option 1 – Submit Songs

As stated above, if you are an independent music artist or if you have a band, you can submit your original songs to industry experts and have them listen to it.

music xray opportunities
You can submit your songs to industry professionals. If you get chosen, you will get a huge payout.

If they like what they hear, they might offer you something in return. The way this opportunity works is, you as an artist, can look at all the opportunities listed on their member dashboard.

If you find an opportunity that you like, you can submit your song. The thing though is, you will have to pay a submission fee before you can submit your song.

You will know how much the submission fee costs when you read the offer. It will be stated how much it costs to submit a song. Aside from the submission fee, the offer will also state what are the possible rewards you will get if you will be chosen by the industry professional.

The payout can be big, but then again, that is if your song will be chosen. In my opinion, this is a huge gamble, but this is really the selling point of Music Xray.

They provide you with an opportunity to be heard but for a price. If you are serious about your music career, this can be a good opportunity to be heard, in my opinion. But don't get too carried away because remember, you will have to spend your own money before you get the chance to earn.

Option 2 – Fan Digest

This is the part where you get to listen to songs from other members of the site and get paid to do it. There's not much information about it on the site, but it's a pretty straightforward process.

Once you become a member of their site (you have to sign up as an artist to avail of this feature, which I will discuss later), all you have to do is wait for music to arrive in your inbox.

Think of it as survey offers you receive on survey sites. When an invitation to listen to a song arrives in your inbox, simply listen to it, and after you've finished listening to the song, you will receive $0.10 as a reward.

It's not much, but it's the only way you can earn from this site if you are not making your own music. Here's where the problem lies.

This type of earning opportunity, in my opinion, is really not very reliable. Compared to GPT or survey sites, where you get to earn on a regular basis, you will have to wait for songs to come into your inbox before you can earn.

And to top it off, you won't earn much. So, the earning potential of this site is really not something to consider. In my opinion, you are better off joining a GPT or survey site if you want to earn extra cash on a regular basis.

Option 3 – Tips

You can also earn from tips if you become a member of Music Xray. Once you've uploaded songs to your account, other members of the site can start listening to your songs.

If they like your songs, they can leave a tip for a certain amount, which will be collected in your tip jar.

music xray tips
You can receive tips if people like the songs you've uploaded.

Before you can receive tips, you have to set up your tip jar first. For every tip sent your way, Music Xray will deduct 10% off it as their share of the tip.

You get to keep 90% of the tip. It will then be credited to your account, which you can then withdraw (I will talk about how you can request payment later).

You can also share your tip jar on social media pages by sharing the direct link to your tip jar. Plus, you can embed a tip jar button on your band's site so that when a person clicks the button and leaves a tip, it will be credited to your tip jar.

If you want to reach more people on the platform, you can create a fan match campaign by clicking the target fans button beside the song you've uploaded.

You will have to pay for the campaign, though, but you can use your account balance to pay for it.

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How do you get paid?

So how does Music Xray pay? This is something you definitely need to know to make sure you can get your earnings in a convenient way.

A great thing is that the site doesn't use a point system. It uses dollars as the currency. As you can see earlier in this review, you will receive $0.10 for every song you listen to.

This will then be reflected in your account balance. The same goes for the tips you will receive.

When you reach $20 in your account, you can then request a payout via PayPal. It's a relatively high payout threshold considering that you will only earn $0.10 per song you listen to.

musicxray payout method
You can get your earnings out via PayPal.

As for the payout you will receive from the opportunities you've submitted your songs, that will be a different story.

If your song gets chosen, you will then have personal correspondence with the industry professional who posted the opportunity.

Arrangements for the payout can then be discussed between you and the industry professional. Music Xray will not take any portion of any deal reached through that type of opportunity.

In my opinion, if you signed up to the site purely to listen to songs, it will take quite a long time to reach their relatively high payout threshold.

If you are interested in sites with low minimum payout, I suggest you check out the fastest paying survey sites instead.

How much money can you make?

If you were hoping to earn a significant amount of money on the site purely from listening to songs, you will be disappointed.

First, the pay for each song you listen to is quite low. Second, there is no guarantee you will frequently receive invites to listen to songs. So, it will really take a long time before you can reach the payout threshold.

But if you are a musician and you've uploaded your songs on the platform, you can plan out how you can earn from the site. You can take advantage of their tipping system as well as the song submissions.

In my opinion, this is the best way to make use of what the site has to offer. So, if you are an independent musician trying to get your music heard and generate some opportunities, this can be a good site for you.

If you aren't and are just looking for a site to earn a bit of extra cash, I suggest you join a GPT or survey site instead.

Can you use it on mobile?

music xray mobile site

Their site is mobile-friendly, but you will have to use a mobile web browser in order to access their site because they don't have a Music Xray mobile app you can download and install on your mobile device.

The mobile version of their site, though is quite easy to navigate, which is good.

This, at least, makes it more convenient for you to work on your mobile device. Plus, it can be more convenient to listen to songs on your mobile device rather than on your computer.

Who can join Music Xray?

Music Xray is available globally. You can become a member regardless of where you live. This, in my opinion, is the most redeeming quality of the site.

You do have to be at least 18 years of age in order to join because they use PayPal as their payment method, and the minimum age required to sign up for people is 18.

music xray sign-up
Their sign-up process is very easy.

The registration process is pretty straightforward. You can sign up using your Google, Yahoo, Facebook, or Soundcloud account. You can also sign-up the regular way where you provide your email address and password.

Once you finish that form, it will ask you whether you would like to sign up as an artist or as an industry professional.

For all intents and purposes, you should sign up as an artist because that's where you get to earn from the site. The industry professional account is for someone looking for artists to sign.

You will then have to complete your profile, which is important because Music Xray will use it to know which songs to send your way.

Apart from that, the rest of the registration process is pretty simple, in my opinion.

Can you get support?

If you wish to communicate with their support team, you can do so by submitting a support ticket.

music xray support
You can use their helpdesk to submit inquiries.

You can access their helpdesk by clicking the customer support link on the bottom of their page. They have a Live Chat option, but it's not always online. When you click on it while it's offline, you will be redirected to the helpdesk instead.

You can also check out their FAQ section. It covers most of the basic stuff about the site. You might be able to find the answer you're looking for on that page.

Final Verdict

Music Xray is a legit site that will pay you for listening to songs. It also presents other interesting opportunities, but let me just tell you right away, it isn't for everyone.

So let's finish this review by summing up its pros and cons to give you an overview of what the site has to offer before deciding if it is for you or not.



  • Available globally
  • Uses a convenient payment method
  • Can give opportunities to have your music heard if you are a musician


  • Low earning potential
  • Limited earning opportunities
  • Fairly high payout threshold

If you are purely looking to earn from this site, you will be disappointed. You won't earn a lot from listening to songs. Plus, it will take a long time before you can hope to withdraw your earnings because of the high payout threshold.

Music Xray is mainly intended for independent musicians who are looking to get their music heard by industry professionals. The other earning opportunities are just a bonus, in my opinion. So, this site is really not for everyone.

If you are looking for sites that will allow you to earn on a regular basis, I recommend you check out the top survey sites in your country instead.

The survey and GPT sites on this list all have good earning potential. Plus, they offer several earning opportunities as well, which will allow you to earn a significant amount on a regular basis.

If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with Music Xray yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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  1. Actually Music Xray does not provide that service anymore. They do not pay anyone to listen to music. Just wanted to let you know.

  2. This site is a lottery, pure and simple and as with any lottery it’s a game of chance. People in the music industry are spammed with demos from all and sundry, so if you are an ”outsider” you stand very little chance. Networking in London or California is the only way to do it. Ray is making a great living from this service though, and I guess that is really all that matters to him. One interesting thing it that in their pitches, the deliberately make it sound as though there is a much higher chance of succeeding, and that is a scumbag tactic.


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