Is NeoBux a Scam or Legit? The Ultimate 2021 Neobux Review

NeoBux Rating

NeoBux has many ways to earn. BUT it is quite confusing and if you are not careful, you can end up losing quite a bit of money instead of earning any.

If you have looked for an easy way to make extra money online, you have probably heard of Neobux.

But is NeoBux a scam or legit and really a great way to earn?

Let me reveal right away that it is not a scam, but that does NOT mean it is necessarily a good option for you to earn extra money – because it might very well not be.

In this 2021 NeoBux review, I will give you all the details about what the site has to offer, how NeoBux works, what you have to be aware of, what the money earning opportunities are, and much more.

So if you want to know exactly what it offers and if it is a site worth spending your time on or not, keep reading.

What is NeoBux and what does the site offer?

NeoBux has existed since 2008. From what I have been able to find out, the company behind it is based in Portugal and called NeoDev Lda. There is however not much more information to be found about the company behind. But NeoBux has been around for a while and has many members.

It is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) site that offers several ways to earn. But because of the system on the site (I will explain this throughout this review), it can more be seen as a PTC (Paid-to-Click) site.  Below, I will go over the different earning opportunities you have.

Let me just start by saying that, in general, Neobux is pretty confusing and not very user-friendly, in my opinion.

So it can be difficult to figure out what the opportunities are when you first join, so I will do my best to explain it so it is clear what it offers so you can easily see if it is worth it for you or not.

I have created a video tutorial that will give you a guided tour you can see later. But let’s, for now, go over the earning methods it offers.

Option 1 – Paid surveys:

If you have visited here on before, you will know that I think paid online surveys are a great way to share your opinion and earn some extra cash at the same time.

NeoBux has paid surveys, but not it does, however, not offer good opportunities for this for everyone.

neobux surveys examples
There are regular paid surveys on NeoBux.

If there will be any available depends on where you live. But in general, NeoBux does offer a decent number of surveys – you just need to be aware you have to take them through third-party sites. This means it can often take some patience to find the surveys you qualify for.

It can be a way to earn a bit extra, but surveys are not what NeoBux is known for, and more an extra thing.

If you are interested in paid surveys, you should instead check out the best paying survey sites in your country, as there are MANY sites with better opportunities in this area than what NeoBux offers, in my experience.

Option 2 – Clicking ads:

Clicking ads, or PTC (paid-to-click) as it is often called, is one of the things NeoBux is famous for.

There are quite a lot of ads you can click here every day. It will not be a way to earn a lot of money, but on average it will only take you around 10 seconds per ad.

You only get around $0.001 per ad you watch. This can, however, be higher, if you upgrade your membership.

neobux ptc ads
An example of a PTC ad on NeoBux.

The extremely low reward for clicking ads, which is one of the main things NeoBux offers, is one of the things that makes it a site I do not really like too much to be honest.

If you are using the platform anyways, it does not take long to click a few ads, so it might be worth using this option.

But if you calculate, you would need to click 1000 ads to just earn $1. That is not a very good value for your time spent.

Clicking ads does, however, give access to certain aspects on NeoBux that is only available when you have clicked a certain number of ads – you can e.g. not upgrade your membership until you have clicked 100 ads. So this might be a reason for clicking the ads if you decide to join NeoBux.

In addition to the cash rewards for clicking the ads, you also get what is called AdPrize chances.

Option 3 – AdPrize chances:

You get 4 AdPrize chances for each paid ad you click, and you have to use them within 240 minutes (4 hours).

The AdPrize chances are basically the same as the ads. You click and have to watch an ad for 5-10 seconds. The difference is that you get paid to click the PTC ads, but the AdPrize ads you do not get paid for. Instead, you have a chance to win a prize. You will know right away if you have won.

It does not say what the prize might be, other than in the FAQ section, if you dig deep, you can see that you can win points. I have not won any myself, so I cannot say exactly how many you could potentially win and how often prizes are won.

Again, I do not really think this is worth the effort but now at least you know the option is there and how it works if you decide to join.

Option 4 – Paid offers:

Paid offers or offer walls is the section of NeoBux where you can find a number of different online offers you can earn by taking. It can be to download apps, extra surveys, sign up for free trials on websites, and more.

NeoBux gives you access to several offer walls. Some of them are pretty good, but they are also offered on many other sites that in my opinion give better overall opportunities and I prefer taking them there instead.

neobux coin offers examples
Example of offer walls NeoBux gives access to.

There can be some pretty good offers once in a while. But be aware that on NeoBux you earn coins by taking these offers – not cash.

You can exchange these coins into cash (will get into more about that in the payment section a little later) but it makes it a bit confusing to figure out exactly what you get for the offers. Therefore, these offers are better to do on other sites in my opinion.

Option 5 – Paid games:

Yes, you can get paid to play games at NeoBux – but not a lot, so do not get too excited.

There is actually a really good selection of games you can play. Everything from card games, casino games, arcade games, strategy games and more. So you can definitely find some fun games to play.

neobux games
Some of the games you can get paid (a little) to play.

But only use them, if it is because you really like playing games anyways and not to earn.

To get credits for a game you have to play it for at least 2 minutes. For each game session, you will get $0.001, and you can get paid for a maximum of 100 game sessions a day.

It will, however, take you longer than 2 minutes as you first how to watch small ads, before you get to the actual game. But even if it was just 2 minutes, and you could play 100 sessions a day, it would only earn you $0.10 and take you more than 8 hours.

So as you can see – only do it for fun and not to earn.

Option 6 – Invite people to join NeoBux:

neobux referral program

Referring people is a way to earn a bit extra by inviting other people to join NeoBux and get a small commission every time that person earns (the earnings for the person you invited will not be affected, and the commission is paid by Neobux).

This is used by many survey and GPT sites and is usually very simple. You share a link with people, and if they join through that and start using the platform, then you get a small reward.

However, this is one of the many points where Neobux is complicated and confusing compared to other sites.

First of all, there is a limitation in the referrals you can have depending on your membership type. Second, you do not get paid for your referrals click on ads unless you clicked a certain number of ads yourself the last 24 hours (the amount depends on your membership type).

The commission for ad clicks is between $0.005-$0.01 per click from your referrals, 12% of the mini-jobs they do, and 20% for coin offers. So you need A LOT of active referrals to make any money, and you need to upgrade your membership to be allowed to get this many referrals, as there as mentioned are limits on the amount you can have.

How this is calculated is again complicated, and I do not want to give all the examples and rules about that here, but to give you an idea: As a standard member, the number of allowed referrals is calculated by days you have been a member-30 divided by 4. That means that if you have been a member for a year (365 days) the calculation will be 365-30 divided by 4 = 84 referrals you can have.

This is a very complicated system compared to any other sites I have tested.

Option 7 – NeoBux rented referrals:

You also have the option to rent referrals at NeoBux, if you do not want to invite people yourself. That means that you in a way can hire people to work for you, and you will get commissions.

You only get rented referrals that have clicked at least 11 ads the last 5 days, so you are sure they are still active but other than that, there is no guarantee how active they will be.

The price for renting a referral again depends on how many you want to rent, but it will be between $0.20-$0.27 per referral for a 1-month rental. That means that if a person you rent clicks at least 20 times within 30 days, you will start making a profit.

So it can give money, but again you need big numbers for it to really be worth it, but it does have some potential, but also some risks. Be aware that there are limits to how many rented referrals you can have depending on your membership (see chart below).

rented referrals limits
The rented referral limits for the different membership types.

So do not just jump into renting referrals. First, do some calculations and be aware that there is no guarantee how active the referral will be.

Because you can end up losing money, and you need to be aware of this.

Option 8 – Complete quizzes

This is one of the newer earning options on NeoBux. It is located under the “offers” tab in the menu.

neobux quiz
You can earn by taking small quizzes.

It is actually a very easy way to earn. However, as you can see in the image above, you will not know what the reward will be until after you have finished a quiz.

It will be somewhere between $0.0001 and $0.0110 per quiz. The quizzes are all kind of random questions and can be entertaining.

But it is not very user-friendly, in my opinion. When you click to get started with the quizzes, a new screen opens. The first thing you then get is a big notification saying you have to subscribe to browser notifications from this third-party site to be able to get rewards.

neobux quiz notification
You have to agree to get browser notifications by this third-party site.

In addition to this, the page with the quiz is completely full of ads and you have to scroll to the bottom of the page to continue after every single question.

So it can be quite time-consuming and a tedious process to earn, in my opinion. Depending on how fast you are, it will probably take you 5-10 minutes per quiz. You can take as many as you want to.

But even if you get the highest possible reward for every quiz (which you will NOT) you have to take 100 quizzes just to earn $1. And even if you are able to only spend 5 minutes per quiz, it will be more than 8 hours you have to spend to earn $1 – and this is the best-case scenario.

So it is definitely not an effective way to earn and not a method I think is worth it.

How to use NeoBux?

As promised at the beginning of this review, I have created a video tutorial of NeoBux so you can see for yourself what Neobux offers and exactly how to use it. Below the videos you can also read more details:

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NeoBux membership types – worth paying for an upgrade?

As you can see above, NeoBux has quite a lot of different options, and some of them are quite complicated to figure out. One of the aspects that can be further confusing is the different levels of memberships you can have at NeoBux. So I will try to make it a bit clearer what the membership levels are about.

Everything you earn on NeoBux is affected by the membership level you have. What separates NeoBux from many other GPT sites is that they do not only have a free membership, but also memberships you have to pay for.

Not necessary something I recommend, and usually I warn people against joining any survey site or GPT site that charges a fee. But NeoBux also has a free membership, so you can just stay with that.

There are two main memberships: a standard (free) membership and a golden membership ($90 per year). The difference between the two memberships is mostly what you get for your own ad clicks and for your referrals’ ad clicks. Below you can see the differences in a chart with the numbers.

neobux membership types
The difference between standard and golden membership.

Once you upgrade to the golden membership you have the option to buy additional golden packs that will give you more advantages (and cost you more money), so in reality, there are more than just two memberships.

What the differences between these packages are is too much to explain in writing, so I will just below show you the chart from Neobux’ website that shows the differences.

available golden packs
The extra packages you can buy, if you upgrade to golden membership.

As you can see, the membership levels are a bit complicated. One thing you definitely have to consider before spending any money on upgrading is what your plan with NeoBux is.

To make it worth it, you have to have A LOT of referrals or a lot of rented referrals, and be very active on the platform yourself.

So make sure to do the calculations before spending any money. And it can also be a good idea to not invest any money unless you really know what you are doing, but instead, earn some money by participating on Neobux, and then use your earnings to upgrade once you have tried the site for a while and know what the potentials (or lack of) are.

How do you get paid?

neobux rewards

When you do anything on Neobux, you get paid in cash, coins or points. Clicks on ads, surveys, games, and mini-jobs pay in cash. You can get your cash paid out through Skrill, Payza, or Neteller.

The coin offers pay in coins that can be exchanged to cash. You will, however, not be credited the points until after 60 days.

Neobux says this is for security reasons, which is understandable, but it is still a very long wait compared to how quickly you get paid for offers on other GPT sites.

Some of the fastest paying survey and GPT sites, for example, pay out within hours, so having to wait 60 days is a lot, in my opinion.

Of course, NeoBux has also not made it simple how you convert coins into cash. The exchange rate depends on the number of coins you want to exchange, so you will get more out of your coins if you wait to exchange until you have many of them.

For example, if you exchange 2500 coins (which is the minimum), the exchange rate will be $0.8 per 1000 coins which will give you $2. If you exchange 100,000 coins (which is the maximum), the exchange rate will be $1.7 per 1000 coins so that would give you $170.

Points are what you earn in addition to cash when watching ads (1 point per ad), and what you can win in the AdPrize. The points cannot be exchanged to cash but can be used for upgrading to golden membership (for 30000 points for a 1-year membership), you can use them to extend your rented referrals, or to increase your direct referrals limit (500 points increase the limit by 1 referral).

How much money can you make?

It is extremely hard to say how much you can earn on NeoBux. If you are not careful and do not do your calculations carefully, it can end up costing you a lot of money, if you go for the upgrades without having a good plan.

I would say that NeoBux has some potential, but it is made in a very confusing way, so if you are not careful, it will cost you more than you make.

If you just want to make some nice extra money on the side without all the complications and rules, then there are many better GPT and survey sites to join that are a lot more simple and easy to use, and that do not have any paid membership upgrades you have to use yo increase your chances of earning.

Can you use a Neobux money adder or cheat bot?

neobux money adder

As one of the core services of NeoBux is PTC ads, many people are wondering if there is a way to find a money adder or a bot that can do all the clicking.

I can understand that the idea is appealing, but it is not something worth spending your time looking for.

NeoBux knows they have a business model that is tempting for people to try to cheat, and they are, of course, doing what they can to stop it and are using anti-cheat systems.

They warn users about cheating on the website and say that if they find out you are trying to cheat, you will get kicked out, banned and lose any earnings you have. So it is not something I recommend doing.

Can you use it on mobile?

I personally think it is great when GPT or survey sites have an app or a mobile-friendly site so that it is easy to take surveys etc. on the go.

NeoBux can be used on your mobile phone, but it is not very mobile friendly.

Everything is very small and you have to zoom in and out a lot to navigate. So it is definitely not ideal to use on the go, but it can be done with a little patience.

Who can join?

Probably the best thing about NeoBux is that anyone can join no matter where you live. What opportunities you will have can, however, vary depending on the country you live in.

In many countries, you will not find a lot of surveys, and there are also some limitations to the coin offers.

But you can use the PTC ads and the games no matter where you are from. As mentioned, this will not make you a lot of money unless you refer a lot of people, but if you are planning to do this, it is nice to know that you can refer people from all over the world.

Also, you can set the language on the platform itself in several languages.

neobux languages
You can choose what language you want to use NeoBux in.

Currently, you can choose between the 9 different languages you can see in the image above.

Overall, I do not think NeoBux is very user-friendly but I must say this is a nice touch for an international site to make the whole interface available in different languages.

Are there any NeoBux complaints?

After I first published my NeoBux review, I have had several people leaving comments below it with their own experiences and there have been some pretty harsh complaints among these so I just wanted to mention that here as it is quite important to know, in my opinion.

Several people have reported they have been cheated for quite a lot of money. And most of the complaints I have seen are from people that have invested a lot in rented referrals and upgrades and seem to have lost money this way.

So as mentioned earlier, be careful and think carefully and manage your risks before investing too much if you decide to invest at all. You can earn without investing and I would stick to those options on NeoBux.

However, I also want to mention I have heard feedback from people who are happy just earning a bit extra through the free options like the surveys, etc. But if you want to see the complaints or the positive feedback for yourself, you can just scroll to the bottom of the review and look in the comment section.

You are also welcome to leave your own comment there whether you have a complaint or positive experiences you want to share.

Can you get support?

If you should have any problems with your account, you can contact the NeoBux support by submitting a support ticket once you are logged in.

A faster way might be to use the forum. NeobBux has its own forum, where there is also support.

It actually has forums in many languages, which is pretty cool in my opinion and can be a nice way to get help in your own local language if you end up joining.

Final verdict – worth it or not?

As you can see from this review, NeoBux has quite a lot of different opportunities and it is not a scam site.

But I am however not impressed with the opportunities it offers. Let’s sum up the pros and cons so you can get a better overview before deciding for yourself.



  • Anybody can join
  • Has several earning opportunities


  • Very confusing to use
  • It takes an investment to have a chance to really earn
  • Small rewards for most earning methods
  • Not mobile-friendly
  • You can end up losing money

Overall, NeoBux has some potential. But for me, the biggest minus is that it is VERY confusing to use, and the whole system and rules are made so it is difficult to figure out how to use it the best way.

I also think it is a huge minus you have to pay to upgrade to really have chances of earning and you can end up losing a lot of money if you are not careful. Also, I do not like that you more or less need to refer other people if you want a chance to earn.

However, if you have a plan and think it through and calculate the risks, NeoBux might be a way to make some extra money. But it will not be easy, and it will take some investment.

I would suggest not to invest anything until you have made enough on NeoBux to use – to invest by upgrading on NeoBux right away is in my opinion risky, as the membership upgrades are quite expensive.

Overall, it is NOT a site I personally find worth it as there are so many other sites with better opportunities, in my experience. You can, for example, check out the best survey and GPT in your country here. All these sites are easier to use, and you do not have to worry about paying for an upgrade.

If you have any comments, questions or have any experiences with NeoBux yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

52 thoughts on “Is NeoBux a Scam or Legit? The Ultimate 2021 Neobux Review”

  1. Neobux are the biggest and by far the most longlived scam you can find.
    The name of the Admin is “Fernando José Teixeira Rato”, a smart guy from Porto in Portugal.
    I have been a member in NeoBux for many years, I joined 2010 and bulit up my account with thousands of referrals which costed me around 5,000 USD. Luckily I was able to cashout more than I invested cause suddenly the rented referral average dropped dramatically. From 0.7 to 0.3 within just a few weeks, so I made a loss every day. I had more than 12 000 rented referrals and my dream was to have as many as the guy reggen666 or magnet5674 with his 50 000 rented referrla. But now I’m lucky that I didnt waste even more money and time on that site.
    I was one of the guys who defended Neobux (silly me) as long as it bringed me money. Alot of people in the forum asked if the rented referrals where humans or bots, and idiotically I was one of them who belived in the legitness of Neobux and defended the site. Admin didnt have to answer much of these questions cause he had alot of usefull idiots like me who defended the site.
    I really hate that a**hole Fernando Rato, cause he have stolen alot of peoples money by making up a site that promise people a brighter future without (or a small) investment, and when they are on the top and starts to cashout, he manipulate the average so the poor bastards, who even took bank loans to speed up the process, doesnt make a cent.
    Fernando Rato should be reportd to authorites and put in jail. He belongs there among all other thiefs.

    • wow – that sounds crazy. Thanks for sharing your experience so others can see and learn from it.

      Not the first time I heard something like this. I did not really like the options on Neobux at first but after having seen yours and other stories as well, I like it even less.

      Again, thanks for taking the time to share it.


      • woo – that sounds crazy indeed: Someone is telling us he earned money and specifically more than $5000 and then he’s accusing those who paid him as scammers. It doesn’t make any sense.
        The truth is that neobux never guaranteed any amount of earnings, but since even the one who is accusing them without providing any proof earned more than $5000, it seems that earning there is pretty possible. I’m earning a side income on neobux for a couple of years already and never had any real problem with that site, so my personal experience confirms that earning money on that site is possible .

        • Thanks for sharing your experiences.

          But the person you are referring to does actually not say he made more than $5000 – he says he invested more than $5000 but luckily made it back. That does not mean he earned $5000.

          I definitely agree that Neobux does not guarantee any amount of earnings but I still find the story he mentions very relevant as he is not the only one I have heard it from.

          If you read my review, you will see that my point is not to say Neobux is a scam but that you can actually earn there. But it will be limited compared to many other sites and there are many aspects I do not like and do not think are user-friendly. And people also just need to know what they are getting into and be careful about investing in referrals because they think it might be a way to make a lot of money – the comments here show that people indeed should be careful investing too much.

          So the point is not that you cannot earn on Neobux but that it is not the most effective site in my experience and you should be careful investing in any of the paid options as you can end up losing a lot of money.

          • Mikael, he says that he spent $5,000 (and labeled that as “investment”) and he got paid more than $5000.
            To get paid more than $5000, you have to earn more than $5,000.
            Among all the unfounded accusations, it seems he forgot to tell us how much more that $5000 he earned. If he says the truth, what happened is that he spent $5,000 to buy services and he also earned from neobux more than $5,000.

            I have a different opinion than yours for that specific site, since on the contrary to what you say, it seems they’re paying more than many other sites for surveys and tasks. At least that’s my experience. To be more specific, they pay more than other GPTs for Figure Eight tasks, for Pollfish, Yuno and surveys and probably some more surveys sources that I cannot recall right now. I know that simply by comparing the same surveys and tasks in multiple sites.

            But, I agree that spending money on rentals should not be done with great expectations, because there’s no guarantee of any positive results. It’s like a form of gambling in my opinion and when you gamble, you may win but you may lose as well. A simple rule when you wish to gamble is to consider money as lost in advance and accept a possible loss as something natural.

            The comments here actually show that some people earned pretty high amounts, unless if you don’t consider 25,000 a high amount for example. So IMO, the correct conclusion would be that if you spend money on referrals, you may end up wasting a lot of money but you also may end up earning a lot of money.

            By the way, I noticed profanity in some of people’s comments and usernames, so I would suggest you to ask those people to edit their content accordingly or alternatively, you could moderate them a bit. It’s weird in my opinion to see profanity when comments have to be approved before get posted, while you don’t use any profanity in your polite texts and comments.

          • It seems we very much agree with the gambling aspect of renting referrals. But I do not agree that people might earn a lot by doing it – it will be a very small part of people that will be able to any money that way. And as you can see from the comments here, they also say that it was in the past they could make money like that but then they got banned.

            The reality for most people will be the will lose money and people deserve to know this so they do not join and start investing a lot without knowing the risk and the very small chance of earning anything that way. In addition to this, I also really dislike the very expensive memberships people are encouraged to buy which becomes another risk of losing money for most people.

            As for the rewards for surveys, I have tested hundreds of survey sites and, in my experience, there are many sites that are better than Neobux and that give higher rewards. Especially considering the overall options on the site and the fact that you can end up losing money on Nebux if you get carried away which is not possible on many other sites.

            As for the profanity, thanks for making me aware. I do take care of this, in general, and do not approve if people are abusive or anything like that. I actually regularly block comments that are abusive just for the sake of being it without any real content. In this case, there is one username that might be considered insulting and I will just block that part of the name right away – sorry I missed that. But thanks for making me aware and this is definitely something I will keep a closer eye on in the future.

            But it is good to hear you are enjoying Neobux. It is always good to get differnt opinions and experiences and that is also why I allow both positive and negative comments on my website so people can read different points of view.

            So thank you for taking the time to share your experiences here.

    • Rogga? really? That hapened to you too?. I know you, and you probably remember me as well. I talked to you on neobux. It didn’t even cross my mind that this thing about the Ultimate Members was actually true. But I finally realized that that guy is a thief. i want to talk with you. to know about details you can trust me. I can’t say who I am yet cause I didn’t cash out yet wich I plan to do in some months because I need to return my investment. But even so I’m gonna loose money there probably contact me pls.

  2. I’m using neobux for a few months and it’s actually a nice way to earn side income, They have a lot of short surveys and tasks and they always pay instantly.

    • Great to hear. Thanks for sharing your experience. If you like taking surveys on Neobux, I would suggest also checking out other sites because in my experience you can often get a higher reward for the exact same surveys on other sites.

    • Neobux is shit, and scam site. believe me, you can see the big account Magnet5674 was also dieing

      his rented refs is decreasing from 50000 to 2xxxx

      You can think why ?

      Many ultimate members was banned from forum with no reason, and the avg was controlled.

      Buddy Don’t trust neobux !!

      • I was also an ultimate member with over 20000 rented refferals. Over time, my average got manipulated so far down that I got out of neboux at pretty much break even. The site is a total scam. I am sorry for all the direct refferals that I got over time through advertising on other sites. Tons of people got dragged into this because I was stupid and I can only hope that no one got seriously damaged through my actions. I know that the scammers themselves are mostly to blame, but I still feel a bit guilty for spreading this crap.

        All of these direct refferals were either zero-clickers or clicked all their ads by the way. None of these irregular patterns you would see with rented refferals. And I had thousands of direct refs. They either had 4 clicks, or 9 if they were a gold member, or 15 if they were an ultimate member.

        Neobux is 100% a scam, so I can only urge people to stay away from it or leave it as soon as possible. And NEVER EVER promote shit like this to other people, the blame you will feel afterwards is not pretty, trust me. All I can do now is warn others about it. Don’t get blinded by greed like I did.

  3. I must unfortunately join the discusion about Neobux. I was ultimate member with 10 000 referrals. Over time my averages got lower and lower and it became very hard to make profit. When I started discussion about this on forum, my topics got removed. After a warning from admin that I should say this “lies” I made a rigorous analysis about the future earning if thing won’t improve. After this, my account got suspended without the ability to cash out. All of my posts on forum got deleted as well. Stay away from this web.

  4. I was a member of Neobux for about ten years. It was fine for awhile, I became a gold member, and for awhile, I did ok. I had around 900 referrals. At one time, there were a lot of ads on Neobus, some days, over 100 ads. Being upgraded, and with my referrals, I was making a profit just by clicking ads. That stopped a couple of years ago, and my referral clicks went way down. I quit last year, I couldn’t make a profit with maybe 10 to 15 ads a day, so I just stopped. I’ve heard complaints like the ones here before, glad I got out.

  5. I was a Neobux user and my goal was to reach the 12k referrals to win 15 dollars a day. Arrive at 7K referrals when my AVG. Up to 0.49 on my worst day. I saw how every day lost 10 dollars and I had to accommodate the dates so that the greatest number of referrals expire on the same date and can recover the highest possible amount. Just recover about 1800 from my 7000 investment. I felt very bad for losing my money in the 3 years I was on that page. And these last years I felt the same because in my last year Neobux eliminated Paypal. So to put money to my account, I bought Bitcoin so you can put dollars on my Neteller account and put that money in Neobux. If I would only have stayed with a bitcoin !!! At that time it cost about 700 dollars I think.
    I was young and dreamy. I would have won more, depositing my money on the bank with their little interest.


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