Final Auto Claim Review – Worth It? (What You NEED to Know)

Final Auto Claim Rating

Final Auto Claim is not a site worth joining. The main reason for this is its very low earning potential. It will take you a long time to earn a decent amount of crypto from it.

If you are looking for a way to get crypto but you don’t want to spend money, there’s a site called Final Auto Claim that claims you’ll be able to earn free crypto by doing various tasks.

However, before you sign up for this site, I recommend you read this Final Auto Claim Review first.

I’m always looking for ways to earn crypto for free, so I tested it to see how it stacks up to other sites that offer the same thing. In this review, I’ll show you what you need to know, so you will know exactly what to expect from it before you even sign up.

That way, you can make an informed decision on whether Final Auto Claim is really worth it or not. So, let’s go ahead and take a closer look at this site, shall we?

What is Final Auto Claim and what does it offer?

Final Auto Claim is a crypto faucet site that will reward you with crypto for participating in the various earning opportunities it offers. It is indeed a legit site because you will really be able to earn free crypto from it.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is worth it. To find out if it is a site worth joining, you must first understand how it works. And the best way to do that is to examine the earning opportunities it offers.

For that, I have made a video explaining exactly how Final Auto Claim works. You can also read the details below the video.

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Option 1 – Offerwalls

One way to earn from Final Auto Claim is through its offerwalls. In case you don’t know what an offerwall is that it is an in-app/site advertising platform that promotes various websites and mobile apps through paid offers.

final auto claim offerwalls
You can work on offerwalls to earn small rewards.

While I was testing the site, I noticed that it has a lot of offerwalls available. However, most of these offerwalls will only be available to you when you reach a certain membership level.

You see, every time you complete an earning opportunity on Final Auto Claim, you will also receive experience points.

You will eventually be able to unlock these offerwalls if you continue to be an active member, but this is a big drawback, in my opinion. The reason why I say this is that there are plenty of other sites that will give you access to its offerwalls immediately. So, you will have a lot of options to choose from right away on those sites compared to Final Auto Claim.

If an offerwall is unlocked, you just click it to see all the paid offers you can work on. Most of these paid offers will ask you to answer surveys, play games, view ads, and sign up for websites and mobile apps.

Each paid offer will have a set of requirements you need to complete. Once you meet all the requirements for the offer, you will receive the reward promised.

Another thing I noticed while I was testing the site was that there are a lot of pop-up ads that will appear when you go through their offerwalls. This is normal, but what bothered me was that every time a pop-up ad appeared, my anti-virus program notified me that it blocked the pop-up ad because it contained a threat (a virus or malware).

It’s another huge drawback, in my opinion, and I personally avoid sites that have a lot of ads that contain viruses or malware. So, make sure to keep that in mind when you decide later.

Option 2 – Shortlinks

This earning opportunity is relatively straightforward. To earn, you just have to claim a shortlink. It will take you to a different website when you click the “Claim” button.

final auto claim shortlinks
You can visit shortlinks and earn a few tokens.

You have to wait for the link to load completely, and when it does, you will receive the reward promised. The problem with this earning opportunity when I was testing it was that my anti-virus software kept notifying me that the page I was opening contained a thread (a virus or malware).

So, I never got to fully complete a shortlink task when I was testing it because I immediately closed the page when the anti-virus notification appeared.

As I’ve said above, I personally don’t like earning opportunities that can potentially harm my computer. Therefore, this is not something I would recommend you do.

Option 3 – Coin roll games

You can claim free crypto by playing the coin roll games of Final Auto Claim. The idea of this earning opportunity is really simple.

coin roll game on final auto claim
Coin roll games will allow you to win free crypto every 30 minutes.

You just hit a button to roll a random number. Then, it will tell you how much free crypto you will receive (refer to the photo above). You can do this every 30 minutes.

As you can see, it’s a simple way to earn crypto, but don’t expect to earn a lot from this because you will only receive a very small amount every time.

Option 4 – Mining

Final Auto Claim also has a mining feature that will allow you to mine crypto using software or the CPU of your computer.

final auto claim mining
You can mine crypto using the site but at the cost of your CPU's resources.

If you choose to mine using your CPU, you just have to press the “Start Mining” button, and Final Auto Claim will use your CPU to mine. Keep in mind, though, that this will eat up most of your CPU’s resources, so I highly advise you not to do this because it can be detrimental to your computer in the long run.

Plus, the amount you will be able to mine will not be worth it, in my opinion. In short, you will be risking the health of your computer’s CPU for a very minimal amount of crypto.

Option 5 – Contests

The site also holds daily, weekly, and referral contests. The idea is very simple. You just have to become one of the top earners to win a bonus prize in the form of DUTCHY tokens (Final Auto Claim’s crypto).

contests on final auto claim
You can win a large amount of crypto if you are among the top earners.

When you go to the “Contest” section of the member dashboard, you will immediately see when each contest will end. Once the contest ends, the prizes will be awarded to the corresponding winners.

There’s a contest for top earners for the Bitlabs offerwall, as well as daily and weekly XP gainers. There’s also a contest for the most shortlinks done and most referrals earned. The prizes are quite significant, so if you manage to win, you will receive a good amount of DUTCHY tokens.

Option 6 – Social jobs

You can also earn more rewards by working on the social jobs Final Auto Claim offers. This earning opportunity is also easy to do.

final auto claim social jobs
You can earn additional rewards through the social jobs it offers.

The idea is that every job will ask you to do something on a certain website (like comment or vote). Then, you will have to provide a screenshot showing that you have done what is required.

Once you’ve submitted the screenshot, the site will review it, and if everything is in order, they will award you with the compensation promised.

There aren’t a lot of social jobs available, and the rewards are quite small, so it’s not something you should prioritize doing, in my opinion.

Option 7 – Staking

Final Auto Claim will also allow you to stake various cryptocurrencies to earn interest. If you don’t know what staking is, think of it as depositing money in the bank.

staking on final auto claim
You can place your crypto on staking to earn passively.

For example, you can place a number of DUTCHY tokens for staking, and after a certain period, you will earn a specific number of DUTCHY tokens depending on the interest rate of your membership tier (I will discuss the membership tiers later).

When you place crypto for staking, you will not be able to withdraw or transfer it for the whole duration of the staking period. So, keep that in mind when you decide to go for this kind of earning opportunity.

If you don’t mind just letting your crypto assets sit there, it’s a great way to earn passively, in my opinion.

Option 8 – Referral Program

Lastly, you can invite people to join the site through Final Auto Claim’s referral program. All you have to do is share your link with the people you want to invite. You can also embed your invite link on your website or blog, and when a person clicks that link and registers, they will become your referral.

referral progra of final auto claim
You can also earn passively through the referral program.

As a reward, you will receive 20% of whatever your referral will earn from the coin roll games, 10% from offerwalls, and 20% from shortlinks done. It’s a way to earn passively, but you have to make sure the people you invite are really interested in this site.

The only problem I see with this opportunity is that Final Auto Claim is not really a site I would recommend to other people (more on this later).

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How do you get paid?

The one good thing about Final Auto Claim is that it offers many payment methods. Every time you complete an earning opportunity on this site, you will earn a certain number of DUTCH tokens. You can then swap these tokens to various crypto because Final Auto Claim has its own trading platform.

Just keep in mind that there will be a transaction fee involved every time you swap your DUTCH tokens for another crypto. Once you’ve swapped the DUTCH tokens to the crypto you prefer, it will show up in your Final Auto Claim wallet.

payment methods of final auto claim
You can convert your earnings to various cryptocurrencies and withdraw them to your crypto wallet.

Then, you will be able to withdraw your earnings to your preferred crypto wallet. The threshold required to do this will depend on the crypto you want to withdraw. For example, if you converted your tokens to Bitcoin, you will be able to withdraw them to your crypto wallet if you have at least 0.00000300 BTC.

The payment system of Final Auto Claim is relatively simple as long as you are used to dealing with cryptocurrencies. And I like the fact that you can convert your earnings to popular crypto like Bitcoin.

If you are looking for more sites where you can earn Bitcoin, I recommend you also check out the top sites that earn Bitcoin for free.

How much money can you make?

Let me just say it now. You will not be able to earn a lot from this site. Even Final Auto Claim says on its website that you will not get rich from it or even earn the same amount you can earn from a full-time job.

final auto claim membership options
You can upgrade your membership to increase your earnings.

But Final Auto Claim has devised a system where you can increase your earnings. However, this will involve spending some money. As you can see in the photo above, you can upgrade your membership to a paid one and gain access to some benefits.

These benefits will allow you to earn more. Keep in mind, though, that this upgrade will be paid monthly, and the way I see it, it would be hard to recoup the money you spent for the upgrade because the site offers very low earnings.

You will have to invest a lot of time just to earn back the money you spent on the upgrade. It’s just not a smart way to spend your time (and money), in my opinion.

Overall, I would say the earning potential of Final Auto Claim is very low.

mobile version of final auto claim

Can you use it on mobile?

The site doesn’t have a mobile app you can download, but you can still access the site conveniently from a mobile device using a mobile web browser because it is optimized for mobile use.

This can come in quite handy, especially if you are working on offers that will ask you to download mobile apps. The problem is that, as mentioned earlier, the site has a lot of pop-up ads, so it will be quite annoying to deal with, especially when accessed from a mobile device.

That’s why, in my opinion, it would still be quite inconvenient to access the site from a mobile device.

Who can join Final Auto Claim?

You will be able to join this site regardless of where you live because the site is available more or less worldwide. The registration process is also very simple.

You just have to fill out the sign-up form and submit it. Then, Final Auto Claim will send a verification email. Just click the link in the email to complete your registration. Once you’ve done that, you can log in to the site and start earning.

Can you get support?

If you have any questions about the site or your account, you can check out the FAQ page first. It discusses most of the basic topics you need to know. If you can’t find the answers you are looking for, you can get in touch with the support team by submitting your inquiry using the contact form provided by the site.

Overall, I would say Final Auto Claim provides decent support for its members since it offers a convenient way for you to communicate with their support team.

Final Verdict

Final Auto Claim is a crypto faucet site that will allow you to earn free crypto. It has a couple of advantages but it also has a few concerning aspects you need to know.

Let me finish this review by summarizing its pros and cons to give you an overview of what the site offers. Then, you can decide if it is truly worth it or not.



  • Available worldwide
  • You can earn various cryptocurrencies from it


  • Offers very low rewards
  • The site is very spammy, and some ads contain malicious software

Final Auto Claim, in my opinion, is not a site worth joining. And the main reason I say this is that it has a very low earning potential. It will take you quite a long time to earn a decent amount of crypto from it.

Plus, it also doesn’t help that your anti-virus will go nuts while you are using it because the ads that will pop up while you are working on this site sometimes might contain malicious content (virus and malware). As I’ve mentioned earlier, this kind of thing is a huge red flag for me, and I tend to stay away from these kinds of sites.

That’s why I don’t recommend you use this site at all. If you are looking to earn crypto for free, I would suggest you check out the best ways to earn Bitcoin for free instead. You can also check out the best ways to earn Ethereum for free if you prefer different crypto.

If you have any comments, questions, or have any experience with Final Auto Claim yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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