Words To Win App Review: Legit or Scam? (REAL Truth)

Words to Win Rating

I don’t recommend you download Words to Win because you will only end up wasting your time. You will never get paid for using it.

Words To Win is a mobile app that claims you can earn good money by playing it. I have seen hundreds of apps before, so I know, based on experience that not all of these apps are worth your time or even legit.

The big question now is, is Words to Win legit or just another scam to stay away from?

Well, that’s what you are about to find out in this Words to Win app review because it will show you the real truth of what it offers.

That way, you’ll know exactly what to expect before installing it. And let me just tell you right now that there are a couple of important things you need to know about it.

So, without further ado, let’s get this review started, shall we?

What is Words to Win, and what does it offer?

First of all, let me inform you that there are a couple of Words to Win apps in the Google app store. To clarify, what we will be discussing is the one made by E2023 developer. There’s another one made by Rewardify and it’s not the app in question here.

Now that we’ve clarified that, let’s talk about what Words to Win is. It is a word puzzle game that will supposedly reward you with a good amount of money per game. And as I’ve mentioned earlier, there are some important things you need to know about it.

To start, we must take a look at the earning opportunity it offers so you will understand how it works and how well you can supposedly earn from it. The video below explains exactly how the app works and what to look out for. You can read the full details below the video.

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The earning opportunity – Playing the game

The idea is very simple. For every level, you’ll be presented with a word puzzle you need to solve. All you have to do is pick the right letters to beat the level.

how to earn from words to win
You must solve simple word puzzles to supposedly earn money from the app.

Then, when you beat the level, you’ll receive a surprising amount as a reward (around $4 to $5 per level). This immediately got me suspicious about the app, and I will explain why later.

Now, after every few levels or so, you will be asked to watch a video ad to continue playing. You have no choice but to finish watching the ad if you want to keep playing. I do have to tell you that most of the ads shown are quite spammy and are mostly about get-rich-quick schemes, so don’t believe any of what those ads say.

Another thing that surprised me was how easy the levels were. If you are supposed to win a good amount for every level, you would at least make it a bit more challenging. But with Words to Win, even an elementary student can beat each level with ease.

So, overall, the way I see it is that Words to Win offers a too-good-to-be-true opportunity that is quite suspicious. Later, I will explain why.

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How do you get paid?

Every time you beat a level, you will supposedly earn a certain amount, which will be credited to your Words to Win account balance immediately. Now, the question is, how can you withdraw your earnings?

payout option of words to win
The app has an absurdly high payout threshold.

I’ll be honest with you – I never bothered to find out which payout method it offered because, as you can see in the photo above, the payout threshold you need to hit to withdraw your earnings is ridiculous and surprising.

Apparently, you’ll need to earn at least $500 to withdraw your earnings. Now, you might be thinking that with the way the app pays, it is certainly doable, but I have tested hundreds of apps like this, and sooner or later, you will hit a wall that will prevent you from ever hitting the threshold to withdraw your earnings.

Plus, based on my experience, no legit app or site will require you to earn hundreds of dollars to withdraw your earnings. It will just look daunting, in my opinion, and people will end up losing interest in the app.

Overall, I would say Words to Win’s payout method is suspicious, which leads me to believe that Words to Win doesn’t intend to pay you at all. If you want sites that are guaranteed to pay you, I recommend you check out the top sites that pay via PayPal.

Red flags you need to be aware of

While I was testing it, I noticed a couple of red flags. Let me explain what these red flags are so that you will be aware of them in the future. That way, you can easily spot them if you encounter them on any other rewards apps or sites.

Red flag #1 – Unrealistic rewards

As mentioned earlier, Words to Win seems to offer a lot of money for such a simple game. This is an automatic red flag, in my opinion, because it will make you think about how an app like this can afford to pay you a significant amount for doing, well, next to nothing.

Based on my experience, the amount you will earn from online rewards apps and sites will always be proportional to the effort and time you spend to earn those rewards. So, if an app or site pays you a significant amount for doing next to nothing, you should automatically become suspicious of it.

Now, if you analyze how Words to Win earns, you will see that it will earn through the ads it shows. While that’s not surprising because a lot of apps and sites do that, the amount they can earn from the ads is nearly not enough to fund the generous reward rates they offer.

From what I’ve concluded over the years of testing online rewards apps, they do this to entice you to keep using the app or site because they make it look like you are earning a lot. But when it comes to getting paid, that’s when you will realize that the reason they can afford to hand out generous rewards is that they don’t really intend to let you withdraw your earnings (which is the next red flag I will discuss).

So, the bottom line is that giving out unrealistic rewards will always mean one thing – you will not get paid.

Red flag #2 – Absurd payout threshold

Earlier, I explained that you must earn $500 to withdraw your earnings, which is quite an absurd amount, in my opinion. No legit app or site will ever set the payout threshold that high because it will look very daunting. People will just lose interest in trying to hit the threshold because it is just simply too high.

words to win red flag
The app has an absurdly high payout threshold, making it impossible to withdraw your earnings.

Now, Words to Win tries to make up for it by offering very high and unrealistic rewards, which makes it look like it is possible to hit the threshold after all. But what you don’t know is that, typically, when you get close to reaching the threshold, the reward you will receive will gradually decrease, making it harder for you to reach the threshold.

And even if you manage to hit the threshold, they’ll just add an additional hurdle you must clear to withdraw your earnings, like inviting a certain number of people to join or paying a certain amount. I’ve seen this happen too many times over the years, so I know that this is what will happen if you manage to hit Words to Win’s payout threshold.

In the end, you’ll just give up on trying to withdraw your earnings and move on. And all that time, the app was able to earn money from you because you watched a lot of ads while trying to hit the threshold. That’s usually how it works.

Red flag #3 – Early Access Mode

If you take a look at the app’s Google Play page, you will see that it is still set to Early Access Mode even though it already has more than 5 million downloads. The main reason for this is that when an app is on Early Access, users won’t be able to leave a review of the app.

This is a trick that developers employ to avoid negative feedback from users. It’s a problem because you won’t know exactly what to expect from it, and you won’t see any reviews about it. So, your curiosity will lead you to download the app to try it out.

Then, as a result, you’ll wind up watching video ads, and, in turn, the app will get paid. It may not lead to long-term users, but it’s an effective way to get people to download the app and watch a few video ads. If Words to Win were taken out of Early Access mode, people would immediately know that this is a bad app and would, therefore, avoid downloading it.

While I’m not saying that all apps on Early Access are like this because there are indeed legit apps that are still in their Beta phase, it’s a common trick developers use to prevent bad reviews.

Final Verdict

Word to Win is an app that claims you can win a significant amount of money just by playing it. It has several red flags you need to be aware of and no advantage of any kind to offer its users.

To end this review, let me summarize its pros and cons so you will have a clear idea of what it really offers. Then, you’ll understand why it is not something I recommend you go for.



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  • Offers unrealistic rewards
  • Has an absurdly high payout threshold
  • The app is very spammy

In case it’s not quite clear yet, I don’t recommend you download Words to Win because you will only end up wasting your time. You will never get paid for using it. It’s also quite spammy because you will be dealing with a lot of pop-up video ads.

If you are looking to earn extra cash, I recommend you check out the top survey and GPT sites in your country instead. The apps and sites on this list are all legit, and they all have good earning potential, so you should be able to earn a decent amount quickly.

If you have any comments, questions, or experiences with Words to Win, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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