cash4offers reviewIs Cash4Offers legit and a site where you can earn good money?

As you can probably figure out from the headline, I am not a big fan of Cash4Offers. But that does not mean the site is not legit, and you might have different preferences than me.

If you want to find out, if this site is for you before joining, I will in this Cash4Offers review share my experiences with you and give you my reasons, why I do not think it is a site worth joining. But I will also look into, if it has any positive aspects as well, so you will be able to make your own decision.

So by the end of this review, you will know, if it is a site that is worth to join for YOU, or if you should look at other sites to make some extra money.

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What is Cash4Offers and what does the site offer?

I have not been able to find much background information about Cash4Offers, other than it was started in 2003, so it has been around for a while.

It offers several ways to earn money. Below I will go over these opportunities, so you can get a good overview, and see if it looks interesting to you.

Paid surveys:
There is a decent amount of surveys available, and this is the main way to make money on Cash4Offers. How many that are available depends a lot on where in the world you live. The site itself says that it promises daily opportunities to people living in the US, but in other countries it will be more random how often you will have opportunities.

The surveys that are offered are through third party providers, which means that in most cases, you will be sent to a different platform to take the survey. That is fine and it is often done this way on survey sites. In my experience, Cash4Offers does however not pay quite as high rewards as many other survey sites, as if you do the survey at the sites directly.

For example does Cash4Offers offer surveys through GlobalTestMarket, which is a very good platform itself. These surveys are in most cases worth taking, but in many cases you will get higher rewards, if you take the surveys directly at GlobalTestMarket or through another partner site. So Cash4Offers has some decent opportunities for surveys, but just make sure to check, if they might pay better elsewhere.

Cash offers:
Cash4Offers has different paid offers you can take. Paid offers can be a great way to boost your earnings on survey sites, but I am not too impressed with the offers at Cash4Offers and they are quite unusual compared to the paid offers on other survey sites. All of them are links to the same website that offers you a free download of an ebook or something similar. You can choose between many topics. Many of them are about how you can quickly make a lot of money at home (always be aware when a site promises you the secret to become rich with no effort), but there are also other topics.

Be aware that all the offers (at the moment I am writing this review) offer you $8 to take them. Or that is what it initially looks like. If you look next to the amount (see picture below), you can see a little star. In the description it then says that this means UP to $8. But you cannot see anywhere how much you will get, and on the sign up site you are taken to, all it says is that you will get the e-book for free, so not even here you will know how much you will get before taking the offer.

cash4offers cash offers example

An example of a paid offer at Cash4Offers. Notice the little star that indicates that you will not necessarily get this high a reward.

I tried to sign up for one of the e-books to test what would happen. After that, I just got logged in to the site, and there I had to sign up for another free trial for something else, before I would get access to the e-book. At that point I gave up, and think it is a very misleading way to get people to sign up for other websites.

Refer friends:
You can earn extra by inviting your friends to join Cash4Offers. You actually get a pretty decent reward for this compared to some other sites. You will get $3 per friend that joins and completes at least one survey or offer. It can be a nice way to earn some extra money, but the problem for me is that I really cannot recommend Cash4Offers, for several reasons already mentioned and more I will mention below. Then it does not really matter, if there is a good reward for it.

Earn points for Amazon gift cards:
At Cash4Offers there is a section where you can earn points and not cash as you do in the other sections. The points can only be used for Amazon gift cards. Many survey sites offer Amazon gift cards as rewards, and it can be a great reward. The way you earn points is by taking surveys or taking some paid offers. Most of them are offered through a partner called Peanut Lab. It offers decent opportunities. Many survey sites do however have a cooperation with this portal, and I would in general then instead prefer using survey sites with overall better opportunities to take the exact same offers.

Get coupons to save money:
There is a section where you can get coupons to save on your shopping. It is offered through a partner site. You can get savings on a lot of different products like toilet paper, tooth paste, cereals and many more products. As far as I have been able to find out, this option is only available for you, if you live in the US.

If you are interested in this, be aware that you have to click the “open in new window” (see picture below) to be able to see the full screen, and see how to print your coupons. You cannot see all the content, if you just stay on Cash4Offers, and you can for example not see how to get your coupons. Be aware that to get coupons, you need to give your phone number.

cash4offers coupon option

To see how to print your coupons, you need to open in a new window.

Get paid to read emails:
This is an option that you will automatically sign up for, if you sing up for Cash4Offers. It sounds pretty appealing to get paid to read emails. But it is not as great as it sounds. You will regularly start receiving emails. The email says “a paid email is waiting for you”, and you then have to click a link. It does not really take you to an email you will get paid to take. It takes you to a site, where you see an ad for a survey site. You have to click to open the survey, to get paid for the email.

You can NOT ask to not receive these emails anymore unless you cancel your whole account – if you try to unsubscribe from the emails, you will be taken to a page to cancel your whole account. Very annoying that the site does not have this option. Especially because you receive quite a lot of these pointless emails.

You will get paid $0.010, so you really have to click a lot of these emails to make any money. I would not so much call it paid emails, but more getting paid to click an ad. That can also be fine, but you should just be aware that it will not make you a lot of money.

How do you get paid?

cash4offers payout methodsYou get paid either in cash or in points for any activity you have on Cash4Offers. Most offers or surveys will pay in cash that you will be able to see in your Cash4Offers account right away. The only section where you earn points are in the “earn points” section.

The points can be exchanged for Amazon gift cards, and the cash get paid out through PayPal. I think it is great that PayPal is an option, as it is one of my favorite reward methods on survey sites. Unfortunately, the payout threshold at Cash4Offers is very high, as you have to earn $35 before you can request a payout.

The first time you reach $35, it will take quite long to get the money. It will be processed 25 days after the end of the month where you request the payment. So it takes a long time for your first payment. After that, you will automatically become a gold member. All this means is that you will be able to get your payments processed in 72 hours. There are no other differences in having a gold membership.

How much money can you make on Cash4Offers?

There are some opportunities on Cash4Offers, but I am honestly not impressed. It will take some patience to make money here compared to many other survey sites. The rewards are not very high compared to similar sites, and there seems to be a lot of poor offers – especially the cash offers are not very good in my opinion.

There is however a great joining bonus of $5. This can seem very appealing, but please remember that there is still a long way to the payout threshold, so it can take you a long time to get there. A site like SwagBucks also has $5 joining bonus, but a lot lower payout threshold and a lot more opportunities. So if you are going for a good joining bonus, there are better options.

5 reasons not to join Cash4Offers

reasons not to joinAs you have probably already figured out from the headline and from what you have read above, I do not think Cash4Offers is worth joining for most people. Let me give you my 5 main reasons for this in bullet form, so it is easy to get an overview:

  1. Low rewards:
    Paid surveys in general will not make you rich, but there are sites that in general give higher rewards. An example is one of the portals Cash4Offers offers survey through called “Your Surveys”. Several other survey sites also offers surveys through this portal. On Cash4Offers you get around $0.50 and on other sites they usually pay between $0.70-0.80. It might not sound like a big difference, but if you do many of these surveys, that difference will quickly add up.
  2. Poor paid offers:As I mentioned earlier, paid offers on survey sites can really boost your earnings, if you find the right ones. Some of them has great rewards. On Cash4Offers the paid offers are however mostly just ads for another site. Once you get there and try to sign up to get your e-book, you have to take another offer to get it. And at the same time, you cannot see what you will actually get for the offers before taking them. Together this makes this a very poor option in my eyes.
  3. Not mobile friendly:It is great to use survey sites that are mobile friendly or have apps. That makes it easy to take surveys on the go, and when you just have a few spare minutes once in a while, and I therefore prefer sites that are easy to use on the phone as well. Cash4Offers is in general not very user-friendly, and on a mobile phone it is even worse. The writing is not adapted to the phone, and it is very difficult to read and to navigate.
  4. Very high payout threshold:
    Having a payout threshold on $35 is too high in my opinion. It is nicer when you very quickly (and in many case even the first day) have earned enough to get a payout. There are sites that pay out already when you have made $1, but the most normal threshold is between $5-10. Therefore, I think the threshold at Cash4Offers is way too high compared to other sites. If it was fast to reach it, it would be fine. But on this site, it can take you a looong time.
  5. Annoying “paid” emails:
    I do not mind getting paid to click ads, and it is also an option I sometimes use on sites that offer this. But trying to “sell” it as a paid email, and in the way it is set up, force you to click a certain survey, is annoying to me. When sites are not being clear about what they offer, and if they try to use tricks to get me to click and sign up without being honest about it, I lose trust in a site. Especially when I can also not unsubscribe from the promotional emails without cancelling my whole account.

Reasons to join Cash4Offers

reasons to joinI have been a bit tough on Cash4Offers so far, but to be fair, there are also some things I want to make clear. First of all, I have seen no indication that Cash4Offers is not a legit site. You can actually earn some extra money there, and for some people it might be a nice site. I am just explaining why it is not a site that I will be using in the future.

But it does have some good sides. Whether they outweigh the bad sides is up to you to decide.

The good sides are:

  1. Good “refer-a-friend” option:
    It is a pretty good reward to get $3 to refer a friend, and with the only condition being that the friend has to complete at least one survey or offer.
  2. High joining bonus:
    A $5 joining bonus is very good for a survey site.
  3. Frequent opportunities for some:
    There are pretty decent amounts of surveys on Cash4Offers. How many opportunities you will get does however depend a lot on where you live.

Who can join?

No matter where in the world you live, you can join Cash4Offers. The site itself does however say that it has most opportunities for the US and Canada. If you are from other countries, there will not be many opportunities.

Can you get support?

Being able to get support can be important on any survey site. In most cases it will never be necessary, but there can be times when it is. And you can get support at Cash4Offers. Once you are logged in, there is a support center, where you can submit a message. If you are not a member and want to get in touch with the support, you can click the contact button on the front page.

I have not needed to contact the support, so I cannot confirm how fast you will get an answer or how helpful the support is. But at least you know the option is there, in case you should need it.

Conclusion – Not really worth it!

As you can see from the above, Cash4Offers have many more cons than pros in my opinion.

That is why I do not really find the site worth joining and using to make money. Especially not when there are so many great survey sites with better opportunities, higher rewards, and that are more user-friendly.

If you live in the US, Cash4Offers have some opportunities. But even if you live here, there are sites that are way better to join. You can see the best sites in the US here.


If you have any questions, comments or have any experiences with Cash4Offers yourself you would like to share, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.


  • Money/time ratio
  • Frequency
  • Usability


Cash4Offers does have some legit opportunities to make some extra money. Compared to other survey sites, it does however have poor opportunities as it for example is not very user-friendly, it has low rewards, and it has a high payout threshold.

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