Is FunTap a Scam or Legit? (REAL Inside Look)

FunTap Rating

The only good thing I can say about FunTap is that it offers a convenient payment method (PayPal). Apart from that, I don’t really see any reason why you should use it, to be honest.

FunTap is an app that claims it can make playing games more exciting since it will allow you to earn money at the same time. It’s certainly an interesting claim, so I decided to put the app to the test and joined to see exactly what it offers.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room. Is FunTap a scam or is it legit? This is a very important question, so let me answer it right away. No, FunTap is not a scam. It is indeed a legit app that will really reward you for playing games.

The question is, is it worth using or not? This is what this FunTap review will address. It will give you a real inside look at what the app has to offer so you will know exactly what to expect and can figure out if this app is a good fit for you or not.

What is FunTap and what does it offer?

As mentioned above, FunTap is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) app that will reward you for playing their featured mobile games. It’s pretty similar to PlaySpot, which is another app that will pay you for playing mobile games.

The first thing we need to examine with this app is the earning opportunity it offers. That way, you will gain a better understanding of how the app works and you can also get an idea of how well you can earn from it.

I have, therefore, made a video that gives you an inside look and shows exactly how you can earn from FunTap. You can also read all the details below the video.

The earning opportunity – Playing featured mobile games

There’s only one way to earn from FunTap and that is by playing the mobile games it features. When you log in to the app, that’s what you will immediately see.

funtap games
To start earning, you have to install any of their featured games and play them.

As you can see in the photo above, FunTap has a decent number of mobile games you can choose from. If you see a game you like to play, just tap it and it will take you to the game’s app page. Just download and install the game.

Once it is installed, go back to FunTap and look for the game you installed and tap it again to start playing. This is very important. When you play a game, don’t open the game directly from your device. You have to go through FunTap first so that it can track your progress and you can get rewarded.

As for the reward system, FunTap is a bit different than other apps that offer the same kind of opportunity. Usually, apps that will reward you for playing mobile games will hand out rewards for every minute you play the game. But with FunTap, it’s a bit different. You will receive rewards when a video ad will pop up.

You can’t really tell when the ad will pop up because it will appear randomly. It can get quite annoying to keep closing the video ads to be honest. But there’s nothing you can do. You have to wait for the ads to finish so you can receive your rewards.

At some point when you are playing the game, the reward you will receive will get lower and lower. This is not surprising really because most apps that offer this kind of earning opportunity are designed this way.

This is to incentivize the members to keep trying different games and not just stick to one game they like. After all, the way these apps earn money is by getting people to download and install various mobile games.

So, don’t play a game too much if you want to maximize your earnings from FunTap. If you notice that the rewards are getting low, then it’s time to switch to a different mobile game.

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How do you get paid?

As explained earlier, you will receive a certain number of coins every time you watch video ads while playing their featured games. But what can you do with these coins? Well, you can exchange them for various rewards.

reward options of funtap
You can exchange your coins for cash via PayPal or you can redeem gift cards.

As you can see in the photo above, there are various rewards you can redeem. You can choose to convert your coins to cash and withdraw via PayPal or you can also redeem various gift cards.

For PayPal withdrawals, you will need to earn 20,000 coins which will be equivalent to $20. For gift cards, you will still need 20,000 coins but the value will be $22. So, you get better value if you redeem gift cards instead.

Their payout threshold is actually quite high compared to other apps that offer the same kind of earning opportunity. So, you will need to be very patient with this app.

But I do like the fact that you can get paid via PayPal because it is one of the most convenient payment methods available today, in my opinion. If you are interested in more sites that pay via PayPal, I would suggest you also check out the top sites that pay via PayPal.

How much money can you make?

The amount you can earn from FunTap will mostly depend on how much time you will invest in it. It goes without saying that the more time you invest, the more coins you will earn.

Now, as for the coins you will actually be earning from each video ad you watch, it will range around 4 to 7 coins at the beginning. And as I’ve mentioned earlier, it will gradually be reduced until you won’t receive any more coins.

That, in my opinion, is a very low reward rate. It will take you months to reach their high payout threshold. That’s why I would say FunTap’s earning potential is pretty bad.

Can you use it on a desktop?

FunTap is a mobile-only platform. That means you will really need to use a mobile device. And considering the earning opportunity it offers, you won’t really need to use a desktop or laptop for it.

funtap app
You can download the app from the Android app store.

As for their app, it can only be downloaded from the Android app store. That means it is not compatible with iOS devices. So, if you are an iOS user, then this app is not for you.

Their app is relatively easy to use. You won’t have a hard time getting used to how to navigate it. The only thing as mentioned, is that you will have to deal with plenty of pop-up video ads while you are using the app. So, it can get quite annoying especially when you are in the middle of having fun playing the game.

Who can join FunTap?

FunTap is available globally. So, you can register as a member regardless of where you live. Actually, register is the wrong term since there won’t really be any registration process involved. All you have to do is download and install the app.

welcome bonus of funtap
Once you've installed the app, you will immediately receive a $5 welcome bonus.

Once you’ve installed the app, you can start playing immediately. And during the first time you open the app, you will receive a notification saying you’ve received 5,000 coins as a welcome bonus, which is what I received when I was testing the app. That’s a decent head start, in my opinion.

However, there’s one thing you have to keep in mind with this app. Since you don’t have to register, that means the account will only be valid for one device. If you install FunTap on a different mobile device, that will count as a different app.

Also, if you happen to uninstall the app, you will lose all the coins you’ve previously earned. This is one major drawback of apps that don’t require any registration.

Can you get support?

The app doesn’t have a support section or even a FAQ page. So, if you have any questions about the app or if you encounter any issues, you have no way of getting in touch with their support team. Their app page and even their website don’t contain any contact information.

So their support is essentially non-existent. You can’t get any assistance if you encounter any problems with the app. That’s a pretty bad thing, in my opinion. An app should always offer help to its members.

Final Verdict

FunTap is a GPT app that will reward you for playing mobile games. It’s a straightforward app that has a few drawbacks you need to keep in mind.

Let me finish this review by summarizing its pros and cons to give you a better overview of what the app has to offer. Then you can decide if you should really use it or not.


  • Offers payment via PayPal


  • Limited earning opportunities offered
  • Very low rewards
  • Doesn’t provide support for members

The only good thing I can say about FunTap is that it offers a convenient payment method (PayPal). Apart from that, I don’t really see any reason why you should use it, to be honest. Sure, it has a decent number of mobile games you can play, but there are other apps that can do that.

The nail in the coffin really for me is that the app doesn’t provide support for its members. That’s a big red flag for me. Whenever I encounter an app or site that doesn’t offer support, I always avoid it. That’s because assistance from the customer support department can be invaluable because sooner or later you will likely need it.

If the app or site isn’t willing to provide that, then I would view them as not being serious about providing the best possible user experience for their members. That’s why I won’t recommend you use FunTap. There are plenty of better options out there.

And speaking of better options, I would recommend you check out the top survey and GPT sites in your country instead. The sites on this list all have good earning potential and all of them offer some semblance of support for their members at the very least.

If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with FunTap yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

8 thoughts on “Is FunTap a Scam or Legit? (REAL Inside Look)”


    Can’t get rid of me so easy. So how is WinTub working out for you on the negative side? Your youtube channel is booming with good positive feedback, NO backtalk allowed though. Hehehe, your so great man.

    So anyways here we go with another debate again, Funtap – is it really paying? I just started with them about a week ago and I can confirm that I was getting 11 coins per level passed and with the loot boxes opened as well. Now Im up to over 12000 coins and seems now it has reduced to only 7 coins per win now. This I can confirm you and are right so far with this review. Can’t wait to see when I reach the 19800 mark that so many people have trouble making anything after that. I will tell you though honestly, they look more honest then a lot of other apps on Google Play. Getting to 20000 coins is not hard to do with this app, I will tell you there is MUCH worse apps that I already tried that start very well and then seems the momentum dies out eventually, where as you only get sooo close to a cash out then the numbers kick in and the app algorithims seem to not wanna pay anything over 0.1 cents per win (some of the slots games apps). So far honestly man FunTap is right now in the lead between all my money making apps that are installed, if you can believe this. As far as the winning of coins is concerned, they must reduce it each time you get higher. You know why? Its because if you do the math (and some games payout per level beaten) at 11 coins each pop and a total of ten successful wins – that is 100 coins over each time, someone can do this each day and reach the 1000 coin mark on each session every day VERY easy. This adds up VERY quick compared to most other apps that have the same scheme. if everyone did this they would have to payout too many people all at once and that would cause huge contastriphy’s for the people behind the app – it would be hundreds and hundreds of dollars each day per person and those whom would stay on the phone 24/7 would be getting the most. Don’t get me wrong I like quick money too, but they would go outta business if they overpaid on there daily revinew that would be overstock payments, they would not be able to keep up with the demand – in other words.

    You gotta figure it out dude, if you made 11 coins per win and kept doing this over and over and over every day each day you can win about 1000 coins per day – in 20 days you would have the 20 dollars easy, and about lets say: 5000 other people as well. So it kinda makes sense for them to do what they do, AGAIN Im not saying that how they don’t present those rules to you in beginning is 100% right but really that is there choice and you as the user have a choice to either like it or uninstall. Just imagine if the 11 coins that you win per pop was steady and never went down no matter how many coins you had in your account? That would make you money quick especially if you are one of these people who liked to be on the phone playing one game 24/7 (there is people like this out there trust me!) Nevermind if someone that can make 2000 coins per day – that is only 10 days of playtime for a 20 dollar reward. Believe me buddy I also wish the coins would not reduce myself when you get to a certain point, that would be easy money for myself. FunTap does seem more legit then others on the playstore and I tell you I have seen WAAY more worse.

      • No problem at all. Just a quick update on the Funtap app, Im now over 18000 coins and now each win is worth only one coin per level passed and with opening the loot boxes as well.

        There is another app that I installed today that shares the same resources as Funtap and also has the same games and style of looks on the dashboard similar to Funtap, so it seems my account is linked to it as well with over 18000 coins already in my account and I only installed this today – could this be a sign of suspect? What Im thinking if this is a hoax it prob was a legit app at one time until they fixed it so it would not pay out no more to anyone, but of course I don’t really know that yet. There are WAYY to many scams on Google Play with legit apps that become bad overtime too. Oh and Im up to 68.37 on Wintub but no sign of the videos getting lower in payouts yet.

        Thanks for reading.

  2. Hello Mr Michael
    Sir actually their is this app called fun cash can u plz make a review regarding this app and how long it will take for the money to reach PayPal? They claim that money will be cleared by the real end of each and I totally understand what that means thank u sir and keep it up wish u the best.

    • After just having a quick look, I will definitely not be downloading Fun Cash as it just does not seem quite safe and worth it to me. But that is just my opinion.

  3. I reached 19800 coins and now the coins that I earned do not reflect anymore. I tried to restart my phone but nothing. All this time it has been reflecting the coins that I earned but since I reached 19800 coins It hasnt reflected not even a single coin.

    • You need to contact their support about this. But as you can see in the review above, it is not really a good earning option, in my experience.


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