Is a Scam or Super Way to Earn? (Insider Review) Rating has many daily earning options once you get used to using it. And it has a very low payout threshold of only $1 and you can join from most countries. is a paid survey and Get-Paid-To (GPT) site that offers several ways to earn money, and the name makes it sound like you can earn a lot of money.

But is a scam or really a legit and super way to make money online?

I have been a member of the site for several years myself and have tested the site thoroughly, and in this review, you will find the answers to the above questions and many more.

You will see exactly what the site has to offer, what you can expect if you join, you can find a guided video tour, and find tips and advice about how to get the most out of the platform if you decide to join.

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What is and what does the site offer? has existed since 2012, so it has been around for a while. I have myself been a member for quite a while.

Let me just reveal right away that it is a legit site – I know this from personal experience as I have been paid by it many times myself. It offers many ways to earn, so it has a pretty big earning potential.

This does, however, not mean it will necessarily be the right site for you. So let’s go over what ways you can earn on, so you can see if it is relevant for you or not.

Option 1 – Paid surveys: has many daily opportunities for taking paid online surveys.

It is one of the survey sites that collect surveys from a lot of different sources into their page. That makes it an easy way to get access to many different surveys in one place.

superpayme survey example
You can find many paid surveys on

The only thing you have to be aware of is that because has so many different ways to earn and offers many different surveys, it can at first be a bit tricky to find your way around the site.

It does however not take too long to find out how to navigate and use the site, and I have also made a small video guide, you can find later in this review, that can help you to get started easily and see exactly how it works.

It can sometimes take a bit of patience to find the surveys you qualify for on This does, however, depend a lot on the country you live in. And after a while, you will be able to figure out what kind of surveys you most often qualify for, and then just focus on these.

But overall, you can really find a lot of online surveys on and it is definitely one of the earning methods you should use if you join it.

Option 2 – Paid offers:

In addition to paid surveys, you can also earn by taking what is called paid offers on It can, for example, be to sign up for a certain website, watch videos, click ads, download an app, etc.

Some of these offers can have really high rewards, and has a good amount of them as it gives access to many offer walls compared to similar sites, and it regularly ads new offer walls.

examples of superpayme offer walls
Some of the many offer walls you can get access to on

On some of the offer walls, you can also at times find extra paid surveys if you do not have enough in the paid surveys section.

With the paid offers, just always make sure to check the conditions before you take any of the offers, so you know what you need to do to get the rewards.

Option 3 – Cash contest: has a quarterly cash contest where there are prizes for $1000.

superpay me cash contest has a free contest, where you can win big cash prizes.

To participate in this contest, you have to do surveys or offers. The 20 people that earn the most within the period, will get a prize.

The first prize is $350, second prize $250, third prize $100 and it continues like this to number 20 on the list that will get $10. A nice extra reward to get if you manage to finish in the top 20.

You do not have to do anything else than be active on the platform to participate in this contest. When you are active, you will automatically participate, and it is free to be a part of.

Compared to similar contests on other sites this is really high prizes which I think is a very nice extra way to reward its active members.

Option 4 – Earn extra by posting payment proof:

You can earn $1 by posting a payment proof to an internet forum of your own choice. So once you have been paid by, you can share your email receipt for your payment on an internet forum to earn $1.

You can only do this once and make sure to also check out the rules on the forum you are posting on, as you might end up getting banned there if they see it as spam.

Option 5 – Join’s WhatsApp group has created a WhatsApp group.

If you join, you will get direct messages about ways to earn on the platform. This includes details of their exclusive promotions, contests, promo codes and more.

Just be aware that this is only possible for members in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. If you decide to join the group, you will get $0.25 just for joining.

You can find this option by going to paid surveys => worldwide offers. If the option is not displayed there, it is because it is not available to you.

Option 6 – Watch videos

In the “earn money” section of, you can find a couple of subsections with videos.

This means you can get paid to watch all kinds of videos in more or less any category.

paid videos on superpayme
There are videos in more or less all categories.

The videos can be entertaining, but on GPT sites in general (including on the videos do not have very high rewards. So, in my opinion, you should not watch them only to earn as then have better ways.

But as entertainment, it can be fun and then it is great to earn a bit at the same time.

Option 7 – Get cashback when shopping online: has a section where you can get cashback into your account, when you shop at stores like Macy’s, Walmart, and more. New stores are continuously added.

Currently, this particular way of earning is only available in the US, but it might be introduced to more countries later. So if you live in the US and like shopping online, this can be a great way to get some good savings.

Option 8 – Invite friends:

You can also make extra money by inviting friends to join

You will get 25% of their earnings. That does not mean they will get 25% less. They will get the same rewards as if they had joined without you referring them. The 25% is paid by to thank you for referring someone else to their site.

Option 9 – promo codes:

An extra bonus sometimes offers is promo codes. They will publish these codes on their Facebook and Twitter page. If you are a member, you can then take this code and put it into a field on the website, and you will get a free cash bonus on your account.

It is usually around $0.20 so it is not a huge bonus, but it also only takes around 10 seconds to do, so still a nice extra thing to make use of, if you are a member of the site. From my experience, it is, however, not very often post these promo codes so it might take a bit of patience to find any of them.

The site is free to sign up for and free to use, and you will get a 0.20 dollar bonus for signing up.

Below I have made a small video tutorial of, so you see exactly how it works and how to get started easily:

How does pay?

Whenever you take a survey, an offer or anything else on, you mostly earn dollars, so it easy to see exactly what you earn compared to sites that use points as rewards.

Some surveys or offers do, however, pay in points, but these can easily be exchanged into cash. 1 point is worth 1 cent, so it is easy to calculate.

You can then choose to get paid out in several ways. You can get paid through PayPal, Payza, Skrill, Bitcoin, or Amazon gift cards.

how SuperPay.Me pays offers great payout methods.

Personally, I prefer survey sites that have PayPal as a payout option, so I am very happy this is one of the options on

You will be able to get a payout already when you have made $1.

This is one of the lowest payment thresholds out of all the survey sites I have used and tested, and it means you can get paid very quickly. For payout in Bitcoins, the threshold is, however, $40. Be aware that will charge 2% in administration fee to pay out to PayPal and Skrill, and 3% to Payzaa.

When you request a payout, you will have the money on your account within 24 hours. But in my experience, you will in most cases already have the money after a few hours, which is very fast for a survey site.

Before you can get a payout, might ask you to verify your address or phone number. This is to minimize fraud on their site. If it is necessary depends where you live, and you will be told if you need to do it.

This is only necessary the first time you get paid. Personally, I had to confirm by getting an automated phone call from them. It was very easy, was free, and took less than 1 minute. So this is nothing to worry about if they ask you to do this.

How much time do you have to spend to make money on has many opportunities, and you can, therefore, spend a lot of time on the site. But you can also choose to spend only 10 minutes a week or less if that is what you want. But, of course, the time you put in will also reflect your earnings.

The size of the rewards in relation to the time spent varies a lot depending on the survey and offer. But they are in general ok compared to other survey sites. The rewards will usually be between $0.50-$2 per survey, but they can also be bigger. You can always see the size of the reward and a time estimate before you start a survey, so you can just choose to do the ones that you find reasonable.

Because has many ways to earn, it has good earning potential. But compared to other survey sites, it can be confusing to navigate it in the beginning, so just take a bit of time at first to get to know the possibilities it has.

Also, you have to be prepared that you will not qualify for all the surveys that are available – especially until you figure out the best types of surveys for you. That is, however, the case on more or less all sites that offer paid surveys. So, in the beginning, it takes a bit of patience, but it also has potential in the long run.

Like with any other survey site, I just want to make you aware that you should not expect to make you rich. If you spend some time there, and especially if you manage to get in the top 20 and get an extra cash reward, you can make some really nice extra money there. But do not aim for it to make you rich or to be a full-time income.

Can you get support? support

How good the support on a survey site says a lot about it. I have several times had the need to contact’s support with questions, and I must say they are very responsive.

I once had my account banned because I tried to log in after moving to another country, and when I explained the situation, they solved it very quickly.

In general, I have always received a very quick and helpful reply from their support and this is, in my opinion, something certain other GPT and survey sites could learn a lot from.

You can also contact the support on the official facebook page, and it looks like they are very responsive here as well.

In which countries is available? is available worldwide, and you can sign up no matter where in the world you are from. The amount of offers or surveys you can participate in will, however, vary greatly depending on the country you live in.

You will be able to take some surveys and offers from most parts of the world. But there will be most both surveys and offers available if you live in an English-speaking country.

Be aware that you are not allowed to log in if you are in another country than where you are registered as living so you cannot do surveys on while traveling.

The site is very strict about this, so if you log in from a different country, you can have your account blocked right away without warning (I know from experience).

You have to be 18 years old to sign up.

Final verdict

No doubt is legit and not a scam – I know as I have been paid many times by it myself. This does, however, not mean it will be the right option for you, but I hope this review has helped you figure that out.

To give you a better overview and help you decide if it is for you, let’s finish by summing up the pros and cons:



  • It has many daily opportunities to earn
  • You can get paid very fast through PayPal, Skrill, etc.
  • It has a free cash contest with big prizes
  • Sometimes offers promo codes that give you free cash on your account
  • It has a very responsive support


  • Can be confusing to use in the beginning
  • Quite often you do not qualify for the surveys you are trying to take

As you can see, has both positive and negative sides.

But overall, it is a site with very good opportunities if you just are a bit patient in the beginning and take the time to get to know how to use it.

Especially, if you live in English-speaking countries it gives good opportunities, but you can also find good ways to earn from many other countries.

And the low payout threshold, the fast payout process, and the very responsive support are something I personally really appreciate and are reasons it is a site I still actively use very often.

How to join

It is easy, fast and free to sign up for Just click the button below, and it will take you to, where you can sign up. It only takes a few minutes, and you will get $0.20 as a joining bonus, so you will already be close to your first payout.

After you join, you will be able to start earning right away.

I hope that you now know is a legit survey and GPT site. If it is worth joining depends a lot on your preferences and the country you live in, but I hope this review has helped you make that decision.

If you have any comments, any questions, or have any experiences with yourself you would like to share, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

81 thoughts on “Is a Scam or Super Way to Earn? (Insider Review)”

    • Did you contact their support? Because they have strict security and sometimes they might block you by mistake if you log in from a different country or different IP or something like that. That has happened to me once. But when I reached out to them, they quickly fixed it.
      So if you have done everything honestly, they should quickly be able to fix if it is an error.

  1. After my superpay account being put under verificatin for 60 days, now they have marked it as cheater. The reason they give is that my IP address has changed to a different country. I have not moved from my country not even the house i lived in when i registered. I give up

    • have you used VPN or something like that? Because if you have, they will ban you immediately and they are very strict and got at spotting things like this.

      If it is an error, you should contact their support as they are usually very helpful if you have done everything honestly.

        • very strange then. It can be an app you are using that has a VPN without you knowing. You should contact their support and ask them and explain everything. Usually they are very helpful in my experience.

  2. My name is Anthony am from Nigeria i would like to join Superpayme but I don’t know if my country is eligible to join. I need you response. Thanks

  3. Excuse me sir, i have a problem about superpay… I have done a lot of your surveys but the reward wont add up to may balance and therefore i am not earning despite that ive done several surveys. Can you help me out? My username is knightosphere14

    • For some surveys, it takes a bit of time before you get the money into your account as they need to be verified first. But if you believe it has taken too long, you should contact their support. They are usually fast at responding. Let me know how it goes.

    • I never had to use my passport to verify my address but how you need to do it depends on the country you live in. If you have any doubts just write their support – they usually answer very quickly.

      • Send an e-mail to, can you help me
        Poll says I can’t 100 points, throws it back, it’s been four days I still can’t

        • sorry but I do not understand your question? But if you have technical problems with your account, you need to contact SuperpayMe’s support.

          • what do you need help with? Everything about how SuperpayMe work is described in the article above. So you need to be more precise what you want to know more about.

          • Hi

            I need a help about

            I have sign up in UAE where currently iam living, I came here to work from my home country srilanka.

            When I start my surveys even in adgate, the letters and survey questions are in Arabic.

            I can’t read or understand Arabic.

            I only know english, please help me to change the language and survey questions all into English.

            Please help me to overcome this issue.

            My user name is –

          • The best thing to do is to then download a free extension to your browser that can automatically translate.

      • because they experience a lot of fraud so they need to verify the account before paying out. A lot of sites do this as, unfortunately, a lot of people are trying to scam these sites.

        But if you have done everything honestly, you have nothing to worry about and will be approved and get your money. And it is only the first time you get a payout they need to verify your account. After that, they pay out very fast.

  4. Hi Mike

    I have not tried yet, but your video! Og! It’s terrible! I could only understand when I read the text.

    It was also interesting to read what other people are saying about Mixed reactions. I shall give it a try, maybe it works better in SUNNY South Africa.

  5. scam site. have lots of negative reviews recently. I had done an offer honestly and then they locked my account for offer verification, asked me to wait for a further 30days and then another 30days. After two months, they straight banned my account and telling me ” failing our security checks” . From “offer verification” to ” failing security checks” , this is ridiculous .


    • I just signed up for Super and immediately got a cheater account notification. I contacted the support team they responded it was about the proxy IP address. They told my account has been reactivated but it’s past 12hour and I still can’t access anything on my account because it’s still marked as a cheater account. I’m from Kenya

      • If you use a proxy, you will definitely get flagged. But if they say they have fixed it and it still does not work, then just write their support again.

  6. Hello sir,

    Thank you for sharing your experiences from I’ve searched and I had been to many sites that pay real money but I end up failed because some sites are fake.I will try this and I hope it will help to have some extra cash..

    • Hope you will enjoy it Karen.

      Personally, I have been paid many times by How good the opportunities are, however, depends a lot on the country you live in. If you tell me your country I will also be happy to give suggestions of other good sites you can potentially check out with good options in your country.

  7. I have had issues similar to what is posted here, and to the point that I am writing this. The target group for this type of sales of doing surveys is obvious, we all need extra money and some more than others.
    I joined multiple sites at one time at the reference of a friend, and everything was going good at first, until the first shut down occurred, giving me a GENERIC response from ADMIN stating my account had to be verified.
    30-60 days is a very long time for people who rely on this home-based work due to being on fixed incomes or other.
    I have also been shut down on this site and one other AFTER requiring me to send a copy of my driver’s license. When they reactivated my account after receiving it, I cashed out a few bucks and thought everything was fine.
    The very next DAY, when I attempted to cash out the 2nd time, they put me on the 30-60 day hold. After speaking to several in the chat box on the one site that I had access to, several could not understand why I was shut down the very next day after sending my license AND stated they had NEVER been shut down for verification in FOUR years of being a member.

    I am definitely not happy with them wasting my time thinking I was going to get paid out the small amounts which took hours to earn, and now waiting 2 months to get it? This leads me to believe that they truly DO NOT CARE about their members with the thoughts that they will just get some other sucker to sign up and do the same thing to them.

    SAD thing to not do something about this lengthy verification period with people who are sometimes desperate to make so little just to eat.

    • It definitely is a long verification process. Unfortunately, they do experience a lot of fraud and have to do these verifications sometimes. But definitely strange they asked you to do it twice – I have not heard this before.

      Thank you very much for sharing your experience with the rest of us.

      • If there’s a suspicion of fraud, what does a 30-60 day freeze do in reality? NOTHING, if support isn’t looking into the account. They must be understaffed and have no idea how to actually, ‘verify’ anything. It’s just a way to hope the member leaves, maybe.

    • Good grief!!! I hope you ended your membership! Unbelievable!
      I wish they’d asked me for my DL, but I got no real support telling me to do this and frankly, I don’t like using the site anymore. I have 1 active referral, so I stay in as a member, but cash out immediately upon getting my $1.02 from her work.

      I think their software triggers something and no matter what you say, NO ONE checks into what the problem could be….

      In my 30-60 days I went back to heavily relying on Grab Points and InstaGC and stay away from SPM. I may try a Tap survey once a week to get enough points to cash out, but no more relying on that site. They don’t have proper support

  8. Unfortunately, Super Pay Me has held up my whole $1.24 paymnt for 30 days and support can’t tell me why. They froze my account. I am NOT signing up for apps, games or memberships, just small surveys and they flagged my account pending “verification” and won’t tell me why. It’s been 30 days, they say it’ll be another 30 days and support does nothing to “verify” whatever they need. I’ve been a loyal member for 3-4 years and have been frustrated with the lack of ‘support’. Surely whatever they neeed to verify could have been done in a week and now we’re going onto over 30 days. I always tell my referrals to cash out as soon as you can and don’t let that account buildup for this very reason… you can have your account stolen at any time and support is never on your side. SPM has the worst support team of any site so far…no answers. There is nothing to verify….I only do Tap & Theorem surveys and I guess made the mistake on doing one of those Your Thought Counts surveys for a whole whopping $.20 and right after that, my account needed “verification”. Terrible. I am on several other sites and this has been surprising to me as I’ve never had any problem with SPM and have 3 referrals. They may be having financial problems is all I can think…I’m disappointed and feel very cheated….I wonder if I’ll ever get my account cleared at this juncture.

    • Thank for sharing your experience Susan.

      Feel free to keep us updated about how it goes when the verification period is over.

    • I thought the same thing as you after I signed up. I went to cash out like $1.20 or something like that, and my account was locked/frozen and they said i needed to verify my identity. I sent them an email with a photo of my drivers license, and my account was unlocked and I got my money. Now, a month later, I’ve earned almost $200 from It’s honestly a great website that has given me another source of income.

      • How did you know that you should submit your DL? Did they tell you to do that? I was given NO info, no steps to complete…nothing.
        ‘Support’ just quoted the same thing over & over…it could take 30-60 days and not once was I given any info

  9. Be careful with When you try to cashout they suspend your account for up to 60 days to check that ‘YOU’ are legit. You couldn’t make it up.

    • Hi Keith, has several security checks and sometimes this is one of them. I know it can take some patience but if you have completed all surveys and offers correctly, then you should have no issues with having your account reactivated at the end of the process.

      Hope this helps.


    • Yup, me too, 30 days ago…I wrote again today and they’re saying 30 more days, but they’ll “submit the info and check again”. I doubt they’ll do anything. Seems fraudulent. I’ve been a member for 3-4 years, never had a problem and hav never signed up for an app or membership, so there’s nothing to delay my earning or flag my account. Their support is pretty bad if this is the standard wait tme to “verify” an account…and I just want to know what survey is holding it up? Or is it anything, really.

    • Hi Edz, is not a payout option on But if you can connect the Bitcoin feature to it, I do not know. If you want to know if there is any way around it, I would advice you to write’s support. they are usually very fast at getting back to people. And feel free to keep me updated about how it goes.


  10. Hi Mikael,
    I learned a lot from your post and i want to thanked you for it.
    I wanna ask you a personal question. From your own opinion,which survey site is most effective with low minimum payout?? Will you please suggest me personally which survey site could perfect for me??

    Here is my details:
    No problem with time,
    From which site i could make 15$-20$ in a week by working 2/3 hour everyday.
    can payout every week.
    [I will join with your referral link if you want]

    Please suggest me from your previous tested sites.I don’t want to spend my time in any fake site.Because there is so many negative review about many site that they don’t pay or don’t give point after completing tasks.

    Thanks in advance and wish that you will answer me soon.

    • Hi Washim,

      I have made a list of the quickest paying surveys sites, where you can find a list of legit survey sites with low minimum payout.

      From the criteria you mention, I would suggest to join several sites to get more opportunities. From what you seem to be looking for, I would especially recommend the following sites form the list you can find through the link above: PrizeRebel, ClixSense,, GrabPoints, and SurveyRewardz.

      They all pay out quickly, and I have been paid by them several times myself, so I know they pay.

      I have also received your email – I will reply to that email to the additional questions in just a few minutes.


    • Hi Leb,

      I would suggest to submit a ticket to the support at the website. They are usually very fast at getting back to you, and I am sure they can help you. Let me know how it goes and if you have any other questions.


  11. Hi! Im signing up with paypal but im having difficulty with the Receive Payments with PayPal option can i opt for buy with paypal instead?

    • Hi Fattymay,

      If you cannot or do not want to use PayPal, also offers to pay out through Skrill, Bitcoin, or gift cards to Amazon, so you can use one of these options instead.


        • Not sure I quite understand your questions.

          If you live in a country where PayPal is available you can get paid through PayPal. If you want to use another method instead, also offers Bitcoin or Skrill. Skrill works a lot like PayPal, and you can get your money out in cash. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency.

          Hope this answers your questions?


  12. please I think I chose a wrong country during registration, and I got my account marked, because they detected I’m in a different country from the one I’m registered, pls how do I fix this

    • Hi Lebb,

      If you have chosen a wrong country, just contact’s support and explain the situation. They are usually very fast at getting back to you. they ones helped me with a similar scenario where I was flagged because I logged in from another country while I was on holiday.

      So I am sure they can help you. Feel free to let me know how it goes.


    • Hi Babette,

      On this should not be a problem. When you cash out, you choose which PayPal you want to cash out to, and you can choose a different from the one you have signed up with. On many other sites it might be an issue, as they often just automatically pay out to the email you registered with, so then you would need to contact support to ask them to fix it.

      But as I said, for you will be fine.


  13. does really pay?
    i made a withdraw they are showing my username in their payment proofs as paid
    but i didn’t received money in paypal….

    • Hi Lavankumar,

      I have never had problems receiving payments from How long ago did you request the payment? Usually the transfer will happen within a few hours, but if it is your first time to withdraw, it might take a couple of days at the most. If you have still not received the money in 2 days, you should definitely write the support to see what is going on. The support is usually very fast at getting back to you. And feel free to let me know how it goes.

      All the best,

  14. Mikael,take greetings brother.I wanted you to evaluate on one point.
    How exactly does the verification process work?
    Do they call you up or something?When do they ask you to verify?
    Can you please let me know.
    Thanks in advance brother.

    • Hi Nas,

      There are two different ways SuperpayMe uses to verify your account. There is the telephone verification that all members have to do the first time they request a payout. It is an automated telephone verification process that does not take long and that you only have to do once.

      SuperpayMe also sometimes ask for address verification. It can be done as a random check or if there is a suspicion of cheat on a certain account. You will then be asked to upload a document that proofs your address. I my case, I have been asked to do this as I recently moved to a new country. I then logged in to my account to update my info, but as I tried to log in from a different country than where I was registered on my account, there was an automatic block of my account. I then wrote the support and explained the situation and then I just had to proof my new address and then everything was fine again.

      Hope this gives you a better idea about how the verification process is. Just let me know if you have more questions.


      • Hey man thanks a ton. Can you just elaborate on the phone verification thing. Do they call you up or something?

        • You are welcome Nas. Yes it will be an automated call you will receive. Once you request your first payout, you will be told what to do.


          • Hey man thanks a ton.Sorry for bugging you with all these questions.But let me explain my situation.I live in an Asian country.I am using VPS not VPN to do surveys.So all the other stuff is okay.But the phone verification thing.How do I overcome that?I have relatives who live in Florida who can help with this phone verification thing.But what kind of call are they expecting?Does a person call you or is it an automated call?
            Please Mikael explain.

          • Just feel free to ask Nas. I am happy if I can help.

            It is an automated call you will get. Not sure if you can overcome it by giving a number to a family member in the US. Have never tried. But often the survey sites are trying to avoid things like this so not sure if they have an extra security measure built in. But the good thing about SuperpayMe is that you can request a payout as soon as you have just made one dollar. So you do not have to spend much time before you can try to get a payout.

            Other than that, there are plenty of other sites that do not have phone verifications, and that gives very good opportunities as well.

            Hope this helps.


  15. I visited Superpay Me, and tried out a few surveys. What I don’t like from it, is in many surveys they ask for too much personal information. But generally it works.

    I also made a small research about it online here and there, and generally it looks good, Superpay Me is exactly what you are writing about it.

    In fact, I will use their affiliate link and banners they provide, and promote it.

    In my opinion, Superpay me is a great site for those who would like to make some extra cash just by spending a few minutes of their free time to do surveys.

    Thank you for your valuable information.

  16. I don’t like the fact that you have to put in your personal info in more than once to do a survey. It just waste your time.
    It doesn’t seem good that you have expired/or surveys you can’t do when you sign up. Seems crazy to me…
    I think I will pass on this!

    • Hi Dinh, is in general not the most effective site for me, but how many surveys you will actually be able to take depends on where you live, so it might still be good to people from some countries.

      About surveys that you do not qualify for anyway will happen on almost any platform. Before doing any survey, you first have to fill out a couple of questions in a screening process. This is because certain topics are only for people with certain backgrounds, experiences, etc. So I do not think that is so much a problem, as that makes sense that I for example am not able to answer a survey about beers as I do not drink beer. However, at some sites you can end up qualifying very rarely which is of course annoying. Where I live (Scandinavia), does not have a lot, and therefore I prefer other platforms. But it might be good for people with a different background and living in another country.


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