Is PointClub Legit or a Scam? (REAL User Review)

PointClub Rating

PointClub is a legit survey site with decent opportunities to earn by taking online surveys. But you should make sure to also use other sites to optimize your earnings from paid surveys.

PointClub claims to pay you real money for taking online surveys.

But is PointClub legit and really one of the best opportunities out there when it comes to paid surveys? Or is it a scam?

I decided to put it to the test and joined it to test it thoroughly myself and have now been a member for quite a while and I have also seen the many changes it has gone through.

This PointClub review will give you an inside look and all the details about what you can expect from this site, how much money you can earn as a member, and if it is even legit so you can easily find out if it is the right option for you or not.

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What is PointClub, and what does the site offer?

PointClub is located at, and it has existed since 2012, so it has been around for a while.

It has, in a sense, been around for even longer, as the site Focusline partnered with PointClub. Focusline used to be its own survey site and has existed since 1996. Now, it is, however, a part of PointClub, and not its own site anymore. So, in that sense, PointClub is a survey site with a very long history.

Let me reveal right away that PointClub is a legit survey site. That it is legit does, however, not necessarily mean it is the right site for you to join. Below I will, therefore, go over what it has to offer, so you can see if it is for you or not.

It has gone through quite a to of changes since I first joined it, but below, you will learn what it has to offer at the time of updating this review.

PointClub is also called PointClub Surveys, and as the name suggests, it is a site where the main way to earn money is by taking online surveys. It does, however, also offer other ways to boost your earnings.

So let's go over all the opportunities you have as a member so you can see if it will be worth it for you or not.

Option 1 – PointClub Surveys:

PointClub started as a pure online survey site, which means surveys is the main way to earn here and the earning method with the biggest earning potential.

Overall, the site is user-friendly and has a fun and updated design.

Once you are a member of PointClub and are logged in, you can right away easily see if there are any available surveys for you. So it will not take you any time to figure out how to find the surveys.

You can find it through the top menu, or just look at the main dashboard.

pointclub surveys overview
You can easily get an overview of the available surveys.

Here you can then see the currently available surveys.

How many PointClub surveys you will get depends on many things – among others where you live, but also how your demographic profile fits the surveys that PointClub has at that moment. But if you live in one of the countries, where it is available (see more about this later in this review), it should usually give you a good amount.

Be aware that PointClub makes a big effort to make sure the answers they get are of high quality. So if you, for example, in your profile say you have a certain income, but then in a specific survey say something else, you risk getting kicked out of that particular survey, as you are not consistent/honest.

So the best way to make sure to qualify for as many surveys as possible on PointClub is to be honest.

Option 2 – Joining bonus:

A great extra thing PointClub offers is a high joining bonus you get just for joining and filling out your basic profile.

pointclub joining bonus overview
PointClub offers a great joining bonus of $5.

You used to have to fill out your profile before getting the joining bonus, but now it has become easier. As soon as you sign up and fill out a few questions in the process, you will see the $5 bonus in your account right away.

It is a very high joining bonus, and very few survey sites offer this kind of bonus. Swagbucks is one of the few other sites that offers this, so it is a great offer and a great way to kickstart your earnings on PointClub.

In total, it will take less than 1 minute from you first join until you have the first $5 in your account.

Option 3 – Daily free contests, offers, and more:

PointClub used to offer several more ways to earn like daily free contests on their Facebook page, paid offers, streak bonuses, and more.

However, since they had a huge update of the site a while back, they changed a lot of things and went back to focusing on paid surveys, and many of these other extra ways to earn are not there anymore.

I just still wanted to mention them here as I am often asked where you can now find these ways to earn, so wanted to make it clear that they are no longer there.

If you want to earn by doing tasks like that, you need to join the top Get-Paid-To sites instead.

Option 4 – Invite friends to join

You can also earn a bit extra on by inviting friends to join. You can do this by sharing your referral link with them.

pointclub referral program
You can earn commissions if you invite friends to join PointClub.

As a member, you get a referral link you can share – if your friends join through this link, they will be considered as your referral.

You used to earn a commission every time your friend earned, but this is another thing PointClub has changed.

Now you will get 1000 points ($1) as a one-time bonus when your friend completes the first survey.

It is not a way to make huge money for most people, but if you know people who might be interested in using PointClub actively, it can give some nice extra cash.

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How do you get paid?

When you complete a survey on PointClub you get points into your account. 1,000 points is worth $1 so it is farily easy to calculate how much you get for each survey and offer you complete.

The points can be exchanged into a number of different rewards.

You can, for example, get paid through PayPal, prepaid Visa, get gift cards for Walmart, Uber, Target, TGI Friday's, Sephora, and many more. In total, there are more than 200 different gift cards to choose from, which is a very big amount compared to other survey sites.

Personally, I prefer survey sites that have PayPal as a payout option, as this is a great and easy way to get paid in cash, so great PointClub has this option. But it also has many other great rewards, and it is always nice when a survey site offers many options, so it is always possible to find something that fits your preferences.

You have to earn $25 before you can claim your rewards. This is a little high compared to some other survey sites.

However, as PointClub has a high joining bonus of $5, you will still not be too far from reaching the payout threshold after you join.

I have also made a short video where I show PointCkub payment proof so you can see it actually does pay. Just be aware that this was recorded before the big design update of PointClub, so it looks a bit different, but it still shows it does pay.

How much money can you make on PointClub?

It is very difficult to say exactly how much money you can earn on PointClub. It depends very much on your specific demographic profile, the country you live in, and, of course on how active you are and how many surveys you take.

One thing I can say for sure is that no matter where you live and who you are, you will not be able to make a full-time income on PointClub or on any other survey site for that matter.

But PointClub has some decent options and a good amount of surveys, so you will be able to make some extra money on the side and at the same time have your opinion heard.

So if you want to make some extra money online, this is an easy way to do it, but you should know that it will not make you a full-time income.

Can you use it on mobile?

hand holding mobile with pointclub open

Personally, I like the option to take surveys on my mobile, as it is a great and easy way to earn a little extra on the go and whenever I have a small break throughout the day.

Point Club does not have an app, but you can still easily use it on your mobile devices, as it is fully optimized for this.

You just go to the website on your mobile device and log in from there.

It is very easy to use on mobile phones as well, and as PointClub, in general, is easy to use and easy to navigate, it is also not a problem to use it on smaller screens.

Who can join PointClub?

In theory, you can join PointClub no matter where you live. However, it is mainly worth joining if you live in the US.

It used to have more international options, but as PointClub itself says in its FAQ section, most surveys are intended for people living in the US, but you can sometimes find surveys from other countries as well.

So even though you can join from more or less all countries, it mainly makes sense if you live in the US. In other countries, it will take a lot of patience to reach the payout threshold.

Can you get support?

If you need support, you can contact PointClub through a contact form on their website. It is always good to know that it is possible to get in contact with support, if you need it.

As an alternative to the contact form, you can also contact PointClub on their Facebook page. They are using their Facebook page regularly, and you can send a direct message there as well.

From what I can see, they are, however, not very good at getting back to people who leave comments on Facebook posts, so if you need to get in touch with support, you should probably not do it by leaving a comment there, but instead by sending them a direct message or use the contact form on their website.

I have myself been in contact with PointClub several times, and they have always been fast at getting back and giving good and useful answers, which is a big plus.

Final verdict

PointClub is a legit survey site.

But it is not a site with good opportunities for all.

So let's finish this review by summing up the pros and cons so you can get a better overview before deciding whether it is the right site for you or not.



  • High joining bonus ($5)
  • Decent survey opportunities
  • Easy to use


  • Payout threshold is too high
  • Not many ways to earn

In general, PointClub can be a decent way to earn a bit extra. You just need to be willing to accept that the payout threshold is a little high compared to many other survey sites.

But it has a high joining bonus that helps, and it has a decent number of surveys, and it is, in general, an easy-to-use survey site. It also offers great reward options, so there will be good options no matter your preferences.

Overall definitely a site worth considering if you live in the US. But, no matter where you live, you should also make sure to check out the best survey sites in your country and join more sites to optimize your earnings from paid surveys, in my opinion.

How to join PointClub?

It is easy to join PointClub. Just click the link below, and you will be taken to a sign-up form. It only takes a minute to join, and after you fill out a bit of info, you will have the $5 joining bonus in your account.

If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with PointClub yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

33 thoughts on “Is PointClub Legit or a Scam? (REAL User Review)”

  1. Can you give me your referral code? because doesn’t get it automatically, although I join through the joining button.

    • If you join through the joining button, you will have joined through my referral link automatically even if it does not show up in the referral code field. And you will also still get a joining bonus.

      But thanks for checking.

  2. Hi…i am a member since dec.03,2020…and im from the Philippines..I cant open gift cards to take a survey and i know it is normal because im not qualified because im only from philippines…however i actually taking surveys from pollfish…and i really have points coming from pollfish…i requested a payout for 25000points. It says there that it will send within 5-7days.I hope it will cashout to my paypal very soon…But i have a question it really paying site or is it a scam site …???is it really operating until now bro?

  3. Pointclub is very hit anad miss. ive been a member for a few years and back in the early days it was awesome. If you had any issues it would be sorted out promptly but now that the site has more members the care and attention to the customer has gone.
    yes you can earn money but the survey that you do today and get 1100pts for that took you 30mins means you got $1.10 But you dont have it just yet. It goes into a pending account and it can sit there for months and sometimes years. I have 660pts that have been there for over a year. Mostly you will wait 2 months for points to be approved and sometimes that $1.10 that you worked hard for will be classed as invalid and removed from your account. There is nothing you can do about that. Sometimes you wont even get that far. You will complete the survey and when you submit it you get nothing. Complaining about this will get you no where. The more surveys you attempt the more often this will happen.

    If you are ok with answering surveys for nothing then its worth the risk. If you want to make sure you get paid then by pass pointclub and go to the survey sites that actually host the surveys. Sign up there and get the points in your account straight away.

    • Since the March 2022 site update, they’ve pretty much washed their hands of any one outside USA. I heard some people in the US are having issues, so I’d advise everyone to avoid at all costs.

  4. Don’t even consider this scam company if you live in the UK. They updated their site in March 2022 and since then it’s been impossible to complete any surveys and all the benefits are restricted to the US.

    They owe me $17 and refuse to pay it since it is below the already high $25 threshold.

    Their customer services is a misnomer and merely parrots the standard excuses and at 1* on Trust Pilot that alone should tell you to leave well alone. There are many more better more honest sites out there.

    • Sorry to hear that but thanks for sharing your experiences.

      From what I have been told, they will again at some point start offering options to other countries so hopefully that will happen soon.

    • No, you should definitely have received some by now. But the site does not have too many options at the moment. I hope it will improve soon.


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