Quick Dollar App Review – Really Fast Cash? (Truth Revealed)

Quick Dollar App Rating

Quick Dollar App gives access to several survey routers and you can earn a bit extra. The rewards are, however, not as high as on other survey apps and you have to be aware of what you give the app access to.

From the name, Quick Dollar App sounds like a great way to earn cash on the go.

But is Quick Dollar App legit or a scam that is a waste of time?

I have downloaded and joined the app myself to see what it really offers and if it is a great way to earn by sharing your opinion as it claims.

In this Quick Dollar App review, I will show you exactly what it offers so you will know if it is worth your time before joining.

What is Quick Dollar App, and what does it offer?

As the name reveals, Quick Dollar App is an app you can download. You can use it on Android or iPhone/iPad.

However, at the time of updating this review, the link on the website to the app in the Google Play store no longer works. I cannot say if this is temporary or if it no longer works on Android devices at all.

But since I first tested it, it has now changed so you can just use the earning options on its website, if you do not want to use the app.

From the name, it is also clear to see that you supposedly can earn quick cash by using it, but it is not so clear how you might be able to do this.

But if you look at the description of it in the Google Play store back when it was still there and when you look at the description in the App Store, you get a better idea about how you can earn.

quick dollar app overview
Quick Dollar App gives you access to paid surveys.

Here, it says that you can share your opinion for cash.

This means it is an app that makes it possible to take paid surveys, which can be a great way to earn some extra cash if you join the right opportunities.

So, is Quick Dollar App one of the right opportunities?

Let's look at the options you get after joining so you can see and judge for yourself.

Option 1 – List of survey routers

Quick Dollar App is actually very simple to use despite its slightly outdated look (in my opinion).

It is easy to get an overview of what it offers, and the main thing you get is access to quite a few paid surveys. After you join, you will see a list of surveys you can take.

quick dollar app survey examples
Examples of surveys inside Quick Dollar App.

However, it is important to know that these are not as such paid surveys. It is a list of survey routers, which might not be completely clear if you have not taken paid surveys before.

Survey routers are partners of Quick Dollar App, where you can click the link and then you are taken to the router to take a survey there.

Once you have completed the survey, you will get the money into your Quick Dollar App account.

There is quite a long list of routers which can give access to a good amount of paid surveys.

But you have to be aware that the first time you are taking surveys through one of the routers, you have to fill out some details about yourself again.

And you have to do this for every router.

Overall, from what I have seen, Quick Dollar App is giving you access to some legit and good survey routers.

However, there are, in my experience, survey sites that give access to the exact same survey routers but where they give better rewards and better overall opportunities.

So you can earn by taking surveys through survey routers in the Quick Dollar App.

Personally I, however, think the opportunities are better on survey sites like PrizeRebel or ySense, which offer access to many of the exact same surveys but with better overall opportunities and better rewards.

And also, there are really not a lot of paid surveys on Quick Dollar app, in my experience.

Option 2 – Joining bonus

Some survey options give you a joining bonus when you first join.

I was a little confused about if this was actually available when I joined Quick Dollar App.

On the website it says you will get a $5 joining bonus. However, I did not get this. I thought it might be because I had to first verify my email.

But I never got an email to verify, so I never got the joining bonus.

So you need to be aware that you might not get the joining bonus, or you might have to try to get in contact with their support team to get it. No matter what, it does not give a great user experience compared to many other similar sites I have tested.

There are sites like, for example, Prime Opinion or the very popular site Swagbucks that give this high bonuses. And in my opinion, the joining bonus is of better use on these other sites as the overall opportunities there are a lot better.

Option 3 – Invite friends

In the Quick Dollar App, you can find an option to invite friends to join the app as well.

invite option quick dollar app
You can invite friends.

Many survey sites and apps have this option.

Usually, you will, however, be able to earn a little extra by inviting friends as a thanks for you to invite them.

When I first joined Quick Dollar App, that was not the case. They have since changed this, so you can now earn. You will get $1 once the person you refer verifies his or her account. However, as mentioned earlier, I never got an email to verify my account even though I requested it several times. This means that if the people you refer cannot verify, you will not earn.

Also, you can earn this for a maximum of 5 people.

So not a great earning opportunity and a very poor referral program, in my opinion.

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How do you get paid?

Now you know how you can earn by using Quick Dollar App. But what is also very important to find out if it is the right app for you or not is how you will get paid.

Whenever you take a survey, you will get paid in dollars.

You can then get these earnings out through PayPal or Amazon gift cards.

quick dollar app payout options
The Quick Dollar App reward options.

The payout threshold is, however, another example of where the information about Quick Dollar App is a bit inconsistent.

When you look at the payout options in the image above, you can see there is a $5 PayPal option. However, when you click to redeem, you are told that the threshold is $10.

So it looks like you need to earn $10 to cash out, even though there is a $5 payout option.

You also have to be aware that you likely have to confirm your phone number before you can get your first payout.

How much money can you make?

Quick Dollar App gives access to several decent survey routers with a good amount of paid surveys.

But you will definitely not qualify for all the surveys, and the rewards are not as high as they are on many other survey sites/apps.

Also, there are a lot of promotional offers inside the platform, and many of them are for offers and platforms I personally would stay away from. And the platform overall has a terrible design, in my opinion. This means you will spend a lot of time being confused instead of earning.

Therefore, it is definitely not one of the fastest paying survey options, even though the name might imply this.

You can earn some extra cash by using it, but you should, in my experience, not expect too much.

Who can join Quick Dollar App?

As far as I have been able to find out, you can join Quick Dollar App no matter the country you live in.

Since it is an app, you, of course, need a smartphone.

The app is available in the Google Play store and in the App Store.

Even though you can join from anywhere, some of the survey routers are not available in all countries.

country restriction info quick dollar app
Some of the survey routers are restricted to certain countries.

So the amount of survey opportunities depends on the country you live in.

Can you get support?

Inside the Quick Dollar App, you can find a contact option.

You can click this and send a message to the support.

It gives quite easy access to support. I have not tried to contact the support myself, so I cannot say for sure how quickly they will get back to you.

But at least the support option is easy to find.

Final verdict

From what I have seen and tested, Quick Dollar App is a legit app where it is possible to earn a bit of extra cash.

But this does NOT mean it will necessarily be worth it.

So let's finish this review by summing up the pros and cons so you can get a better overview before deciding if it is for you or not.



  • Free to join
  • Decent payout threshold


  • A lot of ads in the app
  • A lot of promotional offers on the website
  • Terrible user experience
  • Not the highest rewards
  • Some inconsistent info inside the app
  • Ask for access to make and receive phone calls
  • Limited earning potential

I used to have a few good things to say about the Quick Dollar App. However, it has gone through some updates and I no longer see any reason to use it at all.

Overall, the earning potential and opportunities inside the app are very poor, in my opinion. And the user experience is terrible compared to many other similar sites.

Therefore, if you want to earn a bit extra, there are many survey opportunities with a lot better options, in my opinion.

Most of these higher-paying sites are also very easy to use on mobile, even though not all of them have an app. But they all make it easier to earn by taking surveys.

If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with Quick Dollar App yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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