best paid survey apps featuredDoing paid surveys can definitely be worth it if you do it with the right expectations and approach, and it can be a great way to make some extra money.

Even though most surveys do not take very long, it can however sometimes be difficult to find the time to do them in our otherwise busy lives.

That is why it can be handy to be able to do surveys on the go. The easiest way to do this is to use survey apps, as it is a fast and easy way to get access to the surveys, whenever it fits into your schedule.

But not all apps are a great way to earn, so below, I have put together a list of the best paid survey apps in 2019 so you can easily find the ones that are worth it for you.

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Why use an app for doing surveys?

If you would like to make some extra money by doing paid surveys, an app is an easy way to fit it into your schedule. Today, most of us have our phone with us most of the time, and with access to surveys through the phone, we can do the surveys in little breaks, if we do not have much else time to allocate for doing surveys.

Personally, I like doing surveys, if I am waiting somewhere, and have a bit of extra time.

Often we use our phones at those times anyway to, for example, check social media. Now I just try to check my Facebook on the phone a little less and spend some of the time making a bit of extra money doing surveys:-)

For example, if I am waiting at the dentist office, waiting for public transportation somewhere, or waiting for a friend to show up somewhere.

I also do take the time to sit down and do surveys on my computer, but if that does not fit into your schedule, having access to the surveys on your phone can be a great way to find the time.

How to select reliable apps?

There are many apps available that claims you can earn by taking surveys and more if you download them.

Whether you have an Android, iPhone or another device, you can, for example, go the app store and search for paid surveys.

This is, however, not a very good way to find reliable survey apps. If you do a search like this, there will be hundreds of suggestions for apps you can download, and many of them are not very good, and you can end up wasting a lot of time on them.

survey apps examples

Examples of apps that will come up when searching for paid surveys on the phone.

I have tested several random survey apps by just selecting them on the list, but have not been impressed by the results. That is why I select differently now.

I prefer using apps from survey companies that also have websites and have a lot of credibility through having good options and good service there. That does not mean that a survey app cannot be good just because the company behind does not also have a reliable survey website, and I will also continuously test some of these other apps and update the list below accordingly.

But I have found that in general, the best survey apps come from the reliable survey site companies. Also, when installing something on your phone, you want to take precautions and not download just any random app, and there are better chances of it being a secure app when there is a reliable company behind.

This is how I choose what survey apps to use, but I am actually not only using apps to do surveys on my phone, as I will go more into now.

Is it necessary to use an app to do surveys on the go?

If you have a favorite survey site, and the site does not have an app, there are good chances you can still use the site on your phone.

On many survey sites that do not have an app, there is still a good mobile-friendly design on the website itself. That means that you can just log in to the survey site on your mobile and do the surveys like you would if you were sitting at a computer.

One of my absolute favorite survey sites PrizeRebel does for example not have an app. I just have the website itself in a browser screen on my phone and have asked it to stay logged in. Then I can very easily open and check if there are any available opportunities when it fits into my schedule.

The only disadvantage of doing it this way is that I will not get a notification when there is an available survey, as most apps give. But to be honest, I find the app notifications a bit annoying and stressful at times, so I often turn them off anyway, but that is, of course, a matter of personal preferences.

So even if your favorite survey site does not have an app, there are good chances you can use it on your mobile. Apps can, however, have some advantages and give very good and easy overviews on the phone. So let’s look into some of the best survey apps I have found.

How to get the most out of survey apps?

Before we get to the list I just want to mention that many of the apps on the list below do not only offer paid surveys as a way to earn.

Some of them offer you to earn by doing other small online tasks, watching videos, get cashback when shopping online, participate in contests, and more. These sites or often known as GPT sites (get-paid-to)

To be aware of some of these other options and use them can be a great way to boost your earnings.

In addition to that, it is a good idea to join several survey platforms as many of them have different options. So by joining 5-7 for a start, you will have access to quite a lot of opportunities.

However, whether you use a survey app or do surveys through websites, paid surveys is not a way to become rich or to make a living. I always make sure to mention this aspect, as it is important to do it with the right expectations to get success with paid surveys.

It can make you some really nice extra money on the side depending on where in the world you live and what sites you join. And it is probably the only way to make money online that is 100% free, and where you will get a profit from day 1 with guarantee, so I think it is a great opportunity, as long as you just do not expect it to make you rich.

17 Awesome survey sites with an app

Below you can find a list of 17 great survey sites that all have an app, and see if any of the apps or sites sounds like it fits your preferences.

This is obviously not a complete list of all survey sites that has an app or of all the paid survey apps that exist. That would be way too confusing and overwhelming to have such a list.

I have instead focused on the best and reliable sites that are all legit.

#1 – SwagBucks app:

swagbucks logoAvailable in: US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Germany and France
Payout methods:
 PayPal, big selection of gift cards
More information: Read full Swagbucks review

Short summary:
SwagBucks is probably the biggest paid survey site and online reward portal in the world. It has more than 20 million users and is thereby a very popular survey site. SwagBucks also has an app that you can use to earn, once you are a member. If you live in a country were SwagBucks is available, it is definitely a site you should sign up for.

The SwagBucks app gives more or less the same options as you have on the website itself. You can earn by doing paid surveys, by watching videos, get huge cash back offers on online shopping, find local deals, and get paid to surf the web.

You have to join through the website itself, but then after that, you can download the app, login and start using SwagBucks on the go. You even get a high joining bonus of $5 if you join through the link below. SwagBucks pays out through PayPal, or you can choose from many gift cards.

#2 – Toluna app:

toluna influencers logoAvailable in: More or less worldwide
Payout methods: PayPal, gift cards, products
More information: Read full Toluna review

Short summary:
Toluna is one of the big paid survey sites. It is available more or less worldwide and also has an app. Toluna mostly offers paid surveys as a way to earn, but it also regularly has free contests you can participate in, and you can also earn by creating content and questions for other Toluna members. So in that way, there is also a social aspect to Toluna. You can also earn by voting for short polls created by other members.

On the app, it is mostly these short polls that are to be found, but the app is also very good for this, and the polls usually do not take more than a few seconds to answer, so it is easy to do once in a while. Personally, I mostly use the app for the short polls and then use the website for longer surveys.

Toluna has quite frequent surveys, and sometimes even 1-2 a day but this depends on where you live. You can get paid through PayPal, gift cards or products.

#3 – FeaturePoints:

featurepoints logoAvailable in: Worldwide
Payout methods:
PayPal, Bitcoin, gift cards
More information:
Read full FeaturePoints review

Short summary:
FeaturePoints is available both as an app and as a website. But it has some advantages to use the app as it gives access to more options.

The ways you can earn are by taking surveys, watching videos, participate in contests, and by downloading apps. If you live in US or Canada, you can also get cash back when shopping online.

Overall a very user-friendly survey app with quite a lot of different other ways to earn as well. And it has great payout methods and you can request a payout already when you have earned $3 which will not take long.

#4 – MyPoints:

mypoints logoAvailable in: USA, Canada
Payout methods: PayPal, gift cards
More information: Read full MyPoints review

Short summary:
MyPoints is a GPT site that gives a lot of different ways to earn. It is especially great if you ever shop online and it gives you access to discounts and cashback on hundreds of popular online stores.

MyPoints has an app but you just have to be aware that it does not give access to all its earning methods. The app is meant to make it easy for you to earn by watching videos but for most of the other options you have to log in to the website, but you can do this from your mobile browser as well.

It is only available if you live in the US or Canada. The payout threshold for gift cards starts at $3 but if you a payout through PayPal you have to earn $25 first.

#5 – InboxDollars:

inboxdollars logoAvailable in: USA
Payout methods: PayPal, check, prepaid Visa, gift cards
More information: Read full InboxDollars review

Short summary:
InboxDollars is one of the big GPT and survey sites in the US and it has a user-friendly app that makes it easy to use on the go.

You can earn in many ways by, for example, taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, participate in contests, cashback when shopping, get coupons, read emails, and more.

It is definitely an app that gives you many different options. It just takes a little patience to reach the payout threshold as it is $30. But you get a $5 joining bonus which is a great start.

#6 – Nielsen Mobile Panel:

nielsen panel logoAvailable in: Select countries
Payout methods: Depends on the country
More information: Read full Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel review

Short summary:
Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel is quite different from most of the other survey apps on this list. It is because you do actually not have to do anything actively to earn on it.

You will passively be earning by giving feedback just by having the app installed. It anonymously collects data about your internet usage that will be combined with other data and used for market research. And you will get paid for this without having to actively do anything else.

It is not an app where you can earn a huge amount, but you also do not have to do anything once it is installed. The exact rewards and payout methods depend on your country.
Nielsen Mobile Panel is available in several countries, but they are not also looking for new members. By clicking the link below you can see the countries they are currently recruiting in.

#7 – Instar Wallet:

instar wallet logo betaAvailable in: Select countries
Payout methods: Cryptocurrency
More information: Read full Instar Wallet review

Short summary:
Instar Wallet is a very interesting and different survey app and website. But if you are interested in cryptocurrencies, this app can definitely be worth it.

It is still a new site and is being developed constantly and it seems like they have a lot of big plans for the platform. It is very easy to use and the surveys you can find there are usually short and fast to take.

It is still not available worldwide, but it opens up to new countries continuously and it is, for example, open to many countries where it usually can be more difficult to find good paid survey apps. But you have to check on the website itself and see if you can join at this moment from your country.

#8 – Mobrog:

mobrog logoAvailable in: 70 countries
Payout methods:
PayPal, Skrill
More information:
Read full Mobrog review

Short summary:
Mobrog is a very simple and easy-to-use survey site and it also has an app that makes it easy to take surveys on the go.

It is not the survey app with the most opportunities and sometimes it can take a bit of patience to find the surveys you qualify for. But as an extra survey option, it can definitely be worth checking out because it is so easy to use.

It has a low payout threshold of $6.25 and you can get your earnings out through PayPal or Skrill. You can find the panel in your local language in around 70 countries.

#9 – Smart Panel:

smart panel logoAvailable in: USA
Payout methods: PayPal, Amazon gift cards
More information: Read full Smart Panel review

Short summary:
Smart Panel is a panel where the main earning method is passive, but you will also occasionally get a survey you can take through the app.

The way you earn is by installing the app and it will the share info about your internet usage and you earn without doing anything actively. The longer you have it installed the more you earn as you get loyalty bonuses. You can earn up $100 like this passively per year.

Be aware that it is only available in the US and you have to apply to get accepted. They only accept limited members. You can apply through the button below.

#10 – YouGov:

yougov logoAvailable in: Select countries
Payout methods: Depends on the country
More information: Read full YouGov review

Short summary:
YouGov is a decent paid survey site, and it is available in many countries in the local language. It offers quite frequent surveys, and you can also use the app for these. The advantage of having the YouGov app is that you will get a notification when a new survey is available. But when you click the survey in the app, you will be taken to your internet browser to do the survey.

So not much different from just clicking the invitation link in emails that you get from YouGov. So having the app mostly makes sense, if you like getting notifications as soon as a new survey is available. The app also gives a good overview of your account and your earnings.

YouGov has good payout methods is most countries but the exact threshold and methods vary from country to country.

#11 – Gift Hunter Club:

Gift Hunter Club logoAvailable in: Worldwide but best for UK, US, Latin America, Spain
Payout methods: PayPal, gift cards
More information: Read full Gift Hunter Club review

Short summary:
Gift Hunter Club is an interesting smaller survey site, and it also has an app. The app is at the moment only available on Android devices. Through the Gift Hunter Club app, you can earn by doing surveys, taking online deals and by watching videos. The website itself has more opportunities than the app, so to get the most out of it, you also have to use the website. But the app also provides good opportunities.

The app and the website look very similar, which makes it easier to navigate on both. The app can, however, be a little confusing compared to the website. It gives a good overview, but when you are going to the list of available surveys, it can be a bit difficult to find the way back to the home screen. Not a huge problem, but just something to know, if you decide to use the app.

You can join Gift Hunter Club no matter where in the world you live, but there are most opportunities for you if you live in the UK, the US, Spain or Latin America. You can get paid through PayPal or gift cards.

#12 – MobileXpression:

MobileXpression panel logoAvailable in: Select countries
Payout methods: Gift cards
More information: Read full MobileXpression review

Short summary:
MobileXpression is not the app that offers the most paid surveys, but it offers another way to earn passively. It is one of the apps where you can earn by just having the app installed and share info about your internet usage this way.

You will also get occasionally paid surveys but the main way to earn is by just having the app installed.

MobileXpression does, however, only accept members from select countries and with select devices. This changes regularly but you can click the button below to see where they are recruiting at the moment. If your country and device is not on the list it can still be worth trying to join as they update the options regularly.

#13 – National Consumer Panel:

national consumer panel logoAvailable in: USA
Payout methods: Products
More information: Read full National Consumer Panel review

Short summary:
National Consumer Panel is another app you can use to earn by giving feedback in a different way. As a member, you have to scan groceries and answers survey and questions about this to help shops with market research that way.

It used to only be available with a handheld scanner but now they also have an app that makes it a lot more convenient. It takes some extra time to do but if you have that time when you do your shopping anyway, it can be a fun and different way to earn a bit extra.

You earn points when you participate, and you can then collect these and choose between many rewards from their gift catalog.

#14 – WowApp:

wowapp logoAvailable in: Worldwide
Payout methods: PayPal, bank transfer, mobile credit, charity donations
More information: Read full WowApp review

Short summary:
WowApp has the advantage that it is an app you can download and use not matter where you live. And it gives several ways to earn and some of them are not really available in other apps.

You can, for example, earn by taking surveys, reading news, playing games, get cashback when shopping online, chatting and calling, and more.

At first, it can be a bit confusing to use and it takes some patience to earn but it has many options for most countries and good payout methods.

#15 – Univox Community:

univox logoAvailable in: 17 countries
Payout methods: PayPal, gift cards
More information: Read full Univox Community review

Short summary:
Univox is a nice app to download as an extra option to earn a bot of extra money by taking surveys and more. But it is not the app with the most opportunities.

In addition to taking surveys, you can earn by inviting friends, contests, and more.

It is supposedly available in 17 countries, but they do not mention exactly where. I know it for sure is available in the US, Canada, and Australia, but if you live in other countries you have to check on the site itself when you try to join.

#16 – Opinion Bureau:

opinion bureau logoAvailable in: 16 countries
Payout methods: PayPal, gift cards
More information: Read full Opinion Bureau review

Short summary:
Opinion bureau is a very simple survey app and website. You can choose whether you want to use the app or just use the website.

The main way to earn is by taking online surveys but at times you can also take polls and you can earn a bit by inviting friends to join.

The payout threshold is low as you only need $5 to request a payout but the payment processing take 45 days which is quite slow. You can join from 16 countries (you can see the exact countries in the full review through the link above).

#17 – CashKarma app:

cashkarma logoAvailable in: Worldwide
Payout methods: PayPal, gift cards
More information: Read full CashKarma review

Short summary:
CashKarma is one of the options on the list that only exist as an app and it is actually a pretty decent option.

The rewards are not super high but it has a good amount of surveys and you can also earn by getting different bonuses, watching trailers, and if you join through the button below you will also get 300 free points right away.

The payout threshold starts at $5 but depends on the reward you choose. Overall, it can be a nice extra site if you want to have as many survey and GPT options as possible on your mobile.


There you have it – a list the best survey apps you can use to earn money on the go. As mentioned earlier, this is a selected list of the best sites that are all legit, give good opportunities, and they all actually pay, so they are worth joining.

The list is regularly updated so make sure to bookmark this page and come back and check for new opportunities once in a while.


If you have any questions, comments or have experiences with any apps you think belong on the list, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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