Is Mobrog a Scam or Legit? (Mobrog Review from an Insider)

Mobrog Rating

Mobrog is very easy to use and is available in many countries in the local language. You can get paid through PayPal and the site has a low payout threshold.

Online paid surveys can be a great way to make some extra money and have your opinion heard at the same time.

But it is important to find the right survey sites to get the most out of it and not waste your time.

So is Mobrog a scam survey site, where you will waste your time, or is it a legit way to make some nice extra money?

I have tested the site thoroughly myself, and in this Mobrog review, I will answer these questions and give you all the info you need to find out if Mobrog is a site you want to sign up for or stay away from.

What is Mobrog and what does the site offer?

Mobrog is a survey panel by the German-based company Splendid Research GMBH, which was founded in 2008. It is available in many countries (more about this later).

Let me reveal right away that Mobrog is legit, safe, and has a trustworthy company behind, BUT that does not mean it is necessarily worth your time. So let’s go over what it has to offer, so you can see if it is for you or not.

Overall, Mobrog is a very simple survey site without any fancy elements and without too many distractions. By simple, I do not necessarily mean anything bad, but just that it only has a couple of ways to earn, which also makes it easy to navigate and use.

I have created a video that gives you an inside look at shows you exactly what it offers so you can see and judge for yourself. You can also read all the details below the video:

Option 1 – Paid surveys:

Mobrog is, first of all, a survey site, and this is basically all you can do here to earn. You basically just sign up and can then start taking paid surveys.

Once you have signed up, you will get an email every time there is an available survey. Be aware that you might not be able to participate in all the surveys you get an invitation for. Often you will not qualify, or the survey will be closed.

Personally, I have experienced that some times it can take patience to find surveys you qualify for on Mobrog compared to other survey sites.

Sometimes it is because you do not qualify, which is very normal not to do for some surveys and this will happen on more or less any survey site. Sometimes the survey you have invited for might be full.

This can happen, so to get the best chances of qualifying, it can be good to try to take the surveys you are invited for as soon as you see them.

It is important to mention that how often you qualify for a Mibrog can be very different from country to country and depending on your demographic profile you fill out when first joining.

However, I have also qualified for many surveys on Mobrog, and they are easy to take and user-friendly, so if you are just aware there might be many surveys you do not qualify for, then it can definitely still be worth joining.

Option 2 – Invite friends:

In addition to taking paid surveys, there is one other way to earn a bit of extra money on Mobrog. This is by inviting friends to join the platform.

You can only invite through email, and not by sharing a link.

If a person you send an invitation joins Mobrog, you will get around $1. So you have to know a lot of people that might be interested to make money from this, but just a little extra is of course also nice.

Be aware that you will only get the reward after the person you invite has completed 3 surveys. This to ensure the member is active, as Mobrog, of course, is not interested in paying people to invite a bunch of friends that just join but never take a survey.

So if you use this option, I would encourage yu to only join people you think will really be interested in getting paid for their opinion and not spam all of your address book.

Option 3 – Contests:

One extra thing you can sometimes participate in is free contests.

This is not something that you will be offered on the website itself, but something that is announced on the social media channels of Mobrog.

mobrog contest example
Example of a Mobrog contest on Facebook.

In my experiences, a competition like this will take place around once per month.

Usually, the reward will be $5 to 10 winners and it will only take you a minute to participate as it is, for example, to answer a short question and like the post. If you win, the reward will be paid into your Mobrog account.

Below you can see the official presentation of Mobrog, so you also can see how the site presents itself:

How do you get paid?

Every time you complete a survey, you will get paid in cash into your Mobrog account. You can then later have them cashed out to your PayPal or Skrill account.

Personally, I in general really like when survey sites offer payout through PayPal, so this is a really nice aspect of Mobrog, and my favorite payout method.

Also, you can request a payout already after you have earned 5€ / 6,25$ or the equal amount in your local currency.

This is a pretty low payout threshold compared to some other sites, which is great. So you do not have to take too many surveys before you can get your money out. And it is very user-friendly that Mobrog has accounts in your local currency in all the countries it is available in.

Be aware that you will be paid out to the email address you have registered with. So if that is not the same email address you have registered with at PayPal or Skrill, you have to contact the Mobrog support and have this fixed. The best solution is to just from the start register with the email address you also use for Skrill and PayPal, depending on your preferred payout method.

How much money can you make?

how much money on mobrog surveys

On Mobrog’s website, it says you can make up to $3 per survey and that surveys usually takes 5-10 minutes.

In my experience, an average of around 10 minutes per survey sounds about right. Some might be a little longer and some a little shorter.

When you are offered a survey, you will also see how much it pays. Mostly the rewards that I have been offered are between $1-$2 which is also fine, but just be aware that it will probably not be very often you will get the $3 surveys, and if you do, it might be a survey that takes longer than 10 minutes.

As on all other survey sites, you should just be aware that it will not be a way to make a full-time income. It can give you a little extra money on the side and is a great way to have your opinion heard at the same time, but you need to do it with the right expectations.

Can you use Mobrog on your mobile?

Being able to take surveys on the go is a great way to earn a little extra cash when it fits you. That is why I prefer survey sites that are easy to use on mobile.

And Mobrog is very easy to use on mobile as it has its own app you can download and take surveys through.

mobrog app
You can take surveys on your mobile through the Mobrog app.

The app itself is very simple and easy to use, so it does not take any time to figure out how to use it. Basically, you just open it and then click a survey, if there are any available.

You can download it through the Google Play Store and the App Store.

Who can join?

Mobrog is available more or less worldwide.

It currently allows members from more than 70 countries and it is available in the local languages, which is great. You just have to be 18 years old to sign up, and you also have to have a PayPal or Skrill account, as these are the only ways you can get paid.

mobrog countries
Countries where Mobrog is available.

Be aware that you cannot do surveys when you are not in the country where you initially signed up.

When you enter the platform, it first checks if you are in the country where you first registered. If this is not the case, you will not be able to participate, and you can also end up getting banned. So do not use Mobrog while traveling.

What do other people say about Mobrog?

When possible, I also try to get other peoples’ experiences and opinions when doing a review.

According to Trustpilot, Mobrog has really good ratings.

mobrog trustpilot rating
Mobrog gets good ratings by many people.

There are, of course, also some people that complaint both on Trustpilot and in the reviews of the app but the majority of people like the platform.

One thing that says a lot about a company is how it reacts to the people that do not give it the highest ratings. I really like that Mobrog gives answers to all people that have a negative comment about the platform and they try to find out why the person is unhappy and try to find a solution.

I really appreciate when a survey company takes its members serious like this.

Can you get support?

If you need help as a member of Mobrog it is fairly easy to get support.

You can find a support section on the website, and here you can get support in several languages.

I have used the support myself as I had a few questions. It took a few days, but I did get a useful answer. You can also contact the support on Facebook.

Final verdict

No doubt Mobrog is a legit survey site. This does, however, not mean it will necessarily be the right site for you.

So to give you a better overview before deciding to join or not, let’s sum up the pros and cons of Mobrog:



  • Good payout methods
  • Low payout threshold
  • Easy to use
  • Has user-friendly app


  • You do not qualify for all surveys you are invited for
  • Not as many daily surveys as some other sites

First, let’s get it clear – Mobrog is NOT a scam. You can earn some extra money, and it is free to join.

I think it is a decent site to join as an extra site. It will not give you many daily opportunities, so I would also suggest you to join some of the top paying survey sites in addition to Mobrog to get enough earning opportunities.

But Mobrog is a great site because it is so easy to use, so if you can accept that you will not qualify for all surveys and it sometimes can take patience to find the ones you qualify for, it is a great extra survey site to join, in my opinion.

How to join Mobrog?

Mobrog is very easy to join.

Just click the button below, choose your country, and then you will be taken to Mobrog’s website, where you just have to fill out your email and name. It only takes a few minutes to join.

If you have any questions or comments, or if you have any experiences with Mobrog yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

83 thoughts on “Is Mobrog a Scam or Legit? (Mobrog Review from an Insider)”

  1. I signed up and made £3 fairly quickly. The payout threshold in UK is £4, and now I can’t complete a survey for love nor money! The ‘other’ survey opportunities offered are from known ripoff companies such as Peanut Labs and Yuno. IF you manage to complete one of their surveys, chances are you won’t get paid! Getting frustrated I got a friend to sign up. He is being offered no surveys at all, so there’s no chance of getting the referral reward. So I asked another friend to sign up indepently using the same demographic info but without being referred. Guess what – he has load of surveys on offer! This is smelling more and more like a scam. How many people simply give up and move on, leaving Mobrog to keep their hard earned money? Perhaps you’ve had better luck as you’re not in the UK, but I’d advise fellow Brits to avoid this app like the plague.

  2. hi I live in Greece and i wanted to know if its worth the time to make surveys on mobrog or there are any other free survey sites for greece that are better.

  3. Hi Mikael your review is vey helpful. i just signed up with mobrog a few days ago and after doing one survey I already earned a 22.00php not bad for a starter and you’re right some surveys are not always available. I’m a college student and I need some extra income since I have 3 months break from school. can you recommend me some other sites which you have already used? Thank you.

    • Sorry to hear that Angela. But thanks for sharing your experience.

      It can definitely take some patience to find the surveys you qualify for on Mobrog.


  4. Hallo, thank you for the information. trying to register with Mobrog but it keeps saying am registering for the wrong county. would you please recommend survey sites i can join, am in kenya

  5. Hi there . So , I surprisingly received a survey opportunity from PointClub the other day . It surprised so much I only opened it a week later haha . I was even rewarded a few points . So , we are partially rewarded some points for the mere attempt at the surveys , right ?

    • Thanks for the update Wil. Hope you will receive more soon.

      Yes, PointClub is one of the few sites where you get a little reward even if you do not qualify for the survey. So as long as you attempt, you will get a small reward. But the reward will of course be a lot bigger if you complete the survey.


  6. MOBROG is a scam?? I always pass the survey but I don’t know why my balance is still 0.00. I remember this is the 4th survey I pass but still no rewards. the last message after I finished the survey ”Thank you for completing our survey. Your time and thoughtful responses are greatly appreciated.” Your incentive earnings will be automatically credited to your account. but still 0 balance. is this site is still paying out? I guess NO. so sad it’s a waste of time.

    • Sorry to hear this Pearl. I have not experienced anything like this myself, and have also not heard it form anyone else. It can take some patience to be able to qualify for the surveys, but once I have completed them, I have also gotten the reward into my acccount.

      Have you tried to contact Mobrog’s support? Maybe there is some kind of error with your account. This definitely should not happen.


  7. Hello .

    Oh sorry , we’re able to join the site , and I actually joined it .

    However surveys are currently available only for US companies , that’s what I meant in my previous message . At least that was their reply to my contact , after I noticed something wasn’t right . They are also ” working on getting more surveys for companies in other countries “.

    Well , thanks anyways for the suggestion again . I’ll wait that site to be available worldwide again .

    So , how long ago did you join them ? How long ago they had opportunities for other countries ?

    • Thanks Wil.

      I joined them a few months ago, but I live in a small European country, where they do not have any surveys yet. I was however told that they have most opportunities for the US, but also have frequent opportunities for UK, Canada, France, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, and Netherlands, and are working on expanding to more countries. I was told by the owner of the company, and that was only about a month ago I was told this.

      So they should regularly have opportunities for other countries. But it is a fairly new site, so probably still working on getting more surveys. It however seems quite professional and like they have a serious approach, so will be interesting to see how it develops.

      Thanks for keeping me updated.


    • Hi Musa,

      On Mobrog it can take some patience to find the surveys you qualify for. So often you will get this message. You are not the only one.

      If you tell me which country you live in, I will be happy to give you some suggestions for other sites you can also try – it will most likely be easier to qualify on some of these.


  8. Thank you for this article! I’m new to part time online paying jobs and survey sites are one of them that I’m considering good thing I found this informative article of yours! Would you mind recommending other survey sites aside from Mombrog, a big thanks in advance!

  9. Hi.
    I am a student and I would like to earn money part time. This article is really helpful. Thanks for the video. It simply shows what Mobrog is.
    You mentioned that it’s different in different country. I can’t get you.
    What will be the difference Mobrog in the different countries?

    • Thanks for your comment.

      The main purpose and opportunities will not be different from country to country. But some countries just have more paid survey opportunities than others. So in that way it can vary from country to country. Also, I do not like Mobrog too much because 90% of the surveys I am offered are not available anyway, but I cannot say for sure that it will not be better in other countries. 

      Hope this makes sense. If not just let me know.

      All the best,

      • Yeah, I’m from Brazil and registered on Mobrog in early 2017. I got to complete my first (and only) survey in January 2018. I don’t think it has to do with my profile on that site…

        I can’t see the point the site being available everywhere, if we won’t earn anything at all. The site is pathetic compared to other survey sites on which we can earn at least a few bucks .

        • Thank for sharing your experiences Wil.

          That is a very long time you had to wait to get one survey. I completely agree that it does not make sense that it is available in countries where it does not really give any opportunities. With the amount you are offered, it seems that it could take you a few years to get to the payout threshold on Mobrog:-)

          Glad to hear you have found other sites that are better in Brazil – would you mind sharing which ones you have had the best results with there?

          All the best,

          • Oh , it seems I’m late here for a reply . Well , I have made some cash in a few sites . The best ones by far ( at least so far ) , with best opportunities for Brazil are Toluna , GreenPanthera and GlobalTestMarket , followed by Panel Station , which is not so smooth to deal with , but I have already made my first cashout from it . Another one is Surveyeah , from which I withdraw twice so far . There are also the ones like Livra and Valued Opinions , which don’t reward in cash , but rather in prizes . I haven’t redeemed nothing yet , in spite getting enough points . Many others like Conectai , Opinaia , Opinea , Vozganha Brazil , Hiving , etc are slow to raise points . Oh , I have tried Myiyo as well , which is strangely similar to Mobrog , hard to complete surveys . I ‘ll return if I forgot something .

            All the best .

          • Oh yeah , actually Clixsense is the site on which I had the highest earnings so far . I started on the site a little bit before the transition from PTC to GPT .

            In my previous message I mentioned only the panel sites .

            As for PointClub , I honestly can’t even remember knowing about it before , thanks for mentioning it . So is it worth trying ?

          • Great to hear you also had good experiences with ClixSense.

            PointClub is quite a fun site, as it has a more modern and fun design than most other sites. It has a good bonus system, where you get higher rewards the more days in a row you login and a $5 joining bonus. It will not have as many opportunites as for example ClikSense, as it only has surveys, but I have been told by the owner that Brazil is one of the countries, where they have quite a good amount of surveys (even though it will not necessarily be every day), and I in general like the feel and approach of the site, so that is why I am mentioning it.

            If you decide to try it out, feel free to come back and let me know how you like it.


          • Hello .

            Well , it seems PointClub is “currently” available only in US . That must be the reason why I wasn’t aware of it before .

          • That sounds strange Wil. Have you tried to join it? Because I have been told by PointClub itself that they have pretty good opportunities in Brazil, and I have also been able to join even though I do not live in the US. So it definitely should be possible to join from other countries.


  10. A very thorough review of the Mobrog survey site which covered everything right from what is it meant for, what are the various ways of making money through the site, the payment threshold level, the mobile app availability, countries where it is available etc. If anyone is sincerely interested in earning money through surveys then it is worth giving a try as we can make out from the post that it definitely is not a scam.


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