How to Qualify for More Surveys? (Guide to Succeed)

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If you are taking online paid surveys, you have probably tried to get rejected for surveys.

Sometimes it can maybe even feel like you are disqualified for most surveys and you are getting frustrated about this.

Let me just start by saying that it is perfectly normal not to qualify for all surveys – there are reasons that you do not always qualify.

I do however know from personal experience how frustrating it can be and below I will, therefore, explain what these reasons are, and how to qualify for more surveys.

I have tested hundreds of paid survey sites and taken thousands of online surveys and what you will learn in this article is based on this and on actual experiences and the process I am using myself to earn the most with paid surveys.

Am I not qualifying because survey sites are scams?

If you often do not qualify for surveys, you might think that maybe survey sites are just scams, and it is not really possible to make money on them.

I know how frustrating it can be to continuously not qualify, and often I do also not qualify myself, so I completely understand the thought and I regularly hear it from visitors here on

But I also know by now that sometimes it happens (and sometimes a lot).

example of survey you do not qualify for
Sometimes you will not qualify for a survey – this does not mean survey sites are scams.

I do however also know that it is possible to make nice extra money on surveys, and I have figured out how to navigate the best way, so I do not have to become frustrated about not qualifying.

Not qualifying for surveys at a certain site does not mean that it is necessarily a scam site. You cannot use this as an indicator alone to see if a site is a scam or not.

Nobody qualifies for all surveys, and everybody that takes surveys, have tried or will try not to qualify for several surveys.

There are a number of factors that decide how often you will qualify, and if you have an idea about this, it will make it easier to understand why you do not qualify and what to do to qualify as often as possible.

Reasons you do not qualify for surveys

As mentioned already, there can be several reasons you do not qualify for a survey.

The list below will explain the main reasons you will not qualify so you can get a better understanding of why it happens before we then go into what you can then do to qualify more often.

Reason 1 – You do not pass the screening:

At the beginning of most surveys, there will be a few screening questions.

This is to make sure you fit into the target group of the survey. That can be questions about age, habits, gender, where you live, education, etc.

If you think about it, it makes sense that surveys have these screenings. For example, if you do not drink alcohol, it does not make sense that you participate in a survey where a vodka company wants feedback on their new product.

Very often, that you do not fit into the target group, is the reason you do not qualify. This can also be if you work in a certain industry and the survey is about that – then it might give biased data and you will therefore not qualify for it.

But do not let this stop you. There will be surveys for you as well – it is just a matter of finding the right ones for you, which we will get into later.

Reason 2 – The site does not have surveys in your country:

The country you live in will mean a lot when it comes to the surveys you will qualify for.

Some survey sites offer surveys all over the world, but others just allow you to sign up no matter where you live without actually having surveys for you.

An example of this is Vivatic, where everybody can sign up, but if you do not read the conditions, you will not know that they actually only offer surveys to people living in the UK or the US.

survey site limited to certain countries
Some sites only give surveys in certain countries even though you can join from all countries.

So you can become a member, but only have access to something called micro-tasks that pays very little. If you do not know this, it is easy to get frustrated about a site like this, but it is actually just because it is not ideal for the country you live in.

I personally do not understand why some sites allow you to sign up even if there is no way for you to earn, but that is how it is on some sites. Later I will show you how to find the sites that are the best match for you.

Reason 3 – Some survey providers on a site are not for you:

On certain survey sites like ySense or the get-paid-to site PrizeRebel, you will get access to surveys from different providers/routers, once you are logged into the site.

This means that you will be taken to a router that will look for available surveys for you, and if you take a survey there, you will get the money into your account on the survey sites you took the survey through even though you technically will take the survey through the router.

The big advantage of sites that give you access to survey routers is that often you will then find a lot of opportunities here. The disadvantage is that it can sometimes take a little patience to find the surveys you qualify for.

The sites mentioned above are some of my favorites, but still, I often do not qualify. But mostly when I try to take surveys from certain providers/routers.

There are some routers I just never seem to be able to qualify for surveys from. That does not mean it will be the same for you, as it, as already mentioned, depends on several things whether you qualify or not.

So once I figure out what routers never offer me surveys I qualify for, I just stop clicking on these, and instead just click on the ones where I regularly am able to qualify.

So with a bit of testing, you are able to figure out which survey routers are bets for YOU and then you can just focus on those.

Reason 4 – You are using a VPN or adblocker:

Many people are interested in using a VPN to take surveys to try to hide their location and get access to more.

Most sites will obviously not allow this as it is fraud and will hurt their business and will mean the answers for the surveys will be useless.

Sometimes you might, however, be using a VPN or proxy without knowing. This can, for example, be the case if you are using a public network.

On most sites, adblockers are also not allowed as this makes it difficult to track the answers.

So if you are using any software like this, you will likely not qualify for surveys. Also, be aware that some survey sites will also ban your account if you use software like this so make sure to check the conditions for each site before using them.

Reason 5 – The site is a scam or poor:

It is of course also an option that the reason you do not qualify for any surveys on a certain site, is because the site is a scam.

But if you have looked for the signs that a survey site is a scam and not found them, it might very well be because of one of the other reasons. As mentioned above, that you do not qualify for surveys cannot be used as an indicator alone to see whether a site is a scam.

The reason can also be that it just simply is a really poor survey site. There are MANY survey sites out there, but some of them are just really poor and offers very few opportunities.

That is why it is important to find the sites that are worth joining, which we will go into next.

What to do to qualify for more surveys?

what to do to qualify

Before getting into this, I want to make one thing clear – there is no trick you can do to always qualify for surveys.

If somebody tells you that you can do some kind of clever trick to cheat the survey sites and always qualify for every single survey, it is NOT true, and it might be because they are trying to sell you something without being completely honest:-)

You will keep not qualifying for certain surveys, but the way to get the most out of survey sites is by knowing how to navigate, so you optimize your time.

This will lead to you enjoying it more and give you success with surveys.

The main points to consider to optimize your participation in online surveys are:

Tip 1 – Find the right survey sites for YOU:

Different survey sites have different options and are available in different parts of the world. Some surveys sites might be the best to use in southern Europe, while others are the best in the US, or in Asia, and so on.

That is why one of the most important ways to succeed with paid surveys and qualify more often is to find the right surveys for YOU and your country.

A part of finding the right sites is to look at the conditions for each of them and sign up for the ones that sound most relevant to you. Sign up for several of them, and then test them out.

You will quickly figure out which ones offer the best opportunities for you. You can, however, easily end up wasting a lot of time testing sites that are not even giving real opportunities in your country if you do not know which sites are good to join.

I have therefore created lists with the best survey sites in certain countries, so you can easily find the sites with the absolute best chances of earning and qualifying for you. So check that out through the link above to get started easily.

Tip 2 – Click on what is working:

As mentioned earlier, some survey sites offer surveys from different providers/routers.

Try as many of these providers as possible, and after a while, you will know which ones you regularly qualify for, and which ones you never qualify for – and then just click the ones that are working for you. That will eventually save you a lot of time and frustration:-)

Tip 3 – Do not give up right away:

Sometimes people sign up for a survey site and only try a few clicks, and when that does not work as expected, they quit.

Be a bit more patient, if you want success with paid surveys. Click around a bit and try the different options, and also try on different days.

I have, for example, noticed that many survey sites do not give very many surveys on weekends. So if you sign up at the weekend, and then do not give it a chance for a bit longer than just one day, you might miss out on what the site has to offer.

The trick is to not just give up after trying a few surveys but to try different routers and different types of surveys.

Give it a bit of time and test it out. Then you will quickly spot which opportunities are the best for you and then you can optimize your time by just focusing on these.

Tip 4 – Fill out your profile information:

Most survey sites have a section with your profile, where you can fill out a bit of information about yourself.

survey profile example
Filling out your profile can sometimes help you qualify for more surveys.

Especially the sites that send emails, when there are surveys available, use this information to match you with surveys. That means that at some sites, you will get more invitations for surveys if this profile info has been filled out and kept up-to-date.

Many sites even give you a reward for filling out this profile so there can be several good reasons to do this.

Tip 5 – Be smart in the qualification process:

Before starting a survey, you will usually have to go through a few questions to see if you qualify as they are often looking for answers from a specific target audience.

It is important to be honest here as the sites will spot if you give inconsistent answers and try to guess what the answers should be to qualify.

But there are also some questions that can be interpreted differently and here the way you interpret it can affect your chances of qualifying.

One question you will often get is, for example, if you have recently participated in other paid surveys.

You have to understand that some research companies prefer answers from people that do not take surveys all the time for the money but just once in a while because they really want to share their opinion about a certain topic.

Having your voice heard and giving honest answers is important and should definitely be a part of the reason you take surveys. But, in my opinion, this is definitely possible even if you take several surveys every day.

But my point is that if a question asks you if you have recently taken any surveys, then your understanding of what recently is might be different than mine. Some might think recently is within the last month and others might interpret it as within the last few hours.

So how you interpret this and the answer you give will affect your chances of qualifying – you should always be honest but in a case like this also be smart about how you interpret the question.

Tip 6 – Take the surveys as soon as you can:

Most surveys have a certain quota. When that fills up, you will not be able to take the survey.

To get a better chance of qualifying, it is, therefore, a good idea to take the surveys you are offered as soon as you can.

For this reason, it can also be a good idea to check your favorite survey sites regularly (1-2 times per day) to check for new surveys and get the best possible chance of taking them before they fill up.

Tip 7 – Disable any VPN, adblocker, or similar software:

As mentioned earlier, many sites will block your account if you use any of these types of software.

You will not only not qualify. You might also risk getting your account completely blocked.

So if you are using any software like this you might have a hard time taking surveys. At least make sure to check the conditions and terms on your favorite sites so you know if they will allow it or not.

Also, in general, you should be honest when using paid survey sites. If you try to cheat whether it is by lying to try to qualify for more surveys or by trying to fake your country, you are basically stealing from someone as the companies behind are also owned by real people.

In addition to this, survey sites know that, unfortunately, many people do try to cheat so they have strict security so if you try to cheat in any way, you will likely end up getting banned and lose your earnings.

Tip 8 – Join several sites:

Different survey sites give access to different surveys.

For this reason it is best to join several sites as you will then get more opportunities.

If you are new to paid surveys, I suggest joining 5-7 sites for a start so you also have time to test each of the sites properly as that is important.

Once you know what is working for you and what is not, you can focus on the sites that work the best and then forget about the rest and then join more sites to test these.

And on some sites, you will also only get very few surveys but if you then join several sites like this, you will overall get plenty of surveys.

Also, you will find that on some sites it will just be easier for you to qualify for the surveys than on others.

So joining several sites is an important way to get access to more surveys and thereby qualify for more.

Tip 9 – Manage your expectations:

This is a point I often mention in my articles, but it is very important, and therefore I want to mention it again here.

To get success with paid surveys, you have to manage your expectations and be realistic. It will not make you rich or a full-time income. If you expect this, you will probably be very impatient and give up before you have really given it a chance.

It is, however, definitely possible to make some nice extra money on surveys, and it is an easy way to start earning online and completely without risk – and you will have your opinion heard at the same time, so in my opinion, there are many good reasons to participate in paid surveys.

But you have to find the right sites and do it with the right expectations and not to become rich.

Final thoughts

Online paid surveys are one of the few ways you can earn online where you can start earning right away and where there is no risk or investment involved at all.

But you need to do it with the right expectations. If you do it with the right expectations and with the right approach, it is a great opportunity.

I hope this info has helped you to get a better idea about how to qualify for surveys or more importantly how to navigate the right way so you can get the most out of survey sites.

Remember that the most important thing to succeed is to find the right surveys for YOU.

So check out the list of the best opportunities in your country here to save yourself time and get access to the top paying sites right away.

If you have any comments or questions, just leave a comment below, and I will get back to you asap.

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  1. Hello Mikael,

    I would like to ask for your help 🙂
    I live in Hungary and use the surveytime site, which I really like because it is real and pays immediately.
    Can you recommend any other sites like this? (where you don’t have to collect, just fill out the questionnaire)

    I’ve tried a lot, but so far nothing better than this.

    Thank you in advance for your answer!

    • I cannot say without more info. But if you have used a VPN that is the reason. If you have done everything honestly and still got banned, then you need to contact their support.

  2. Sir if why iam not qualify if any site says
    Do you in the following companies
    1.Advertising, public relationship
    2.Marketing , market research
    3.motor oil industry
    5.oil company
    Many more
    Iam screen out all sites on this phase
    Please suggest answers

    • I explain what you can do to optimize your chances of qualifying in the article above. But it might also just be because your profile or location makes it hard to qualify. If that is the case, then you should start focusing on other earning methods than surveys.


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