Hive Micro Review – Should You Join? (Learn the Truth)

Hive Micro Rating

If you like doing data entry tasks, Hive Micro isn’t a bad site, in my opinion. It has plenty of tasks but you need to be aware that it will take a lot of effort to earn here as the rewards are quite low per task.

One way to earn extra cash is to join a micro-job or data entry site.

If you are not familiar with micro-job sites, they are basically sites that will pay you for doing simple jobs.

One such site is called Hive Micro. It claims you can earn extra money through small jobs you can do anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

But Is Hive Micro legit and a real way to earn, or is it a scam to stay away from?

That is very important to know before joining any online earning platform, so let me just reveal right away that Hive Micro is legit, as you can really earn.

BUT that does not necessarily mean it is the right opportunity for you.

This Hive Micro review will give you an inside look and show all the pros and cons, so you will know exactly what to expect, so you can decide if you should join or not.

So, let’s go ahead and take a closer look at Hive Micro.

What is Hive Micro, and what does it offer?

As mentioned above, Hive Micro is a micro-job site that will allow you to earn by taking on simple jobs. Many of the tasks can also be described as data entry tasks.

And let me just make it clear right away that Hive Micro is legit and not a fake scam, as some data entry platforms are. It will really pay you once you complete a job.

Just to avoid any confusion, the platform is also sometimes referred to as Hive Work, and when you are logged in, you will also see this displayed in several places. But whether you hear about Hive Micro or Hive Work, it is the same platform that just sometimes uses different names.

And the website address of it is

However, before we can say it is worth joining, you have to understand how it works and how well you can earn from it. And to do that, we have to examine the earning opportunity it offers.

I have therefore made a video that gives you an inside look and shows exactly how you can earn from Hive Micro. You can also read all the details below the video:

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The earning opportunity – Hive Micro Jobs

The only way you can earn from Hive Micro is by taking on small jobs.

They are mainly data entry type of tasks and most of them are what I call AI training tasks, where you help train AI by solving easy jobs that require human intelligence. So if this is not your kind of thing, then Hive Micro will not be for you.

To view all the jobs you can do, you have to first log in to their website or their mobile app (I will talk about the app later).

setting up your profile on hive micro
You have to set up your profile so that the site knows what jobs to send your way.

Before you can take on any job, though, you have to first complete your demographic profile. This is required so Hive Micro will know which jobs to offer to you. Once you’ve completed your profile, just click the “Jobs” link, and you will see all the available jobs you can do.

But before you can do a job, you actually have to unlock it first. To do that, you have to take the qualification test (refer to the photo above) and pass it.

The test will tell you what you need to do, so make sure to read the instructions carefully before you start the test. Once you pass the test, the job will be unlocked. Simply click on it to view the instructions you need to follow.

hive micro jobs
You have to take qualification tests to unlock jobs.

Usually, Hive Micro jobs will ask you to categorize images and videos. Categorization is by far the most commonly available type of job in Hive Work.

The jobs are fairly simple to do, but you have to take your time when doing them, and you have to make sure everything is accurate. That’s because you have to maintain a 95% accuracy rate to keep doing jobs.

If your accuracy rate falls below 95%, you will be temporarily banned from doing the current job you are working on. You will need to get the accuracy back up by taking on another job.

But you have to be careful when taking on another job because if your accuracy rate keeps falling below 95%, your account will be permanently banned, and you won’t be able to earn anything from this site. That’s why it is important to work on jobs slowly but surely.

If your account gets permanently banned, you will have to create a new account and start from scratch again. Any previous earnings will be lost as well. So, keep that in mind when you start working on the site.

As for actually working on a job, every job has a fixed time frame. That means you need to complete the task before the timer expires. If you fail to complete the job within the time frame, you will not earn anything.

When you complete a job, the compensation will be credited to your account balance, and you can withdraw it once you hit the threshold, which I will discuss in the next section.

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How do you get paid?

For every job you complete, you will earn a certain amount, which will be credited to your Hive Micro account balance. Once you’ve earned $10, you will then be able to receive your earnings.

payment options of hive micro
You can withdraw your earnings via PayPal or Bitcoin.

Hive Micro offers two payment options. You can either get paid via PayPal or convert your earnings to Bitcoin. So, just choose which one you prefer. You actually have to do this before you can start working on jobs.

Payments will be processed automatically every Tuesday (12:00 PM GMT) to your PayPal account or Bitcoin address.

That is, of course, if you reach the payout threshold. If you fail to reach the threshold for that week, you will have to wait another week (or until you reach the threshold) to get paid.

I do like the fact that you don’t have to manually request to get paid. It makes it a bit more convenient on your end since all you have to worry about is getting to the threshold. I also like that they offer a convenient payment system like PayPal, which, in my opinion, is one of the most convenient payment options around.

If you are interested in more sites that pay via PayPal, I suggest you also check out the top sites that pay via PayPal.

How much money can you make?

The amount of money you can make from Hive Micro will depend mainly on two things: how well the site pays per job and the amount of time you spend on it. Of course, you can control how much time you spend on it. So, that factor will be totally up to you.

As for how much it pays, usually, the jobs will allow you to earn around $0.2 to $2. But there are other jobs that offer more, though.

earning potential of hive micro
Most of the jobs will ask you to do a thousand tasks before you will get paid.

If you just look at the compensation, you would say that this site has decent earning potential. However, if you look closely (refer to the photo above), you will actually have to do hundreds, if not thousands of tasks before you actually get paid the amount displayed in the job offer.

As shown in the photo above, you will only earn $0.45 once you’ve completed 1,000 tasks for that job. Granted that the task is usually easy to do, it would still take quite a lot of time before you can earn the promised amount.

That makes the time-to-money ratio of the site quite low. There are other jobs that pay more, so the time-to-money ratio for those jobs is slightly better. But again, you have to think of the amount of time you need to spend to earn.

Also, you cannot rush through as you then risk making errors and will then not get paid, and then you have completely wasted your time.

That’s why, overall, I would say the earning potential of this site is quite low compared to other online rewards sites. You will have to invest quite a bit of time to earn a decent amount from this site.

Can you use it on mobile?

A good thing about Hive Micro is that it has a mobile app you can use so you can work on jobs conveniently from your mobile device. Their app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

hive micro app
The app is called Hive Work, and it is available for download on both Android and iOS app stores.

As mentioned earlier, the platform is sometimes called Hive Work, and the app is one example of this. You find that by searching for Hive Work instead of Hive Micro.

It is a bit confusing, but once you know, it will be easy to find.

When it is installed, you can use the same login details you used if you signed up through their website. But if you haven’t, you can also just go through their sign-up process from the app (I will discuss how to register in the next section).

The app is fairly easy to use, so you won’t have a problem getting used to how it works. This is a good thing because you can now earn conveniently even when you are not sitting in front of a computer. This is actually quite unusual for a data entry job platform to offer.

However, some jobs will be a lot easier to do on a computer as the accuracy required for some of the tasks will be difficult on mobile, so just keep that in mind.

Who can join Hive Micro?

Hive Micro is available globally. In fact, at the time of updating this review, the platform itself says it has more than 1.5M users from more than 200 countries.

That means you will be able to register as a member regardless of where you live. You just have to be at least 18 years old or older to sign up.

hive micro registration
To become a member, you just have to fill out the registration form, or you can use your Facebook account to sign in.

To become a member, you just have to fill out the registration form. You can also just use your Facebook account to sign up. Once you are done with the sign-up form, you will be asked to read and agree to their terms of service.

Then, you will be asked to affix your signature confirming you agree to be a Hive Micro worker. Once you are done with the contract signing, the site will send you a verification email to confirm your registration. Simply click the link in the email to complete the registration.

Once you are done with that, you can log in to the site or app and start earning (of course, you have to set up your profile first and complete the qualification tests).

Can you get support?

If you have any questions about the site or your account, you will have to log in to their member dashboard first and then go to your account settings. You can then access their “Help” page from there. Their help page discusses most of the basic questions you will encounter on the site.

If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, you can contact their support team using the contact form provided on their website. There are two ways you can access their contact form. One is by clicking on your account settings again and hitting “Contact Us”. The other way is by going to their home page and scrolling all the way down, and clicking “Contact Us”.

Overall, I would say they have a decent support system in place for their members since they offer a way for you to get in touch with their support team.

Final Verdict

Hive Micro is a legit micro-job site that will pay you for doing small jobs. It has its advantages, but it also has certain disadvantages you need to be aware of.

So, let me wrap up this review with a summary of its pros and cons to give you an overview of what the site has to offer. That way, you can decide if you should join this site or not.



  • Available globally
  • Has a mobile app you can use
  • Offers payment via PayPal
  • Processes payment automatically when you reach the threshold


  • Limited earning opportunities
  • Low rewards
  • Jobs take quite a bit of time to complete
  • You have to do unpaid tests before you can start earning

Hive Micro isn’t a bad site, in my opinion. However, it’s not that good either. The truth is, there are simply better options out there if you want to earn extra cash online. That’s because they don’t really pay that well, and the jobs will require a huge number of repetitions to complete, which can get quite boring in the long run.

So, even though they have a relatively low payout threshold, it will still take quite some time to reach it. I would only recommend you join this site if you still need a secondary site to earn from and have plenty of time to invest in it and if you really like this type of work.

Now, if you are looking for primary ways to earn extra cash online, I would suggest you check out the top survey and GPT sites in your country instead. The sites on this list all have good earning potential, and you won’t have to spend so much time just to earn a decent amount.

If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with Hive Micro yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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