SurveysEmail Review (5 Reasons It Might Not Be Worth It)

SurveysEmail Rating

SurveysEmail does give real ways to earn and pays out through legit methods. It does however not have as good and as many opportunities as similar sites.

If you have been looking for an easy way to make a bit of extra cash online, then maybe you have come across SurveysEmail.

But is it really a legit and real way to make money, or is it a scam to stay away from?

I have joined and tested it myself and compared it to the hundreds of other survey and get-paid-to sites I have tested.

In this SurveysEmail review, I will give you all the details, so you know exactly what to expect if you decide to join.

But let me reveal right away that it is not a site for everyone. I will, therefore, show you some reasons why it might not be worth it for you.

What is SurveysEmail and what does the site offer?

I have not been able to find much background information about From what I can see, it could, however, look like it is the same owner as the owner of

I have not been able to verify this, as there is no information about the owners on the two sites. But this is just my guess from looking at how they are built, where they are promoted, and what they offer.

But enough about the background info, as there isn't really any available anyway. So let's look into what kind of earning methods SurveysEmail offers.

Option 1 – Paid Surveys:

SurveysEmail offers paid surveys through two survey providers.

surveysemail surveys
The paid surveys you can find on SurveysEmail.

This means you will click the link and be taken to an external site where you will take the survey. Once you have completed it, you will get paid into your SurveysEmail account.

The two providers you can see in the image above are, in my experience, pretty good ways to take surveys, and you can find quite a lot of opportunities through them.

However, as you can see in the image, you will only get $0.50 per survey. For these particular survey providers, this is on the lower end.

Many survey sites I have used are offering a lot higher rewards. A site like PrizeRebel, for example, offers around $0.80 for some of the exact same surveys. This might not sound like a big difference, but over time this difference really adds up.

So SurveysEmail has some decent survey opportunities, but they do just not pay as well as many other sites for the exact same surveys.

Option 2 – Paid offers:

SurveysEmail is a get-paid-to (GPT) site, which means it offers several ways to earn. You can for example also earn by taking paid offers, which is an option on most GPT sites.

However, the offer section on SurveysEmail is very different from other GPT sites. Usually, you will find a lot of different offers you can take, sign up for, etc. to earn extra rewards.

On SurveysEmail you get the same as you get in the survey section.

cash offers on surveysemail
The offer section offers the same as the survey section.

You just get two links to the same two survey providers. This time they are just presented with a small banner.

So you cannot really find any offers in the offer section of SurveysEmail. For some reason, they have just decided to make a section with offers and show the same options as they have in the survey section.

If you look closely at the site, it is, however, possible to find a few offer walls like you would on other GPT sites. Not a very big selection compared to others, but they are at least there.

surveysemail offer walls
If you look closely, you can find a few offer walls.

You find them by going to the “points” tab in the main menu. Here you will then see a small box with the few offer walls you can see in the image above.

This option is quite easy to overlook, and a bit strange they have hidden it like this. But anyways – now you know it is there. Again, it does, however, not offer the same amount as many similar sites.

Option 3 – Cashback when shopping online:

You can find a section where you can get cash back if you shop online through the links there.

cashback options on surveysemail
Examples of cashback options you can find on SurveysEmail.

If you ever shop online anyway, this can be a great way to save a bit of money.

However, again I am here not impressed with the opportunities SurveysEmail offers.

The number of shops you can get cash back through is quite low compared to similar sites. So you have to be quite lucky to find a shop you would like to use there.

Cashback is, in general, a great option if you shop online. But many other sites do not only offer a bigger variety of shops but also bigger cash back rewards in many cases.

If you like cash back, you should, for example, check out Swagbucks instead, as it has an amazing shopping section with some really great opportunities.

Option 4 – Coupons:

SurveysEmail has a section with coupons, which means you can find coupons to save money.

You can, however, not really find anything special in this section. All you get is a link.

surveysemail coupons
The coupon section is just a link.

You just have to click the link that will then take you to So no real reason to go to the coupon section on SurveysEmail.

Option 5 – Jackpot contest

By participating on SurveysEmail, you will also automatically participate in their monthly jackpot contest.

You get an entry into the lottery every time you complete a survey, offer, or use the shopping section. When you are logged in, you can all the time see the current size of the jackpot.

surveysemail jackpot
The jackpot is a monthly prize draw.

The jackpot will increase by $0.01 every time a member has completed and been rewarded for a survey, offer, etc.

The screenshot I took of the jackpot above was taken around one week into the month. So even though it is still the beginning of the month, you can figure out that it will not be a huge jackpot.

But if you like using SurveysEmail anyway, then it is, of course, nice with a chance to win a bit extra.

Option 6 – Paid Emails

As the name of the site suggests, you can, of course, also earn by reading emails on SurveysEmail. Once you are a member, you will start receiving emails. By clicking the links in the email, you can get paid up to $0.05 per email.

You can, however, not receive unlimited emails. The amount you can receive depends on what is called GPE (guaranteed paid email), which is a number from 0-100.

When you first join, it will automatically be 100.

gpe on surveysemail
GPE is the number of paid emails you can receive.

This means you can maximum receive 100 paid emails. This will go down every time you receive an email. When it reaches 0, you will no longer receive paid emails.

You can, however, increase the GPE and get more chances by participating actively on the platform.

It is not a way to earn huge money, but it does also not take a lot of time.

How do you get paid?

As you have probably figured out from this review so far, I am not too excited about the opportunities SurveysEmail offers.

However, one thing that is also very important to find out if a GPT site is for you, is what kind of payout methods it offers.

One thing I like about SurveysEmail is that it offers PayPal as a payout method. You have to earn $15 before you can get paid.

This is not too high, but with the limited opportunities SurveysEmail offers, it can still take some patience to reach it compared to some of the best sites that pay through PayPal.

Especially, because there are different ways you earn on the site, and you cannot get all your earnings out through PayPal.

When you take the offers from the offer walls, you will not earn cash but points. These points cannot be used for PayPal cash. Instead, you can use these for Amazon gift cards or to increase your GPE (the limit for receiving paid emails).

The limit to get an Amazon gift card is also $15 (1500 points). So this way you are kind of spreading your earnings out, which means it will take longer to reach the payout threshold.

How much money can you make?

I honestly do not think SurveysEmail has very good earning opportunities. With any GPT site, you of course have to be aware that it will not make you rich.

But on SurveysEmail the opportunities and rewards are just not as good as on many other similar sites.

So in my opinion, you should only join if you really want to join as many GPT sites as possible and have a lot of time. If you only want to join the best GPT sites and focus your time on these, then there are sites that are a lot better.

Can you use it on mobile?

mobile with surveysemail website

Being able to use a GPT and survey site on mobile is a great way to earn when you have a few spare minutes during the day.

Therefore, I always check how well a platform works on mobile.

Unfortunately, does also not perform very well in this area.

The website is not really mobile-optimized, which means it is difficult to use on smaller screens, and you would have to scroll in and out a lot.

In theory, you can use it on mobile. But it does not give a very good user experience, and it can take some patience.

Who can join SurveysEmail?

A great thing about SurveysEmail is that you can join it from all countries and no matter where you live.

However, this does not really matter too much, in my opinion, since it does just not have very good opportunities.

There are so many great GPT sites in most countries, so I would instead suggest you check out the best sites for your country here, as those sites will give you better value for your time, in my opinion.

Can you get support?

It is always good to know if you can get support from any platform you join online.

SurveysEmail does have a support section and a contact form you can use to write them.

I cannot say how quickly they respond, as I have not tried to contact them myself, since I, for the reasons mentioned in this review, have decided not to spend more time on the platform.

But if you decide to join and need support, you can find the option in the footer of the website.

Final Verdict – legit or scam?

SurveysEmail is legit as it offers real ways to earn and legit payout methods. This does, however, not mean it will be worth your time.

In fact, there might be reasons it will not be worth it for you, as I already mentioned in the intro. I will sum up these reasons below.

But to be fair and give you a full overview, I will also sum up the positive sides of the platform, and then you can decide yourself based on this.


Reasons you might want to join:

  • Free to join
  • Offers payout through PayPal
  • Available worldwide

Reasons you might NOT want to join:

  • Limited earning opportunities
  • Low rewards compared to similar sites
  • Not optimized for mobile
  • Can take patience to reach payout threshold
  • Not very user-friendly

When I put all the pros and cons together and also compare SurveysEmail to similar platforms, it is just not a site I can really recommend.

Not because it is not legit, because you can earn on the site. But compared to similar sites, it does just not give as good opportunities, and as good value for the time spent.

I would, therefore, recommend you check out the top sites in your country instead, as these sites, in my experience, give a lot better overall opportunities.

If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with SurveysEmail yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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  1. The points earned from completing surveys does not credit in my account and by contacting them nobody respond . I think its a scam.

    • sorry to hear that. But thanks for sharing your experiences.

      It is definitely not one of the effective sites to earn on, in my experience. Which country do you live in? Then I will be happy to suggest some better options.


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