Does SurveySheep Really Work? (Learn the Crazy Truth)

SurveySheep Rating

SurveySheep claims to make it easy for you to find great survey sites. It does, however, give a lot of poor recommendations and advice, and you can end up wasting a lot of time.

SurveySheep claims to help you avoid scams and earn some extra cash on paid surveys.

But is SurveySheep itself a scam or a legitimate way to earn money online?

Let me reveal right away that the site does not really deliver what it promises.

In this SurveySheep review, I will show you exactly what the site really offers, so you know what you are getting into, and can easily decide whether it is worth your time or not.

What is SurveySheep and what does the site offer?

To find out what SurveySheep really offers, you need to look a bit closer.

At first, it looks like any other paid survey site, where you can join and then get paid to take surveys.

But this is actually not what you get, if you join SurveySheep. The site is to a certain degree honest about this before you join, if you take a closer look at what it promises.

what surveysheep offers
How SurveySheep itself describes what it offers.

The above is how SurveySheep describes what it offers. If you are not used to do paid surveys, it might however not be clear what this means.

It means that you will not get access to any paid surveys on SurveySheep itself. It just provides a list of survey sites you can join, and then you have to click links on the site to go to these different survey sites and then also join there.

This is called a survey aggregator, as it is a site that is gathering a list of survey sites you can join, but where you can not take any surveys on the site itself.

There are many aggregators like this (for example PanelPlace), and I in general mostly think they are a waste of time.

Very often they do not provide any valuable information and sometimes even just promotes whatever links they get paid to promote, and therefore the lists of survey sites are often not very good, and you can often end up wasting a lot of time joining the sites they recommend.

So let’s look closer into if SurveySheep is also offering a poor list of surveys, or if it actually works and is worth joining.

Does SurveySheep work?

I have made a short video that will give you an overview of what SurveySheep really offers and if it works. Below the video you can read the full details, if you prefer that instead of video:

As you can see, SurveySheep is a survey aggregator. This can in some cases be a good way to find legit survey sites – this is in my opinion however not the case when it comes to SurveySheep.

Once you join, you get a list of top survey sites and popular sites, and you can also go to see a full list of all the sites it recommends.

survey sheep recommended sites
SurveySheep recommends many sites – be careful following all of these recommendations.

There are definitely some legit and great survey sites on the lists, like for example Swagbucks, which is one of the most popular survey and get-paid-to sites in the world.

There are however also a lot of really poor survey sites. For example are you recommended to join Survey Voices, which I have previously reviewed and revealed how you will get spammed with crappy offers if you join, and will not get any real info or good recommendations.

And this is not the only poor survey site SurveySheep recommends. That you are recommended to join poor sites clearly proves to me that SurveySheep is built to just earn money by promoting whatever sites they can get paid to promote, and do not focus on testing the sites themselves and do not care about providing a quality list.

In addition to this, the information you get about the survey sites before you join are very superficial, and not really enough to decide whether it is wort your time or not.

If this was not enough, SurveySheep also gives very poor advice about paid surveys in general. There are some basic survey tips on the site that are supposed to help you get a good start.

surveysheep basic survey tips
You get some basic survey tips on SurveySheep – some of them are very bad.

These tips are not good at all. You are told to join as many sites, as you are offered. This is not necessarily a good idea, if you are new to paid surveys.

Joining too many sites right away will make it overwhelming, and you will not have the time to really get to know the opportunities on each platform. And if you join the sites SurveySheep recommends, you will also end up wasting a lot of time on poor platforms that will never give you any paid surveys.

For a start it is good to join 5-7 survey sites, as this will give you plenty of opportunities, but you still have time to get to know the platforms. Then you can expand to others later. The reason SurveySheep recommends you to join as many as possible is that it gets paid every time you join through their recommendations.

The basic tips also implies that it is possible for you to make a full-time income by taking paid surveys. This is NOT true. You can make some really nice extra cash by taking surveys and have your opinion heard at the same time, but you should not do it, if your goal is to get a full-time income online.

In my opinion this info gives you false expectations, and it proves that SurveySheep is not a site that cares about giving good advice, but mostly a site that just says whatever to get you to sign up and earn money themselves.

Nothing wrong with earning money on a website if you at them same time provide quality informatin, but in my opinion the info you get on SurveySheep is not helpful and at times even misleading.

How do you get paid?

As SurveySheep does not offer any surveys on the site itself, you will not get paid by SurveySheep. This might not be clear, before you join.

But you will have to click the links on the site, join the actual survey sites (where many of them are poor and do also not give any paid surveys), and then you will get paid on these sites.

So you will not get paid by SurveySheep.

But if you join the sites, where you can actually take surveys, there are usually many ways to get paid. You can often get paid through PayPal, gift cards, check, donate to charities, get products, and more.

So there are in general many great ways to get paid for taking surveys – just not on SurveySheep, as the site itself does not offer any surveys and will therefore not pay you.

How much money can you make on SurveySheep?

I think I have already made it pretty clear that you are not going to make any money on SurveySheep itself.

But I just want to emphasize on the limited opportunities the site in my opinion offers, if you follow its recommendations.

SurveySheep definitely does recommend some legit survey sites, and has several good sites on the lists.

If you are not used to taking surveys, and if you do not know anything about which sites are great and which sites are poor, you have no way to differentiate, and you might just start from one end and start joining the sites SurveySheep recommends. You might even believe it is possible to make a living by following the recommendations on the site, as the advice there implies this is possible.

full time income claim
SurveySheep implies you can make a full-time income by taking surveys – this is not likely.

You can end up wasting a lot of time this way. There are many of the sites that are also just aggregators, where you then again do not get access to any paid surveys but just poor information and advice.

So if you join SurveySheep and start joining survey sites from the lists there, there is a big risk you will get discouraged, as you will find a lot of poor sites. So in my opinion SurveySheep is NOT a good way to help you get started with paid surveys and to get the most out of paid surveys.

Who can join SurveySheep?

If you still want to join SurveySheep, you can theoretically join it, no matter where you live.

But it is only if you live in the UK, US, Canada, or Australia, you will get recommendations.

No matter where you live, there are however many better survey sites to join in your country, where you can earn directly on the site.

Final verdict

If you look closely before joining SurveySheep, it does say that it will provide you with lists and recommendations, so in that sense you are getting what it promises, and thereby it is not a scam.

But that does not mean it is worth your time. So let’s sum up the pros and cons to get a better overview of what it offers.



  • Free to join
  • Some of the recommended survey sites are great


  • Not very clear what you get before joining
  • Recommends a lot of poor survey sites
  • Gives poor advice and promises too much
  • You cannot earn on the site itself

Overall, I do not think SurveySheep delivers what it at first promises. You are told it will help you find the best survey opportunities and avoid the scams.

But in reality you are presented to a lot of really poor survey sites, poor advice, and some sites it recommends are more or less created to spam you with crappy offers.

There is absolutely no need for you to join a site like SurveySheep just to get access to a list of survey sites. Especially when the list is not focused on quality.

If you want to earn money on surveys, you can completely for free check out the top paying survey sites – all of these are sites, where you can earn directly on the site, and that do not promise more than they can live up to.

If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with SurveySheep yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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