MindMover Connect Review – Yay or Nay? (Details Revealed)

MindMover Connect Rating

MindMover Connect is a legit survey site and offers a decent number of available surveys if you live in the UK. But it should not be the only survey site you rely on as the options are too few for this.

Joining a survey site is one good way to earn a couple of bucks on the side. This is especially true if you’ve joined a great survey site.

The problem is, it’s a bit troublesome trying to figure out which survey sites are great and which are bad.

Naturally, you will mostly be relying on reviews. Now if you happen to encounter MindMover Connect in your search for good survey sites to join, you might be wondering if this site is worth joining or not.

Well, this MindMover Connect review will give you all the details and help you figure out the answer to that dilemma.

Hopefully, after reading this review, you can decide if this survey site is worth your time or not.

What is MindMover Connect and what does it offer?

As mentioned, MindMover Connect is a survey site that promises to pay you for participating in the paid surveys they offer. It’s a fairly straightforward survey site, in my opinion, since it is just like most other survey sites today.

Now, in order to fully comprehend the earning potential of this survey site, we have to take a closer look at how you will be able to earn from this site.

I have made a video that will give you an inside look of MindMover Connect so you can see exactly what it offers and how it works. You can also read all the details below the video:

The earning opportunity – Paid Surveys

As expected, since MindMover Connect is a survey site, you can expect to earn by answering paid survey offers.

As soon as you become a member of the panel, you can log in to the member dashboard and view all the available surveys.

mindmover connect surveys
When you log in to the dashboard, you will be able to see all the available surveys you can take.

As shown in the photo above, if you go to the survey section, you will see all the surveys you can answer (refer to the area where the arrow is pointing). Each survey offer will tell you how many points you will get if you complete the survey.

When completing a survey, you won’t be able to answer the actual survey right away. You will have to undergo some sort of screening process first. MindMover Connect does this to ensure that you are really included in the demographic the survey is targeting.

If you qualify, you get to answer the actual survey. If you don’t, you simply move on to the next offer available.

You also have to make sure you answer a survey as soon as you receive the offer since most, if not all, the survey offers have a maximum number of respondents allowed.

If that number has been reached, the survey will be closed and no other respondent will be accepted to answer the survey.

So, if you are wondering why you were reverted back to the dashboard while you are right in the middle of answering a survey, the maximum number of respondents has most likely been reached.

That’s why you need to make it a habit when you become a member of this panel to check your email regularly since they will also notify you if there are surveys available for you.

How do you get paid?

For every survey you complete, you will receive a certain number of points. You can then use the points you’ve accumulated to redeem rewards you like.

mindmover connect payment
You can withdraw your earnings via PayPal once you’ve reached the £20 threshold.

As explained in the photo above, you can choose to convert your points into cash through PayPal or you can redeem Amazon gift cards instead.

You can only do so if you’ve accumulated 2,000 points in your MindMover Connect account.

To put it into perspective, 2,000 points is equivalent to £20. That, in my opinion, is quite a high payout threshold. You will need a bit of patience since you will need to answer several surveys before you can hope to redeem rewards.

If you are looking for sites that will allow you to withdraw your earnings quickly, I suggest you check out the fastest paying survey sites instead.

How much money can you make?

With survey sites, the amount of money you can make will mostly depend on how many survey offers you will receive, how many surveys you can actually complete and how well the site pays per survey completed.

It’s relatively hard to influence how many survey offers you receive since it will really just be a matter of how many survey offers you will be qualified for. As for the number of surveys you can complete, it will mostly be the same as the number of offers you will receive.

As for how well they pay, a survey on MindMover is worth between 50 – 1,000 points when completed.

The number of points you receive will mostly depend on the difficulty of the survey and the time it takes to complete it. The more difficult and longer the survey is, the more points you will earn.

However, in my experience, these kinds of surveys are few and hard to come by. So, if I were to conclude what their earning potential is, it would be pretty low. That’s because MindMover Connect only offers one earning opportunity.

If there are no surveys available, you won’t be able to earn from it. So, don’t expect to earn from this site on a regular basis.

Can you use it on mobile?

mindmover connect mobile

One redeeming factor about MindMover Connect is that you will be able to use it on a mobile device by using a mobile web browser.

The good thing is, its site is mobile-friendly, so you won’t really have a hard time reading the content and navigating through the site.

This characteristic is especially helpful since you will essentially be competing with other members on who will be able to get to the survey offers faster.

Since, it’s more or less a first come first served platform, being able to access the site even when you are not in front of a computer will really help a lot. At least, it will give you a fighting chance of getting to the survey offers quicker.

Who can join MindMover Connect?

MindMover Connect is a UK-based survey panel. So, if you live in the UK, you will be eligible to become a member of the panel.

If you want to withdraw your cash via PayPal (which I’m sure you will), you will also have to be at least 18 years old in order to join the panel. That’s because 18 is the minimum age required to sign up for a PayPal account.

mindmover connect signup
To become a member of this panel, you have to fill out the sign-up form and answer the profile survey.

To register as a member, you have to fill out the registration form (shown in the photo above). Once you’ve completed the sign-up form, you will then have to answer a short survey. This survey is actually a survey to build your profile.

The information you will provide in this survey will become MindMover Connect’s basis for what surveys to send your way. So, make sure to answer this survey honestly even though you won’t receive any reward for doing so.

If you are interested in other UK-based survey panels, I suggest you also check out the top survey sites in the UK.

Can you get support?

If you encounter any problems with the site or your account, you can head on over to their FAQ section and see if you can find the solution.

Their FAQ page covers some of the basic topics about the site. You might find the answer you are looking for.

mindmover connect helpdesk signup
If you want to contact their support team, you will have to sign up for their helpdesk first.

If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, you can create a support ticket and submit your inquiry. But as the photo above suggests, you have to sign up to their helpdesk first before you can do so.

So, in reality, to become a member of their panel, you have to sign up for both the site and its helpdesk.

But unlike the registration process, the sign-up process for their helpdesk is pretty simple. Once you’ve completed the sign-up form, you will be able to log in to their helpdesk and create a support ticket.

Overall, they do offer a decent way of providing you support. I just wish they would eliminate the need to sign up first before you can create a support ticket.

In my opinion, the process is a bit redundant. It’s just a small thing really, but it can affect the usability of the site.

Final Verdict

MindMover Connect is a legit survey site that does pay you for answering the surveys they offer. It does have some appeal, but it also has major flaws, in my opinion.

Here’s a summary of its pros and cons to help you decide if it is truly a worthwhile survey site or not.



  • Their site is mobile-friendly
  • Payment via PayPal is available


  • Low earning potential because of the limited earning opportunities
  • Fairly high payout threshold
  • You have to sign up for an extra platform to get support

As you can see, the main flaw of MindMover Connect is its low earning potential. If there aren’t any surveys available, you won’t be able to earn anything from it. So, it’s a bit hard to earn from this site on a regular basis.

However, it can serve as a supplementary site if you live in the UK since it does offer a convenient payment method. Just don’t expect to earn quickly from it because of its high payout threshold.

It can be a good site to join if you are still looking for sites that can supplement your earnings from your primary sites (that is if you are eligible to join of course).

But if you are looking for sites that you will be able to earn regularly, I suggest you check out the top survey sites in your country instead. The sites on this list all have good earning potential since they offer plenty of earning opportunities.

Plus, you will surely be able to find a site that will fit your needs regardless of where you live.

If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with MindMover Connect yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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