what is the paid surveys at home scamPaid Surveys at Home is a website that claims to connect you to the best paying survey sites, and make it possible for you to make a lot of money from doing surveys.

But before joining, I want to give you a warning – read my review below and see what the Paid Surveys at Home scam is, how it works, and why it is not worth joining this site.

What is Paid Surveys at Home and what does the site offer?

paid-surveys-at-home.com is a site you can sign up for, to get access to a number of paying surveys. The site claims that it will give you access to high paying surveys, and the information on the website gives you the impression that you can make a full time income with very little effort.

There are a lot of testimonials on the website where members tell how much money they are making on the site. The emphasis is often on how little time you have to spend to make money, and several times it is mentioned that you can easily make $20 for a 20 minutes survey, and that this is the standard for their surveys. If you have not done paid surveys before, I can tell you that this would be very good – if it was true.

I am not saying that you cannot find surveys that pay that well. You can probably once in a while find surveys like this within certain topics, but it will be very rarely (unless you are a doctor or similar, as they can often participate in surveys that pay really well).

Further, the site also claims that by joining, you will get access to focus group interviews that pay very well. Focus groups can in general pay very well, but if you continue reading, I will explain why I do not think Paid Surveys at Home will ever give you an actual chance to participate in any of these interviews.

What Paid Surveys at Home does not tell you?

what paid surveys at home does not tellWhen you first come to this website, it all looks fine and also looks very appealing. And if you have not done paid surveys before, you do not necessarily notice the small things that gives away that you should be careful about this site (will go more into details about this below).

There is however one big thing that the site “forgets” to tell when you surf around the page and think it might be worth giving it a try. You are not told that it costs money to join this site. They have hidden this information very well, so you do not see it immediately. Even when you press the “Get Started” tab, you will be taken to a page that describes all the positive things about joining and how much you can make from it. It does not even here mention a price.

If you then after having seen all these positive stories and encouraging messages several times decide to join, you can fill out your email and contact info to sign up. Not until AFTER you have put in your information to sign up, you will be told the price. And not even right after – first you will be show a video that is showing a man that was struggeling in life, but now with the help of Paid Surveys at Home, he easily makes a living from home with very little effort. You cannot skip this video, and have to watch it to the end. It is very seducing and is meant to hook you – then after that, you will be told the price.

Very sneaky that they do not make it more clear, and do not give you that information until you have given your contact info. Even if you then decide you do not want to pay, they will then have your contact info to send your further messages.

Maybe I could also accept that they do not state the price clearly, if the site was worth the money and would actually give the money opportunities it promises. But that is not the case, as it fulfills all the createria for being a scam site. I will explain this below.

Signs Paid Surveys at Home is a scam

The owners behind the site has made a great effort to make it look legit. But if you look closer, it has many signs of being a scam that should keep you from joining.

First of all, it is very difficult to find out how much it costs to join the site. If it was legit, the price would be clearly stated before you enter your contact information. Also that they use the emotional seducing video that you are forced to watch before you can see the price, is a cheap and dirty trick in my opinion.

Further, the biggest sign that it is a scam is that it costs money to join. Remember that as a general rule about survey sites – all legit survey sites are FREE to join. You do not have to pay to join, and there are many good and free survey sites to join. So stay away from the ones that charges you to sign up.

The site also offers a trial survey you can do, to see how a usual survey is, before joining. The example used is very unrealistic. It is 15 very easy questions you have to do, and it only takes 3-5 minutes. The site claims that after joining, you will get access to many surveys like this and that they will pay you around $20. That is not realistic. If it was, surveys would be an extremely well paid job, and companies could in general not afford doing market research very often. So be aware that this example is not typical. I am not saying that you never will get a survey that pays that well for only 3-5 minutes, but do not expect it to happen very often (and very possibly it will never happen). And especially not at a site that promises you this is the standard. It is clearly dishonest and just another trick to get you to sign up.

On the top of the front page, Paid Surveys at Home also has another sign that it is a scam. There is a calculator, where you can calculate how much money you can make depending on how many surveys you want to take a day. In my article about how to avoid survey scams, I mentioned that I have seen this calculator on quite a few survey sites. It is more or less the same calculator on all the pages, where I have seen it. A thing that all these sites that uses this calculator has in common is that they are scams. It is a calculator that makes it look like you can make an unrealistic amount of money, and that it only depends how many surveys you want to take. In reality, there are many more factors that decides how much you can make on surveys, and how often you will be able to participate in surveys. You can read about the possibilities on the individual sites in the reviews here on my website.

Another clever trick!

Paid survey fake Scam Warning

Paid Surveys at Home’s own scam warning

As you can see from above, I think there are plenty of signs that Paid Surveys at Home is a website to stay away from. But I also want to mention another trick they are using to look legit.

When you are doing a search in google for Paid Surveys at Home scam, they have made an article themselves that will show up. This is of course not an article that tells you that their site is a scam. On the contrary – it tells you how to recognize a scam by mentioning some signs of a scam site, and these sign does of course not fit on them. I agree that the things they have on their list are also signs a site is a scam. But just because a site lives up to the ones they mention, it does not mean it is legit. The list for example does not mention all the little subtle tricks, I have mentioned above, and it does not mention the main indicator a survey site is a scam – that it costs money to join.

But it is clever of them to make an article like this. Because it is their website address, when people google it in relation to the word “scam”, their article goes pretty high in the search results on google. That way, they have the chance to catch the attention of people that think it might be a scam, and look like they are really helping them by making them aware of all the other survey scam sites.

Very clever, but not a cool trick. And makes it very difficult as a user to know what to believe and who to trust. And sites like this is what can give paid surveys a bad reputation, even though there are many legit and good sites.

A positive side of Paid Surveys at Home?

So does this site not have any positive sides at all? Well, it is a member of Clickbank which is an recognized network that advertise various products online. Through Clickbank, Paid Surveys at Home claims that you have a 60 days money back gurantee, if you are not satisfied. If that means that you would actually be able to get your money back is a good question. But I doubt that you will. And that the membership is sold through Clickbank is not a guarantee for quality, as Clickbank are not very critical with who they advertise or sell products for.

But if I had to find one positive side of Paid Surveys at Home, it is that there might be a little chance you can get your money back.

How much does it cost to join?

The joining fee is another thing that is a bit funny about this website. If you do decide to sign up, please read this paragraph, as there is a little trick that will give you a big discount.

The normal price of joining is $36. It does maybe not seem like a lot, if you can make the money the site promises. But as mentioned before – legit survey sites are always free to sign up for.

Paid Surveys at Home special offerAnd here is then the trick. Once you get to the part where you will finally be told the price, you should try to close down your browser. Then a pop-up window will ask, if you are sure that you really want to leave. A pop-up like this, trying to stop you, when you want to leave, is another trick many scam sites use. If you then say that you will stay on the site, you will get a special offer. They call it a friends and family special discount:-) You are now able to join for only $17 (see screenshot). You will also be asked not to share this secret offer with anyone.

And you can actually use the same trick again. If you once again try to leave the website, a pop-up will try to stop you. Select to stay on the website, and you will then be taken to the payment site, where the price will be only $7. A bit funny that they are willing to give such a big discount, but I guess that it is better to end up getting $17 or even just $7 than nothing. And when you are down to only $7, there is a good chance that you will think think that there is not much to risk. So it is a clever way to try to get a least a little bit out of people that would otherwise have left the site completely.

Conclusion about Paid Surveys at Home

I would definitely not recommend you to join this site. There are so many signs that it is a scam, and it will not be worth the money. You will NOT be able to make the amounts of money the site promises.

But it is possible to make some extra money on surveys. It will in general not make you rich, but it will not cost you anything, if you join the legit sites. So it can be a nice way to get a bit of extra money.

If you are interested in trying this out on survey sites that are not scams, you can check out some of the legit and free sites that I would recommend.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave a comment below, and I will get back to you.

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