Is Paid Surveys at Home a Scam? (Closed: See Best Alternatives)

Paid Surveys at Home Rating

Paid Surveys at Home forgets to tell you there is a cost to join - and you should never pay to join a survey site. So it is NOT a site I can recommend. Stick to the free sites.

Paid Surveys at Home is a website that claims to connect you to the best paying survey sites and make it possible for you to make a lot of money from doing surveys.

But is Paid Surveys at Home a scam or is it really a great way to make money online?

Let me just reveal right away that it has several red flags. This does not mean it cannot be for you but you need to know what you are getting so you join based on an informed decision.

This Paid Surveys at Home review, reveals all the details about what it really offers so you know exactly what to expect before deciding to join or not.

Important Update!

Paid Surveys at Home has closed down. At the time of updating this review, you can no longer access the website.

But, as you can see in the review below, it was a waste of time and money anyway, in my opinion.

You can see a list of the best REAL paid survey sites here instead.

What is Paid Surveys at Home, and what does the site offer? is a site you can sign up for to get access to a number of paying surveys. Contrary to certain other similar sites, it is at least honest about it just being a site that gives you access to other sites and that you will not earn directly on the site itself.

Paid Surveys at Home claims it will give you access to high paying surveys, and the information on the website might even give you the impression that you will be able to make a full-time income with very little effort.

There are a lot of testimonials on the website where members tell how easy it is to make money on the site.

paid surveys at home testimonial examples
Examples of Paid Surveys at Home testimonials.

The emphasis is often on how little time you have to spend to make money, and several times it is mentioned that you can easily make $20 for a 20 minutes survey and that this is the standard for their surveys.

If you have not done paid surveys before, I can tell you that this would be very good – if it was true.

I am not saying that you cannot find surveys that pay that well. You can probably once in a while find surveys like this within certain topics, but it will be very rarely (unless you are a doctor or similar, as they can often participate in surveys that pay really well).

Further, the site also claims that by joining, you will get access to focus group interviews that pay very well. Focus groups can, in general, pay very well, but if you continue reading, I will explain why I do not think Paid Surveys at Home will be the best way to get access to these.

What Paid Surveys at Home does not tell you?

When you first come to this website, it all looks fine and also looks very appealing. And if you have not done paid surveys before, you do not necessarily notice the small things that give away that you should be careful about this site (will go more into detail about this below).

There is ,however, one big thing that the site “forgets” to tell when you surf around the page and think it might be worth giving it a try.

what paid surveys at home do not tell
There is something they do not tell you at first.

You are not told that it costs money to join this site. They have hidden this information very well, so you do not see it immediately. Even when you press the “Get Started” tab, you will be taken to a page that describes all the positive things about joining and how much you can make from it. It does not even here mention a price.

If you then, after having seen all these positive stories and encouraging messages several times, decide to join, you can fill out your email and contact info to sign up.

Not until AFTER you have put in your information to sign up you will be told the price.

I must say that they have changed the process a bit since I first reviewed the site. At that time, you first had to watch a video showing a man that was struggling in life, but now with the help of Paid Surveys at Home, he easily makes a living from home with very little effort.

Now, you no longer see this video, so it seems they have toned down their claims quite a bit which is great.

Anyway – in my opinion, it is still very sneaky that they do not make it clearer, and do not give you that information until you have given your contact info.

Even if you then decide you do not want to pay, they will then have your contact info to send your further messages because you actually allow them to do this by agreeing to the privacy policy when giving your email (more about this later).

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Paid Surveys at Home red flags revealed

The owners behind the site have made a great effort to make it look like a great opportunity. But if you look closer, it has several red flags that show it might not be the best survey option out there.

These aspects are very important to consider before you join – then at least, you are aware of exactly what you are getting into if you join.

So let's go over the red flags you, in my opinion, need to consider.

Red flag 1 – The price

First of all, it is very difficult to find out how much it costs to join Paid Surveys at Home. A platform that truly cares about transparency would clearly state this kind of info before you enter your contact information.

Further, the biggest red flag a survey site can have is that it costs money to join. Remember that as a general rule about survey sites – all worthwhile survey sites are FREE to join.

You do not have to pay to join, and there are many good and free survey sites to join. So stay away from the ones that charge you to sign up.

Red flag 2 – The so-called sample survey

Paid Surveys at Home offers a trial survey you can do to see how a usual survey is before joining.

The example used is very unrealistic. It is 15 very easy questions you have to do, and it only takes 3-5 minutes. The site claims that after joining, you will get access to many surveys like this and that they will pay you around $20.

sample survey on paid surveys at home
Their sample survey does NOT show a realistic scenario.

That is NOT realistic. If it was, surveys would be an extremely well-paid job, and companies could, in general, not afford to do market research very often.

So be aware that this example is not typical. I am not saying that you never will get a survey that pays that well for only 3-5 minutes but do not expect it to happen very often (and very possibly it will never happen). And especially not at a site that promises you this is the standard.

It is misleading and just a trick to get you to pay to sign up, in my opinion.

Red flag 3 – The misleading survey calculator

At the top of the front page, Paid Surveys at Home also has something that always makes me suspicious when I see this on a survey site.

There is a calculator where you can calculate how much money you can make depending on how many surveys you want to take a day.

paid surveys at home survey calculator
The survey calculator does NOT show average earnings.

I have seen more or less the same calculator on several sites. A thing that all these sites that use this calculator have in common is that they usually charge a fee for you to join.

It is a calculator that makes it look like you can make an unrealistic amount of money and that it only depends on how many surveys YOU want to take. This is a great way to get you to pay to join.

In reality, there are many more factors that decide how much you can make on surveys and how often you will be able to participate in surveys. You can read about the possibilities on the individual sites in the reviews here on my website.

However, one thing I must say about how Paid Surveys at Home uses this calculator – it is not as exaggerated as I have seen on other sites. Here the maximum number of surveys you can choose is 3 per day, so it limits the maximum earnings the calculator will show.

But I still think this does not give you a correct picture of how paid surveys work. And also be aware that they do reveal this themselves as well.

If you look at the image above, there is small writing below the calculator. It says, “The calculator above is for demonstration purposes only. The income examples are not typical”.

So basically, it means you cannot use it for anything – my question is, then, why it is even included? So do not take the potential earnings this calculator shows into consideration when deciding to join or not.

Red flag 4 – Your details might be shared

When you sign up for a survey site or any other site online in general, you are most likely aware that you most often agree to their privacy policy by signing up and allowing them to send you emails in the future.

That can be very useful – you just need to know exactly what you say yes to. And let's just be honest – most of us never really look at the privacy policy before signing up for anything, right?

Well, I decided to take a closer look at the privacy policy of Paid Surveys at Home to see what you say yes to when giving your email address (this is even before you pay).

paid surveys at home privacy policy
Be aware your details might be shared.

What you can see here is that they may use the information to send mail, email, or call you. But not only that – their partners might also use your information to contact you.

However, there is no information about who these partners are and how many partners your information might be shared with. So this means by giving them your information, you basically have no idea who it will be shared with, and you have agreed to this by agreeing with the privacy policy.

For Canadians, there is even a special notice you need to be aware of.

paid surveys at home privacy policy canada
In Canada, you even allow them and their partners to come to your address.

You are here agreeing to be contacted by or on behalf of Paid Surveys at Home at your physical address and email or phone number – regardless of your status on any Do-Not-Mail or Do-Not-Call List.

Does this sound like something you feel like agreeing to?

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Another clever trick!

As you can see from above, I think there are plenty of signs that Paid Surveys at Home is a website to stay away from.

But I also want to mention another trick they are using to look legit and create trust.

When you are doing a search in google for “Paid Surveys at Home scam”, they have made an article themselves that will show up.

Paid survey fake Scam Warning
Paid Surveys at Home's own scam warning

This is, of course, not an article that tells you that their site is a scam. On the contrary – it tells you how to recognize a scam by mentioning some signs of a scam site, and these signs do, of course, not fit on them.

I agree the things they have on their list are also signs a site is a scam. But just because a site lives up to the ones they mention, it does not mean it is legit or a good option.

The list, for example, does not mention all the little subtle tricks I have mentioned above, and it does not mention the main indicator a survey site is a site to stay away from – that it costs money to join.

But it is clever of them to make an article like this. Because it is their website address, when people google it in relation to the word “scam”, their article goes pretty high in the search results on google.

That way, they have the chance to catch the attention of people that think it might be a scam and look like they are really helping them by making them aware of all the other survey scam sites.

Very clever, but not a cool trick. And makes it very difficult as a user to know what to believe and who to trust. And sites like this are, in my opinion, what can give paid surveys a bad reputation, even though there are many great sites.

A positive side of Paid Surveys at Home?

So does this site not have any positive sides at all?

Well, it is a member of Clickbank, which is a recognized network that advertises various products online.

Through Clickbank, Paid Surveys at Home has a 60-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

So at least you know that you can get your money back if you decide to give it a try and find out it is not for you.

How much does it cost to join?

I have already mentioned that you should never pay to join a survey site.

But now you know there is a money-back guarantee, you might be tempted to give it a try anyway. Then you, of course, need to know what the cost would be.

Once you get to the check-out site, you can see the regular price is $68, but you get a “special” coupon, so you “only” have to pay $34 to join.

paid surveys at home price
You supposedly get a “special” discount.

This is in itself, too much to pay to join a site that just gives you access to a list of actual survey sites you can join, in my opinion. But in addition to this, you can expect there will be several upsells after you join.

I know from looking at the affiliate information on Clickbank where it is sold through. This shows the commissions it pays to people promoting the platform.

paid surveys at home affiliate info
The affiliate info reveals there will be upsells.

Here it says there will be upsells.

So this means that you will be offered more “great” opportunities if you invest further after joining. This is good to know so you can take your budget into consideration if you decide it is worth paying to join.

Be aware that this also shows that people are able to earn a commission to promote Paid Surveys at Home – this means if I, for example, recommend you to join it, I would get a commission if you ended up joining and spending money.

This also explains why you have to be skeptical if you read any really positive Paid Surveys at Home reviews and look at the info and if it is a balanced review or just a review to earn commissions.

Final verdict

I think it is clear from this review that Paid Surveys at Home is not a site I recommend you to join.

But there has been a lot of info, and you might feel like giving it a try. To help you make your final decision, let's finish this review by summing up the pros and cons so you can get a better overview.



  • Has money-back guarantee


  • Costs money to join
  • There are upsells after you join
  • They might share your contact details
  • The sample survey is misleading

Honestly, I do not see any reason at all to join Paid Surveys at Home. There is no need to pay to get a list of survey sites you can join – especially when you do not know how much you might end up spending on upsells.

Also, the privacy policy is a big concern for me. At least you need to know that you agree to potentially being contacted by their partners if you give your email and phone number – and you do not know who these partners are or how many there are.

There are so many great paid survey sites you can join completely for free and where everything is transparent from the start. Therefore, I would instead suggest you check out the best paid survey sites in your country if you want to make some extra cash by sharing your opinion.

If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with Paid Surveys at Home, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

4 thoughts on “Is Paid Surveys at Home a Scam? (Closed: See Best Alternatives)”

  1. Hi, thank you for the warning.
    May I know what the payment method is for legit sites?
    I have tried some paid surveys websites in the past, but normally most of them are filled with ads and rubbish information.


    • There is not only one kind of payment method that proves a site is legit. But many of the legit sites use PayPal or similar. Some legit survey sites offer products or vouchers instead or payment by cheque. So it is a matter of finding the payment method you prefer and then sign up for the sites that offer this. The payment method in itself cannot be used to see, if a site is legit or a scam.

      Some survey sites do have a lot of ads on them. Personally that does not bother me, if it is not pop-up ads. As long as the survey options are good. But yes there are some sites, as you mention, that definitely does not have any good information. One of these is Paid Surveys at Home, and that is also why I am doing this website to make it easier to navigate and find the good sites among the huge amount of surveys sites that exist.

  2. I have tried paid surveys in the past and to be honest, I’ve had such a hard time with them especially since they give you the run around before you actually get paid for it. I know some that are actually legitimate but do you have a list of ones that you recommend?

    • Luckily there are also many legit survey sites. Which ones are the best depends on the country you live in, as the number of surveys you will be offered and able to take can depend a lot on that. But I have made a Top 10 list of the best paying survey sites you can check out. All the sites on that list are legit, and you can then see which ones seem most appealing to you depending on where you live, what kinds of rewards you are looking for, etc.



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