GfK MediaView Review – Legit or Scam? (Not for All)

GfK MediaView Rating

If you live in the UK and you want to share your opinion about TV shows, GfK MediaView might be for you. There is just no guarantee you will get rewarded as it is based on chance.

GfK MediaView is an online survey panel that rewards you for sharing your opinion.

It’s one of the more unique survey sites out there because it deals mainly with media, specifically Television and Radio.

If you frequently listen to the radio or watch television shows, you might find this site interesting. But is GfK MediaView legit?

This is an important question to ask and I feel that it deserves an answer right away. So, let me just answer it right away so we can move on to other important stuff about the site.

Yes, GfK MediaView is a legit survey site that will reward you for completing survey offers. But is it worth your time though?

This GfK MediaView review will answer that question and more. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will be able to figure out if you should join this survey panel or not.

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What is GfK MediaView and what does it offer?

GfK MediaView is a specialized survey panel that focuses on getting your opinions about shows you watch on TV or programs you listen to on the radio.

It is owned by GfK, a market research company that is based in the UK.

In order to understand the potential of this survey site as a viable source of extra income, we need to take a closer look at how you will be able to earn from GfK MediaView.

So, here’s how you can earn from GfK MediaView.

The earning opportunity – Paid Surveys

The only way to earn rewards from GfK MediaView is by completing their survey offers.

When you become a member of their survey panel, you will be able to answer surveys that are available for you.

It’s a bit different from most of the survey sites out there because it doesn’t really require you to answer qualification questions.

The survey offers will simply ask you for your opinion about the shows you’ve watched on that day and give your rating.

When you log in to the site, you will see a list of surveys you can take. There will be two types of surveys, one for TV and one for Radio.

gfk mediaview paid surveys
Watch TV shows and answer surveys to earn rewards.

You can’t just choose a survey offer though because each survey will be specific to a certain show/program airing on the same day as the offer is available.

So, you will need to watch the show or listen to the program in order to provide a good opinion. And since a survey will be specific to the show/program airing on the same day, it will only be available from 6 AM to 12 AM of the same day.

After 12 midnight, a new set of surveys will be made available to you. It doesn’t matter what time of the day you watched the show or listened to the program as long as you complete the survey before the deadline.

After you’ve completed the survey, you will receive a certain number of points as a reward (I will discuss the rewards next).

If you watch the TV shows anyway it can be a fun way to get more engaged in the TV shows, in my opinion. And it can be a great way to have your opinions heard about them.

How do you get paid?

Strictly speaking, you won’t get paid for answering the surveys. Instead, you will receive points as a reward.

You will then be able to use the points you’ve accumulated to enter their points prize draw. You can use the points you’ve accumulated to join a specific prize draw. The higher the point requirement of the prize draw, the better the prize.

The prizes of the points prize draw will range from vouchers, gadgets, and experiences (vacation or travel packages).

Each catalog prize in the points prize draw will have a different closing date which will be clearly stated when you join the draw.

But aside from the points prize draws, you can also enter their weekly prize draws. Their weekly prize draws have three tiers.

gfk mediaview rewards
Their weekly prize draw has 3 tiers.

As you can see in the photo above, in order to join one of the tiers of their weekly prize draws, you will have to complete a certain number of survey offers.

For the Bronze tier, you have to complete 1 to 2 surveys. For the Silver tier, you have to complete 3 to 4 surveys. And as for the Gold tier, you will need to complete at least 5 to 7 surveys.

Obviously, the higher the tier, the better the prizes. So, if you want to have the chance of winning great prizes, you have to answer more surveys. The weekly prize draws will take place every Monday, or in the case of bank holidays, on Tuesday after.

In my opinion, it is certainly doable to join the Gold draw tier as long as you log in every day and complete a survey offer.

The prizes are quite significant, but in my opinion, this is really the major drawback of this survey panel. As you can see, you won’t be guaranteed to receive anything when you complete a survey offer.

Everything will be based on chance. So, if you are looking for survey sites that will guarantee that you earn something, this is not the site for you.

How much can you make?

It isn’t really a matter of how much can you make on this site, in my opinion, but instead, on if you ever win any of the prize draws you enter.

The cash equivalent of every prize available on their draws is quite significant. But the simple truth is, although the prizes might look very appealing at first glance, you will only get them if you win the draw.

So, you can end up answering surveys for months and months and not winning anything.

In my opinion, your time will be better spent on survey sites that will actually pay/reward you for your time and not on something that is based on chance if you want to be sure to get rewards.

However, if you are engaged in TV and radio shows and would like to have your opinion heard about them, then GfK MediaView is a unique opportunity for this.

But you should mainly join if you would like to have your opinion heard about these shows and then having the chance to win big prizes is a nice bonus.

Can you use it on mobile?

Probably the best quality of this survey panel, in my opinion, is that you are able to answer their surveys pretty conveniently.

This is because they have a standalone mobile GfK MediaView app you can download on your mobile device, which will allow you to answer surveys even when you are not in front of the computer.

gfk mediaview app
Their mobile app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Their mobile app is available on both the iOS and Android app stores. This makes it possible for you to answer surveys even when you are sitting on the couch watching the show you are supposed to watch.

At least, this gives you a better chance of beating the deadline of the survey offers. Their app is also well-designed, so navigating through the app won’t really be a problem.

Who can join GfK MediaView?

GfK MediaView is only available to residents in the UK, Ireland and Isle of Man. You also have to be at least 16 years of age or older in order to join their panel.

gfk mediaview registration
You have to use your phone number to confirm your account.

To register as a member, you will have to fill out the registration form. The registration form will require that you provide your mobile number.

This is important because they will send your activation code to the number you’ve provided. In order for them to activate your membership, you will need to do two things.

You will have to provide the activation code and then verify your application by clicking the activation link in the email that was sent to you. Once you’ve done that, you will then have to complete your profile before you can log in to the site.

Take note that once you become a member of their panel, you will need to make sure you have at least completed a survey in the span of 6 weeks.

If you have not answered a survey or logged in to the site for 6 weeks, they will revoke your membership and you will lose all the points you’ve accumulated.

If you are interested in more survey sites that cater to UK residents, I suggest you check out the top survey sites in the UK as well.

Can you get support?

If you encounter any problems with your account, you will be able to contact their support team using the contact form they’ve provided on their website.

gfk mediaview support
Use the contact form to get in touch with their support team.

As you can see in the photo above, there’s one thing unique about their contact form. It will ask you to provide your mobile number as well.

This is the first time I’ve encountered this on a survey panel. I’m not sure why they ask you for this piece of information. It might probably be just a precautionary measure just in case they really need to contact you immediately.

Their site also has the standard FAQ section that covers most of the common topics about the site.

All in all, they have a decent way of providing support to their members, in my opinion.

Final Verdict

GfK MediaView is a legit survey site that will reward you for completing their survey offers.

To give you an overview of what this site has to offer, here’s a summary of its pros and cons.



  • Completing their survey offers won’t take up much of your time
  • Has a mobile app you can use to answer surveys
  • Can be a unique way to have your opinion heard about TV and radio shows


  • There is no guarantee you will earn from this site because of how they structure their reward system
  • The registration process is a bit long

What I like best about GfK MediaView is that completing their surveys won’t really take too much of your time.

Plus, there is practically no qualification process you need to undergo. That means you will always be qualified for the survey offers they provide.

The downside is, there is really no guarantee you will receive anything from them because all their rewards are purely based on chance. It would have been better, in my opinion, if they also offered a surefire way for you to receiving something in return for completing their survey offers.

But if you are engaged in TV and radio shows, it is a unique way to have your opinion heard about them and then having the chance to win great prizes at the same time is a nice bonus.

However, if you are only looking for survey sites that will guarantee you will earn something for completing survey offers, I recommend you check out the top survey sites in your country instead.

The survey sites on this list all have pretty good earning potential and will guarantee you will earn a bit of extra money. Plus, you will be able to find a site that will fit your needs no matter where you live.

How to join GfK MediaView?

If you want to join GfK MediaView, the process is quite easy.

All you have to do is click the button below and it will take you to the sign-up form. Just be aware that often they are only looking for certain demographics so there is no guarantee they will accept you.

But if you live in the UK, you can check if they are currently looking for members through the button below.

If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with GfK MediaView yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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