Is SurveyCompare a Scam? (Why It Might Waste Your Time)

SurveyCompare Rating

You do might not get what you expect on SurveyCompare. The site only works with legit panels, but you will not get any in-depth info, and you will not be able to earn on the site itself.

At first sight, SurveyCompare looks like a normal survey panel with a lot of opportunities.

But is SurveyCompare a scam or really legit and full of opportunities?

In this SurveyCompare review, I will give you all the details about what you really get from joining. As you can see from the headline of this review, it is not a survey panel I am very impressed with.

But that does not mean it might not be the right option for you – so continue reading and see what it has to offer and if it is safe, and then decide for yourself, if it is worth joining for you or not.

If you instead want to go directly to my top recommended survey sites that are definitely worth your time, just click the link below.

What is SurveyCompare and what does the site offer?

The main address for Survey Compare is – this particular website is also known as SurveyCompare UK.

But the company also has websites with many other addresses for many other countries. It is the same kind of website, but you might find it with different URLs and different designs in different countries.

I will go more into this later as you can join it from many different countries.

But no matter which country you join SurveyCompare from, it will offer you the same which can be a bit confusing at first as it is nothing like most other survey sites.

The company behind the SurveyCompare is Marketing VF Ltd, which is a company based in the UK. However, it is unclear to me what this company actually is, as I will explain later.

I just want to make it clear that this review is based on what I found out by testing the site myself and it is my opinion about what you get out of it. So take it as an opinion only and use it to form your own opinion and conclusion.

So let us by first going over what SurveyCompare offers:

The supposed earning option – Access to paid surveys:

When you first come to SurveyCompare’s website, it looks more or less like any legit survey panel.

It clearly shows that you can sign up for free, take surveys, and then get paid in cash or rewards. And you can easily find the button to sign up for this.

paid surveys on surveycompare
At first sight, SurveyCompare looks like any other survey panel.

There are also pictures of the rewards you can earn like PayPal, Amazon, gift cards, and more. This is all very normal, and it looks like you can just sign up and start taking surveys.

However, it is not like a normal survey panel – it is in fact not even a survey panel. It is a site that is built to recruit members for survey panels. Nothing as such wrong with that. I am also happily referring people to the survey sites that are worth joining.

I do however not think SurveyCompare is completely transparent about what it offers if you sign up.

Especially if you are new to taking paid surveys and do not yet quite know how it works – then it is very possible you will think you will actually earn on (which you will not as I will explain later).

That is the main reason I created this review. Not because it is a scam or it is dangerous to join, but just simply because I think any potential user has the right to know what really to expect and what they get before signing up.

What happens when you sign up for SurveyCompare?

As mentioned above, SurveyCompare does not work quite like most other survey sites so let me explain exactly what happens after you join.

When you sign up you first have to fill out your contact info like on any other survey site.

The next step does however not take you into a platform, where you can start taking surveys. You are instead getting a list of survey sites they recommend you to join.

surveycompare sign up offers
In the sign-up process, you get a list of survey panels.

You do not sign up for them right away, but just select the ones you think sound interesting. When you have chosen the survey panels you want to sign up for, you can continue.

All you now get is a message saying you have to check your email, and then have to click the link to each survey panel in the email to sign up for them.

You do not get access to SurveyCompare as such as there is no members area – you just sign up and allow them to send you links to survey sites, so they can get paid a commission.

surveycompare confirmation
When you have signed up, this is the message you will get.

There is nothing as such wrong with this and with signing up to receive news and offers about paid surveys.

What I do, however, not like about SurveyCompare’s approach is that it is not transparent what you get, in my opinion.

It is set up and looks like you are going to sign up for a survey panel where you can earn, but you do not get access to any. You just receive links, and then you have to sign up for the actual survey sites.

Below I have made a small video showing when I am going through the sign-up process for SurveyCompare, so you can see for yourself what it looks like:

In my opinion, it is a waste of time, as it does not provide any value to sign up for SurveyCompare. It is just an extra step you have to take instead of just signing up directly at the survey sites.

You can see it is only a comparison site and a survey aggregator if you look closely on the website before joining – but this is likely only possible if you have taken a lot of paid surveys before so you know what to look for.

But SurveyCompare is not trying as such to hide what it offers. But if you are new, I just do not think it is clear enough what you will get.

But basically, all you can do on SurveyCompare is to sign up to have them send you some links. And after that you will start getting more or less daily promotional emails from them.

However, to be fair I want to mention that all the survey sites I have seen they send links to are legit survey sites, and they are not trying to get you to sign up for the scam sites that cost you money. So it is safe to follow the links they send from what I have seen.

Also, I like that in the FAQ section they are very honest about the income potential. They mention that it will not be a way to make a full-time income and will not make you rich.

In my opinion, it is still not worth joining, but at least they only promote legit sites.

How do you get paid?

I just want to make it clear that you actually do not get paid on SurveyCompare itself. Even though you can see images of PayPal, Amazon, etc. on the website.

surveycompare uk rewards
There are images on the website showing reward options – but you will NOT be able to earn them on SurveyCompare itself.

But as already mentioned, you do not as such become a member of SurveyCompare. You just get links to survey sites. So you will also not get paid by SurveyCompare, but by the individual survey panels.

The rewards they show and mention are real – you can get paid through PayPal when taking surveys, which is my personal favorite method, and gift cards, and Amazon are also very often available on survey sites.

So in that sense, the rewards are real, but you will just NOT get them from SurveyCompare.

Who is really behind SurveyCompare?

I have already mentioned that Marketing VF Ltd is behind SurveyCompare. However, I found some very strange things in relation to this, as I was researching and testing SurveyCompare.

I am not sure what the info means, but I think it is important to know.

I wanted to know more about Marketing VF Ltd, but it was difficult to find any real info. I found the name and location listed in a couple of places, and both times it said it is in London. However, what is very strange is the links to the company website.

On there is a link to the company website address, but it is a link to a website that compares solar panels, which has nothing to do with survey panels.

On LinkedIn there is instead a link to a website that compares prices on franking machines.

It looks like the company has several websites that are similar to SurveyCompare, but just within other niches. Nothing wrong with having more websites, but it seems strange that the info I was able to find online is so inconsistent.

Furthermore, on the official SurveyCompare blog, you can find all kinds of different articles that does not necessarily have anything to do with paid surveys, and the blog has not been updated for many years as of writing this review.

For me, this sends a signal that the company has too many things they are trying to send me to, and in different directions, and there is a lack of quality in my opinion.

It does not mean it cannot be worth it and that it is not legit. I am just presenting my findings and what I think about it.

Signs SurveyCompare might NOT be worth it!

It is probably clear to you already that I do not think it is worth joining SurveyCompare. I, however, want to mention one more thing I noticed on the website.

There is some information about some survey sites. Mostly just factual info about what kind of rewards the different survey sites offer etc. But there are also user reviews displayed below these survey sites. User reviews can be great, but they can unfortunately also easily be manipulated or faked.

It says you can leave a review on the site, but I was not able to, so not sure where they come from. However, many of them do not seem natural. Let me give you an example.

surveycompare reviews
An example of a review of a survey site on SurveyCompare.

The above review is of the survey panel GlobalTestMarket, which is definitely a legit platform (it has, however, now been rebranded to LifePoints). But it sounds a bit unnatural, doesn’t it?

It really does not sound natural, and in general, the star ratings of the survey panels are very high compared to the ratings on most other review sites with user reviews. This is not really natural compared to how people usually write reviews on similar sites.

I am not saying that these reviews are completely useless. But I am just saying many of them do not look natural so you should be critical when if you look at them, in my opinion.

Also, at the time of updating this review, the newest user-review I could find on SurveyCompare is more than 6 years old which also seems a bit strange, in my opinion.

Who can join SurveyCompare?

If you are interested in joining SurveyCompare you, of course, need to know who can join. This is where it might become a little confusing.

If you just go to the main website called the name you can see is SurveyCompare UK which suggests you can only join from the UK. And that specific site it is also only possible to sign up if write a UK postal code.

However, SurveyCompare does also have websites for many other countries, but where it offers the exact same options. The URLs for these are slightly different.

You can, for example, also find SurveyCompare in Canada, Australia, USA, Ireland, New Zealand, India, Philippines, and South Africa.

But as mentioned, what it offers is the exact same thing even though the design is different in some countries – but in all countries, you sign up just to get some promotional links and you never get to a member area.

In general, I do not think it makes much sense to sign up for SurveyCompare. There are so many great survey sites, so there is no reason to waste your time on SurveyCompare. Just go to some of these great sites directly and sign up there.

Final verdict

SurveyCompare is not as such a paid survey site even though it might look like it at first.

So if you are expecting to earn directly on the site, you will likely be disappointed.

But let’s finish this review by summing up the pros and cons of SurveyCompare to give you a better overview before deciding if you want to give it a go or not.



  • Only promotes legit survey sites
  • Free to join
  • Is honest about income potential for surveys


  • You do not really become a member
  • Not clear what you are getting
  • Provides no real value
  • Difficult to find info about who is behind
  • Some reviews on the site do not seem natural

To be fair I want to say that it is not dangerous to join SurveyCompare. It is only promoting legit survey sites that are safe to join, and it is free to join. BUT in my opinion, it is a waste of time.

You do not get any value out of signing up, as it is nothing but a bunch of links.

But if you are interested in getting these links and signing up for their newsletter, then it might be the right site for you. Now at least you know exactly what you will get and that you do not get surveys directly on SurveyCompare.

Overall, if you want to make money by taking surveys, there are great opportunities, but SurveyCompare is not one of them, in my opinion, as it is not an actual survey site.

You can click the link below to see my top recommended survey sites, where you will be able to earn directly on the sites.

==>Click to See List of The Top Paying Survey Sites in Your Country<==

If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with SurveyCompare yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

33 thoughts on “Is SurveyCompare a Scam? (Why It Might Waste Your Time)”

  1. Hi Mikael,
    Your review about the survey compare site is really informative. Here I would like to ask a query that, when they say take a survey why whole the time they ask our own personal information for example how many investieble assets do you have, in which bank you have a bank account? I feel like it might be a scam.

    • Be aware that, as I explain in the review, you will not actually be able to take surveys on SurveyCompare. They are just promoting other sites to you.

      Or are you talking about surveys you have taken on other sites?

  2. Hi
    I came across SurveyCompare on Twitter. I wanted to see if it was legit and your site came across first.
    Your research has been .its helpful.
    While I m going to sign up for your 5 day course I wanted to know if this is affiliate marketing and q way for you to earn some income. There is nothing wrong with that but was just curious.


    • Glad to hear my review was helpful.

      The free 5-day course is a guide based on my experiences with survey and Get-Paid-To sites and how to get the most out of these types of sites.

      If you have any questions while going through it, just ask and I will be happy to answer.

  3. I saw an advertisement about this site on pinterest and was curious. Didn’t see anything I was hoping to so I did a quick search to see if anyone had any information on them. Your article surfaced first and was glad I found it.

    The gleaming reviews on the site’s trustpilot page were talking about everything except the survey site itself. The reviews that were talking about the survey site were all negative reviews. Thanks for sharing this article and hope others will stay clear.

    • Thanks for the feedback. Glad you find my review helpful.

      The problem is that many people do not even really realize what they really get and what they have signed up for after having signed up for SurveyCompare. That is clear to see on the Trustpilot reviews of SurveyCompare that are very strange. But glad my article helped you find out what it really offers before you signed up.

  4. Hi Mikael,

    I live in Hong Kong, China. And it is not convenient to go out to work because I have to take care of children, so my income is not enough to support me.
    I don’t need to earn as much as a full-time job, but what I want is enough to cover living expenses, stable, fixed, and secure work.
    I am a beginner. I have never had any knowledge and understanding of this kind of survey work before, so I would like to get your help!
    I hope that the salary can be paid in cash. May I ask which survey sites are suitable for me? Should I start investigating after adding a 5-day course to your article?
    Looking forward to hearing from you and commenting on me, thank you!

  5. Hello sir I’m Indian I’m so much interested in this, sir best earning in online please help me sir , I need to take care of my family

  6. Hi Mikael,

    Any site to recommend for Singapore? Becuz most of the site only gives voucher and coupon which they aint really giving you money. Any survey website to recommend for passive income??

    • Hi Glen,

      You can check out this list of the best sites in Singapore.

      A lot of those pay out in cash.

      However, I am not sure what you mean about passive income? Taking surveys will require you to share your opinion so it is not really passive. And they are not a way to create a full-time income if that is what you are looking for? So not sure what you are looking for and if paid surveys are the right option for you. Will be happy to guide you and give you a few suggestions if you can say a bit more what you are looking for.

  7. Hi Mikael

    Thank you for your in-depth help I was about to sign up, the money sounded good.
    I am in New Zealand and was hoping to find a good survey site that does what it promises. could you please help?

    Thanks again

  8. Univox survey is a good paying site. They pay after 1000 points or Dollar 10. We will get the money within 5 days through Paypal, Amazon etc.,.

  9. I was interested in finding out more about Survey Compare before signing up and came across your site.
    You promote your site and an online course.. The big question is:

    • That is a very valid question Jennifer.

      But think maybe you have misunderstood what my site is. My site is not a survey site and does not claim to be – it is an independent survey review site where I review survey opportunities because I got tired of not being able to find proper info about them.

      When it comes to SurveyCompare I am not saying it is not legit. But I am just showing that it is not really a survey site as you will not be able to take any surveys there. I think that is important for people to know before they decide to join or not. And if you have a look around my website you will see I do a lot of reviews and I recommend the sites I think are worth it but also say my honest opinion about the ones I do not recommend – and then people can decide based on that.

      The survey course I offer is a 5-day email course where I share how to get the most out of paid surveys based on my experience. It is 100% free and there is nothing to buy or anything – it is information based on my many tests.

      Hope this answers your questions and just let me know if you have others.


  10. Thank you so much for your is very helpful and educational for us starting into joining survey panels.

  11. Thanks Mikael,

    You’ve actually been very helpful. SurveyCompare does in fact do exactly what they say in their name, it just seems so “honest,” but reading your review, well, it doesn’t seem so. This occurrence or type of practice is quite common online. It appears to be a site which basically deceives the uninitiated such as myself. But… there’s always someone or many who will sign up to them and stay with them until they realise how unnecessary it actually is. Thank you for providing 10 times more information freely. One only needs to look a little further and there are many who are happy to provide such info.

    Thanks again,


    • Thanks for the feedback Paolo.

      Very happy to hear you found the info useful and it helped you.

      The good thing about SurveyCompare is that it only links to legit survey sites from what I have seen. But I just think it is completely unnecessary and it does not really help find the best options, in my opinion. And I do not think it is very clear for the uninitiated, as you say, what they can really expect so just wanted to try to make this clear so people make an informed decision and know what they get if they join.

      Thanks again for taking the time to give feedback and sharing your experiences. I appreciate it.


  12. Hi
    I’ve been looking into joining a survey panel in order to get some extra cash. I have found your review very interesting and insightful. I am really glad I read it before signing up to Survey Compare, and now will be looking at the top 10 survey panels that you have recommended instead.

    • Thank you very much for the feedback Heather. Glad my review could help you.

      Hope you will enjoy the survey panels you end up joining. Feel free to come back and share your experiences about them and ask, if you have any questions.


  13. Hi Mikael, 

    What an interesting review and how involved Survey Compare is when you dig deep, as you obviously have done. 

    This kind of information is very useful for those looking to try surveying for some extra cash. Because of your review, I will not be looking at this company.

    What a good idea to have the top sites for each country. You’ve done a lot of work on these companies. Being in the UK, I certainly will be checking out those that you recommend for UK residents.
    You’ve saved me a lot of time, thanks a lot.

    • Thanks for your comment Ches.

      Sounds like a good idea for you not to waste any time om SurveyCompare.

      And thanks for the feedback on the top lists for each country – I have put a lot of work into them so glad to see you can notice:-)

      All the best,

  14. While there is nothing bad about creating a platform that will show you information on all the available survey sites on the wide web, I do not understand why SurveyCompare hides its true identity. 

    They would be way more successful, if they plainly stated what they offer. A bad business tactic and on top of that they are for UK citizens only. What a shame. 

    Businesses like this fail to understand the value of being legitimate. And even if you give them a shot, the confirmation email you get leads you to a whole different survey platform. I think they need to reconsider their business model and approach to potential customers.

    • Thanks for your comment John.

      I agree that there is nothing bad in creating a membership platform that shows a list of survey sites.  

      But SurveyCompare does not even provide a very good list of survey sites, and you can not actually become a member. You just give your info so they can send you offers, but make it look like you can become a member and get access to a lot of info. 

      In my opinion it is a complete waste of time to join it, and I do not like when websites are not clear about what they actually offer.

      All the best,


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