Is iSurveyWorld a Scam or Worth It? (In-Depth Review)

iSurveyWorld Rating

You can earn a bit on iSurveyWorld BUT you are bombarded with promotional offers and even in the survey section it is difficult to spot the surveys from the promotional offers.

When I first found iSurveyWorld, I was quite positive, as it looks like a great and legit survey site.

However, there are some details you need to know to find out if it will really be worth it.

So is iSurveyWorld a scam or really a great option?

I have tested it thoroughly myself to find out and in this iSurveyWorld review, I will tell you all about what this survey site has to offer, and give you an inside look so you can see what to expect.

Let me just reveal right away that it is not for everyone. This does not mean it can not be the right option for you, but you need to know all the details to find out.

So let’s get started.

What is iSurveyWorld and what does the site offer?

There is not much information to be found about iSurveyWorld when you first come to their site.

But it is a platform that has existed since 2013.

I have heard from several people after first publishing this review that they have actually been paid by iSurveyWorld so it is a legit site.

Personally, I have, however, not yet been paid because of the reasons I will explain later.

So it is definitely not a site for everyone so make sure to read all the details to find out if it is for you or not.

So let’s go over what iSurveyWorld offers and what you get once you join. I have made a video tutorial that will give you an inside look and show you exactly how it works. You can also read all the details below the video:

Option 1 – Paid surveys:

Paid surveys are supposedly the main way you can make money on iSurveyWorld. Usually, I like sites that mostly offer this, as they often offer a very good user experience and are very easy to use.

iSurveyWorld is definitely also easy to use and it is very simple to see what you can do as soon as you log in.

Right away you can see the available surveys – if there are any.

iSurveyWorld surveys examples
Be aware that not all surveys on the list are actual surveys.

You will not always get any surveys. So if there are no surveys available to you, do not be surprised.

Also, be aware that not all surveys are actual surveys. Many of the offers you will see will instead be promotional offers where they get paid to get you to sign up for other online opportunities.

How many surveys/offers you will get will depend a lot on the country you live in. So in some countries, you will get regular surveys and in others, you will never get any.

Overall, you should, however, not expect too many surveys from iSurveyWorld.

That is not unnormal on survey sites. I would just wish iSurveyWorld had been more clear about how actually get surveys and who does not. It is a bit annoying joining only to always see an empty list of surveys.

And again, this will really depend on the country you live in. And it is free to join, so if you want to test it in your country to see if you get surveys, it is risk-free.

I have done some more digging and later I will tell you what countries I found out it has the most options in.

Option 2 – List of top survey sites:

One of the things you can find on iSurveyWorld is a list of the top survey sites. At first, I, therefore, thought that the platform was set up mainly to get you to sign up and then refer you to other actually survey sites, and then iSurveyWorld would get paid for this.

I have seen sites like this before and the platform PanelPlace is an example of this.

In general, I think it is a waste of time to join sites like this, as they usually do not provide any valuable information about the sites they recommend. That also is the case for iSurveyWorld, in my opinion.

You just get a list of names they promote but you get no more info to help you decide if they are for you or not.

The list of the top survey sites are names of actual survey sites, and many of them are good sites that I myself use and highly recommend others to join as well:

isurveyworld top surveys
The survey sites iSurveyWorld recommends – not all will work for you.

The problem is just that the links will not always work for you.

Again this depends on where you live as the promotional offers they run for these sites only work in some countries.

That is fine, but because they do not provide any more information you have no idea if it will work in your country or not.

So in some cases, you will instead just be redirected back to iSurveyWorld, and others have taken me to a spam offer, where I had to fill out some personal information to get a supposedly high prize of several thousand dollars I just won.

This is not necessarily iSurveyWorld’s fault as the companies they promote these offers from might redirect if you are not from certain countries.

But as a user, this can be very confusing and you do not really know which sites might be worth it and which ones will not. Or you will never know if the link will take you to the actual site or somewhere else.

So the links to the survey sites are not useful at all, in my opinion. If you join, you should definitely stick to the paid surveys, in my opinion.

Option 3 – Joining bonus:

One great thing about iSurveyWorld is that you get a joining bonus of $5.

This is a really nice joining bonus, and few survey sites have this size of joining bonuses. One of the few other survey sites with this high a joining bonus is Swagbucks, which is a really good site.

So this is definitely a nice start if you decide to join iSurveyWorld. But to see if it will then be worth it, we need to look into how you can get your earnings out.

How do you get paid?

iSurveyWorld only offers one way you can get paid. That is through PayPal.

iSurveyWorld rewards
PayPal is the payout method on iSurveyWorld.

I love survey sites that pay through PayPal, and it is, in general, my preferred way of receiving rewards.

So great this option is available on iSurveyWorld, in my opinion.

On iSurveyWorld the payout threshold is $25, which means you have to make this amount before you can get paid.

This is quite a high payout threshold and will take some patience to reach. And in some countries, it will be more or less impossible.

The joining bonus is a great start but you will still be far from the payout threshold so be prepared for it to take some time to reach.

What to be careful of, if you want to join?

If you decide to give iSurveyWorld a try, then there are a couple of things you have to be careful about, in my opinion.

When you are joining, you can fill out your phone number. This is, however, not required and considering the many promotions iSurveyWorld has on its site, I would personally not share it.

So just be aware that it is usually not a requirement so just do not fill out if you are not comfortable with it.

Furthermore, after you sign up, you do not go directly to your iSurveyWorld dashboard. You instead have to go through several screens with “special offers” for you, before you get to the actual member area.

Actually even below the sign-up form, you are already presented to offers they get paid to promote.

iSurveyWorld offers when clicking terms
You will get promotional offers even below the sign-up form.

And this continues through the sign-up process.

You will have to go through several pages offers where they try to get you to sign up for different sites they promote.

iSurveyWorld sign up offers
You have to go through several pages of offers when signing up.

Many of these sites are legit, but in my opinion, they are not critical with what they promote as they seem to just be promoting whatever offers they get paid to promote.

I, for example, saw them promote the platform Opinion City, which I would advise you not to waste your time on. There are some good sites they promote as well but it is just too promotional with no focus on quality, in my opinion.

So if you join, you have to be careful about the offers they promote as they are not all worth it.

Who can join iSurveyWorld?

As mentioned earlier, it is not very clear who can join iSurveyWorld.

In theory, you can join from any country. But there are some countries where you will never get enough surveys to ever get paid.

I have done some digging and found out the countries you get access to the most surveys in are, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, Canada, Spain, UK, and US.

But even if you do live in one of these countries, still be aware of all the promotional offers as many of them will definitely not be worth it. But in these countries, it will eventually be possible for you to reach the payout threshold and get paid.

In other countries, it will likely not really be worth it at all.

Final verdict

iSurveyWorld is not a scam and you can actually earn so it is a legit option. However, it also has some big flaws.

So let’s finish this review by summing up the pros and cons so you can get a better overview before deciding if it is for you or not.



  • It is free to join
  • You get a good joining bonus


  • You get bombarded with offers in the joining process
  • High payout threshold
  • Not all offers they promote are of quality

You can earn by taking surveys on iSurveyWorld. But not in all countries and they are not clear about which countries can join before you sign-up.

No matter what, it can take some patience to reach the relatively high payout threshold even though you get a great $5 joining bonus.

The biggest flaw about iSurveyWorld is, however, that you are bombarded with so many promotional offers and even in the survey section it is difficult to spot the surveys from the promotional offers.

I know that is a way for them to make money but it is really bad for the user experience and for this reason, I think you are better off checking out some of the best survey sites in your country instead.

All of the sites on this list give better user-experience and better earning opportunities, in my opinion.

If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with iSurveyWorld yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

22 thoughts on “Is iSurveyWorld a Scam or Worth It? (In-Depth Review)”

  1. iSurveyWorld is definitely a scam, even if the user reach threshold of $25, he still need to be on the mercy of the team to confirm the earnings. If luckily after waiting for months the earnings are confirmed, the redeem requests will either not be submitted or will never be credited to your PayPal.

    There is no customer service contact number and the Contact Us button will automatically send you the standard FAQ response back to your mail ID.

    No human (mark it NO HUMAN) will ever contact you back even after your repeated emails to their support ID.

    The site has not been updated since 2013 (iSurvey World portal ‘�2013 All rights reserved.’), you can imagine how serious are the people who run this website/ company.

    Good Luck with your time and efforts!!!

    • Thanks for sharing your experiences about this.

      I know people that have been paid by iSurveyWorld so it seems they sometimes do pay. But as you can see in my review, I definitely do not think it overall is worth it compared to so many other sites. And not getting any customer service is definitely a big minus.

      Thanks for sharing

    • I fully agreed with you. There is NO HUMAN ro contact and I faced the same problem as you. I reached over $25 but still didnt get my payment. I considered this as A SCAM TOO too.

  2. I took surveys and reached payment threshold. Processed payment longer than a month ago but they won’t send payment. I emailed them several times but no reply. This is very unethical and unprofessional. It uses people to make money but won’t pay to people who spend a long time on surveys. Obviously Isurveyworld is scammer.

    • Thanks for sharing your experiences about this.

      As you can see in the review, it is definitely also not a site I recommend joining.

  3. I had a lot of successful surveys that expired before I accrued the minimum amount to claim, and it is difficult to earn with this site. They are impossible to contact, and my amount pending never seems to alter even when I conclude long surveys. I intend to unsubscribe.

    • Thanks for sharing your experiences about this. In my experience, iSurveyWorld is not a good site compared to many others. Many others have better options and higher rewards.

  4. I have $25 in my Isurveyworld account and not getting paid it has been saying it is pending for a month now and if you try to send email it says it says email does not exist so annoying as it took me months to get to $25

  5. I have used iSurveyworld and got paid once. Now any survey I complete comes up as Transaction does not exist but they keep sending me surveys I keep complaining they are not adding the amounts to my total they ignore it. Will ignore their emails too from now on.

      • I have used this site a lot more since my previous comment and have been paid, they usually take a while and sometimes I have had to write and ask them again for the money including the date off redemption. I have redeemed aroudn once or twice a year since 2019.

          • Looks like this site doesn’t like the fact I’ve been paid around $150 now after errors appearing when I redeemed the redemption was removed yet they refuse to fix up the account.
            I’ve got over $50 in the Rewards area and after numerous emails to help me actually redeem because somehow the rewards button doesn’t light up I still cannot redeem.

          • Thanks for the update. Sorry to hear you again are having problems getting your earnings from them. Seems like it might be better to just focus o other sites instead for you?

  6. Thanks for the warning! I think I’ll steer clear of isurveyworld! I’m glad I read your review. 

    The cons for this survey company seem to outweigh the joining bonus. I hate getting bombarded with ads after signing up for something! 

    Honestly, I’ve tried to make some money with paid surveys with very little success. How have you made money with paid surveys? 

    It seems like it takes a ton of time to fill out the survey for just a few dollars. I’d love to know your tips for earning with paid surveys.

  7. I’ve done surveys for a lot of platforms over the years, but this is the first time I’ve come across iSurvey World.

    Man, this one sounds like a total scam. I came across a platform like this some time ago that did the same thing, but I can’t remember the name of it now.

    So basically they’re just sending you to scammy offers to try and get your details or something. Forget that. I’m glad I read your review and didn’t just happen to join this place.

    • Hi Darren,

      Yes it seems like the site is meant to just direct you to spammy offers. I clicked more or less all the links on the site to test it, and I did not find one single link that took me to what it said it would.

      So definitely I site I would recommend NOT to waste your time on.

      All the best,

      • Since I wrote last June, ISurveyWorld have paid me twice now they eventually paid me for the one I mentioned in my last post and have been paid again since then. I now have another payment pending.

        As for the links on the site I’m already a member off the survey sites they recommend so have never clicked on the links they have up. I guess I will have to keep my fingers crossed they still pay but most of the survey they offer are similar to other sites so will wait and see.

        • That is great to hear Fay. Thanks for sharing this update. Good to know it actually pays even though it might not be as smooth as on other sites.


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