PrizeRebel vs Swagbucks – Which One Is The Best GPT Site?

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Joining a Get-Paid-To site can be a good way to earn extra money. This is especially true if you join a great GPT site.

And speaking of great GPT sites, the two most popular GPT sites out there are PrizeRebel and Swagbucks and for good reason. These two sites, in my opinion, are the two best GPT sites out there.

They both have good earning potential. So, if you are only looking to join one and are pondering which one to join, the decision won’t be that easy.

Fortunately, I have already done a review of PrizeRebel and Swagbucks before. You might want to check out those links first before proceeding with this article so you can get a solid background of what the two sites are about.

Now, to get a clear understanding of the opportunities of PrizeRebel vs Swagbucks, we will compare them side by side so you can see which one is a better fit for you.

In which countries are PrizeRebel & Swagbucks available?

One of the factors you have to consider when choosing between PrizeRebel and Swagbucks is their availability.

It would be pretty useless to choose one and then find out you are not eligible to join their site.

So, let’s take a look at which countries these two GPT sites are available in.

PrizeRebel availability:

PrizeRebel is available in almost all countries. The downside is, the availability of offers will depend on which country you live in.

For example, if you live in the US, Canada, UK or Australia, you will have access to more survey offers compared to other countries. The good news though is, there plenty of other ways you can earn from this site.

So, the earning potential doesn’t really go down that much.

Swagbucks availability:

In contrast, Swagbucks is only available in 8 countries. The countries where Swagbucks is available is as follows:

  • US
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • Australia
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • France

The availability of offers will be pretty much the same in all the 8 countries, which is good.

In theory, Swagbucks is also available in India but I am mentioning that separately because, accordingly to my knowledge, it has very limited options in India so it is only really a great site for the 8 countries mentioned above.

Another good thing about Swagbucks is, more than one member per household can join their site. So, if you’ve got other members of your household who are interested in joining their site, they can do so.

In this regard, Swagbucks is slightly better than PrizeRebel.

The opportunities to earn compared

The good thing about joining a GPT site is that there are several earning opportunities you can do to earn money.

prizerebel vs swagbucks rewards
Earning potential is a huge factor to consider when choosing which site to join.

This, in my opinion, is where you can fully understand the earning potential of the two sites. Ideally, you will want a site that provides more offers on a daily basis so you can get a steady stream of income.

The more offers you can complete daily, the more money you earn as time goes by.

I just want to make it clear though that GPT sites are, of course, in general not a way to make a full-time income and that also goes for the both of these sites.

But both PrizeRebel and Swagbucks have plenty of earning opportunities. So, which one will allow you to earn money?

Which site has the best opportunities?

In terms of the sheer number of opportunities, Swagbucks is slightly ahead of PrizeRebel. There’s simply no competing with Swagbucks if we talk about the number of earning opportunities they offer.

However, PrizeRebel offers a way for you to boost your earnings by upgrading your membership level.

The good thing about how they structure the upgrade is, your membership level will be upgraded automatically as you complete more offers.

So, you don’t have to spend a dime to get the benefits of the upgraded membership level.

In my opinion, this is how a membership upgrade is supposed to work. It rewards you the longer you work on the site.

In this regard, even though Swagbucks just offers more ways to earn, PrizeRebel works more to your advantage in the long run.

Payout methods compared

Another factor you need to consider is how you will receive payment. Ideally, you will want to withdraw your earnings conveniently.

This means you will have to opt for a site that offers payment via PayPal or some other form of online financial services like Payza or Payoneer.

prizerebel vs swagbucks payment
You have to consider the payment methods available as well.

Both PrizeRebel and Swagbucks offer PayPal as a mode of withdrawing your earnings.

They also both offer the option to convert your earnings into gift cards. And they both have a pretty wide selection of gift cards you can choose from.

So, up to this point, both sites are deadlocked in terms of convenience.

To break the tie, we have to look at the payout threshold of both sites since this is what will determine which site will allow you to withdraw your earnings quicker.

In this regard, PrizeRebel has the advantage because it will allow you to withdraw your earnings via PayPal as soon as you hit the $5 mark. On Swagbucks, you will have to reach a relatively high threshold of $25.

However, if you opt for gift cards, Swagbucks also has a threshold of only $5 in many cases.

Overall, in terms of convenience, both sites will allow you to withdraw your earnings pretty conveniently.

But, PrizeRebel has the slight advantage of having a low payout threshold for PayPal, which will allow you to withdraw your earnings in cash a lot quicker.

Which site is more user-friendly?

Having a site that is user-friendly can do wonders in terms of user experience. Being able to navigate through a website without any hassle is a big bonus.

What typically affects how user-friendly a site is are the availability in mobile devices, user interface design and the support provided to members.

In terms of availability in mobile devices, Swagbucks has a clear advantage because it has a dedicated app you can download on your mobile device.

swagbucks app
Swagbucks has a mobile app you can download on your mobile device.

However, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to do offers on PrizeRebel on your mobile device. You will be able to that by using a mobile web browser.

What I mean though when I say that Swagbucks has the advantage is, it is much more convenient to navigate through offers on a dedicated app rather than using a mobile web browser.

As for the user interface design, both sites have done well in my opinion. The user interface of both sites is intuitive. You won’t have trouble getting to other parts of the site.

With regards to the support they offer, both PrizeRebel and Swagbucks really make an effort to assist you when you encounter any issues on their site.

They both respond quickly to your inquiries. But I would say PrizeRebel has a slight advantage though because you can connect with them on their social media pages and get the support you need.

This leaves you with more options to get support, which is good, in my opinion.

So, if I were to put a score between the two, I would say they are pretty even in terms of being a user-friendly site.

Swagbucks offers a dedicated mobile app you can download, while PrizeRebel gives you more options to get support.

It would really just depend on which one you favor more.

Should you choose PrizeRebel or Swagbucks?

Pitting a giant versus a giant can provide a good match. In this case, it really is hard to choose one over the other.

So, let me just provide you a summary of the points you can consider:

1. Availability:
PrizeRebel is available in most countries while Swagbucks is only available in 8 countries. But, Swagbucks will allow more members of each household to become a member while PrizeRebel doesn’t.
So, if you were to pick one base on this category, I guess it will depend on where you live. If you do not live in one of the 8 countries where Swagbucks is available, then you will have to go with PrizeRebel. But if you do, Swagbucks is the better choice especially if other members of your household are also planning to become a member.

2. Earning Potential:
In terms of earning potential, both sites are quite good. That’s why they are two of the most popular GPT sites today. PrizeRebel works great in the long run because you will gain access to more benefits as your membership level gets upgraded.
Swagbucks, on the other hand, has simply more opportunities offered, which will allow you to earn more in a small amount of time.

3. Rewards:
Both PrizeRebel and Swagbucks will allow you to withdraw your earnings via PayPal, which, in my opinion, is the most convenient method available today. They also both give you the option to redeem gift cards instead of withdrawing your money.
However, PrizeRebel has a slight advantage mainly because it has a low payout threshold of $5 even for PayPal. This will allow you to withdraw your earnings in cash quickly.

4. Usability:
As for which site is more usable, the choice will purely depend on which one you prefer more. PrizeRebel offers more ways of providing support while Swagbucks has a mobile app you can download so you can work on offers conveniently even when you are not in front of a computer.
Obviously, if you prefer to work on your mobile device, Swagbucks is a much better option.
But, if you are more worried about getting in touch with their support team, PrizeRebel is the better choice because you will be able to contact them on their social media pages.

As you can see, there is no definitive answer as to which site is better. In general, PrizeRebel would be a better option because it is available in more countries.

Plus, it allows you to earn more the longer you are active on the site (which is really the goal). It also has a lower payout threshold if you want to get paid in cash, which will allow you to withdraw your earnings a lot faster.

However, this doesn’t mean you should ignore Swagbucks.

In fact, becoming a member of both sites will actually be to your advantage (that is, of course, if you are eligible to be a member). They both compliment each other well and they both provide good earning potential.

If you want to join Swagbucks, then visit my Swagbucks review to get a $5 joining bonus. Just scroll to the bottom until you see the invitation link that will take you to their registration.

For PrizeRebel, you can visit my PrizeRebel review to become a member right away. The registration link is at the bottom of the page.

If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with either PrizeRebel or Swagbucks yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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