Is Product Testing USA Legit or Scam? (Untold Truth Revealed)

Product Testing USA Rating

Product Testing USA is a way to get a chance to get some really valuable products for free. But you need to be aware that it is like a lottery – there is no guarantee you will get to test a product.

Getting free products just for testing them sounds awesome, right?

There are several sites that claim to offer this. One of them is

But is Product Testing USA legit and really a great way to get free products or a scam to stay away from?

I have joined and tested it thoroughly myself, and let me just reveal right away that it IS a way for you to get free products, BUT it is definitely not for everyone, and you need to know what you are saying yes to, so you will not end up getting disappointed.

In this Product Testing USA review, I will show you all the details about what this platform really offers, if it works, and how to use it.

So if you want to know if it is for you before signing up, just keep reading:-)

Important Update: Product Testing USA closed (see best alternatives)

It seems Product Testing USA has now closed, so you can no longer use it to get free products.

As you can see in my original review below, I never thought it was worth it anyway.

You can check out the best product testing sites here instead.

What is Product Testing USA, and what does it offer? is a platform where you can sign up to test products. You will then get to keep the products after testing them.

The concept is actually quite simple, and at first, it definitely sounds very appealing.

After testing it thoroughly, I have, however, realized that it is just not for everyone and therefore I wanted to make this review so you can easily see if it is for you or not.

So let's look deeper into how Product Testing USA works and if it is real, so you can see if it might be for you.

There are a few steps you need to take to get started on the platform and get a chance to test products.

product testing usa sign up process
The overall process of Product Testing USA – you, however, need to know the details.

Below I will just explain this process as there are some things in the process you need to be aware of.

Step 1 – Choose a product you would like to test

The first thing you need to do is to choose the product you would like to test.

Product Testing USA offers products in many categories, and you can also sign up for secret diner or mystery shopping opportunities.

product testing usa examples
Examples of products to test.

Above you can see just a few examples of the products I found on the site to test. The products change all the time, so it is not sure the exact same products will be available to you.

But you can find products almost no matter what you are interested in. There are, for example, phones, clothes, bags, vacuum cleaners, games, cameras, gift cards, and much more.

Many of the products are even very valuable. The phone from the image above is, for example, worth more than $1,000.

So if you get to test one of the products, it can really be a way to get some nice stuff for free.

Once you have found the product you want to test, you need to register for it. You need to register for every product you want to test and you can register for as many as you want to.

Step 2 – Register and go through additional offers

The registration process is not too difficult but there are a few things you need to be aware of.

As you can see from the overview of the registration process earlier in this review, there is a step, called “respond to survey” after you have filled out your profile (name, address, and phone number).

This is a list of offers you are presented to, and you need to say yes or no to all of them. As Product Testing USA itself explains, this is their offers from their sponsors and it is by getting help from them they can offer free products.

That is why you are encouraged to look at the offers.

ptusa favor
You have to go through offers from their sponsors to register.

There are quite a lot of offers but it does not take too long to go through them.

There are some offers where you can sign up for paid survey sites, some about signing up for newsletters, getting special quotes for loans, and much, much more.

You might be interested in some of the offers, but just make sure to read the conditions for each offer.

Most of the time you will agree to get phone calls or emails with offers if you say yes. So do not just say yes to get quickly through the offers and finish the registration.

You might then end up getting a lot of unwanted phone calls and emails. So make sure to read the terms for each offer before saying yes to anything.

You can, of course, also just say no to all the offers and you will still be able to register.

Just be aware that every time you register for a product you want to test, you have to go through the offers from Product Testing USA's sponsors.

It is not just something you have to do once, but for every product.

It does not take long, but you just need to be aware of this not to get annoyed.

Step 3 – Confirm email and wait

Once you have gone through the offers, you have to confirm your email to finish your registration.

You can then choose to go through the categories with products and register for more products or you can wait and see if you get chosen to test the product you just registered for.

You can register for as many products as you want.

I have also created a video walkthrough of Product Testing USA so you can see exactly how it works and if it will be worth it for you or not:

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How do you get paid?

On Product testing USA you get paid in products or gift cards.

You get to keep the product you are testing.

As already mentioned, some of the products are worth quite a lot so it can be some really nice rewards to get.

There are, however, no cash rewards. So if you would like to do small online tasks to earn cash, you can instead check out the best survey sites that pay out through PayPal.

But if you would like free products, Product Testing USA might be the right option for you.

It does, however, depend a lot on your expectations which I will go more into in the next section.

First, I just want to let you know that if you get selected to test a product, there are a few things you need to do after testing it to be able to keep it.

  • Write a review of minimum 500 words
  • Make a video review (minimum 1 minute)
  • Send photos

So you need to give feedback like this to keep the product.

This info will be used and posted on the website of Product Testing USA and on its social media channels.

So if you are not comfortable with this, you should not participate because a part of the conditions is that you have to submit this and it will be used for these promotional methods to show other people what it is possible to get by participating.

How often do you get to test a product?

A big question is then, of course, how often you get to test a product. This is important to know to see if you find it worth your time or not.

What is important to mention here is that you will register for a chance to get to test a product. You can see this when you sign up.

chance statement on product testing usa
You register for a chance to get to test a product – there are no guarantees.

This means that there is no guarantee you will get to test the products you register for.

So does Product Testing USA then work or what does this mean?

It means that it does work. You can see that from the product testers that are selected every day.

BUT it means that it might not happen to you. It might happen after just trying to register for a few products, but it might also not happen even if you register for all the available products for an entire year or more.

It is kind of like participating in a lottery. You have a chance to win, but there are no guarantees.

And you need to know this not to get disappointed if you join.

Who can join Product Testing USA?

As the name suggests, Product testing USA is only available for people living in the US, and you have to be at least 18 years old to participate.

However, as mentioned already, compared to the best free ways to earn in the USA, it will not give a lot of options and no guaranteed way to earn, and this is definitely something to consider before joining.

Can you get support?

It is always important to be able to get a hold of support on any platform you join online to earn some extra rewards.

On Product Testing USA, you can also contact support, but the option it is not easy to find.

At the bottom of the website, you can go to the FAQ section. In some of these questions, they will mention a contact form.

product testing usa support access
You can find a link to the contact form in some of the FAQ.

Here you can click the word “contact form” and then write them. The option is not there for many of the questions, so you have to click around a bit to find it.

But you can, for example, find it under the question “I am not receiving email newsletters from Product Testing” in the “My Account Support” as you can see in the image above.

You can also contact them through their Facebook page.

Product Testing USA complaints

So are there any complaints about Product Testing USA?

Yes, there are and I have seen several of them and seen some very negative Product Testing USA reviews.

Most of them seem to be coming from people that have not been aware of what they are signing up for and are disappointed.

That is why I want to make it as clear as possible in this review what you are getting so you know what you are signing up for if you decide to join.

Below you can see an example of somebody on their Facebook page being frustrated not to be selected for over a year.

product testing usa facebook review
Example of a frustrated Product Testing USA member.

There are many people mentioning this aspect. So if you want to join, please remember that there is no guarantee you will be selected to test a product. It is like participating in a lottery.

Also, I have seen several complaints from people that say they have started receiving a lot of emails from companies with offers after joining Product Testing USA.

This is one of the reasons I mentioned earlier that you need to make sure to read the conditions for the offers you can find during the registration process before saying yes to them.

Because people have started receiving more emails and offers, I have seen many calling it a scam. But it is not a scam – you actually agree to this when signing up.

Even when first registering, you agree to be contacted by Product Testing USA's sponsors.

terms on producttestingusa
When you sign up, you agree to be contacted by their sponsors.

In the image above you can see this. So it is saying that you agree to this when signing up which means it is not a scam

Many people might find it annoying, which I totally understand. But it is a part of their business model whether we like it or not. And by signing up, you will agree to this.

So if you do not like the terms, you should just not sign up.

Also, there are many satisfied members of Product Testing USA and you can see many of these positive reviews on their Facebook page as well.

positive product testing usa review
Example of a positive review of Product Testing USA.

So it all comes down to expectations and if you are fully aware of what you are getting into or not.

Final verdict

Product Testing USA is legit as you can get a chance to get free products there.

This does, however, not mean it will necessarily be the right site for you to join. To help you make your final decision and get a better overview, let's finish this review by summing up the pros and cons.



  • Free to join
  • Some products are really valuable


  • No guarantee you will get to test a product
  • You agree to be contacted by sponsors when signing up
  • A lot of promotional offers to go through to register for the product tests

Overall, whether Product Testing USA is worth it or not depends a lot on your expectations and if you are aware of what you are signing up for.

If you are patient, and if you are aware that you are saying yes to being contacted by its sponsors, then it can be a chance to get some really great and valuable products for free.

But you need to be aware of how it works and that there is no guarantee you will be selected for a product. If not, you might end up being disappointed and feel like you have wasted your time.

If you like to share your opinion and want to make sure to get rewards every time and have daily chances, I would instead suggest you check out the best survey and get-paid-to sites in the USA.

Here you will know for sure that you will get chances to participate as a member and you will find daily earning opportunities.

So this can be a great alternative if you do not think Product Testing USA sounds like something for you.

If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with Product Testing UK yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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    • You mean after you get selected if you are lucky to be chosen? Then they will email you and let you know more details. It can vary from product to product and depending on where you live how long it will take to receive it.

      Hope this helps.

  1. I would love to sign up to try to test products but it keeps telling me my phone number is not valid and will not let me go any farther ? Does anyone no how to contact them so I can correct this ?

    • In some of the FAQ questions, you can find a link to a contact form. But make sure to read the review above so you know exactly what to expect.


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