Are SpiderMetrix Surveys Worth it? (SpiderMetrix Review)

SpiderMetrix rating

SpiderMetrix can be a way to earn a bit in some countries. But in many countries, it will be a waste of time, and you will have to spend A LONG time reaching the high payout threshold.

Spidermetrix is a survey site that claims you can get paid to share your opinion there – I have been a member of it and tested for quite a while now to tets if this is true.

I have continuously kept coming back to it over several years to see how it develops and keep an eye on certain things and aspects I wanted to test further.

So if you are wondering if SpiderMetrix surveys are legit or a scam, let me just make it clear right away that it is a legit site. This does, however, not mean it will necessarily be worth your time.

This Spidermetrix review will give you all the details about it has to offer, who the site is for, how much money you can make etc., so you can easily see if you should join or not.

What is SpiderMetrix and what does the site offer? is a survey company based in Melbourne Australia. This does, however, not mean it is only available in Australia, but more about who can join later. It started in 2000 and is a member of the Marketing Research Association.

The site calls its members for spiders. It is a quite simple site to use and can mainly be used for one purpose. That is to take surveys for money.

Even though the layout is simple, and it does not have many distractions, it can take a little time to figure out how to navigate and find out how to use it the right way.

This is mainly because the design is quite outdated and it has been for the years I have been a member.

But it is not super difficult to use, so with just a little patience, everyone will be able to figure it out. I am just mentioning it, so you know you might have to click around a bit to become familiar with the site if you decide to join.

Before deciding, let’s look more in details into what opportunities the site offers.

I have created a video that gives you an inside look so you can see exactly how it works. You can also read all the details below the video if you prefer reading:

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Option 1 – Spidermetrix surveys:

Paid surveys are what Spidermetrix is mainly about. This is more or less the only way to make money on the site. There are two different kinds of surveys.

There are normal paid surveys as you might know from other survey sites, and there is what is called quickies. The normal surveys take on average 15-20 minutes, but can also take shorter or longer. The quickies are very short and usually only has 1-2 questions and takes less than 1 minute to do.

Once you log in, you can get an overview of the available surveys. One great thing is that you can easily see the reward and the time it will approximately take before you start.

spidermetrix surveys examples
Examples of SpiderMetrix surveys.

Everyone can do the quickies and they are available throughout the day. You have to log in to the site to see if any of these surveys are available.

The normal surveys that take a bit longer (but also pays better), are not always available. It really depends on where in the world you live, how many of these you will be offered.

The longer surveys, you will be often invited to by email, so you do not always have to log in to find out if any of these are available.

In my experience, it can, however, still be a good idea to log in and check for yourself once in a while.

Option 2 – Contests:

Spidermetrix regularly announces contests you can participate in for free. It is mainly contests that are announced on the official Facebook page, but there can also once in a while be a contest that is announced in the news section on the website.

The Facebook contests are often where you have to put a title for a photo, and then 3 random winners will be selected.

contest on spidermetrix facebook
There are weekly contests on the SpiderMetrix Facebook page.

At the moment of updating this review, they have a weekly contest on Facebook. The winners will usually get 10 points each, which is equivalent of around 1.7 Australian dollars. So not a huge reward, but still a little extra thing, if you are using Facebook often anyways.

But if you want to use the competition option on SpiderMetrix, you should definitely keep an eye on their Facebook page as there very rarely is contest inside the platform itself.

Also, theur Facebook page is the most modern aspect of SpiderMetrix, in my opinion. The website itself is quite old-school. So if that annoys you, then you can just focus on what they offer on Facebook.

Option 3 – Auctions:

This is an interesting feature, I have not seen on any other survey site. There is often an auction for an Amazon Gift Card or PayPal cash, where you as a member can bid on it. It takes place on the website.

You can use the points you have earned on Spidermetrix in the auction. The highest bid gets the voucher or the cash depending on the reward for that particular auction.

spidermetrix auction
You can use your earnings to participate in auctions.

So if it is a good deal or not really depends on how many people are bidding.

But as long as you just make sure to calculate how much your points are worth, there is nothing to lose as no points will be deducted if you do not win the auction.

From what I have seen, it is difficult to make a good deal here, but if you are lucky it is possible.

Option 4 – Refer other people:

You can invite other people to join Spidermetrix. Every time a person you have invited will complete a survey (only when they complete the longer surveys), you will get 1 SpiderPoint which is worth around 17 cents of an Australian dollar from Spidermetrix.

So not a lot of money you can make this way unless you know a lot of people that want to join.

chat with membersOption 5 – Chat with other spiders:

This a feature that you cannot make money from, but a social aspect of Spidermetrix. You can chat with other members.

In general, you can chat about whatever you want, as long as it is not threatening or abusive. Be aware that you are however not allowed to chat about other survey sites.

If you do, your account will be instantly deleted. This is probably something the site is doing so people will not join just to spam and promote other sites, which makes sense when looking at how often people join forums etc. just to spam and promote.

So just be aware of this if you decide to use the SpiderChat.

Option 6 – Spiderpanel:

There is a panel with some of the most active and experienced members called the Spiderpanel. This is a panel that is asked before Spidermetrix rolls out any changes or new features to get feedback from active users.

Nowhere on the site does it say that you will get any extra rewards for being in this panel, so it is probably mainly mostly interesting if you are really passionate about Spidermetrix and the development of the site.

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How do you get paid?

Every time you take a survey or a quickie, you will get paid in points. These points can then be exchanged into a few different things.

You can use your points for Amazon vouchers, you can donate your earnings to charities, or you can get them paid out in cash through PayPal.

spidermetrix payout methods
The reward options on SpiderMetrix.

Personally, I like when survey sites payout through PayPal, as this is a great way to get paid. You can also use your points in the auctions as mentioned above.

1 spider point is equivalent of around 17 cents of an Australian dollar. You have to have earned 300 points ($50) to be able to get paid through PayPal or get an Amazon gift card. This is a very high payout threshold compared to most other survey sites, and an aspect of Spidermetrix that I do not like.

You will also get a small joining bonus when you first join. You will get 1 point for registering, and you can earn a bit extra points right away by filling out your profile info after logging in the first time.

In total, you can get around 24 points for joining and filling out your profile. That is equivalent of around $4, so that is a pretty good joining bonus. It is however still far from the payout threshold, and a good joining bonus is not worth so much if you will never make it to the payout threshold.

How much money can you make?

how much money on spidermetrix

The main way to make money is by doing the longer surveys on SpiderMetrix. The longer the survey, the more you will earn.

If you do not live in a country where these longer surveys are available, you will have a hard time making any real money on Spidermetrix.

I myself live in a country where I have hardly been offered any of the longer surveys even though I have been a member for a long time. This makes it very difficult to reach a payout as the threshold is also very high. By just doing the quickies and earning 1 point every time, there is a looong way to 300 points.

Even if you get the longer surveys, it can take a bit of patience to reach the threshold. They pay between 6-18 points each so even if you are lucky and get some really high paying ones, you should expect to do at least 20 surveys to reach the payout threshold.

From what I have heard from other members I have been in contact with, you will have the best chances of regular surveys, if you live in Australia. However, there are some really great survey sites in Australia that pay faster.

But there are also other countries, where you will get access to the longer surveys. If you are a member yourself, I would love to hear how it is in your country in a comment below the review.

But in general, no matter where you live, Spidermetrix will not be able to make you a lot of money.

They are also very honest about this on the website and say “This is for fun! You will not get rich overnight and please do not give up your day job“.

You can make a little extra on the side, which is also nice, but do not expect more than that. And be aware that for most countries, it can take a long time to reach the payout threshold.

Can you use Spidermetrix on my mobile?

mobile phone with spidermetrix website

Yes, you can use Spidermetrix on a mobile phone.

There is no app for it, but you can just log in through your internet browser.

It is not very user-friendly on a mobile, however, but it can be done.

If you have a small screen on your phone, you will however probably struggle to see what is going on. In that case, I would recommend to just use the site on a computer or tablet, if you join.

Who can join?

You can join Spidermetrix no matter where in the world you live, as long as you are 14 years old.

Just be aware that in many countries, there will not be many opportunities, and it might take you a very long time to earn enough points to get a payout compared to the top paying survey sites.

Can you get support?

If you should run into any trouble as a member, there is an email address on the website you can contact.

I have not been in need of this myself, so I do not know how quickly you will get an answer. But Spidermetrix is also fairly active on Facebook, so if you have any questions, it might be better to contact them there for a quick reply.

Final verdict

SpiderMetrix is a legit survey site that has been around for a while. But this does not mean it will be the right option for you.

So let’s finish this review by summing up the pros and cons of Spidermetrix to get a better overview before you decide to join or not:



  • Pays out through PayPal
  • Everyone can join
  • Active Facebook page with regular contests


  • Very high payout threshold
  • Very limited opportunities for most countries
  • A bit confusing to use
  • Old-fashioned design of the website

Overall, Spidermetrix has some good aspects, but in my opinion, the cons outweigh the pros.

It does, however, depends a lot on where you live. But for many countries, it can take A LOT of time to reach a payout threshold this high with the limited opportunities the site has.

Mainly because of this, I recommend that you also make sure to check out the top survey sites in your country that will give you a lot better opportunities to earn money.

If you have any questions, comments, or have any experiences with Spidermetrix yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

9 thoughts on “Are SpiderMetrix Surveys Worth it? (SpiderMetrix Review)”

  1. I want to make at least $20 per day. Will it by becoming a member of spidermetrix be possible to do enough surveys that will enable me to earn $20 per day? Also, is there a limited amount of surveys available to each members everyday? This could be another alternative for how I spend my free time instead of playing computer games, I most likely spend it on something more meaningful. Thanks a lot!

    • On SpiderMetrix alone, it will not be possible to make $20. As mentioned in the review, many countries have very limited access to surveys on Spidermetrix. There is not as such a limited amount of surveys you can take per day. You can take all the ones that are available. But in many countries there are just very many available (if any).

      Several other sites give better earning opportunities, and to make $20, you would need to join several of them (you can see my top survey sites here). But yes, I agree that making some extra money on surveys and other activities on the survey website can be a great way to spend some time instead of in front of the TV or Computer:-) 

      All the best,

  2. Well, SpiderMetrix is one big scam. One day I’m on there doing their surveys. I had earned just about enough for payout & now it seems like they went out of business. Just like that. No notice or anything.

    • Sorry to hear that Zentura. But thanks for letting me know. I just checked, and it seems that SpiderMetrix is also not working from my location. Sometimes a site does however just crash temporarily and then starts working again a few hours later, so maybe the site will start working again soon, so you can get your money.

      The reason I think there is a good chance it will start working again is that they just posted something on their Facebook page a few hours ago, and there is no info about them being out of business. So let’s hope it will be back up again soon.

      I will keep an eye on it, and feel free to let me know how it goes with your payout.

      All the best,

    • Hi again Zentura,

      Just to let you know – SpiderMetrix is now working again. Looks like it was just temporarily down.

      All the best,

  3. Hi, Mikael
    In my spidermetrix account they are giving only $30 for 300 points.

    And is there any survey sites in which we did not need to qualify for surveys.


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