Talent Desire Review – Is it Legit? (Details Explained)

Talent Desire Rating

The site has too many red flags to warrant a reason for you to join it. It simply doesn’t offer any real way for you to earn. That is why I would recommend you avoid signing up.

Is Talent Desire a good site to earn extra money?

I’m sure that’s the question running through your mind right now because if you are reading this Talent Desire review, then you must be mulling over whether this site is legit or a scam.

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve decided to test the site so I can explain in detail what it has to offer. That way, you’ll know what to expect from it before you even join.

You will be able to decide if this site is really worth joining or not after you read this review – and let me just reveal right away that there are some very important details you need to know and consider.

So, without further ado, let’s get this ball rolling, shall we?

What is Talent Desire and what does it offer?

Talent Desire is a site that supposedly offers typing jobs to its members.

It claims you can apply for various typing jobs to earn extra money. But is it worth it though? Well, let’s take a closer look at the earning opportunity it supposedly offers.

For that, I have made a video that gives you an inside look and shows exactly how Talent Desire works. You can also read all the details below the video.

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The earning opportunity – Typing jobs

At first glance, you will get the impression that the way to earn from this site is to take on various typing jobs. If you browse the website, you will see the type of jobs that you can supposedly do to earn money.

jobs you can do on talent desire
The only way to supposedly earn from this site is to do various typing jobs.

As you can see in the photo above, the site will tell you the rate of the jobs offered. You can supposedly earn around $60 to $180 a day for online typing jobs, medical transcription, jobs, online tutoring jobs, and more.

The site will also provide you with a brief description of what each job entails. In my opinion, though, the descriptions provided are just cookie-cutter descriptions that don’t really give an in-depth idea of what you need to do.

Now, to earn from this site, the idea is, that you register as a member and then apply for a job you are interested in.

Here’s where the problem starts, and I will explain it in detail in the later sections. But to put it bluntly, you will have a hard time applying for any job on this site.

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Red flags of Talent Desire you need to be aware of

Normally, in this part of the review, I will be discussing how you can get paid. But this time around, it will really be useless. Instead, I will talk about the red flags I encountered when I was examining this site.

And believe me, there are several red flags you need to be wary of with Talent Desire.

Red flag #1 – Inaccessible sign-up form

Normally, on a website where you are supposed to apply for jobs to earn money, signing up should be an easy thing to do. Theoretically speaking, this is how it should work. You sign up as a member, then you will be given access to jobs you can apply for.

At least that’s how it works with freelance sites like UpWork or Fiverr. But with Talent Desire, you won’t even get to that point. You see, the sign-up form of Talent Desire is very inaccessible. It even took me around 10 minutes to figure out how you can sign up because the sign form for a lack of a better word, is “hidden”.

You have to click several links before you can finally get to the sign-up form. I won’t even bother explaining how to do it because it’ll just be a waste of time, in my opinion. Signing up should, at the very worst, only take you a couple of minutes to do.

That’s why I believe the site doesn’t really want you to register as a member which leads me to the second red flag.

Red flag #2 – The site has a lot of ads

If you haven’t noticed, the site really has an abnormal number of ads plastered on its pages. If you browse every page of the site, you will find at least five ads displayed and they are also placed strategically where you might accidentally click them and view the ads.

ads found on talent desire
You will see a lot of ads on the site and they are all strategically located so there will be a higher chance of clicking them by accident.

In my opinion, it’s not wrong to think that the whole point of this site is to get you to accidentally click on ads so that they will get paid. I have encountered several sites like this before where you will be taken to various pages if you want to sign up.

This is actually what will happen when you try to follow the registration trail. You’ll be taken to various pages that display a lot of ads because they are hoping that you will accidentally click a few ads throughout the entire process of trying to register.

This is a bad practice and it is very misleading, in my opinion. And personally, I just don’t really like sites that display a lot of ads especially if they are located in places that you can accidentally click on.

Red flag #3 – Your data will be shared with third-party organizations

You seldom find Terms and Conditions that will actually admit to sharing your data with other organizations. But that is the case with Talent Desire.

red flag of talent desire
The site admits that it might your data with third-party organizations.

While I was reading their Terms and Conditions page, the first line was really what got my attention. As you can see in the photo above, they actually admit that they may share your data with their network.

I find it hard to believe that they have a worldwide organization when they can’t even offer jobs that you can actually earn from, in my opinion. So, it won’t be surprising if you push through with the registration and the information you provided during sign-up will be shared with third-party organizations.

That’s why I wouldn’t really even recommend you sign up to this site because you will just risk getting your personal information shared with other parties.

Red flag #4 – Poor grammar

This is just a minor thing, but in my opinion, if you can’t get the grammar right on your website, you have no business setting up a website – especially not when the website offers typing jobs?.

second red flag of talent desire
For a site that offers typing jobs, they sure do have poor grammar which is very ironic, in my opinion.

In the photo shown above, you can clearly see the poor grammar the site is using. It’s even plastered on their homepage and they didn’t even bother to correct it. It shows that either they don’t care or they don’t have good writers.

I would lean on the former. After all, this doesn’t really affect the true purpose of the website, in my opinion. But again, if you are planning to set up a website to offer typing jobs, the least you can do is not make any obvious grammar mistakes.

Final Verdict

Talent Desire is a site that claims you can work on online typing jobs to earn extra cash. It has a few obvious flaws and the site doesn’t really offer any upside.

Let me wrap up this review with a summary of its pros and cons to give you an overview of what the site has to offer.



  • None


  • Doesn’t offer any real earning opportunities
  • The site has a lot of ads
  • Your personal information can possibly be shared with other companies

As you can see, the site has too many red flags to warrant a reason for you to join it. It simply doesn’t offer any real way for you to earn. That is why I would recommend you avoid signing up (if you can even manage to find the sign-up form). It will be a total waste of your time.

Instead, I would suggest you check out the top survey and GPT sites in your country. The sites on this list all have good earning potential and the earning opportunities offered are guaranteed real. Plus, you will be able to sign up as a member in just a matter of seconds.

If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with Talent Desire yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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  1. Thanks man. What’s frustrating is all of these “opportunities” require so much of your dedication and time only to disappoint you last minute. I’m tired of climbing the wrong mountain. I’m 29 years old now and since I was 11 I climbed the wrong mountain that seemed like the way to success. I have a lot of persistence that all went down the drain, but all that matters is that I am still not giving up into one day having that financial freedom I have been looking for which is simply a good paying job that is steady, consistent and reliable. I type about 120wpm, I’m detail-oriented and am good with trouble shooting. I have no idea what I can do with my career. Please reach out to me if you think you could help.

  2. So is talent desire.com really fake? I saw a YouTube video and came here to make sure if it’s alright to sign up.So is this a scam? We will not get paid?

  3. Everything you wrote is true and I’m weary of these time wasters.
    Thanks for this review because it might safe someone the stress.
    Please can you recommend a good website that provides job opportunities to young writers. I’m a college student and I want to earn some extra cash to support my school bills.
    Thanks in Advance.
    Esther (Nigeria)

  4. you really saved me a lot of time . please can i know if flexjobs is real because i paid 9$ to register and whenever i am applying for a job they tell me the jobs is location restricted. i need a typing job money earning site to take part.


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