can you cheat survey sites with an automatic survey takerIf you have done paid online surveys, you have maybe had the thought that it would be great to be able to have someone else do all the work for you and still get paid.

One option many people look into is getting a robot do the work for you and answers surveys on your behalf.

But there are some myths about this option.

In this article, I will tell you if it is even possible to cheat a survey site with an automatic survey taker, or if it is a waste of time trying to find a tool that can do this so you know what to expect.

What is an automatic survey taker?

The idea behind an automatic survey taker or a survey bot is that you can sign up for a lot of different survey sites, but instead of filling out all the surveys yourself, you will have a software on your computer that you can activate on the different sites, and this will fill out all the answers for you.

By using a survey bot like this, you will obviously be able to do a lot more surveys and with more or less no effort.

Usually, surveys are not a way to make a full-time income online, but this way, it is argued that you can actually be able to make hundreds of dollars a day, without having to do much yourself.

It sounds very good and probably appealing to most people that have done surveys online or have tried to make an income online.

But before starting to download software to do this, there are some both technical and moral issues in this approach you should be aware of. So keep reading before buying access to a survey bot:-)

Example of an automatic survey taker

Before getting into some of the technical and moral aspects of using an automatic survey taker, let me first give you an example of such a tool, to give you an idea what is currently offered and what the claims are.

If you have done research to find a survey bot, there are great chances you have come across Coby – The Ultimate Survey Bot.

the ultimate survey bot example

Coby is claimed to be the ultimate survey bot.

Because this seems to come up very high in google searches, I am using it here as an example to show what the bots are claimed to do, and as an example to where you can find one, if you (after reading this article) wants to try one out for yourself.

The Ultimate Survey Bot claims that with the help of this bot, it has never been so easy to make money online. It is claimed to be the greatest automated cash making machine, and that it works on a number of the biggest survey sites and GPT (get-paid-to) sites like for example PrizeRebel and SuperpayMe.

Let me reveal right away that I have actually not downloaded the ultimate survey bot myself, as after doing research about it and using my common sense, it just does not seem worth the risk to me. Let me explain more about what I mean about this.

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Why you should be careful before using the ultimate survey bot!

In my opinion, you should be careful before downloading any automatic survey taker. Is will tell you why and then you can see if you agree and make a decision based on this – but then at least you know what to consider before downloading.

So why did I myself decide not to download the ultimate survey bot?

Well, for several reasons. In general, it is a good idea to be a bit careful before downloading anything online not to get too much spyware, etc. on your computer. So when I do research about something and it keeps looking a bit too strange or too good to be true, I will not download it.

What I noticed, in this case, was first of all that it was very difficult to find any reviews that seemed real.

No matter what description I found, it just gave the exact same standard description and basic information about the tool. I could not find anywhere where it seemed like a person that had actually tried the software, who wrote about his/her experiences.

That in itself is not a proof that it does not work, but when I in both forums, reviews and everywhere else where I see a certain product, find the exact same description of a product, something seems weird.

On websites that offer survey bots, you will however often be able to find statements from satisfied customers that are sharing their experiences. But this could easily be made up, and especially when the statements sound too unrealistic, I become skeptical and suspicious.

You will see many of these statements claiming that by using a survey bot, they are now able to replace their normal income.

I have a lot of experience with survey sites, and this is not realistic. Even if I had a bot that could do all the surveys I had access to, it would not make a full-time income.

Paid survey can make some nice extra cash on the side, but it is NOT a method to become rich or make a living.

So in my opinion, this is an unrealistic claim, even with the help of a bot. It is, however, possible to do surveys faster without cheating, and this can definitely give some very nice extra money on the side.

Further, I started to look at YouTube videos and demonstrations of not only the ultimate survey bot, but also of other automatic survey takers, as sometimes this can give you a better idea how a product works. But these video proof did not impress me.

Video proof that survey bots work – yeah right!

None of the videos I have found about the ultimate survey bot or any other survey bot seems convincing to me.

First of all, they are all showing things very fast, and you just see a lot of moving and something that looks like surveys being filled out automatically. But in reality, it is impossible to see, if it is actually a bot doing it, and how it works. But because of the speed, it can look convincing and legit.

I have also not been able to find one single survey bot video where an actual human explains anything.

They mostly just have screenshots or video recordings of a screen, but you are not really able to see what is happening, and none of the videos I have seen contain any actual proof.

Many of the videos are just with music that further distracts from seeing what is going on, and the few where there is some kind of instruction is just text being written on the screen. And all of it very generic information, and no sign of an actual human’s experience with the products.

Below you can see an example of such a video to see what I am talking about:

So the many online videos that are supposed to show you that survey bots work and how they work, are a part of what has convinced me that it is not worth downloading and that it might even be risky to have these kinds of software on your computer, in my opinion.

And it is definitely not something that I am willing to pay for – Yes, these kinds of tools usually cost money.

If a bot was actually able to do surveys for you, it would of course quickly pay for itself, but from my research and knowledge about how survey sites work, I am not convinced that it is worth the money.

Think twice before using an automatic survey taker

think before using survey botExcept for the reason that I have not been able to find any survey bot that seems legit, in my opinion, and therefore I am not willing to download the software, there are further reasons why you should think twice before using a survey bot.

Reason 1 – Technical reasons:

I do not have enough technical knowledge to say for sure that it is not possible to make a software that can take surveys for you. It might very well be possible, as there are some very skilled people out there.

But surveys also often have test questions where you have to give a specific test answer to check that you are paying attention. I doubt very much that a bot will be able to get these questions right.

Also, some surveys have a logic to it and have built in an algorithm that will reveal, if you give inconsistent answers, and some even will be able to notice, if you give inconsistent answers in two different surveys, and also if you do the surveys faster than a human can.

Again, I highly doubt bots will be able to keep this consistent and avoid getting detected as a bot.

So even if ti was technically possible, I strongly doubt that you would be able to use a survey bot for very long before getting kicked out of the survey sites you would use it on.

Reason 2 – Ethical reasons:

Surveys are paid for by companies or organizations that want to get certain information and feedback. So as a survey taker, you are getting paid to provide this feedback.

Sometimes not very much, but then it is of course up to ourselves to just chose the once we think are worth it. But for it to actually have an effect, it is important to give real feedback.

If companies will realize that the information they get from surveys will be worthless, they will, of course, stop paying for that information. And if the survey companies find out you are using a bot to do the surveys, they will probably kick you out and make their security better.

So if you like getting paid for surveys, a big reason not to use survey bots is that it will probably eventually lead to the end of that option.

Conclusion – Don’t count on a robot to do the job!

robot will not get the job doneSo, is it possible to cheat a survey site with an automatic survey taker, and this way make money on surveys without having to do any work yourself?

Technically, it might be possible. I cannot say for sure.

But it seems unlikely for me that it is possible to develop a bot that is able to get around all the security on survey sites.

They are only interested in getting qualified answers, and will continuously do whatever they can to keep bots from being able to do surveys on their sites.

Even if there is a bot that is able to do this, using one will be a part of creating unqualified and inconsistent answers for surveys that will eventually lead to companies stopping to pay for research from surveys or the survey companies will ban you, if they find out.

Further, the software to download often looks suspicious to me, and I am not willing to take the risk of having this on my computer.

If you want to make money doing surveys, I would suggest you do it in an honest way. Doing surveys honestly means that you will have to answer the surveys yourself.

If you join the legit and good survey sites, you will be able to make some nice extra money this way and at the same time have your opinion heard. But it will not make you rich – bot or no bot.


If you have any other experiences with an automatic survey taker, or if you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.


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