MyGiftCardsPlus Review – Yay or Nay? (Details Revealed)

MyGiftCardsPlus Rating

MyGiftCardsPlus is a legit cashback site that only deals with gift cards. So, if you aren’t really into buying gift cards, then this site won’t be for you. But if you are, it can be a decent site to join.

If you love shopping online, there are actually plenty of ways to save a bit of money. You can join cashback sites to earn back a percentage of what you have spent on your purchase.

Or, you can join MyGiftCardsPlus. This site is like a cashback site but with a slight twist. MyGiftCardsPlus promises to reward you for purchasing gift cards from them.

So, the big question now is, is MyGiftCardsPlus legit or a scam? Well, let me answer this right away so we can discuss more about this site.

Yes, MyGiftCardsPlus is a legit site. However, this is not the real barometer of whether the site provides a good opportunity for you to earn rewards or not.

There are several things you need to factor in if you want to evaluate the worth of a site. This MyGiftCardsPlus review will reveal all the details you need to know so you can decide if it is a Yay or a Nay.

What is MyGiftCardsPlus and what does it offer?

MyGiftCardsPlus is a one-stop-shop for gift cards. If you are looking to buy gift cards, then MyGiftCardsPlus probably has it.

It is powered by Swagbucks to give you a rewarding cash-back shopping program.

Now, let me explain how you can earn rewards from this site so you can determine if it offers a good opportunity for you or not.

The earning opportunity – Cashback offers

You can only earn rewards from this site by availing of their cashback offers.

And as you already know, this site only sells gift cards. So, if you aren’t really looking to buy gift cards, then this site is not for you.

Mygiftcardsplus Cashback Offer
You can buy gift cards from them and get Swagbucks or MyPoints rewards as a form of cashback reward.

But if you shop online frequently, think of it this way. If you buy gift cards from this site, you can potentially save a small percentage by using the gift cards you’ve purchased to pay for your next online purchase.

So really, you’re just converting your cash to gift cards so you can save a small amount for every purchase. Now, let me explain to you how their cashback offers work.

For every gift card you purchase, you will receive a corresponding number of Swagbucks points. So, instead of receiving cash as reward like you normally would from a cashback site, you will receive Swagbucks points.

These Swagbucks points will be credited to your Swagbucks account (I will talk about their reward system next).

So, if you don’t have a Swagbucks account, then I suggest you sign up for one before you join this site since that is the only type of reward they offer.

So, in my opinion, MyGiftCardsPlus is essentially just an extension of Swagbucks that specializes in gift cards instead of actual products.

How do you get paid?

It is already established that you will receive Swagbucks points as cashback rewards for purchasing gift cards from this site.

However, there is actually another option you can choose. You can opt to receive MyPoints currency instead.

Mygiftcardsplus Rewards
For cashback rewards, you can either choose to use Swagbucks or MyPoints currency.

By default, the currency MyGiftCardsPlus will be using is Swagbucks points. But, as shown in the photo above, if you prefer to use your MyPoints account, then you can do so by changing it in the account settings.

So, it follows that the payout threshold you need to take into consideration is the currency you will be using.

If you choose Swagbucks, you will need to earn 500 SB points to redeem a $5 gift card or convert it to cash and withdraw it via PayPal.

The MyPoints currency is a bit more confusing since it doesn’t have an exact conversion rate like Swagbucks. So, if you plan to join this site, make sure you have a MyPoints or Swagbucks account before joining.

But overall, I do like the fact that you can redeem rewards rather quickly with this site because of its low payout threshold. If you are interested in more sites with a low payout threshold, I recommend you check out fastest paying sites.

How much money can you make?

A cashback site’s earning potential will usually depend on the cashback rate they offer. As with MyGiftCardsPlus’ case, they actually have decent cashback rates ranging from 3 to 10%.

To put it into perspective, here’s an example of their cashback rates.

Mygiftcardsplus Cashback Rate
The site offers cashback rates ranging from 3 to 10%, which is pretty decent.

So, if you bought a $25 Banana Republic gift card, you will be receiving $1.88 worth of reward points for Swagbucks. It’s not that high but it isn’t that bad either. The only downside is, it has to be transferred to your Swagbucks account (or MyPoints) to redeem it.

But apart from that minor inconvenience, I would say this site has decent earning potential. You will be able to save a decent amount by using the gift cards you’ve purchased from them.

Just remember, redemption policies may vary by merchant. So, make sure to check out the gift card redemption policies of a store before you buy a gift card.

Can you use it on mobile?

Mygiftcardsplus Mobile

MyGiftCardsPlus doesn’t have a mobile app you can use but the good news is, their site is mobile-friendly.

So, even though they don’t have an app, you can still use it on a mobile device. All you have to do is access their site from a mobile web browser.

You won’t have to zoom in just to read the content properly. This makes it more convenient especially if you like to do online shopping from a mobile device. You can simply log in to the site and look for the gift card you want.

This is also an important aspect to consider since almost everything can be done on a mobile device nowadays. So, the site being mobile-friendly works to your advantage since you can use it anytime and anywhere.

Who can join MyGiftCardsPlus?

The good thing about this site is, anyone can join. That means you can register regardless of where you live. So, it’s not an exclusive site.

However, the majority of the gift cards you can buy will mostly be relevant if you live in the US or Canada.

Also, you have to keep in mind, this site only works if you are a member of either Swagbucks or MyPoints.

So, before you sign up for this site, make sure you have that covered.

If you already have a Swagbucks or MyPoints account, all you have to do to become a member is fill out their registration form. All it will need from you is to provide your name, email address and password and you are good to go.

Once you are finished with the sign-up form, all you have to do is confirm your membership by clicking on the confirmation link that will be sent to you via email. Once you’ve done that, you can now start buying gift cards.

Can you get support?

This site also ensures you get ample support. First, their FAQ page covers most of the important topics you need to know.

Mygiftcardsplus Support
If you are having problems, you can use their tool for resolving issues or call their toll-free number.

But if you have problems with a certain gift card you bought from them, they will also guide you with resolving it (refer to the photo above). They have steps to resolve problems with a gift card on most merchants available.

So, if you encounter any issues, you can try resolving it with the help of their tool. If all else fails, you can always communicate with their support team. You can send them an email at or you can call the toll-free number provided on their contact page.

Overall, I would say they offer more than sufficient ways for you to get support. The toll-free number is especially good if you want to resolve the issue you are experiencing right away.

Final Verdict

MyGiftCardsPlus is a legit cashback site that specializes in a certain niche. It certainly offers a couple of interesting features but it also has a few limitations you need to take note of.

So, let me conclude this review with a summary of its pros and cons to help you decide if this site is worth joining or not.



  • Offers decent cashback rates
  • Plenty of gift cards to choose from
  • Their site is very user-friendly
  • Provides good support for their members


  • You need a Swagbucks or MyPoints account to use it
  • You can only purchase gift cards

As you can see, it does have a number of good qualities to offer. The only drawback that I can see with this cashback site is that it only deals with gift cards. If you aren’t really into buying gift cards, then this site won’t be for you.

Sure, you can use these gift cards to pay for your purchase, but in my opinion, it just adds an extra layer that really isn’t necessary. You can just go for cashback sites that have cashback offers. That way, you won’t need to become a member of a Get-Paid-To site just to avail of the benefits.

However, if you are looking for sites you can earn from without having to spend your own money, I would recommend you check out the top survey sites in your country instead. The sites on this list all have good earning potential.

Plus, you can definitely find a site you can join regardless of where you live.

If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with MyGiftCardsPlus yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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