Testerup Review: Worth Using? (Full Details + Rating)

Testerup Rating

Testerup is not really worth your time. The fact that it has a very high payout threshold is really a huge issue. It also doesn’t help that most of their so-called tests will require money or a lot of time to complete - and they are not even real tests.

Testery or Testerup as it is now called is a platform that claims you’ll be able to earn good money by testing mobile apps and websites. It’s an interesting claim, but I would recommend you not sign up as a member yet.

Instead, I would suggest you read this Testerup review first so you will know the full details of what this platform has to offer. I came across this platform and decided to test it to find out if it is really worth using or not.

In this review, I will discuss what the features of Testerup are, and I will also talk about some very important aspects of the platform you need to know about. So, without further ado, here’s what Testerup has to offer.

What is Testerup and what does it offer?

Testerup used to be called Testery, but it has since changed its name. But the earning opportunities it offers are still the same.

If this is your first time hearing about Testerup, it is a user-testing platform that will reward you for testing mobile games and websites. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean Testerup is worth using.

To find out if this platform is worth your time, you must first understand how it works. And the best way to do that is to take a closer look at the earning opportunities it offers. So, here’s how to earn from Testerup.

For that, I have made a video that gives you an inside look and shows exactly how Testerup works. You can also read all the details below the video.

Just keep in mind that I made this video before they decided to change their name to Testerup, so it still shows Testery in the title. But how it works is still the same – it just has a different name

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Option 1 – Test offers

The primary way to earn from this platform is to supposedly test mobile apps and sites. All you have to do is log in to the member dashboard either via a browser on your pc or their mobile app (I will talk about the app later).

testerup test offers
The primary way to earn from Testerup is to complete offers.

You will then immediately see all the available test offers. You will also immediately know if these offers will ask you to test a mobile app or a website. If you have to test a mobile app, you will need to use your mobile device.

When testing websites, you can just do it on your laptop or desktop. Each offer will also immediately tell you how much money you will earn for completing the test. And from what I’ve observed, they do pay a rather high amount for every test, which is quite unusual.

I say unusual because the amount they offer is not realistic. For example, in the photo above, you’ll be able to earn $146 for testing a mobile game called Family Island. While this is certainly possible, what they don’t tell you immediately is that most of the time, these tests will ask you to spend money.

You see, most of these mobile games will require in-app purchases. Then, the way their so-called tests work is that every test will have a checklist of tasks you need to complete. You will earn a specific amount every time you complete a task.

But what I noticed is that most of the easy tasks you can do with the tests will only pay you a small amount (around $0.10 to $0.50). The tasks on the checklist that pay a significant amount will either require a lot of time or ask you to spend money.

So, while it is certainly true that you can potentially earn a significant amount from the tests, you will have to dedicate a lot of time and money to do so, which, in my opinion, is a big red flag.

The good thing is that for every test offer, you can just stop anytime you want and you will still receive your earnings as long as you’ve completed some of the tasks on their checklist.

Testery or Testerup as it is now called, also has some premium offers you can work on and once you are able to complete five of these premium offers, you’ll become a premium tester. This status offers several advantages mainly geared towards helping you earn more.

However, most of these premium offers will cost money to complete. So keep that in mind before you attempt any of these offers.

One thing I have to say, though, is that it is not accurate to even call their earning opportunity tests as you are not doing any testing. In my opinion, it is just a way to make their earning opportunity sound better, which is not very transparent.

It is just basically a paid offer that you usually encounter on Get-Paid-To sites. I’m not sure why they felt the need to do this, but that’s the reality of the earning opportunity.

Option 2 – Referral Program

The other way to earn from Testerup is through its referral program. In case you don’t know what a referral program is, it is an earning opportunity designed to promote the platform.

referral program of testerup
You can earn additional rewards by inviting people to join Testerup.

All you have to do is invite people to join Testerup by sharing your invite link on any of the platforms shown above. Once someone clicks your link and registers as a member of Testerup, they will become your referral.

Then, as a reward, every time your referral earns by completing the so-called tests, you will receive a 10% commission. It’s a passive form of earning, but you have to make sure you invite people who are really interested in earning from this platform.

This is easier said than done, however. I personally would not invite people to join this platform, and later I will explain why.

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How do you get paid?

As explained above, every time you work on a test and complete a task, you will earn a certain amount. Then, once you’ve earned $70, you’ll be able to withdraw your earnings via PayPal.

This, in my opinion, is a very high payout threshold. What I find odd about Testerup is that user testing sites don’t normally have this ridiculously high payout threshold. This is a huge red flag for me, and I will explain why in the next section.

Plus, based on my experience, sites that have a ridiculously high payout threshold usually don’t intend to pay their members. I’m not saying this is the case with Testerup because I never got to the point of reaching the threshold while I was testing it, and you will understand why in the next section.

Overall, the payment system of Testerup is straightforward, but I personally prefer sites that have a low payout threshold because you will be able to withdraw your earnings easily. For a list of sites with a low payout threshold, I would recommend you check out the fastest paying sites instead.

How much money can you make?

As explained earlier, you can potentially earn a significant amount from the tests Testerup offers. However, it does come with a cost. You will usually either have to spend a lot of time or shell out some cash to earn the full amount that each test offers.

As explained earlier, each test has a set of tasks you have to complete. The tasks that don’t involve spending a lot of time or paying money will usually only earn around $0.10 to $1 at most. So, if you just keep doing the parts of these tests, it will take you several months before you’ll be able to reach the payout threshold.

That, in my opinion, is not time well spent. You are better off joining other user testing sites and apps that have a low payout threshold. That’s because if you spend the same amount of time on those sites/apps as you would with Testerup, you’d have withdrawn your earnings several times already.

More often than not, what will likely happen if you become a tester for Testerup is that you will eventually lose interest after working on several tests without ever reaching their payout threshold. So, it essentially got you to test a few apps or sites without ever paying you.

That’s why overall, I would say the earning potential of Testerup is very low. You will have to spend several months testing apps and sites to reach the payout threshold.

Can you use it on mobile?

As mentioned earlier, Testerup has a mobile app you can download. The app works with both Android and iOS devices. However, it is not available for download in all countries. To check if it is available in your country, you have to search for it in the app store.

If it appears in the results, then that means the app is available in your country. If it doesn’t, you won’t be able to use it. You’re stuck with the web version of the platform, which also means you won’t be able to work on test offers that will ask you to test mobile apps.

testerup app
The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

The app is relatively easy to use, and you won’t encounter any pop-up ads while using it. You will also have to use it most of the time because the tests Testerup offers are usually for mobile games and apps.

Who can join Testerup?

The one good thing about Testerup , in my opinion, is that it is available more or less worldwide. You’ll be able to sign up as a tester regardless of where you live. You just have to be at least 18 years of age to join.

The registration process is also very easy. You can sign up using your Facebook or Google account. You can also just provide your own login credentials. Once you are done with the sign-up form, you can log in to Testerup immediately.

Can you get support?

If you have any questions about Testerup, you can check out the FAQ page by clicking the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the website. It discusses some of the basic topics you need to know about Testerup.

And if you can’t find the answers you are looking for, you can just use the contact form provided on the same page to send your inquiry to their support team.

Overall, I would say the site does have a decent support system in place for its members because they at least provide a way for you to communicate with their support team.

Final Verdict

Testerup is seemingly a user testing platform that will reward you for testing mobile apps and sites. It has more disadvantages than advantages, though.

Let me summarize its pros and cons to wrap up this review so you can get an overview of what Testerup has to offer. Then, you can decide if it is really worth it or not.



  • Offers payment via PayPal


  • Limited earning opportunities offered
  • Very high payout threshold
  • Most “tests” will require a long time or money to complete
  • The app is only available in certain countries
  • It is not transparent – you are not actually testing anything but just completing paid offers.

In my opinion, Testery or Testerup is not really worth your time. The fact that it has a very high payout threshold is really a huge red flag for me. It also doesn’t help that most of their tests will require money to complete or at least a lot of time to finish.

And very importantly, I do not like that they are not transparent about the earning method. They claim you will earn by testing games, but in reality, you are just completing paid offers, and it has nothing to do with user testing.

Your time will be better spent on the best user testing sites that pay, in my opinion, because they are free to join, and you won’t have to spend any money to complete the tests.

Now, if you are looking for more straightforward ways to earn extra cash online, I would recommend you check out the top survey and GPT sites in your country instead. The sites on this list all have good earning potential, so you’ll be able to earn a decent amount in no time.

If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with Testerup yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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