Your Survey Cash System Review (Spot the Warning Signs)

Your Survey Cash System

Your Survey Cash System has many red flags. The biggest is that you have to pay to join – you should never pay to join a survey site. Therefore, this is a site I do definitely NOT recommend.

Your Survey Cash System makes it look easy to earn a full-time income just by taking online surveys.

But is Your Survey Cash System legit or just a scam that will end up costing you money instead of making you any?

I have tested hundreds of survey sites and let me just reveal right away that there are several warning signs about this survey site, you need to be aware of before joining.

This Your Survey Cash System review will show you these signs, so you will know what to consider before joining – it can save you time and money to know this in advance.

What is Your Survey Cash System and what does the site offer?

Your Survey Cash System is a website that claims to make it easy for you to make money online by taking surveys.

If you have read any of my other articles here on, you will know that paid surveys definitely are a legit way to make money online. But not all sites that offer them are legit.

So let's look at what Your Survey Cash System is offering.

your survey cash opportunities

Your Survey Cash System is, first of all, supposedly offering you access to paid surveys.

As you can see in the image above, it has several claims about how this can help you. Let's look at these 6 claims, as it tells us a lot about what the site is actually offering.

Claim 1 – Make money from home:

It is definitely true that you can make money from home or from anywhere with paid surveys. You decide when and where you want to take them.

However, Your Survey Cash System claims that you can make unlimited income – this is not true. You can make some nice extra cash with paid surveys, but you can not get an unlimited income and become rich, as these statements imply.

Claim 2 – Be your own boss:

This is closely related to the statement above. Yes, you can decide yourself when you want to take surveys, but this statement implies that it can easily make you a full-time income, so you do not have to do anything else.

Again, you can make some nice extra money on surveys, but if you are looking for a full-time income online, paid surveys are not the way to go.

Claim 3 – Make from $3-$96:

This is kind of a weird statement. It does not say, if it is per survey, you can make this amount, but I am assuming this is what is meant.

You can definitely make $3 for a survey, and sometimes also more. There are once in a while a survey that might give an extra high reward, so you can get close to $96 for one survey. This is however extremely rare and only for specialized surveys like for example medical surveys.

You should not expect to get many surveys that pay such a high reward, if any at all.

Claim 4 – Order today and make money in minutes:

Once you join survey sites, you can usually start taking surveys and earning immediately. But the whole thing about ordering access it a BIG warning sign.

You should NEVER pay to join a survey site, and Your Survey Cash System wants you to pay to join them, so they can give you access to survey sites that are free to join.

It is a waste of money, and you can easily find information about legit survey sites to join for free elsewhere.

Claim 5 – No special skills needed:

This is one of the few statements on Your Survey Cash System I agree with. One of the big advantages of paid surveys is that anybody can do it. It takes no special skills, you can get started right away, and you will start making a profit right away.

So this part I agree with, but I just do not see Your Survey Cash System as a good option for this.

Claim 6 – Surveys for your country:

Some countries have more survey opportunities than others. But more or less no matter the country you live in, you will be able to find some good survey sites to join. So Your Cash System is right about it being possible to find paid surveys in most countries

Again, you should never pay to get access to this. You can, for example, check out the best survey sites in YOUR country here for free.

How do you get paid?

As you have maybe already figured out, Your Survey Cash System is not as such a survey site, where you take the surveys. It is a site that connects you to other survey sites.

This also means that you will not get paid by Your Survey Cash System. You will get paid directly at the actual survey sites you end up joining. So the payout method depends on the survey sites you join.

In general, most survey sites have great payout options. Personally, I prefer PayPal survey sites, where it is possible to get paid through PayPal, as this is super easy.

But there are also many other great payout options offered by survey sites like check, Payoneer, gift cards, Amazon e-certificates, prepaid VISA, etc.

So you can definitely find payout methods that suit you – just remember that you will not actually be paid by Your Survey Cash System.

How much money can you make on Your Survey Cash System?

Since you do not actually get paid by Your Survey Cash System, you will also not as such be able to make money on the site itself.

But how much money is it then in general possible to make by taking paid surveys?

This is difficult to give an exact answer for, as it depends a lot on the effort you put in, the country you live in, and the sites you join.

You can earn some really nice money on the side, but do not waste your money on paying to join survey sites like Your Survey Cash System that charges a joining fee.

There is absolutely no need to pay to join survey sites, and it is one of the biggest warning signs you can see on a survey site.

earn full time income on surveys
Do not believe the sites that claim you can easily make a full-time income with paid surveys.

The sites that charge you a fee to join are often also the sites that claim you can easily make a full-time income by taking surveys.

As mentioned, you can definitely make some nice money, but you will NOT make a full-time income and it will not make you rich. You should stay away from sites that claim this.

If you are looking for a full-time income online, you need to look elsewhere. Paid surveys are a great and easy way to make some extra money on the side, but the will not make you rich.

Who can join?

If you still feel Your Survey Cash System is worth a try, then you can join no matter where you live.

It will cost you around $20 to join. It might not seem like a lot, but still a waste of money in my opinion. It is a very bad sign when a site charges you a joining fee to get access to surveys.

Why you should not join!

I think it is probably already very clear that Your Survey Cash System is not a survey site I recommend. But let me just emphasize why this is.

Reason #1 – It charges a joining fee:

Any survey site that charges a joining fee is one to stay away from. If you see this, just run away as fast as you can.

Reason #2 – Superficial information:

Your Survey Cash System in general just has very superficial information. You can not really see what you will get before you pay and join.

When a site charges you a joining fee, but at the same time is not clear about what you get for this joining fee, it is a red flag in my opinion.

Reason #3 – Claims you can easily make a full-time income:

The last big reason I think Your Survey Cash System is a site to stay away from is that it has exaggerated income claims. It makes it look like paid surveys are a way to make a full-time income without much work.

Claims like this are not true and are one of the reasons some people think paid surveys, in general, are not legit. They join because they expect to quickly make a living from it, and when they find out it is not true, they get disappointed and think paid surveys are not working.

Paid surveys do definitely work and are a great way to make some extra cash if you have the right expectations. But do not start taking paid surveys, if you are looking for a full-time income from them.

Final verdict


Usually, I finish my reviews with a list of pros and cons. But think I have already made it pretty clear that I basically only have cons when it comes to Your Survey Cash System.

Paid surveys are definitely a legit way to make money, but no need to waste money paying to join a site that will give you access to survey sites.

Instead, you can check out the list of the best survey sites in your country for free to get a good start with legit sites that are all free to join.

If you have any questions, comments, or have any experiences with Your Survey Cash System yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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