Get Paid to Watch Movies (5 Best Movie Focus Groups)

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If you are a movie buff and you’re looking for a way to earn extra cash, joining a movie focus group might be a good option.

However, I do have to say that there aren’t a lot of sites or companies that offer this kind of opportunity, so it’s kind of hard to find a focus group you can join.

That is where this guide will come in handy. I managed to find the best movie focus groups you can join to help you in your search for watching movies and earning at the same time.

I will include a brief description of each option, so you can easily identify which one will suit you best.

How does it work?

Before we talk about the actual options you can choose from, you have to first understand how movie focus groups work, so you will have a clear idea of what you have to do to earn.

Usually, these sites will allow you to sign up as a member. Once you become a member, you will receive a notification if there’s a spot for an opportunity in your area.

When this happens, sometimes you might be asked to go to a movie theater to see the movie, which is usually not released yet.

Other times you’ll also be given additional information you need to read, and sometimes, you’ll also be given questions you need to answer after watching the movie. There are also times when you don’t have to go to a movie theater.

You can just watch the movie online and answer all the questions as well. One thing is for sure, though, it doesn’t take much effort to earn from this opportunity. You just need to set aside some time because it will take at least a couple of hours, depending on how long the movie you need to watch is.

How much money can you make?

Now, as for how much you can earn from every focus group, that will mostly depend on the movie and the studio requesting the focus group.

In some cases, you’ll be paid in cash or gift cards. Sometimes, you can attend a movie premiere for free, which can also be an interesting experience, in my opinion.

The one thing that is certain, though, is that you get to watch a movie for free. So if you are a movie buff, this should be considered the best reward. Plus, you also have the chance to shape the movies that studios will release in the future, which can be a reward in itself, in my opinion.

But if you think that this can be a great source of extra income, then you’ll be disappointed. These opportunities are not frequent, so you can’t really rely on them for extra cash regularly. If your goal is just to earn extra cash, better options exist.

I suggest you check out the best gig jobs and where to find them instead.

5 Best movie focus groups you can join

Now that you know what to expect from this opportunity, it’s time we discuss the actual options you can choose from. Keep in mind that this is not a prioritized list, so you can just choose which option fits your preferences.

I will keep updating this list if I find new options in the future, so make sure to bookmark this page and check on it from time to time for new opportunities.

#1 – USAAudiences

USAAudiences is a website that offers free movie screenings and discounted movie tickets. It’s mostly an opportunity for people who live in the US (in select states only), but you can also sign up as a member if you live in another country.


To sign up, just go to the website and click the “Sign Up for Movie Screening Invites” link. Most of the movie screenings and special offers are in California, New York, New Jersey, and other major metro areas of the U.S. 

So, if you live in a small town, then chances are, this is not the right opportunity for you. If you live in another country, there’s also no guarantee you will ever get any invite, so just keep that in mind before you sign up.

You won’t earn any reward for participating in the movie screenings, but as I’ve mentioned earlier, you get to watch a movie that hasn’t been released yet or has just premiered for free.

#2 – Before the Premiere

Before the Premiere is a website that offers exclusive screenings of yet-to-be-released content from major studios. The key thing to note here is that the movies will come from major studios, so you will have a chance to watch blockbuster movies that haven’t been released yet.

before the premiere

As far as I can tell, this site is only available in the US, so if you live somewhere else, it might not be the right opportunity for you. The registration process is fairly straightforward. You have to fill out the sign-up form and submit it.

Then, if there are any movie screenings in your area, you will receive a notification via email, or you can just log in to the member dashboard of the site to view the notifications. Either way, you’ll get instructions on how to participate in the free movie screening.

#3 – Amusement Advantage

Amusement Advantage is not only a way to earn by watching movies, but you can also find many other ways to earn by having fun.

You can, for example, also get paid to go the amusement parks, museums, and more.

You will earn by doing mystery shopping tasks, so you will need to go undercover, so to speak. This is to test the service of, for example, cinemas. After the movie, you then usually have to share your experiences in a survey.

Not only will you get to watch movies for free, but you will also get paid for it, so it can be a fun and interesting way to earn.

Just be aware that the number of tasks is limited, and how many you can get access to depends a lot on where you live.

#4 – iScreeningRoom

iScreeningRoom is one of the opportunities that will allow you to watch free movies online. If you prefer just sitting on your couch to enjoy a movie, this is one of the best options. Although it is available online, you can only sign up if you live in the US.


To participate, you must first sign up as a member. Once you become a member, you’ll receive a notification if there are new screenings for you. If you wish to participate, you just have to watch the film online from your computer or your TV (by screencasting it).

Every film you get to watch will be watermarked with your phone number. They do this to keep the movie from being pirated. Take note that the films you have to watch can either be feature films, trailers, music videos, television shows, commercials, and more.

So if you want a variation of films you can watch, this is a great option for you, in my opinion.

#5 – Gofobo

Gofobo is a site where you can find exclusive movie screenings. You can then participate in these screenings once you become a member.


The good thing about this site is that it is available in several countries and not just in the US. Just go to the website and click the drop-down menu for the countries it is available in.

Once you register as a member, all you have to do is log in to the site and redeem a movie pass. You can then use this pass to watch any movie in a theatre. Just take note though that a pass doesn’t guarantee your admittance into a screening or event.

These screenings and events are on a first-come-first-serve basis, so it is important you get to the theatre as early as you can. The unique thing about Gofobo is that it holds sweepstakes on a regular basis and as a member, you can participate in these raffles for free to have a chance at winning cool prizes.

Think of this as their form of compensation for participating in their screenings.

Final Thoughts

While it is certainly possible that you will get paid for watching movies, as you can see above, most opportunities will really only allow you to watch films for free.

While this can be considered a reward in itself, if your main goal is to earn extra cash, I would suggest you find other ways because you simply can’t rely on this opportunity as a source of extra income.

That’s why if you’re not really interested in watching movies for free, then I suggest you don’t even bother signing up for these platforms. Instead, I suggest you check out the best gig jobs and where to find them if you are mainly looking for extra income.

But if you are okay with the benefits this opportunity offers, I suggest you sign up for all the available sites to gain access to more opportunities to watch movies for free.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I will keep updating this list if I find new sites in the future, so make sure to bookmark this page and check on it from time to time.

If you have any comments, questions, or you know of any movie focus groups you can join to earn money that you think belongs in this guide, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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