Is it Possible to Buy Referrals for Survey Sites Cheap?

possible to buy referrals for survey sites cheap

If you are a member of survey sites or GPT sites (get-paid-to), you have probably seen that many of them offer what is called referral programs or invite-a-friend programs.

Referring or inviting other people to the sites you are a member of can be a good way to boost your earnings a little, so maybe you are looking for an easy way to do this and have considered if it is possible to buy referrals for survey sites cheap.

Let me reveal right away that there are ways to buy referrals, but there are also some things you definitely have to consider and be careful about before doing this.

I will get into all this in this article, so after reading it, you will be able to understand how it works, and if buying referrals is worth it for you or not.

What is a survey site referral program?

Before getting to the ways you can buy referrals and what you need to be aware of before doing this, let me first shortly explain what a referrals program is if you do not already know.

It is a way for the platform you are a member of to get you to advertise the platform to other people. The way it usually works is that you will get a link you can share with people, and if a person joins through your link, you will get a small commission whenever the person completes a survey or offer.

In some cases, you will just get a one-time reward after a person has joined and fulfilled certain criteria.

So let's say you invite a friend to join by sending him or her your link. Your friend clicks the link and joins the site. Now your friend is considered your referral, and you will get a commission from the platform every time he/she takes a survey.

This is a way for the platform to thank you for inviting somebody else. It does NOT mean that the person you invited will earn less – the commission will solely be paid by the platform, so the rewards for your friend will be the same whether he/she joins through your link or not. So there is no disadvantage for your friend in joining through your link.

How much the commission will be depends a lot on the survey or GPT site you are using.

But usually, it is somewhere between 5%-30% commission you will get. Some sites like for example PrizeRebel have different membership levels, which means that you will get a higher commission the more active you are yourself on the platform.

But the highest commission I have seen on any platform is 30%. As mentioned, there are also some sites that just give a one-time commission when a referral has taken the first survey. The sites that use this option usually give very small commissions, in my experience.

The temptation of buying referrals

tempted to buy referrals

I know it can be tempting to look into the option of buying referrals for a survey site. As you can see from the above, it can give some nice extra money, if you have many referrals.

And most of us do not like to spam our friends with invitations, and the number of friends you can invite will, of course, also limit the potential compared to expanding to other options and getting people you do not know as referrals as well.

That is some reasons why it can be tempting to look into this option.

But before getting too excited about the opportunities, I encourage you to keep reading, as there are some important aspects you need to know before using this option, and these aspects are often overlooked in the attempt of getting quick money.

What options are there to buy referrals for survey sites?

There are mainly two cheap ways to buy referrals. There are, of course, hundreds of ways to spend money on advertising, etc. but many of these will be very expensive and end up costing you a lot of money instead of making you any.

The two ways below are however some of the most popular ways to buy referrals for survey and GPT sites, as they are very cheap ways. It needs to be cheap to get a chance of making you money as a referral will not make you a lot of money, so you cannot afford to, for example, pay $5-$10 for a referral.

As these two ways are very popular, I want to explain how you can use them, but also, first of all, make you aware of some dangers that people mostly do not mention.

Then if you decide to go for this option, you will at least know what to be aware of and how to calculate the risk vs. the rewards.

Option 1 – Buy or rent referrals at the survey site:

buying or renting referrals

There are some survey and GPT sites that offer you to buy or rent referrals on the site itself. This is, of course, an easy way to do it.

How it exactly works can differ from site to site. But an example from TimeBucks, which is a site that used to have this option, is that you pay for a certain amount of referrals, and the next time somebody signs up directly at the site and does not have a referrer, the person will be assigned to you.

It is, however, not many sites that offer this option, and most survey and GPT sites does not give you this option – it is mostly PTC (Paid-To-Click) sites that give you this option.

But you can also often take surveys on do other tasks on these sites so buying referrals on those sites can be a way to earn commissions when others take surveys and more.

Using this option is, however, a bit of a gamble. Maybe the people that sign up and are assigned to you are very active and will thereby eventually make you some nice extra money.

But maybe all the members that are assigned to you are just joining to check out the site and never have any real activity – thereby you will not earn anything.

So it is NOT a sure way to make a lot of fast money. It is a bit of a lottery, and you should not do it with the expectation of becoming rich from it.

But it is usually very cheap to buy a referral, so it can be worth testing it. Especially if you just use some earnings you have made on the site yourself, and do not invest too much.

Option 2 – Get referrals through PTC sites:

ptc site example

As mentioned above, PTC sites (paid-to-click) often offer you to buy referrals directly on the site.

But they are also a popular way to try to buy referrals for survey sites by advertising other sites on them because they are a very cheap way to advertise your referral link.

PTC sites are platforms that offer people to click ads and get paid to click them. If you have a site you want to promote, you can buy ads on a platform like this and get a lot of clicks on your referral link very cheap.

It can be very tempting to use this option as you will be able to get several hundred clicks for a very low price. BUT before rushing off to use this option, you have to think about something.

People are mostly just clicking your link because they will get paid to click it. Few people will actually be interested, and you need a lot of clicks for just a few people to sign up. Especially because the ads are usually only shown for a few seconds before the people clicking them can close them and get paid.

So if you are going to use this option, you have to really try to make your ad stick out and make it very relevant for the PTC site you are promoting it on. If not, you will just end up paying for a lot of irrelevant clicks.

The good thing about PTC sites is that the ads there are very cheap, so it will not cost you a lot to test it. But remember to really think about how you are making your ad, and do not expect hundreds of referrals to join through these ads unless you have a really big budget.

Is there a better way to get referrals?

As you can see from the above, there are ways where you very cheaply can get a chance to buy referrals for survey and GPT sites.

But as you can also see, none of them will guarantee high quality referrals that will be guaranteed to be active and make back your investment. But it is an easy way and it is cheap to test how it works for you.

There are of course other ways. It is, of course, great to invite friends, but it also has limited potential. I would say that there are better ways to get referrals, but not any way that is easier than buying them.

If you want to have a continuous amount of referrals for either survey sites or any other kind of website, the best way is probably to build a website to promote your links.

This is, however, not an easy task, and it will take a lot of hard work. So whether it is a better option or not depends a lot on your goals, and what you are willing to put into it.

But no matter what, you should be aware that making real money online is not a get-rich-quick thing. So it will not be as easy as just buying some referrals and then you do not have to work anymore yourself.

This is NOT realistic – if you want to earn online, you have to be willing to focus on quality and making a continuous effort. That goes whether you want to get referrals for survey/GPT/PTC sites or any other way you want to earn online.

In conclusion – Test, but be careful

test for yourself

In conclusion, I want to say that it is possible to buy referrals for the survey and GPT sites you are a member of. Luckily it is very cheap, but there is also no guarantee about the results.

As it is very cheap to use the methods I mention above, it can, however, be worth testing for yourself. But if you do, my advice is to never invest more than you are making on the site.

If you, for example, want to test PTC ads, I recommend joining a PTC site and make some money clicking ads there yourself, so you understand how it works and what people are looking for. Then use the money you are making to test buying ads. This way you will not risk much.

Eventually, it might be worth putting in some more money once you have figured out whether it works for you or not, but I encourage you to be careful in the beginning and not expect too much from the option of buying referrals.

And do not expect it to be an easy way to become rich. There are in general no easy way of becoming rich online even though many sites promise this.

If you have any experiences with buying referrals for survey sites yourself, if you know of sites that have this option, or if you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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  1. I didn’t know that there was so much to the paid surveys. It’s a interesting way to make money online. Your website on surveys is very informative. As far as referrals are concerned, you need to be sure that the person follows through and takes surveys. Thanks so much for your blog.

    • Thanks for your feedback Dave. Glad to hear you like the info on my site. 

      Yes, if referrals do not end up taking surveys, it will not help you or them. That is why it can be a bit tricky and risky to buy referrals as you never know if people join because them are really interested in participating.

      All the best,

    • Hi Tessa,

      I have tested some ads on PTC sites a little bit, but not something that I got much out of. But have never bought referrals as such, as I do not really believe too much in that approach. But if you have different experiences it would be great to hear about.

      All the best,

  2. I learned alot of reading this. Thanks. Sometimes I rented refs at NeoBux and that is just a big joke. For sure the best way to loose all the money. I have clicked on PTC sites and added my own links, but this takes forever. So when I read your advice of making my own site for adversiting links, a light flashed up in my head. I`ll try this option. Again, thank you for all this info. Regards from Thunderbear.


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