Stormgain Mining Review – Worth It? (Warning Before Joining)

Stormgain Mining Rating

Stormgain isn’t for everyone. It's trading system is risky and limited, it has very high fees, and the support is extremely poor. Overall, there just are many better platforms to use, if you are looking for ways to earn crypto online.

Do you want to get into the world of cryptocurrency? If yes, then you have maybe come across a site called Stormgain.

But is Stormgain legit and really a great way to earn crypto, or is it a scam to stay away from?

I have tested and used the platform for quite a while myself. And let me just reveal right away that I have had mixed results.

It is potentially a way to earn crypto, BUT at the same time it can also be very risky and you can end up wasting a lot of time if there are certain things you do not know.

Therefore, I will share all my findings and experiences in this Stormgain Mining review so you will know exactly what to expect before you even hit the sign-up button. I will also share a free Stormgain mining strategy I am using myself.

And, I will share a big warning in this review also that you really need to be aware of before joining.

All this will help you determine if this is a good fit for you or not.

What is Stormgain and what does it offer?

Stormgain is actually a cryptocurrency trading platform that you can use to trade various cryptocurrencies. But, it also has a mining feature that will allow you to earn crypto for free.

Whether it is worth it or not depends on several different things and the best way to find the answer for YOU is to first look at the earning opportunities it offers. That way, you’ll understand what you need to do to earn.

So, here’s how to earn from Stormgain.

Option 1 – Mining

The primary way of earning from Stormgain for free is by mining. The good thing about mining in Stormgain is you don’t have to invest in any special hardware to mine. All you really need to do is log in to their website and click the “Activate” button to start mining.

This kind of earning opportunity is in some ways similar to another cloud-based mining platform called Pi Network.

However, with Stormgain, you’ll have to activate the mining several times a day whereas for Pi Network, you only have to activate it once a day.

mining on stormgain
To start mining, you just have to click the Activate button.

The cryptocurrency Stormgain will be mining will be Bitcoin. As a member of Stormgain, you will mine Bitcoins at a specific starting rate. You can increase your mining rate by having a certain activity (which I will talk about later).

After four hours, Stormgain will stop mining and you will need to press the Activate button again to continue the mining process. You can close the browser while it is mining. So, it won’t actually consume any computer resources, which is really its main advantage, in my opinion.

The downside is, you will have to keep logging in to their site every four hours if you want to maximize your earnings. As you can see, that’s how easy it is to earn crypto on Stormgain. You can do it at a touch of a button.

Option 2 – Referral program

Another way to earn from Stormgain is to participate in their referral program. If you are a member of Get-Paid-To or even survey sites, then this opportunity will be very familiar because this can be usually found on these sites.

stormgain referral program
You will receive a 15% commission of the crypto your referral will mine on Stormgain.

But if you are new to this kind of earning opportunity, then let me explain how it works.

What you need to do to earn from a referral program is to invite other people to join the site. You do this by sharing your invite link with the person you want to invite.

When they click the link and they register as a member of Stormgain, they will become your referral. And as a way of compensating you for taking the time to promote the site (which is really the purpose of referral programs), Stormgain will reward you with 15% of the cryptocurrency they will withdraw.

But the good thing is, that your referral will also receive 3 USDT for registering using your link. So, it’s a win-win situation for both parties, which is the hallmark of a good referral program, in my opinion.

You just need to make sure that the people you invite are really interested in the site because you won’t earn anything if your referrals won’t mine.

Option 3 – Free trading

This earning opportunity is a bit unique because it will involve trading cryptocurrency. So, there’s some kind of risk involved.

That’s why it is important to learn how to do it properly. To do that, I would recommend you watch the video below.

To summarize what the video will tell you, you can use the Bitcoin you’ve mined and trade it using their trading platform. Just be aware that it can take some time to reach the amount you need to withdraw your earnings from mining (you need to earn at least 10 USDT to withdraw your earnings).

When you’ve withdrawn your earnings, you have to choose a trading coin pair. Then, you have to invest a certain amount in cryptocurrency. The important thing to remember when trading is, that you have to make sure you only use your “bonus money” so you won’t actually lose any money that you can withdraw.

The idea when trading is to take out your money when you’ve earned enough profit. The good thing about Stormgain trading is that you will always see if your trades are gaining profit or now. So, you’ll be able to know when the best time is to stop the trade and take out your profit.

This can take a bit of getting used to, so if you are interested in this kind of earning opportunity, I highly recommend you watch the video above.

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How do you get paid?

As explained above, when you mine on Stormgain, you will actually be mining cryptocurrency. And that means you will need a crypto wallet. So, if you don’t have one yet, I would recommend you create one first before you sign up for Stormgain.

Now, the thing you need to keep in mind when withdrawing cryptocurrency from Stormgain is, that they have high gas fees for most of the cryptocurrencies. That’s why I would highly recommend that you don’t convert your USDT to any cryptocurrency except XLM (Stellar Lumens). That’s because the gas fee for withdrawing XLM will be very low.

Just remember that in order to withdraw XLM to any crypto wallet that supports it, you will need to earn at least 170 XLM. The real-world money equivalent will vary (at the time of writing this review, 1 XLM is equivalent to $0.293938). That means you’ll have to earn around $50 to withdraw your earnings, which is quite a high threshold, in my opinion.

So, you’ll need to be very patient with this site because it can take a while before you will be able to earn enough to withdraw your earnings. If you prefer sites that will allow you to withdraw your earnings quickly, I recommend you check out the fastest paying sites instead.

Also, you need to be aware that you cannot withdraw the earnings you get from mining directly. The mining earnings can only be used for trading but the profit you potentially make by trading can then be withdrawn. I also show this step-by-step in the video above.

But overall, their payment system is a bit complicated and can take a bit of getting used to especially if this is your first time dabbling with cryptocurrency.

How much money can you make?

The amount you can earn from Stormgain will mostly depend on how willing you are to keep logging in to their site and hitting the Activate button every four hours. If you are able to do that on a regular basis, you can earn a decent amount of Bitcoin.

It’s not something that will make you rich, but it can be a decent intro to the world of cryptocurrency. And best of all it’s free.

increasing mining speed on stormgain
You can increase your mining rate by depositing money.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, you will start at a low mining speed when you sign up as a member. But you can actually mine more by investing real money on the site. You can increase your membership level by depositing a certain amount into your account, as you can see in the photo shown above.

You will need to deposit a minimum of 150,000 USDT in order to upgrade your standard account to a higher level and therefore gain a higher mining rate. Now, 150,000 USDT isn’t a small amount. In fact, it’s a very large amount if you convert it to US dollars (around $150,000).

So, this method isn’t really a practical way to increase your earnings from mining. Especially not because Stormgain as a trading platform is quite limited so if you have that kind of money to invest, there are just better places to invest it, in my opinion (you can see a video about my top recommend trading strategy here).

That’s why I would highly suggest you just stick to their standard membership.

This also means that the earning potential of Stormgain is really very low. It will take quite some time before you can actually accumulate a decent amount of Bitcoin.

Can you use it on mobile?

The good thing about Stormgain is, that it has a mobile app you can download so you don’t have to go to your computer every four hours just to press the “Activate” button. You can simply do it on your mobile device.

stormgain app
You can download the Stormgain app from the Android or iOS app store.

Their app is available for both Android and iOS devices, so you won’t have any problems with compatibility. It is also relatively easy to use, so you’ll get used to navigating it quickly.

As I’ve said, having an app can help you maximize your earnings because you can just hit the Activate button every four hours regardless of where you are.

Who can join Stormgain?

Another good thing about Stormgain is, it is available more or less worldwide. So, you can register as a member anywhere in the world.

Just keep in mind that there are some countries where there are crypto restrictions, so then you might not be able to join.

how to sign up on stormgain
To register as a member, you just have to fill out the registration form and provide your mobile number.

You will need to provide your mobile number to sign-up. After you’ve registered, you will have to log in to their member dashboard and complete your registration by verifying your email and phone number.

To do so, you need to get to your profile and account settings. When you verify your email, they will send an email with the verification link. Just click the link to complete the verification process. For verifying your phone number, they will send an SMS with the verification code.

You have to type in the code before it will expire (you will have one minute to do this). When you’ve done both things, you can now fully utilize all the features of Stormgain.

And if you’ve registered to the site using a referral link, you will also receive 3 USDT as a sign-up bonus (see one at the end of this review).

Can you get support?

If you have any questions about your account or the site in general, you can go to their support page and you will see a comprehensive collection of FAQs in their Knowledge Base. But if you can’t find the answers you are looking for, you can contact their support team.

There is a “Contact Us” button in the upper right-hand corner of their support page. When you click that, it will take you to their contact form. You just have to fill out all the fields and then submit it.

However, I have several times tried to get in contact with their support and it seems random when they answer and when they do not. And the answers I have gotten have not been very helpful.

Overall, the support on Stormgain is below standard and a big minus of the platform. And this is a part of why it is not a platform I recommend – but more importantly, I find it very risky and have actually lost my earnings there myself, as I will explain more about next.

Stormgain warning – how they took my earnings!

Overall, since I started using Stormgain, I was critical towards it as I think the trading system it offers is risky and think many beginners can end up losing a lot of money using it.

But if just using the free strategy I have shared above, I thought it would be a decent option for quite a while.

However, then suddenly one day after I had tried withdrawing $200 I had made from trading, my account got banned for no reason.

I was just told I got banned for having more than one account, which is not true.

That means I lost both the earnings I had made from trading and the hundreds of bonus dollars I had made from the mining.

And there has been no way for me to contact their support.

I was already critical of the platform before, but now it has become clear to me that it is a platform I highly recommend staying away from.

There are so many disadvantages and risks of using the platform compared to many other ways to earn crypto, in my opinion and experience.

I, however, just want to make it clear that I am not saying Stormgain is a scam as I have been paid by it in the past. But as it is now, I have lost whatever I have spent a lot of time earning there and overall the whole platform, the support, and the trading system is one of the worst I have tried out of all the hundreds of ways to make money online I have tested.

If you want to know more about this ban and what happened, you can check out the video below that gives you an inside look of my account and where I show the correspondence I have had with their support:

Final Verdict

Stormgain is a crypto trading platform that also offers an opportunity for you to earn cryptocurrency by mining. It has a couple of good features, but it also has some limitations you need to consider.

Let me wrap up this review by summarizing its pros and cons so you can see an overview of what the site has to offer. Then, you can decide if this is a good fit for you or not.



  • Mining cryptocurrency won’t use any of your device’s resources
  • Their app is user-friendly
  • Available more or less globally


  • Limited earning opportunities offered
  • Low mining rate
  • High payout threshold
  • High withdrawal fees
  • Poor support
  • Risky trading system

In my opinion, Stormgain is a platform to stay away from. I sued to think it could be a decent option as long as you just did not invest any money on the platform but just used the free mining option to earn and trade.

However, as you can see above, I have had some very bad experiences with Stormgain recently.

Overall, it is therefore a platform I would recommend staying away from. Their terms are unclear, the trading system is risky and limited, the fees are ridiculously high, and it has extremely poor support.

For these reasons, if you want to earn crypto online, you should definitely use other methods instead, in my opinion.

You can, for example, check out this list of the best ways to earn Bitcoin for free.

Or this list of the best ways to earn Ethereum for free.

If you have any comments, questions, or have any experiences with Stormgain yourself, I would love to hear from you in a comment below.

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  1. I’m going to word this carefully because if I don’t people are going to misunderstand what I’m actually saying and think I’m just bitching about stormgain cuz I lost some money, etc. I have been in a similar situation to a gentleman above who mentioned fear of actually depositing fund then not being able to withdrawal them > So What I did was just deposited $2 to see if I could get it back out. Of course I could not, and not just due to network fee’s but they claimed the minimum withdrawal to be like ~$35.57 … Weird amount? They also claim I needed a min of $10 to trade? Okay w.e. I thought, I have been mining on the site for about a month and still haven’t been able to touch any “mining profits” lol. I also did create a few accounts to check a suspicion I had… and what do you know it on different accounts through a different IP the min withdrawl was DIFFERENT!? Hmmmm okay…. So Then I started to watch the Network traffic and I noticed a kinda alarming concern…. ALL the BTC on Stormgain like liquidity wise at any given moment is roughly ~20 BTC (it was about 19 a month ago, each day it seems to be just a tiny bit higher) – However that 20 BTC is constantly bouncing back and further between buy and sell … I’ve come to the conclusion That StormGain is actually a Very well put together complete scam that going above and beyond to look legit. I’m all seriousness It may (or may not) technically pass whats “legal” ostensibly, But I think it’s internally just one account run by 1-3 people, constantly adding to it’s own wallet little by little by ripping on people and doing exactly as the gentleman above expierenced, aka Banning accounts once it’s apparent they aren’t Big fish, and that they don’t appear to have alot of power/ Money etc.

    They Lure people in with the “free cloud Mining” “Free Bonus Crypto” and ” 500x Leverage!” But again, these are just spamming tools. Also that “bonus signup reward” Lol… As if practically ANY site ACTUALLY holds true to these kinds of claims…. Regardless Stormgain DOES NOT. I had a $25 Bonus signup special… Well I signed up, got my account all verified and setup, made my first deposit, and then saw that out of the $25 bonus only 1 penny had been awarded to me for ever DOLLAR I deposited! Whats even WORSE is of the ~.50 cents They actually allowed me to use to trade of the $25 they claim, I could only use that .50 cents to trade with, 1 TIME! Then is disappeared when the trade is closed! Hahaha. I mean wow, just wow. This is NOT a Legit Exchange, it does NOT have ANYWHERE close to the liquidity to back a 500x leverage. Just do some math on that for a minute and consider what would happen if someone with 2 BTC put a 500x long on BTC at 18k and it jumped to 60k again? Yeah…. Not a legit site guys.

    • Thanks for sharing your experiences.

      I agree that Stormgain uses many tricks meant to lure beginners who do not understand how risky Stormgain is. I agree it is a platform to stay away from, as I also explain in the review above.

  2. Same here author.
    I started few weeks ago and the coins I got weren’t enough so I deposited $12 into it so I could trade surprisingly I was making good profit and I was able to raise $40.
    Cutting the long story shut
    Time to withdraw and my innocent account was banned.



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